YouTubers Play Button STOLEN? Deji RESPONDS! Suzy Lu, TwoMad, Leafy, James Charles


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    1. Tipster

      Thanks for the support regarding the Suzy Lu situation. I appreciate it man.

      1. mindhaze 360

        Suzy lu is doing the same content with a slight tweak wack bitch

      2. Mark Flusher

        Sending love dude heard about your situation maybe make a go fund me to continue getting some cash

      3. Aika

        Seems like that's all the internet is rn

      4. Taiga

        I think SuzyLu wont get banned or anything cuz now the focus is shifted to her abusing copyright System. Wake up ppl she reacted to full lenght anime episodes i can tell u a Chanel that made a legal way to react to anime but it has to be on a live stream that is sad how ppl Just shift the blame from one thing 2 another Just cuz ur bored because of COVID19 i get it but at least when u r going to blame someone Just pls next time add all the info like her abusing the system and reacting to full lenght anime episodes.

      5. Jérémy Larouche

        @DudeCanModHD Since u dont understand situation, lemme break it down 4 u: op called her out for abusing fair use laws then suzy lu unfairly striked his vid. #dontbeafuckingsimp

    2. Amin

      I genuinely felt so sad that he worked hard for his plaque only to have it stolen.

    3. paradox fox

      i hope that the thief would be like "hee hee i stole a diamond button im a loser" and someone would be like "wow can i see your acc" and the thief would feel so awkward

    4. DrakusRBLX

      twomad is pretty much crying and chat is like "HAHAHAHAAHA LMAO" like bro

    5. Alex Pilotin

      bruh why da women tryna kill off the small youtubers the ones at the top came from there why u gatta ruin some future big channels :c

    6. Player 1 Universe

      13:00 That sounds familiar! *cough cough* Yandere Dev *cough cough*

    7. Certified Idiot

      Never seen two mad show emotion this is serious

    8. Sean Abijay

      If lawyer if cyberbulled me your channel is deleted permanently

    9. Spencer Thompson


    10. Inserts_ User

      Idubbbz is a simp for having a girlfriend. (THIS IS A JOKE)

    11. Wet Socks

      Twitch users are cancer (not all of them)

    12. Chunkymilk

      Why does Deji have no eyebrows

    13. Xenox

      i dont think twomad really gives a shit about the 1m plaque after he fucked up the twomad360 one

    14. Noriginals

      I feel bad for twomad he worked hard that million.

    15. Walter Sheen

      Why can scarce not pronounce anything correctly

    16. God of Destruction Beerus

      Deji is just KSI

    17. Mushromus

      Can’t he just contact support and get it back?

    18. SlyShyGuy

      Imagine canceling someone over them being a meme that existed for a couple weeks

    19. Konungr


    20. Maximilian BERGERON BARRADO

      hopefully he gets his play button back

    21. Anomalocaris

      Scarce: “this youtuber is very very well known” The youtuber: *100,000 subs*

    22. Aika

      You can tell Suzy planned it all by only taking down 2 or 3 vids and then she's using the fact she only took 2 down so she can defend herself

    23. Shizuroki Tadashi

      So apparently i almost had corona and it was hard I had a headache(for 3 days like wtf), shortness of breath, asthma, and i recovered when all of them came together and then next after i felt better i got dizzy when i walk and move and i even thought that i would die and then i pray that everyone that knows me will forget me if i die so my family won't be bad good thing that I'm still alive

    24. vasellv 1

      Suzy shouldn't even have posted copyrighted content in the first place

    25. Woosh if gay

      Everytime I watch the 1 mil ppl plaque clip I feel like I might start crying

    26. mist cloud

      Their is 499 dislikes I so badly want to press it to make 500 but I like your video

    27. Crunkyy

      when i saw twomads play button stolen, not what i expected

    28. Number One Femboi

      Looks like TwoMad is now FourMad... Kill me

    29. carsAndfootball

      i'm seeing the title, "play button stolen", then i see deji on the thumbnail LMAO

    30. lispyKimmy

      He should have used the 1 mill code when he got it he can’t be mad because he accidentally showed it it’s his fault and he can be mad but it’s his fault he lost if

    31. Damion Scarberry

      Idk why we are surprised if she would fuck boogie imagine all the other unspeakable things she would do

    32. Cereal Is Soup

      Did Twomad get his play button back

    33. buddy gaming

      To be honest sword art online was soooooooooo bad it was just absolutely terrible

    34. will

      Why does scarce misquote everybody but only a little bit as if what he's quoting isn't right in front of him

    35. ML_Anonymous X

      ValorAnt is just futuristic csgo, I don’t get why it’s big, their the exact same thing. BS

    36. B B

      the people who laughed on twomad stream cuz he lost his play button are acually retards

    37. - Karter -

      Ah yes the 1 million plaque gift card heard it’s popular this time of year

    38. DreaM Saiki

      Kavos honestly has the most punchable face in my opinion No hate please

    39. Bill G

      deji your disgusting and sad... not us for calling you out u fuck face

    40. Big dawg

      Bruh this is why dejis dog got put down

    41. OCULAR Gytz

      The way valorant is, is kinda stupid

    42. Idk


    43. FlamingoYeti

      Customer is always right is a law now? Sure thing bucko

    44. Kiss Sweet

      I will sub for tipster 💓is just this Suzy Lu ruin my viewing experience her face always coming out on my thumbnail 😑

    45. Mizzmic

      *BABA BOOEY*

    46. kspaghet

      u have nice eyes

    47. Giant mess

      why is it that some of the most enriched companies to ever exist are in some way or another in the corporate offices seemingly a bunch of lazy motherfuckers when it comes to real shit but are immediately on it when its half assed work.

