YouTubers WORRIED About THIS! Keemstar vs H3H3, KSI vs Logan Paul


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    1. johntheGoat 23

      He forgot shivery

    2. FishyBoi

      how the hell does drama alert have more than 1M

      1. CAT

        bot he's using bots

    3. Richard gaming Game

      Suzylu sucks

    4. bornilctg

      Logan Paul talks fast

    5. Darren Smith

      Was the Logan Paul podcast clip made faster? Logan was talking pretty fast.

    6. Gavin Powell

      Idiocracy. It's not just a ridiculous movie anymore, is it.

    7. Snow JB

      What if we all die Then Nobody cares about anything no hate no living no humans no nothing just silence

      1. tenebris sub terra

        That will be the day.

    8. williss11

      That guy at the end indeed had good foresight knowing YT isn't a permanent job. I hope people were smart enough to have savings instead of spending everything

    9. DKsaNn Kat

      I'm defending H3H3 here because all he did was make a video on keemstar, like anyone else would. If their career gets ruined by the facts then that's their fault. It's not like Ethan told his fans "ya go after his sponsors!". He never said that. That's like saying alinity shouldn't lose any of her sponsor b.c of all the criticism videos of her and her cat. She lost them b.c of her own actions the video just brought attention to it! 👍

      1. williss11

        True that. So far from my research that's what I concluded as well.

    10. GGGlider

      Not ethans fault. All the viewers just grew up a little bit at once. No one is thinking about it from the sponsor’s perspective. The sponsors have been looking for reasons to cut marketing during this period already due to global depression.

    11. The space Man

      09:05 how much coke has he snorted before this... jesus christ

    12. applepaer 12

      Good vid but i had to put on 0.75% speed to understand it

    13. Jade Burke 'Well, good for them, but I still want to know what all that was about.'

    14. itsaliff_

      It's time to find another platform.... I guess.

      1. williss11

        True. It's hard to trust YTers these days

    15. Austin Gostomski

      Critical just lost a sub he is defending a slanderer

    16. I’m slightly sick 557

      4:05 sponsors is just extra money

    17. Incognito Mode

      FilthyFrank knew the storm was coming and got out in time

    18. Zeruiah [Wild 1]

      finally a non-biased channel for me to actually understand what the frick is going on with YT. keep making the great videos man and I can't stress enough how much I appreciate an un-biased channel to report the good and bad of YT. hopefully people on YT can come to their senses and stop attacking others with sponsors or channel demonetization. I look forward to your videos and I plan o do some research of my own so I can help inform others who are either on or wish to be on this platform for a carrier. thank you for this incredible content and I hope you stay safe digitally and physically in this crazy crazy time.

    19. Nicktasteless

      well to a certain extent keemstar deserved everything he got, he ruined lives, exposed people's private info and encourages his fans to use the info for "swatting" and harassing people by sending them "death threats". by no means am i supporting the backlash but as the saying goes "what goes around comes around."

    20. Angel Ma

      Bruh what is up with logan's voice

    21. Brumfeldo

      it's going to force advertisers to actually investigate the people that giving sponsorships to more than snap judgment responses to online negativity.

    22. kermit

      A person like Keemstar definitely deserves to get his sponsors shamed. It would have happened anyway sooner or later, you can't rely on some "codex", that's not how the world runs. Also, Keemstar accused people of being rapists, pedophile, made fun about persons with mental problems. This is by far worse than going after someones sponsors, stop crying about that and grow up. If your whole existence relies on such a fragile income, it's not meant to sustain forever anyway.

    23. Xenomorph

      i feel like this sponsor thing needs to have brands stepping in and saying hey should we be sponsoring this guy under any circumstance, for gfuel NOT to know the shit keem has done was very fucking lazy on their part sponsors shouldn't be handing themselves out to just anyone, think of it like this "why the fuck would i want an energy drink that is constantly represented by one of the worst living people alive why would i want such a tasteless money hungry brands product who just cares about making money at any cost not who they represent" and also sponsors need to step up and fact check these claims people are shooting at one another they need to take action to protect their investments( the youtubers) if i was going to have lets say a shoe brand and i was going to sponsor a youtube channel i would research the fuck out of this guy im not going to have my brand sponsored by someone who is constantly toxic to people or a white supremacist or some shit like that, if brands are this easy to take down then it would've been only a matter of time before this shit happened.

    24. Golden Eagle

      The irony of calling your video h3h3 lies and then end up lieing in that video anyways.

    25. patrikgamerplazs

      We can confirm that *logan is a sore loser*

    26. Big_DADDY_Bert

      Lol why the fuck am I getting a notification about this video 6 days after it came out

    27. Arcamnix

      So the sponcer raid the 2020 equivalent of swatting people

    28. GregoriousGlorious

      Keemstar v H3H3 might lead to the next Adpocalypse 😳

    29. Mr Poophead

      i'm just surprised that tyler1 has a girl

    30. Zain Shariq

      Scarce is such a beta 😂

    31. Blue Rune

      Even if gfuel only suggested a suspension, it was a suggestion lol. If he didn't accept then they prolly would of dropped him fully so he really had no choice. It's fkd up that this happened but there's really no way to spin it in a good light.

