YouTubers In Trouble! PewDiePie Videos Taken Down, Jukin Media DELETES Accounts...


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    1. Holasoynico XD

      fack you jukin media >:(

    2. Dr. H82r

      That sofie person i kinda hate

    3. dead pool

      me:( hears jukin media is having a backlash).....finally some good news huh

    4. um Burro

      A jukin media It would be nice if the jukin media lost a lot of money like a billion to learn it I don't know how the jukin media exists because what it does is theft the jukin media should go to hell

    5. amy joy

      it was only a matter of time before someone started a "company" to strike creators in order to get their personal information.

    6. Trent Carter

      Jeffery star is a pile of burning trash

    7. Ryzech

      Jeannie cries Community: so you have chosen... death

    8. wael

      Dance dance dance to these stereotype

    9. ryn

      When you hear all the names of your favorite youtubers

    10. FatmanJonesTV

      Nerd city is a fucking genius

    11. Tanner Unkown

      Donut operator looks like Ron Swanson

    12. Meme S

      Does anyone know the company empire my friend was stroked by him

    13. young.boy_thomas 03

      my dude emplemon!

    14. Bryan R


    15. Justin Sanchez

      I (cis male) can't and won't talk about the politics around transgenderism, but wjat the hell is that?!?! How dare you demand someone give you money? How privilaged to believ you deserve someones money, or that because you feel like you deserve someones money, that anyone who chooses not to give you money is an anittrans, sexist, racist, biphobic, homophobic, bigot. She doesnt deserve a dime.

    16. Fire&Ice

      Alfdigital is Indian

    17. Big lad

      It’s also happening to ksi. Junkin media are getting desperate

    18. Very Funny Raccoon

      4:50 sounds like black mail, give me money or you a piece of sh*t

    19. broski yeets

      Warner music group is like jukin media

    20. Me4u2c293

      Wow. I never knew of your channel. Great insight. HUfast took down my channel and I talk about driving.

    21. Dendran Gardner

      Police: What is his name? Oni: Its Chris hansen Police: Alright, we send reinforcements to support HIM

    22. Shydun

      Nothing like a retard capatilisng in someone coming out to get them to give them money.

    23. Randy Lay

      Dude no homo but you lookin cute tho 👍

    24. Brady

      Jukin Media deserves every bit of the backlash they've been recently getting. Hope it puts other copystriking trolls on notice that people aren't putting up with their bullshit anymore just because they've been getting away with it for so long...

    25. Charbel Alam

      This is scarce?! WHAT?!

    26. Tamily

      Scarce looking kinda thinn

    27. luvdady

      yeah all these ""people "" ""scared"" about youtube and their channel . here's a few suggestions GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE. word press host gator godaddy etc... that way you call your own shots no fears , you do whatever you want within parameters of the law. i mean you got huge numbers and sell your own ads , there you go problem solved simply and efficiently. fiverr has tons of folks who can set you up a site in no time , go and talk to a college kid who does web design no excuses in the digital age.

    28. tylerx2f01

      copy striking should cost $5 for the claimant for each claim, which is refunded if proven to be under fault, in part or full of the uploader. all financing should be held until review of the content has been performed. the revenue itself should not stop being generated, just held, until verified.

    29. Twice Baked

      HUfast is on its way out. I personally will miss all the music.

    30. Sands Real Estate West

      HUfast is the Government. COPPA is Congress. Jukin Media is the slimy ass Police Officer. Do the math.

    31. Sands Real Estate West

      HUfast is the Government. COPPA is Congress. Jukin Media is the slimy ass Police Officer. Do the math.

    32. Sands Real Estate West

      HUfast is the Government. COPPA is Congress. Jukin Media is the slimy ass Police Officer. Do the math.

    33. Just some random teen

      what a nice way to start 2020

    34. TheApp Master

      Oh now, they have messed with the God of HUfast. Be prepared to be destroyed.

    35. Not A Federal

      Why Transgenders like names with Nikki on it.. 😁 jk.

    36. Hope Yukizmizu

      its pretty obvious he was transgender anyway

    37. Blue Box Reven

      One more reason why I'm on Bitchute now

    38. Blue Box Reven

      Good luck going after PewDiePie....

    39. superdruid999

      chris hansen is a bloody hero

    40. red raven

      The main reason for jukinmedia to leave Twitter was mxr fans really screwed them up and essentially they got hacked and trolled.

    41. Akif Aiman

      Now we can call it the Twitch Invasion

    42. Xavier Mendoza

      That's gotta be a stupid move for junkin media to be doing this stuff, nobody's gonna like the company and nobody liking a company is a really reasonable way for a company to die

    43. STI_Clone

      Jeez haven't had one of these videos recommend to me in a while..oh HUfast drama smells like 2017

    44. Danjal Veskandar

      Jukin has rebranded, not gone offline. It also remains a question as to whether or not they have in fact paid the people they claim to be representing as in plenty of posts they have shown how more often than not they can't get in touch with the original uploaders in the first place.

