YouTubers & Streamers Speak About THIS... Logan Paul, DrDisRespect, Gamer Girl, Hashinshin


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    1. Not Cyber


    2. DKsaNn Kat

      Wait so initially hashinshin lied 😬

    3. King Rappïd

      Man it’s just A GAME CHILL THE HELL OUT

    4. Mr !!?

      Logan, Jake, two sides, same coin

    5. Desmond

      A game is just a game

    6. Mason Frias


    7. H2Woah

      I wanna play this game

    8. anoo Ar

      So we can't make realistic looking horror movies/games anymore? I can find hundreds (if not more) stalker movies and a bunch of them with actual good storytelling that people can enjoy but still be creeped out by. Some people are starting to get overly sensitive over nothing.

    9. TigerLover 1506

      9:40 Me : That’s a lot of money $169,700 MrBeast: Hold my wallet


      how are people turning a blind eye what about call of duty is that turning a blind eye to are veterans there are a lot games with worse plots no pedophile is gonna take a fucking notebook while playing the game there is so many more games wit worse plots but as soon as a large amount of people hate a game y’all hop on like sum mf bandwagons

    11. Red Alert

      look at all of these thirsty white knights coming to her rescue!

    12. So Sa

      Simp Simulator 2020, I'm mad at myself for not thinking about it. I could be so rich right now.

    13. Boi •

      Lmao why do people think that was Jake and Jonsey, Jake doesn’t wear his brothers merch lmao and plus Logan wears that same shirt in that photo A LOT

    14. Alex Reyna

      Am I the only one who thinks the Gamer Girl game is retarded?

    15. Colors

      Nooo not a video game. Ooh the humanity. How will we recover from this great tragedy.

    16. DarkShamilKhan

      Simp Simulator PS4 Edition

    17. Anish Bhethanabotla

      this game is so stupid lol, who tf would want to play a game like this, also having a stalker and death threats has nothing to do with gamer girls, it can happen to anyone and is probably more likely to happen to males as many male streamers have gotten doxxed and swatted in the past nearly losing their lives

    18. T-G 127

      Bet keem star is the final boss

    19. Wytse Dijkstra

      So no one talking about how the brazilian kid made us all tear up at least a little, that was heart warming..

    20. Emod Gaming

      This is the only game I've heard that's come out of Wales

    21. Chute mi

      So the game was pokimane moderator simulation

    22. Low Topics

      My dumbass though the person on the left in the thumb nail was a white version of hamlinz💀💀

    23. GRUMPY

      So there making game about pokimanes simp mods...... TAKE MY MONEY

    24. Mushfiq Khan

      The story of RLK Games was probably the happiest story I have ever heard

    25. FeAR NoVA

      Soooooo they dont want a game explaining how its a bad thing to do such things that millions of people most likely will buy and maybe it would open our eyes and to truely see what women streamers go through? But nope they gotta get butyhurt because its a game about a women getting stalked and no good comes from that right? I would 100% buy the game and play it because it looks interesting but yall getting butthurt about it so it wont happen🤣 ig women just love to not solve the problem or just keep the problem to those that have had it happen to them. Like what the fuck? That makes no sense.

    26. amy joy

      *heya, scarce...* not sure if you were even aware, but you tend to overuse the word "here" as a fill-word...someone must have scolded you once about using "like" or "um" and you went, hard, in a different direction. it's not a huge deal, just a bit of polish you might consider.

    27. Xman

      I know some people have their own experiences but shouldnt compare their or other lives to a video game. Hating on stuff like this will just give more backlash to games, movies or other things in forms of entertainment. Its simple to not play or watch something if don't like it but don't attack other creators over things that doesn't involve yourself or someone you know just cause

    28. Seth Emmert

      I'll support it

    29. Grant Howell

      All I hear is sensitive!!! People let games seep in to reality

    30. Suicidal Sink

      Heavy rain is about a child being kidnapped, a game gets created about a girl getting harassed and everyone loses their shit

    31. XeroNeroZero

      night trap 2: gamer girl

    32. Okartel

      Dammit I wasn’t expecting to cry on a scarce video but that story was so sad and heartwarming. I hope the dude and his family are doing good. Stay safe.

    33. hayhay

      nah, wym gamergirl looks like the best game of 2020. again wym

    34. D2ZE

      But if a male streamer trying to battle false rape allegations was a game that wouldn’t get taken down would it??

