YouTubers Had to Apologize for THIS... Fine Bros, KSI, Pokimane, Logan Paul, 21 Savage


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    1. johnyyboy08 20


    2. Wezty

      idk why, but when ksi said 'lookin like a skybox' i died. revive me please

    3. tupac shakeer

      Ksi’s laugh

    4. Unknown

      It’s cause people who work at twitch simp for pokimane and they probably have some pics of her cause probably she pays them that way

    5. idk idk

      im new love ur content

    6. Pnkykun

      Scarce your'e the only commentary channel I subscribe to. You stay unbiased and only report facts my dude... You have way more integrity then 90% of actual news journalists out there... Also congrats on the weight loss and 3 million. Looking forward to you hitting 5 million.

    7. DanielR3535

      Wow I heaven't watched Scarce in 4 years and honestly He hasn't changed a day. It's kinda making me nostalgic.

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      I still need help getting my youtube channel back 😥

    9. Erby 27

      Lets just delete the word black

    10. Sakata Gintoki

      If all good youtubers disappear.. we will do a cancel youtube and cancel twitter as well

    11. Lofibounds

      I feel like a new platform should come out. Maybe I’ll make a new website. HUfast is just turning into a kids show. Wonder what I’ll call it

    12. J. S.

      Ksi has one of those laughs.. not the ones that are contagious but one of the ones that make you want to shove a screwdriver in your ears. I don't know how putting pieces of paper on either side of things is that funny.

    13. Adobo Flakes

      I hate when people "add diversity" to their businesses. As if that itself isn't racist. People aren't just accessories you add to make your shit look nice and pretty 😂 you hire people based on capabilities not how they look

    14. Eddy BurbackJr

      Bro tipster went from 600 subs to 78k in like a month. Damn

    15. Skoinke

      bad and gay

    16. Mark Lopez

      How does pokimane get a warning for showing porn, yet xQc gets a 24hour ban for showing an animal accidentally having sex for 1 second

    17. ThaMoostash

      Gun-dumb is how it’s pronounced

    18. 500 Pieces

      Bros why does it feel like YT is dying? Not cool

    19. Alex Crespo is Awesome Sauce The Movie

      5:25 this is from Shane Dawson does Degrassi


      Where has the world gone to if u wore blackface 10 years ago now you are getting cancelled and now you cannot speak freely on twitter and if u say your opinion you are either racist or sexist or homopobic i am sick and tired of people on the internet who say at something from 10 years ago ‘im offended’ ‘thats racist/sexist’ all of the people who say that are just the problem why the internet isn’t a fun place anymore i al just sick and tired that my tweets are getting deleted if i tell my opninion the internet is just fucked now

    21. Wuking

      Scare low key be simping.

    22. SwordSlice311

      that laugh at the beginning Lol

    23. WeezyPacMan

      Scarce I'm so happy you got 3 mill, been watching you since 2016 probably earlier! Best of luck, you're the realest news channel out there!!

    24. theisgood0

      Good for you bro ! :D I’m so glad you reached 3 mil 🙂!

    25. theisgood0

      I don’t feel bad for the fine bro’s they really wanted to trademark “reaction videos” so no one else could make reaction videos. I think they are all terrible people personally. That’s not cool

    26. PineappleGM

      So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers

    27. Mr. Tornado

      Is it just me that wants to make another version of yt?

    28. An Ape

      Twitch is bad at fixin problemssssss

    29. αηυ

      Dam why he laughin that hard lol

    30. Dysfunctional Dildo

      I only found your channel recently and i would never have guessed you used to be overweight. So yeah i think that's good enough proof you no longer are overweight.

    31. SpecTralX

      wait the brick wall was a wallpaper? i have been decieved lied to and bamboozled

    32. person with a name


    33. Axel Pena

      I honestly don’t see HUfast being relevant in the next couple of years

    34. Axel Pena

      Hey scarce

    35. Axel Pena

      Damn I remember back in 2015 I first started watching you scares you came a long way💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    36. SteezyE

      scarce, you're a gem

    37. Aron Sumisu

      I’ve been here since before you left btw

    38. Aron Sumisu

      Feel like that second story was pokimane, he wasn’t banned until he came in constant with her so idk man 😂

    39. holy_crusader515

      They should be happy about the ps5 They could be like us Xbox players that literally have a FRIDGE🤣

    40. omega bamzaas


    41. Enehe 143

      Look at scarce growing and stuff, how great

    42. savagepixel

      Love when people issue an appology only when they get caught cause they would never if the vid was never found cause they knew the vid was still up and no one said anything about it

    43. BrothaDrknes

      What??? Since when was copyrighted music fair play? So much as 6 years ago I had my clips muted for that shit No jake an ksi aren’t gonna be friends (If they already aren’t) it’s just good publicity. FBE don’t give a shit they just don’t want their business to get hurt. RIP commentary channels... damn

    44. Joe L

      I just don’t understand how you accidentally ban someone

    45. King of Clubs


    46. yo yo


    47. yo yo


    48. rods.

      love you forever bro

    49. hypnogames3

      Congrats to your 3 mil and transformation scarce your an awesome guy keep up the good work

    50. Damn It

      Video released 5 days ago, and watched it when released. *notification of new scarce video

    51. Ceirix

      congrats on 3 mil!! my fav news channel by far

    52. JDoGGYDiZZLE

      The fine brothers are finally going to diversify their cast! At long last, I can see some straight white males react on their channel!!