    45. joseph shivers


    46. Tluqies

      No one is donating money to some weird un normal person

    47. Eddie R

      Haven’t been on your channel in a couple years. Lost some weight you look good man.

    48. Corey Mondello

      PewDiePie = racist, homophobic, misogynistic, pig!

    49. Grab-A- Skillet

      HUfast has been on a role lately Demolition Ranch = Demonetization Ranch

    50. Idk what happend69

      That haircut tho.

    51. Fort Knight

      Holy hell when did Scarce come back?

    52. keith maples

      Anybody else skip the entire trans thing section😴

    53. _サキュバス_

      HUfast is being hacked

    54. Alexander Varga

      Omg I see why you left HUfast. Yikes

    55. Captain LeDoosh

      Jukin media: YOU USE OUR CLIPS AND MEMES WE STRIKE YOUR CHANNEL! Chuck Norris does meme review Jukin media: Negotiations are also optional...

    56. Allen Nutt

      How you censor the word "backed" but not the word "bomb"?

    57. Steve H

      3:17 “Buzz, your girlfriend! Woof!”

    58. Elliott

      I've been on HUfast 14 years. Check my channel :)

    59. Anime Master

      I freaking love his voice

    60. Steamloco

      “Scroll to stay compliant to cis supremacy.” Me: “Roger Roger” **Scrolls with the speed of a thousand battledroids**

    61. Lee Gou

      Haven't watched a Scarce vid in ages. Come back to watch a new vid, and Scarce looks like a snack.

    62. Liam Korngold

      SCARCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    63. ulrik sonne

      cant believe this fucker still makes videos

    64. AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

      Lately tgere are soooo many videos about this topic... That partially good...and partially bad...either way it must be spoken about...


      Fuck donut operator he is a pro cop POS

    66. Mister Skarred

      Can you go back to not showing your face? :D

    67. OofBoyee

      Holy shit he thinnn boi God damn I miss old scare

    68. FIAS Weeb

      This guy still exists?

    69. Xgunner27 23

      The problem is that the copyright is being wrongfully abused they are playing favorites and youtube is becoming a place where is a two edged sword ...

    70. TrekkieChannel

      Dude, you like like a half of the guy I used to watch a few years ago. What happened? I need to know your magic :)

    71. Isaac Spotts

      Wow bro they purged my sub AGAIN

    72. Jeramie Shoe

      getting transition surgery is transphpbic

    73. Jeramie Shoe

      ayyy my boy donuts gettin big

    74. Mr crazyattire

      Scarce isn't big chungus anymore

    75. lame blast

      Looking forward when bitchute app hopefully will be released soon...

    76. berny covarrubias if this isn’t the hardest shit in 2020 then I’m fucking gay

    77. Let’s take a walk

      Class-action suit against HUfast should be possible. If you lose money thanks to HUfast's action, they should be sued.

    78. MADDOH

      Here we go again "The Content War Of 2020"

    79. Mr GodPenguin

      I haven't watched Scarce in 2 years. He looks quite hot now. Good job mate.

    80. Cameron Frye

      Scarce PLEASE talk about pogo’s channel being deleted and hacked by a bitcoin spam company

    81. Andreas Noveus

      because some scummy company has exposed the last of it kind are counter attacking

    82. Gianni Lomeli

      Yes, I will still scroll past your gofundme's.

    83. You Tube

      Hoooooly shit. Been a while since I've seen scarce. He lost the weight. Good for you bro!

    84. ٰ

      *_"Its Chris Hansen"_* *_(Doom Music plays)_*

    85. Billy Bob


    86. Cpt. WaddleDoo

      Whenever a lgbtq member does something awesome or brave, some girl on Twitter always has to fuck it up

    87. Caesar StrunDova

      This is my first Scarce vid in 3 years. Holy fuck this dude lost weight.

    88. ThePingomartin

      compete for talent? they just play games not really much talent over that, sure some a great at the games they play but to say being a twitch streamer is talent is just sad

    89. KJ94

      What? Pokemaine has a manager? Didn't that psycho drop off the internet and make everyone happy by doing it? 🤨

    90. KJ94

      In all fairness, Nikkie Tutorials was quite clearly trans anyway. Anyone shocked by this must be blind and deaf 🙄

    91. XGoldenGlocksX


    92. Boonk Gang

      If HUfast got the balls to fuck with PewDiePie that shows HUfast don't give no fucks

    93. Crxsstalk

      This isn’t my old scarce, this is SlenderScarce

    94. Andulvar

      Sorry, I don't signal boost insane people like troons.

    95. Tyler Spinks

      Banks doesn’t deserve the hate & other bullshit that he gets

    96. RH0B0SE

      Wait when did scarce come back?

    97. Essence Of Kali

      thumbs down for showing support or sumpathy for jukin media

    98. Yakov37

      Twitch is better though

    99. The Dragon Slayer4242

      Poor twitch

    100. rayvon robinson

      Watch tyrone magnus,he also got striked by jukin media