    35. RFNO67

      plot twist: the gamer girl game is actually happening

    36. Theo Retic

      bro being cancelled over a joke you made in the past and predatory behavior in the past are two different things I think jokes can be forgiven being a predator can not no matter how good you do that does not reverse the damage you have done to the people your behavior effected.

    37. frogboy

      much better than keemstar by far 9.5/10

    38. bananaisgood

      As shit as the Gamer Girl game looks, I'd still be 100% down to play t.

    39. Norma Rivas

      Hi scarce ❤

    40. Ouf 6 :

    41. Joseph Medlicott

      I HATE GAMER GIRL, IT IS DISRESPECTFUL The guy thinking about making "Racism Simulator": O_O

    42. Scott Peeples EXPOSED

    43. Ali Awad

      call of duty is a videogame about war, modern warfare is my teachers favorite game, he served in desert storm, but I get it a mystery game about a fictional stocker and being a mod for a fictional streamer is far too real and gruesome, totally 100%

    44. JoeMama Joestar

      I swear twitch thots will complain about anything when there not the butt end of a joke. “ Why would I want to relive these things in a video game” what about all the veterans that play COD or fucking Larry Lawton playing GTA, smh.😂

    45. Danceographic Ocean

      Can people be more PC? Just because you don't like a game it doesn't mean that others won't. If your logic about stopping things that were "real" to others in games was applied, then alot of games would disappear. How many people drive cars? How many car games are there? War games? I solved a puzzle once in real life, do we need to stop all puzzle games now? Grow up!

    46. PIGME

      If you're mad about the gamer girl thing you're a snowflake. I mean they make games about murder and nobody gets mad about that you're not an exception just because you're a streamer.

    47. L00dh00d1n

      The Gamer Girl "game" is just simp simulator 2020

    48. Patrick Peters

      I hate how everyone talks up how hard it is to be a streamer. I swear most of you would be in tears working at the shops. Cotton wool kids proud of their laziness

    49. Guugle_Earf

      Gamer girl looks so baddddd

    50. Charlie Gaming Walord

      That gamer girl thing looks so shit

    51. Lewis Mathers

      Gamer girl, the game for all simps.

    52. Brain rich

      Logan has really been keeping a low profile nowadays. His brother on the other hand...

    53. Lluvik

      women (or just female streamers i guess) being angry due to this game being released is quite ironic. How many of them play games which are based in war? Warzone (COD in general), fortnite, pubg, csgo, etc etc are all games which have the effect that they lighten the impact of war. Although the games don't explicitly portray specific wars, they are still in the same category. You shoot and kill people FOR FUN. I wonder what would happen if one would point out to them that they were insensitive to men and women who fought in real wars and lost friends and their own lives... I don't have any issue with games pertaining to wars, in fact i play them myself. I just wanted to point out how ironic is is for them to say that Gamer Girl is this evil thing which should be stopped in its tracks.

    54. Creepzer178

      Why did I just get a notification

    55. West Senkovec

      *Abi:* Moderator, what should I do? *Me:* Pull out your tittie

    56. D I C E Y

      There is one gaming community who are constantly agreeing with eachother, supporting eachother and being nice which is the COD Zombie community.

    57. T01ProBG


    58. blue argue

      I think the gamer girl game sounds pretty cool kinda like Detroit become human but on crack

    59. _ Squid_

      Oh boy can’t wait for gamer girl especially the level when she says the n word and your gotta help her make a apology

    60. B D

      I’m sorry but if you’re going to comment on the hashinshin topic, you should put that at the start of the video, as it’s the most important out of all you spoke about. Guess mixing up the Logan brothers is the worst crime

    61. Keng Aroo

      Men who don't cry are men, men who do cry are real men; it takes more to do something than to not do something

    62. Carlos Garcia

      Looks/sounds like the most stupid game I've ever heard of, might as well call it simp simulator da fuck

    63. Justin Velazquez

      Female streamers: “don’t make games about our suffering” Soldiers with FPS games: are you fucking dumb

    64. GegusKhan

      I love how scarce gets straight to the point in his vids instead of spending 5 mins to do a intro

    65. Zaczz

      Gamer girl is where the simps practice

    66. 10k Plz

      hmmmm no ads

    67. Demented

      ...STOP GLORIFYING *OUR* SUFFERING!! And by the way guys! gonna be streaming CSGO, COD MW and maybe a little GTA V later today. HOPE TO SEE U THERE!!😘💋😘💋