    53. E MAZE33

      Simulaters streamers

    54. E MAZE33

      Proof that there useing human simulaters chines software

    55. Rooted Onion

      Scarce is a simp for pokimane :(

    56. JVW

      grats buddy!!!

    57. Spinderwick

      Yo man I’m brand new, but I love your content. I wish I could find someone as informative and biased to report on current events. It’s a good feeling to be informed, and you do it well.

    58. Friday

      i fkin love scarce now, i didnt even realise he was stuck at 2.8mill i stopped watching for like a year and im really enjoying his content.

    59. Lizzo Big Honkers

      Don't worry KSI, streamers aren't worried about using your music because no one is using it

    60. Piylip543 Puy


    61. Jonathan Ingram

      I want a world without PC, SJW and all that crap cancel culture. Is it too much to ask ? I can say it for sure now : it was better before.

    62. Negative Ramos

      Am I the only one who thinks KSI is annoying as shit lmao

    63. P17K

      Skinny scarce

    64. Notanormalgirl

      Aww! İ wanna hug you now🥰

    65. Brian Flores

      The ending is a W

    66. Creamy Green Trees

      Imagine if twitch streamers unionized lmao

    67. Fat Boy Productions

      Hey congratulations Scarce on 3 million keep up the great work

    68. DeadBot

      ksi is right.. The ps5 does look like a wifi router LOL

    69. Brett Bayford

      Ain't laughed *with* ksi for yrs Guys want to be payed for pointless videos wat about my comments oh wait there's such a place it's called steem and Dtube I have always say the majority of admin and moderators not modders are scum and modders are shit off my shoe but jeez Louise give the dog his bone ffs

    70. lord kanti

      Congratulations scarce. Glad to see you’ve reached your goals 😌

    71. Marley Bray

      You're the cutest! Glad my nephews and nieces can watch you, so many douchebags that blow up on this platform


      Ps5 looks fine

    73. Error_D2C.


    74. Thomas Morton

      21 savage

    75. Zarya

      Congrats scarce you deserve it man❤️

    76. Jossie S

      My guess as to why HUfast isn't sending out 100k plaques is because there are so many HUfastrs reaching that milestone.

    77. RedJesus99 OOO

      At this point HUfast is like a corrupt Central American country

    78. Joshua Rodriguez

      Dude I never missed any of ur videos love u man congrats🥳 been here since you snipped on Bo2🤘🏽

    79. Krayonix

      HECK YEAH SCARCE!! I remember that 2016 vid! You're killing it dawg, Congrats on 3M!!!!!!!

    80. Kelly

      What happened to keeming out

      1. Aaron Johnson

        Keem paid him off not to release the story it has been confirmed on twitter

    81. The_RageGamerReactor

      Anyone else wondering why he's a day off schedule

    82. nvg

      Here since red scarce 😎

    83. Weebooep12

      There was a HUfast called Mama Max And he Had his video taken down by HUfast it was about a Paedophile filled website

    84. Addzy

      3 milly let’s gooooooo 😃

    85. Moist Vibes

      Hey scarce can you shed light on the MamaMax situation,I feeel like this need more attention

    86. Lol Hoes

      This man sound like the second cousin on Kermit wtf

    87. Emperor Qianlong

      Been following u since 2016 ReD Scarce days. Great to see you coming back.

    88. F5HC _

      Scares where is my daily doses of Internet drama?

    89. Carrioner

      My channel was also demonetized for so called "hate" even though 90% of ALL my videos were manually reviewed and 90% of those had green manual icon. But hey fuck me cause I say how it is and because I care about reality and not your feelings

    90. ColtsFuntimee

      No one wants to stream ksi music

    91. Cali Graph

      Ok with the thing with fine bro’s that black face scenario was made when edgy content was IT back then, but now it’s content has been changed , and they are showing awareness of all types , I don’t see the point of bringing decade old clip just to prove her point , there are other racist out there who need to be called out for

    92. Whitebolls92

      Fuck em

    93. kooturtle

      Fr why does the ps5 look like the barclays center

    94. Zakria Israr

      Scarce what did u do to lose so much weight?

    95. FeistyPapa

      I don’t believe half of these “twitch or HUfast messing up”. They happen mostly after someone gets into controversy. It sounds like bribery to me.

      1. FeistyPapa

        Shadow Claw4762 I know. I suspect that youtube moderators are taking bribes as secondary jobs or maybe HUfast itself is doing it.

      2. Shadow Claw4762

        Like how HUfast "accidentally" deleted every single HUfast comment that is critical of Communist China...

    96. Quacksack123

      had to like the video because of the last part. Ps you also prob get laid a lot more now 😂

    97. Griffin

      Lolol getting flamed for black face from 11 years ago. These are the same people that get pissed about Tropic Thunder I am sure.

    98. Heat Boi

      Congrats on the 3 Mil Scarce been subbed since 2017 I think but you’re the best channel for discussing news

    99. Getdunkedonliberal

      People actually listen to KSIs music? Oof

    100. Will Rivera

      Just sue HUfast already