    32. Stenn

      12:00 some rich youtuber please help him

    33. Artur Kostanyan

      But H3H3 already brought up the fact that Keem sponsor-shamed someone too a long time ago.

    34. Eli Cairns

      Scarce is the drama alert of drama alert

    35. Jojo Binks

      Its ww3 out here

    36. (S3ERV1CE_0F_H0pE)

      this will be the end of free speech on youtube :{

    37. Hunter Gregorio

      A drama guy talking about drama guys talking about a drama guy vs another drama guy

    38. Just some Guy

      HUfast what is your community doing

    39. chris p

      Guess this is were I get my news from now on

    40. Hopper S

      it actually happened to a lot of didnt start with keem and it didnt start last year

    41. Anthony Williams

      honestly i have no pity the majority :) KMFDM. seriously i have no pity for keemstar and him being attacked and having his sponsors being attacked...i mean why the F should i? he has ruined several peoples lives, careers and sanity, honestly give me one good reason i should feel sorry for keemstar.

    42. N. V. Sav

      Why do you talk so fast

    43. Jammie Dogger23

      boys enjoy youtube while you can all im saying

    44. Preston Collins

      I absolutely hate this platform. I don’t understand what it’s come to in these past 10 years, but I don’t like it. I wish I could just travel back in time before H3H3, Keemstar, Suzy Lu, and all of those other you tubers even thought of downloading this platform and just continue from there, because now it’s just a fight for relevance and I hate it.

    45. Xhillen Monkey

      Wait why does the title say ksi vs Logan Paul in it is it ksi vs ricegum

    46. ecotts

      Its funny how all the people that are complaining about HUfastrs going after each others sponsors are simultaneously cashing in on there story, increasing the exposure of the story and events and simultaneous without concern making money off the back of it; all whilst the obvious thing to do would be to not report on it at all or bring it any exposure. Bunch of money orientated hypocrites!

    47. Joe Brz

      Also pokimane took away some small youtubers sponser

    48. Texas Beaver

      Damn, I hate Twitter.

    49. redzuan red

      I think pewdiepie vs jacks is more relevant

    50. Angelo Gomes

      If you try to defend keem your as bad as him

    51. Awkward. Plg

      I like how even though keem has been threatening sponsors for years it becomes a trend when pokimane does it...

    52. Mr Clean

      oh god, thx scarce for reminding me that the internet is full of stupid streamers and influencers

    53. Dan Lepine

      “This will kill this platform”. Or it’ll keep shit people for being shit people. Stop using the word “creators”

    54. Dan Lepine

      That critical dude is just a light leafy. He’s terrified of it happening to him. These “content creators”. Get a job and hair cut.

    55. SwizzTheCheese

      lets be honest he deserved getting dropped by his sponsors

    56. cALiBr0

      im scared to say anything because the replies might be a warzone

    57. Diego Medina

      "KSI vs Logan Paul" Ok... How many years have we seen this before?

    58. [CODENAME] Mist

      3:26 “A weapon that will cleanse the platform” Little did they know, WE are the weapon. It’s in the word it’s self. WEapon. ...soon, HUfast will meet it’s end. My people, don’t you understand? We’re in control. All it takes is 1 small group to end this misery. The app wants us to kill it. So that it can be reborn! By a new developer. A new community. What do you want? 1. Keep on going through a never ending tube of hipnótica Or 2. Shut the tube, and create a new one? Don’t you see? We’re more than just a weapon. We’re people. ~Mist

    59. Scott Nicholds

      This what Keemstar does.

    60. ググるググるググるググる

      This is not new. This is the 30 year old battle anyone making content even remotely related to videogames getting persecuted by a bunch of assholes who wish they could do the same. You saw it with the magazines, you saw it with the blogs, you saw it with the Twitch influencers, you saw it with the booth workers at trade shows, and now you're seeing it on youtube. It's been thinly veiled as other things, but it's the same thing.

    61. Yellowish

      Scarce is talking so fast that I'm out of breath. Good video tho keep the content up👍

    62. David O'Dell

      So stupid. Everyone is blaming Ethan for this sponsor war when keemstar did it first. And then on top of that, Ethan was looking out for a legitimate business. If G-fuel continues to stand behind selfish, cruel, and idiotic people like keem, people won’t continue buying it for very long.

    63. Just gotcha Life

      Grade a under a was right

    64. MyNameIsOK

      Oh god, it's 2016 all over again...

    65. BananaBuns

      the guerilla warfare of youtube, going after sponsors is fucked

    66. Brandonology 6

      Love your content bro just straight up facts!!

