YouTubers Life RUINED Over This... (FOOTAGE) Nick Mercs, EDP445


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    1. Dantes Inferno

      Why would you play with a gun though on stream?

    2. Shawrty

      Edp445 still a legend regardless of what HUfast says

    3. brany

      omg he shot a gun in his property, police!!1!11

    4. Alex Pilotin

      i want a pellet gun so i can atleast practice on my inaccurate shots

    5. Brayden

      F-ck Mango

    6. Ace Of Spades

      I guess carl is... SOARRY Im sorry i dont want to offend anybody

    7. Zoomy

      I don’t know how Carl is coping. I would’ve just killed myself by this point. There’s no point

    8. Morgoth Bauglir

      check out that girl, BBinheelz on twitch she needs the love and support

    9. memelord 511

      That wasn't a cop that was university security 🤣

    10. Jeremy Hill

      He should be forgiven if cops can killing people and breaking the law

    11. minimum Words

      ThAt'S bEcAuSe i WaNteD tO hElP yOu. NoT bEcauSe i KnEw yOu wOUld mAkE lOt oF mOnEy.

    12. GSGonzo

      Did he think there was only one bullet in the mag???

    13. Austin Solom

      Cancel cancel culture

    14. oodle ramen

      Are u fucking telling me that turdboi 420 got a play button but a actual youtuber who worked for it can't?????

    15. ZLS_Paladin

      If Mango comes out and yells at you, you really fucked up

    16. Pnkykun

      There is always HUfast, and the two new streaming platforms from Facebook and Tencent (Trovo).... I mean he did a really really really stupid fucking thing but at least he legit looks like he learned from it and hopefully he did.... and absolutely fuck fattys friends... they deserve to get their ass kicked....

    17. Spencer Thompson


    18. Deandre Mccloud

      Bruh his friends were fake asf holding on to him for clout he hd to get himself out of that environment

    19. Darkman P.S

      Why is EDP445 fucking name in your mouth my nigga

    20. Melvin

      Scarce lookin clean

    21. Jacob Seraphin

      How the fuck u gon blur out the gunshot but not the words “HOLY FUCKING SHIT”?

    22. Billal Ullah

      Edp deserves a play button

    23. John Johnson

      Justice for edp445

    24. Wizzz Gin

      carl : shot 1 bullet... felix : shot 1 joke...

    25. Tywan

      Judging by the title alone, edp445 can just fuck off.

    26. Jacob Sanchez

      HUfast is going to shit

    27. Daniel Richardson

      The gun misfires due to improper handling

    28. Oisín Cox

      8:10 he better get rid of those fake ass freinds

    29. Alec Young

      I know this is WAY old, but it popped up on my recommend. Ppl are snowflakes. Unbanned this guy pls. Start banning the E-Sluts first.

    30. John Doe

      the real question here is..What kinda gun is that?

    31. Adam Depasacreta

      If he becomes anti gun becuase of this that's fuckin redoculas use it as a learning curve and learn how to clear your weapon

    32. Kryptosimponite Legend

      I don't get this new generation. Oh a video leaked his life is over... Da fuk.... How??? Maybe his career might be over. But im sure he can start a new career.

    33. DiGg3r Ds

      he needs to learn how to handle a firearm. seems he broke a major rule of treating every firearm as if it were loaded until proven otherwise.. twice. he never checked the chamber once. i don't think he actually knows how the weapon operates and he could have killed someone.

    34. Anime Is Bad

      It’s a gun twitch might as well ban shooting games

    35. Aaron Hernandez

      If you think it's "just a gun" you're a child .. don't play with guns, it's that simple. Thots should be banned too but don't cry about it comparing apples to oranges.

    36. Bryan Fernandez

      the guy who snitched is a bitch, and everyone who thinks this accident deserves that is plain stupid. lmao people are pussies when it comes to guns, it was stupid but damn people really take it up the ass. They just mad they arent gettin his kind of money. This is Carl 🤦🏻‍♂️

    37. Alan Romero

      Is just a fucking mistake like gawd the guy is an idiot but ckon is a fucking mistake and keemstar bruh cmon keemstar at this poibt just sounds like a fucking clout chaser trynna bw on everything talking shit about someone u dont even know ? Cmon dude u look like 30 if not u prolly is 30 fucking staft investing in business or stocks and gtfo youtube

    38. Michael Gandy

      It was a accident nothing that serious it was a gun failure more than a user failure

    39. Linear is op

      Fuck twitch they dont like guns

    40. Julio Lorenzo Labayen y Mombay

      Hope someone sue keemstar ahole

    41. ImWindexx

      I feel bad for airsoft fatty


      Carl is an idiot there’s a difference between an empty mag, and and empty chamber. People like this shouldn’t own firearms 🤦🏽‍♂️

    43. Legion Soldier

      Big lad John scarce

    44. Aspect Frog - Minecraft

      He has a cute dog

    45. Highlander Holyfield

      Keem is such an instigating pussy

    46. Nagato Uzumakì

      So he lost his gf over a stream mistake? That was my original thought. Than to find out watching the vid, Keem lied, This dude must have a huge history in lying. (Meaning Keem).

