YouTubers SPEAK OUT About THIS... Logan Paul, DanTDM, KSI, TwoMad


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    1. SpidonixRL

      Everyone: there is one race the human race Me: Welcome to the Republican Party 🎉

    2. SpidonixRL

      I lost all respect for all of them they are using there platform to spread lies about racism against white people

    3. Ltagames

      Definition of racism in English: racism Pronunciation /ˈrāˌsizəm/ /ˈreɪˌsɪzəm/ See synonyms for racism Translate racism into Spanish NOUN 1Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. ‘a program to combat racism’ More example sentencesSynonyms 1.1The belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. ‘theories of racism’ More example sentences Definition of racism according to oxford dictionary just gonna leave this here

    4. Butter Cup

      I think he’s a change person he’s on the road to change

    5. Joel Quiroga

      Logan paul: we must stop racism Ninja: *not my fucking problem*

    6. Diffuse Wings49


    7. Oliver

      Hey what’s up guys it’s scarce here

    8. Jackson Eisentraut

      Ok saying that the suicide forest video was racist is bs. Disgusting and irresponsible yes. But saying that’s it’s racist is stupid

    9. ok Buddy

      I don’t like this logan paul

    10. chaotic carrot

      i genuinely think logan paul has learned from his mistakes and changes as a person he’s talking about black lives and he’s acknowledging white privilege and toxic masculinity

    11. Legendary _

      If Dan TDM gets involved then you know where f*cked

    12. Dr. Venture

      Hope mayweather puts him night night

    13. Juan Eats Burritos


    14. AgingPeak

      Finally something (promoted by the Far Left) KSI and Logan Paul agrees xD

    15. John Alexander

      this crap happened months ago can we deal with it and move on? this will not be a peaceful country if people keep attacking people in protests, this won't stop until someone says Enough with the attacking officers enough with throwing bottles or rocks at us, so knock it off with the riots and protests cause more people are gonna die if you keep stepping and punching people of course its fine to peaceful protest but look alive look what your doing to people.

    16. John Alexander

      looks like he is reading this off a script.

    17. The Nerdy Chicken

      2:17 WHAT ABOUT NASCAR?!?!?!?!

    18. bruk sahle

      This mans is reading a script. The whole time. A script.

    19. Antonio Green

      I kinda don't dislike Logan now

    20. Ahh! The Imposter

      Even if Logan does the nicest thing in the world, people will try to criticize him because of his Japan situation.

    21. Ronnie Sofeni

      5:26 why is she trying to break the other window when they alrdy broke the other one lmao

    22. RealLime

      Logan Paul tries to change and some people are against him for that.. gReAt

    23. Kert Zilinski

      I hate that scarce and everyone else still refers to Dan as a "mIneCrAfT yOuTubER" He doesn't only do minecraft, even if this is like 5 months old, he is not just a minecraft youtuber anymore.

    24. I'M BORED

      Logan paul: There is only one race the human race. ME: What about Nascar

    25. Josh Patrick Portugaleza

      Human Race💯💯💯💯💯


      I prefer the box forts version of jake and logan

    27. Alexander Martinez

      I agree with you DanTDM but I also hate that we live in a world where people call dangerous riots "peacefully protests"

    28. Alexander Martinez

      I have never agreed with KeemStar more

    29. Alexander Martinez

      I am also pretty sure Jake was apart of the looting

    30. Alexander Martinez

      I think that Asian doctor could expose a lot of HUfastrs

    31. Alexander Martinez

      From what Logan Paul said in the past I think he only said this for clout

    32. Unicornandhi_123


    33. Hispanic Wind

      Lmao anybody laugh when keem looked down on jake likke fr keem accused a old man for pedophilia

    34. Hispanic Wind

      Bro wtf none of them wearing are wearing masks

    35. That 0ne Shot

      Whys it look like hes reading a script though

    36. BOBAFLEX697

      for the past years i hated logan paul but when i saw i realized every human deserves a chance i still dont like his content but i like he spoked out all the racism

    37. Elijah

      Logan Paul is not racist but he did a horrible thing. David Dobrik sucks he’s horrible and disgusting.

    38. name here name here

      What a publicity act

    39. Squirrel Studios

      -sigh- you know the world has gotten bad when dantdm starts doing this

    40. The Reil og

      I hate the black life's matter (your going to get mad at that but listen all life's matter black life's Arab life's white life's etc)

    41. Reaper

      We live in the world of racism that fuck up like why do we need to be racist

    42. Dis channel trash

      Dang everyday i get bullied cuz me skin but...this made my day im proud of everyone who are not racist thank you

    43. Mr !!?

      Different sides, Same Coin,

    44. Its Elliot

      I love logan here

    45. Wolf Gaming

      Dang logan is mad well its true

    46. Julian Jay

      This is gonna sound like I’m a 12 year old American kid but i honestly think jake isn’t a bad person and he is getting pinned on more than he should just cuz his name is jake Paul

    47. Robert Brooks

      White privilege isn’t a thing

    48. Hanz

      And not watching Logan again

    49. ragedtigerboy 9087

      You know when HUfast a nerd wait can I say that... You know HUfast a meany when you have to censor s cide

    50. Lo9

      3 Races Humans,Animals,Plants..

    51. GOD.

      Logan went from the star of stupid to a good minded guy Edit: i am aware he has a history and also could potentially be faking it, but it seemed sincere enough Edit 2: jake paul succ

    52. Christopher Robinson

      i got nostalgia from dantdm's face

    53. ThatIkeaHatGuy

      Yknow I’ve watched Dantdm since 2013 and he’s always been one of my favourite you tubers and deap down I think we all know he is VERY WISE

    54. ThatIkeaHatGuy

      I personally do not like a lot of the things Logan has done but those are some god damn wise words

    55. [GD] Goose

      2:16 What about nascar

    56. youlike jazz

      Bruh he just want some clout

    57. crazycarson 88

      Okay so are we just going to talk about how many black people were killed by protesters

    58. Bubbles Caked

      Some growth is better than nothing, hopefully Logan can rub some of that off on his brother 🙄

    59. nomearod nomearod

      ok but in all seriousness why tf is squirtle over there with logon???