    67. Man_ Siao

      Bruh this youtube drama is dumb af smh🤦‍♂️. Kinda childish.

    68. Abe Plus

      It's dangerous , but necessary . Considering the things this guys done to other people and how HUfast won't out him . You're telling me that a guy can spread misinformation today weaponize a bunch of teenagers and let them harrass someone like that . If HUfast won't do shit , and the community won't do shit . Then it's gloves off. Furthermore this man has gone after people's sponsors , this isn't something new . The HUfastrs who are complaining about it are more concerned with their own well-being rather than the platform as a whole . It's hypocritical , the act of going after people's sponsors has been done by a billion HUfastrs who face drama lol .

    69. ItsLordGrimm Kakashi

      Why does it seem like Logan talking is fastward? Thankfully it is I don’t wanna hear his voice

    70. Pew Pew Pew

      It is pretty simple... if creators don't act like douche bags, they wont lose sponsors. Ironically, Keem went after other creators sponsors way before Ethan ever did.

    71. Isaias Igarza

      Yo let's kill youtube like if u agree with me

    72. Amitu Rise

      seems like all you care is about sponsors and money and profits.It doesn't matter If someone is ruining others lives using this platform

    73. Ryan

      Haha those tweets coming from Alinity are rich. I dont even have a dog in this fight but man.

    74. Full Force gming

      Down With Keem!

    75. Sairento Kira

      Lol who likes the Paul brothers?

    76. Sk8r Gamer

      Haven't watched you in a while you lost weight

    77. Paco Barbo


    78. Paco Barbo

      Destroyed 😆thats what happens when you mess with H3

    79. Rääh

      I'm dying in laughter for this HUfast Boogaloo. h3h3 has made his fan base the exact same as what Keemstaars fan base is.

    80. Wildcat Nation

      Conspiracy theory: H3 started the adpocalypse because he’s in the works with a Spotify deal like The JRE and will be leaving the HUfast space.

    81. Gronn Oyne

      This platform is already dead

    82. B.S. Productions

      This is very scary as a creator wtfffff

    83. Dylan ForeWinter

      Anyone here actually like Keem and H3H3?

    84. Arches_Aviation

      I'm still on h3h3's side. He never told people to go out after Keemstar. It's not a beekeeper's fault if somebody gets stung by one of his bees.

      1. King Spaghetti

        The beekeeper didn't make the bees sting him, but he let them out and said to the bees "This guy sucks" and obviously wanted the bees to sting him. But he never directly said it. Am I one of the only people who sees what it is that Ethan was trying to do?

    85. Jonrlax J.

      Wow scarce lost a ton of weight

    86. Victor Wilson

      HUfast as a community needs to pull all the dumb fans into line and stop them from doing dumb s**t. If we can't do that then perhaps a sacrifice may be required, maybe I'll create an algorithm that prevents you from using company names on twitter therefore taking away the ability for fans to sponsor shame. It's draconian but sacrifices are necessary in order to make sure innocent people do not get hurt.

    87. DankReality_LOL

      i thought this was a someordinarygamers video and clicked on it 4 minutes in I realise that im not watching him, but this is such good content I just continued anyways. You got a new sub!!

    88. Veorge Gincent

      It's a crime that g fuel ever sponsored him.


      Nobody is worried about any of these things

    90. talone1

      4:09 coudlnt of said it better XD

    91. vArsa

      All the people mentioned in this video are disgusting sellouts. The only genuine one being Charlie. God I miss the days when youtube wasn't a business

    92. Pizza Overlord

      Cowards all of them keem did all this bcz y'all let him get away with it now that he's at his weakest y'all want to go after him half the people talking smack is as BAD AS HE IS.

    93. mentos in my tropical vibes

      Ah shit, didn't bring the pop corn. its ok i can see the upcoming drama that this platform is about to witness

    94. mirilion79

      Good. All "professional youtubers" need to leave. Bring back making videos for fun, get rid of Google's cancer

    95. RyanMK666

      Can someone explain to me why people still watch the Paul brothers? Like seriously...

    96. RyanMK666

      Talking about really nice people on the internet while addressing H3H3 is some backwards shit

    97. GotShotWidaGlock

      i just wanna watch my minecraft lets plays whats up idiots fighting eachother and other wannabe idiots harassing people honestly i just want watch me f@cking day to day videos

    98. MullzerTV

      eventually we'll have to move to a new platform.

    99. GhostyBoi

      Can’t wait for this sponsor wave to hit adpocalypse part 3 style and these idiots defending this shit by saying Keem deserves it that’s not the point the problem is now that this is a thing innocent people are now gonna be hit Keems a bastard but you idiots are putting him up on a platform as an example now people are gonna start using it because H3h3 used it

    100. Grant Hunn

      People act like Ethan invented the idea or concept of attacking a sponsor.

      1. Alpha Omega Anime

        More like poki and it's a pathetic move