    68. Jean Skipper

      saying that this game just glorifies stalking female streamers is the dumbest furthest reaching thing ive heard all day YOU'RE PLAYING AS A MOD ACTIVELY TRYING TO STOP THIS how tf is it supporting stalking thats like saying a game like call of duty supoorts real life warfare, people will play what they find entertaining, im not gonna go fucking shoot up a local event becasue i play call of duty, fucking ridiculous people will get offended over anything

    69. Gaz Hawks

      Haha! I doubt it will sell well. Make no mistake this is an sjw game for sjws, they just acting like they don't like it so people won't think it's woke. The logan Paul bit was funny. Scarce, If you look closer you can tell its logan Paul. Me, can tell its logan Paul from a mile away.

    70. Jay Ricco

      The game probably would’ve been cold lol

    71. Cedrick3rd

      This is so stupid I've never seen a group of people being offended by something stupid like this... This is like Mobsters being offended by Mafia or Ex-Criminals being offended by GTA

    72. JinTheLyn

      Pokimane sim 2020

    73. WhosICEY

      I like that he even talks about small youtubers like parker the slayer

    74. Vix HQ

      it should be call Simp simulator

    75. Super nut

      Happy birthday Scarce! I hope your having a good day, and having a great birthday. Your legit my favorite HUfastr and A awesome meme.

    76. Michael Potter

      This guys still posting i haven’t seen you since 2016 and your still posting noice btw i stopped watching after the G-easy did cocaine

    77. TreeBark

      Came here to say happy birthday Scarce :D

    78. G-AME SPOT 17

    79. My Mom

      Hey scarce can you report on this thanks.

    80. My Mom

      Hey scarce can you report on this thanks

    81. MyNamesAids

      We can't even have a game in 2020. SMH . What is this world now

    82. Michael Noonan

      I'm not one to jump on the sjw train but I feel like Gamer Girl is legit very sexist and the point of the game is to objectify women. The whole supporting the game means you don't care about streamers being stalked is very stupid though, if you played as the stalker then yes it would be disgusting but no, it's bringing awareness which is a good thing. I think it's bad for other reasons and it's just an opinion

    83. pip

      Why the fuck did they go through with that game bro

    84. KingAce4Life

      Idfk im getting da game 😤

    85. monobrokenn

      you should do a story on coryxkenshin and teechip and how they are scamming people out of merch

    86. Imagine Sweater

      Okay so call of duty can exist and veterans don’t complain about “reliving events again” but a game comes out about a streamer being stalked and all of a sudden it’s the biggest problem?

      1. Jotaro Kujo

        i agree. in the perfect world war wouldnt exist, in the same way neither would stalkers. but this isnt a perfect world so the bad things do exist and i believe its important to bring these experiences to the attention of the general public. i would understand people getting upset if the game glorified stalkers, like if the game ended with the streamer and the stalker getting together cause thatd be nasty and disrespectful. but this game seems to be accurately portraying the truth of these situations, this isnt the first time a game like this was made and i dont really understand why there was such outrage when the game was trying to help these streamers.

    87. Justin Leake

      Yo i think you got some potential news with CoryxKenshin VS the scam merch websites.

    88. ExCiv1c scarce, report about this.

    89. Captain_Croqueta777

      Yo, might want to check out this CoryKenshin thing going on. A company called teechip has scammed Cory’s fans by making fake merch and selling it on their website. CoryKenshin sent teechip a cease and desist letter to please take down the fake merch. Today he just made a video exposing not only teechip stealing their merch, but stealing other people’s designs as well. Edit: CoryKenshin also goes on to espose other T-shirt companies for doing the same thing as Teechip.

    90. SwerfyEX3

      Guys I just got a warzone win🥳


      Hey cancel culture is gone

    92. Abdi Ali

      Scarce are u ok

    93. egg eyes

      We should all be offended at Plague Inc. if we’re upset about Gamer Girl.

    94. juss_ tragic

      people just find shit to get mad at these days

    95. Wermslof

      So if your uncle died from a shark attack you can sue all shark related horror films and games?

    96. bl4z snipz

      happy birthday scarce

    97. ChessmasterHex



      Dude, the guy that donated that money to the spanish streamer is the best simp out of all, thats where actual donations should go

    99. _ 7_Alvarez_7 _

      That game doesn’t seem that bad 👀

    100. JpTheBanana

      Female streamers really think they have it sooo bad because people will bully them online, meanwhile they’re making thousands of dollars just by showing their tits on stream