    47. Splatter Shock

      I know I’m late, but that Carl dude got *permanently* banned off of twitch for *accidentally* shooting a fire arm in a short amount of time, now in June ALLINTY had “ban” herself for abusing her cats for a couple of months/a year... what is the twitch community

    48. Spot On

      Seriously, GTFO stupid fragile little hearts and just forgive the guy... not like if he was promoting bad behaviors...

    49. aaron graves

      Are yall really saying what he did wasnt a big deal? jesus christ, do not own a fire arm. What he did was fucking STUPID. If you own a firearm, learn how to properly handle it. Discharging a firearm while under the influece, and wrongful discharge of fire arm while in city limits. both are punishable by law. Gun safety is being "soft".

    50. MOB Huncho

      Damn people do to much ain’t have to do that man like that now

    51. LittleMissLeared

      I shoot a gun in my house all the time. Damn snowflakes ruin everything.

    52. CanT GetRight_TV

      What a dumbass! Guys like him are the reason the dems want our guns and the fucking idiot is lucky a kid wasn’t sleeping in the room next door... if you buy a gun make sure you take a gun and Saftey corse.... life ain’t a video game! He apologized but that wouldn’t take back a life and he was more worried about a animal. Time to get a real job buddy!

    53. Khalid Ali

      Keemstar is just a grown ass baby.

    54. Sgt Big belly

      So titty streamers don't get banned and a certain someone who abuses her cat but as soon as a gun is misfired oh boy here we go

    55. Brick Speedy

      Feel bad for the dogs at 3:10 they must of got scared

    56. Nate Warners

      These streamers are literally streaming shooting fake guns and people all day smh

    57. Nate Warners

      Lmfao guns getting demonetized now... pathetic

    58. Bucket Getter

      All he did was shoot a gun 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s crazy

    59. Dead OnEntry

      Rip kitty

    60. Arc Red

      People who wigged out over this are starts with an F and has a couple G's in there

    61. Chris G

      Why would u censor a gunshot lmfao fairy boy

    62. PickleNinja

      Jesus, these people need to lose something real in there life’s.....What is all this crying about? Is our life really ruined cause you can not stream anymore..WOW.. Maybe now you will have a chance to get out and see what REAL PEOPLE have to deal with out in the REAL WORLD...Go stream on MIXER or DISCORD lol.. Or just create and upload to HUfast now, if you are so addicted to gaming like that...It will be ok lol Pay more attention to that supportive women you have next to you, I am sure she will appreciate the extra time you will be able to give to her now...Words....

    63. nolifej

      carl makes one little mistake and is perma banned. but alinity can throw her cat, sit on the cat and feed it fucking vodka. but not get banned for that? fuck off twitch

    64. Chase Toups

      Kick this man bc a gun went off accidently, ban his stream? Twitch and everbody else are pussys. A girl can paint her self nude on twitch but a gun shot accident goes off and this man gets banned, this world is becoming pussy more and more pussy by the day. Ps I don't even know this dude but shit, everbody just wants to see everbody Fail in life and suffer, sad.

      1. LibsDrawingMuseum


    65. Hiram Baretti

      bunch of crybaby’s f, this generation, bunch os snitches

    66. Hector Ortiz

      Ugh unfortunately for some people it takes a desk pop to realize just how important gun safety is and unfortunately im one of those stupid people aswell ive shoot sttaight into the floor by accident one time and thats all it took a new found respect for weapons never handle weapons in a manner such as what he did. Very sad very unfortunate ! I feel for the guy i think he should get one more chance.

      1. Hector Ortiz

        Ok i just rewatched the vid and noticed a coors lite on stream. Now that is a huge problem he probably will not get a second chance. Should have never loaded a bullet to the chamber with a beer in sight that hes ben drinking.

    67. YZTK

      I feel so bad for airsoftfatty holy shit.. some "friends"

    68. TheOriginalBazu

      i feel sorry for carl

    69. Reptilian Overlord

      I spoke to carl on his stream via chat, and the dude was really nice he knew he fucked up, he didnt get offended when i begun asking him but just was straight forward and said he made a mistake. Dudes a really chill guy. Plus he told me where to get the super saiyan mouse pad :)

    70. inferno plays

      Yeah if you don't want fire arms in vid then get them out your households Wouldn't have happened if you made firearms illegal Just saying

    71. yt Al

      This nigga said don’t leave faze 😂

    72. Sam Godzwa

      The Carl situation reminds me of that one episode of the office where Dwight fires a gun while trying to spin it like a cowboy and got demoted from regional manager shortly after becoming it.

    73. 2shotsofvaca

      He messed up pulling out a pistol? Ok. Twitch is for pussies.