    48. Dewitt345

      Bird man: I have no clue what they mean Everyone else: Remembers the twitch thot videos

      1. TheLadThatKnowsStuff

        I was thinking his old Feminist videos from 2016


      of course deji uses anything for views, he's a piece of shit

    50. SlimySwampMan

      6:17 isn`t it quake`s symbol

    51. Jimmy Hank

      Dude that took his plaque is trash, but why the fuck was he streaming his code and then surprised that some random stole it? He can't be that new to the internet.

    52. Alcatraz2048

      7:00 i can see 2 very nice reasons why Idubbz is with her

    53. Jonathon Toney

      idk why but anything Twomade does is funny for some reason, but what happened to him was pretty fucked

    54. Soul of Tinder

      Bird man sounds exactly how I expected him to sound

    55. ワークマン


    56. MellOH!

      Wow, it's almost like Riot's shitty marketing strategy of making people watch the game to earn a drop is working there are numerous bot programs for drops on valorant and it's likely not even close to those numbers in reality.

    57. RRK RED

      Twitch You are under arrest Person For what? Twitch Uhhhhhh we can not tell you. Person What????

    58. Blank Spaces

      And i quote "Anybody will do *Anythingforviews*" yes.... yes they would. He's a real CHAD ;)

    59. DuckW' ̄rth24

      Drink some water man, it smacks when you talk

    60. Gol Q2

      suzy lu : trying to flag tipster ME: KIDS GET THE FREAKING AK

    61. Abraham Ortiz

      If anyone watches bird man your pretty happy

    62. Kendrick Llama

      That first streamer is a dumbass

    63. Roblox Gamer

      so sad for twomad

    64. Jordzyi1

      The guy with his stolen play button is a stupid idiot. Deji doesn’t have the virus, his a stupid coward. Idubbz gf is dead weight. Suzy lu forehead is gonna be bigger like her lawsuit lol.

    65. BeepBeepNotAJeep

      People need to just learn how to shut the fuck up

    66. Roger Lopez

      Deji should've at least scheduled a test but the fact that he didn't makes it really seem like it's fake.

    67. Ozzie

      Its not kaevos its kavos

    68. Inno

      I think HUfast should send a verification email to the owner of the HUfast channel's email account for the plaque, in order to assure that that HUfastrs don't get fucked over on their plaque by some dickhead that nabs the code.

    69. Luke tee

      deji is a piece of shit

    70. Jorge Andrade

      ok you cannot compare the view count from fortnite and valorant because i can promise you that half of those views are people just trying to get keys or some are views from people watching vods/ 24/7 drops enabled streams

    71. Biscxit

      I got a free valorant download and u know what there are so many booters and data stealers Istg I got kicked out of my computer

    72. Takumi AE86

      TwoMad: GIVE IT BACK! Dumbass: Its Free Real Estate.

    73. Tony the Tiger


    74. Rulopee

      Imagine saying “Poggers” after stealing something that took so much work, twomad’s chat are all fucking animals

    75. Adam Bentham

      Deji looks like a lesbian grandma about to go to tesco when it's spitting outside

    76. Lemon Fridge

      HUfast and twitch are literally simps lol

    77. chronical6

      Damn I feel bad for deji, he has covid-19 and asthma. Coming from someone who also has a mild case of it, but has no underlining health issues. I am also pretty scared because I’ve seen the news of people dying with no health issues. It’s messed up if he is lying but if he isn’t, I feel really bad

    78. IAmElChapoGaming

      Anyone who would even think about stealing someone’s code for a play button they put their blood sweat and tears in for is disgusting and demented. Who takes joy in making someone miserable

    79. TengRyuu

      "People say I'm doing this for views that disgusting" *says the guy that caught faking*

    80. Husikingach

      why is she so repulsing to me (anisa) why ? why ? wtf I have never been disgusted by a woman EVER!

    81. Null Rose

      Why does Keem act like he knows everything

    82. Null Rose

      People care way too much about people's relationship

    83. jge treched346

      I played it ,is not that fun

    84. jge treched346

      How is it the most view games

    85. jge treched346

      But valorant sucks

    86. 4

      3:02 That's funny thing to say

    87. kyle d

      Deji: I will never fight my brother.... Recieves hate. let's fight brooooo

    88. Claudiu Lefter

      Valorant has so many concurent viewers because many of them are just idling for the key

    89. Sir Bassington

      to be honest that guy was really stupid lmao having all his shit open for everyone to see on his stream.

    90. BigPPcommie

      I feel so bad for twomad

    91. Sir Thomas

      Get some meat on those bones

    92. Athylum

      twomad is sooo funny

    93. Lawrence Chan

      Bruh people these days, that youtuber worked so hard for the subscribers and some jerk just decided to think that it would be funny or cool to steal his play button

    94. Smuggerino

      Yoink, Mine now

    95. Christopher Price

      Who watches this Deji guy anymore?

    96. CLAVIN ZKL

      btw just saying fortnite didint do a watch this streamer to get keys, valorant is a sellout game.

    97. CLAVIN ZKL

      two mad gets trolled lmao

    98. G

      Cmon give it black to him

    99. Cg

      if u get corona, you usually end up with pneumonia... but hey i dont get why it matters.. if he is sick he is sick, if he is healthy good for him... i mean come on why make an issue out of smth so small kekw

    100. FeAR NoVA

      Insain that a csgo copy has more veiws than shitnite hahahaha great world we live in