    60. Hyperion

      First time I've respected Logan Paul.

    61. Duck Go Quacks

      Logan? You ok? You feeling sick?

    62. Shadow Mills

      Yo we're the 3 main mark jack PewDiePie

    63. Macky Pelicano

      I don't know why everyone wants Logan to grow up and when he spits facts they criticise him

    64. M4TT - Villan

      I love how the names in his title aren't click bait

    65. Confusion Noises

      *you know it’s real when DanTDM, the classic, is in this.*

    66. aariz

      This was made on my birthday

    67. ACE Aspect

      1:25 Twomad: am I a joke to you?

    68. Nadim LS

      Twomad: it's free open season for me

    69. Idoit Boi

      Lol you know that he read that of something

    70. stonks

      That Logan Paul speech was scripted and staged *change my mind*

      1. Fortnur


    71. ׄ

      Fuck yeah, logan going for that redemption arc.

    72. Pnayangel

      Keemstar is a bit too much opinionated I mean can he some what except people can change

    73. RespectMyYellows

      Isn't Logan the same guy who posted a dead man who hung himself?.


      When Dantdm says something about thosnyou know The world is done for.

    75. Some weirdo

      Is it sad that i started crying?

    76. DowncastSpark

      Well boys time to go to storyfire

    77. RocketSquid

      Atleast logan is trying to be a better person after that video

    78. Jesus Garcia

      For the first time ever I fully agree with one of his opinions however I have to say it's very disappointing seeing someone who fully understands the influence he has on many people yet he wasn't wearing a mask at a large social gathering. Makes me really consider if what he says is genuent not only for that one foolish mistake but also for his shady past and for who he is as a person I hope he's not just trying to get people to have faith in him again

    79. E

      Jake Paul is NOT an easy target at all. He is a multi millionaire who has millions of fans that are willing to defend him. smh smh smh

    80. Cheems.mp3

      I'm pretty sure most humans are treated equal, unless you're a karen. You are a lesser being if you're a karen.

    81. SOUR YT

      Thats the only good thing logan has done, he is actually a really nice person, unlike jake

    82. Fishtankk

      Logan paul: spitting facts Jake paul: haha glass in P.F. Chang’s go brrrrrrrrrr

    83. All Might

      Human race yes. But not the disgusting corrupted part of humanity. That should be purged by all means necessary

    84. Twin Ky

      We have the word "unite" in the name, and we can't even do that.

    85. Bud 123

      Logan Paul is promoting Critical Race Theory. This ideology promotes guilt to make white people feel racist and at fault for racism in order to get them into anti-racism work which is never ending. They seek to deconstruct certain identities and academic fields such as mathematics to advance identity politics of marginalize groups.

      1. Moschino Hoe

        This comment is a perfect example of white fragility. In a nutshell, it’s the defensive reactions so many white people have when our racial worldviews, positions, or advantages are questioned or challenged. For a lot of white people, just suggesting that being white has meaning will trigger a deep, defensive response. And that defensiveness serves to maintain both our comfort and our positions in a racially inequitable society from which we benefit.

    86. Jäbba Sumizu

      Logan Paul on the bandwagon so he keeps viewers

    87. Odst NPC

      Logan and jake Paul are manipulators what if he’s manipulating people again that’s there entire brand and it will always be. I kinda feel like Logan grew up but idk what to think cause of their past.

    88. tiger oats

      i never thought i would respect something that came out of logan pauls mouth

    89. Shinsui

      Logan: there is only one race. The human race. Me: *W h A T a b O u T N A s C A r ? !*

      1. ChiChiken

        Control c - control v

    90. Carter Hofer

      Logan forgot one race NASCAR

      1. Carter Hofer

        But I agree with his points

    91. OFF Snipz

      If Logan Paul would do it for money he would record when he went on all the protests

    92. T o e s

      Lol keem be spitting facts they are milking situations

    93. snooty

      epic video!!!

    94. carb09

      i dont believe america is racist and that the ORGANIZATION black lives matter is bad, also, the peaceful protests arent peaceful

      1. Moschino Hoe

        There are actually a lot of peaceful protests. CNN and other news outlets just decide to show you the bad ones.

    95. mixtape productions

      Just now???? Damnnnnnn

    96. Jake Joseph

      were in the endgame now. Doctor Strange, circa 2019.


      i was once racism now i change im sorry

      1. Moschino Hoe

        It's good that you changed, I guess😭

    98. Lukas Roelke

      everyone:talks about racism twomad: WAAAAAAAA

    99. Milkbag

      2:16 “what about nascar”

    100. Tony_ Hbtl

      I swear keen is mad get this guy some help