    74. dropzonenightclub

      Is he a moron sure should everything be taken from him nope. Only thing he should loose is his gun license

    75. Sweezy Breezy

      Soar owns a gaming team that promotes people shooting other people but a single discharge of a firearm ruins his life. Man all yall soft i swear.

    76. Lostisles

      Accidental discharge. Thats it. As humans we make mistakes and stuff happens.

      1. Trueno

        Lostisles your argument makes no sense and you just contradicted yourself lmao

      2. Lostisles

        TeenageClub none the less though im still excited to see which youtuber you hate on next lmao.

      3. Lostisles

        TeenageClub i mean alotta people get drunk but okay buddy. I wasnt hating on ya :/

      4. Trueno

        Lostisles you missed the part where he did it while intoxicated... all actions have consequences no matter if it was a mistake or not, also it really isn’t a good mindset that people who disagree with you are just people on a hate bandwagon

      5. Lostisles

        TeenageClub he just didnt know how to properly empty the weapon. He wasnt properly taught how to use it. As humans we all make mistakes and we all start out somewhere. None of us are perfect and none of us are robots. It’s just sad to see were in a day and age where were not allowed to make mistakes. This man just needs a weapon safety course and not all the bandwagon hate hes getting. Y’all get the hate out of your body then move onto the next youtuber to down for their mistakes

    77. Foghorn Leghorn

      Dude is a fucking idiot who has no clue how to operate a gun and should never own one! Does it deserve a ban? No. Twitch and You Tube have f'ked up priorities!

    78. ThaRealJules

      It Was Never That Serious For People To React Like That Yea There Couldave Been Bad Outcomes But Bright Side Nothing Happened & It Wasnt Intentional ... FYI Just Dont Play With Guns🤦🏽‍♂️

    79. Xiji FN

      Dude said faze Carl when u see soar everywhere 🤦🏾‍♂️

    80. UNTAMEDxB3ASTx

      Damn ... that sucks

    81. Akhyar Imam

      Imgine people like him with guns in this country

    82. ArikwithanA

      I think its stupid the last guy is pissed about the play button... youtube is a free platform for people to put their content out to the public and potentially make money off of it... how can you possibly think youtube owes you anything more? Entitled much?

    83. Packz has aim

      Shouldn’t be aloud to drink on the job anyway

    84. Dylan Parima

      Get on youtube you ssssshjhhhhhhchupid iiiiiiiiiiidiot

    85. Kyle Gross

      Wtf dude gets ban for an accidental gun shot, but u got girls saying Simps are kings and other ppl naked on stream

    86. zExoduz

      I bet the people who criticized him are the ones spewing the N word online

    87. zExoduz

      The masses of the inter webs will glorify a snitch but will shut down a gaming legend shit is crazy

    88. Melly Mell

      Why does everyone overreact over the most dumb shit hes in his own home and it clearly looked like an accident he was trying to be funny why do kids always have to ruin shit and idek know the guy !

    89. Tanner Tousey

      Am I the only noticing a Coors on the table? First of all it's illegal in most states to have an accidental/negligent discharge. Further, it's even more illegal to consume alcohol or drugs and handle a firearm. SMDH people don't play with your gun, this is what happens.

    90. Joshua Croft

      He was drinking and using a gun to act cool, practiced horrible gun safety, and set a bad example. Sucks he was banned, but makes sense. Very bad decisions.

    91. DanimalJenkins

      People never heard of a “desk pop”

    92. Cliff Robinson

      Little overkill on the first guy it sucks to see bright young people getting shunned by the leftist technocracy. You can never be yourself on HUfast, twitch, or any platform that likes censoring.

    93. Patrick Findlay

      Haven’t watched scarce in so long when did this man get skinny

    94. Skyler Harper

      It doesn't help he obviously been drinking and the fact he mishandled a firearm while drinking makes it 100x worse. Last thing twitch wants is bad rep all over the news cause a gamer mishandled a weapon and shot someone or himself. Bullets do travel through walls

    95. twostrokes4life

      Everyone is over reacting over ain’t even that deep

    96. Yassen

      I guess you could say he pulled the trigger that killed his own career.

    97. yoSupahh

      The dude shot a gun. Who gives a shit. People are fucking pussies. Only in 2020 can a guy lose everything for accidentally shooting his OWN gun in his OWN house

      1. LibsDrawingMuseum

        Check out smoshs video in 2011 titled “ how to cover up a murder “ you’ll see how in only 9 years how this world changed and how everyone is a snowflake

    98. Trustmeiknow

      People are so soft acting like these fucnint kids these days don't play the most violent games ever wtf

    99. chris porter

      Over reacting? This Carl guy deserves everything he got. Not only are ppl correct in that he isnt a good role model, but to immediately say "i thought i emptied the mag", this guy is a total moron. You dont PLAY with guns. God I hate stupid ppl

    100. malcolm lewis

      Ejects round* loads another* idiot