YouTubers DISAGREE on THIS... Ninja, Shroud, MrBeast, Bryce Hall


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    1. Rifky Ramadhan

      My message to the first guy : Git Gud

    2. Bubba

      single playing games like es or fallout are the best

    3. Rosemary Monyhan

      Its just a game

    4. Ralph

      8:10 hahaha when you try to be a smart ass Greed but it back fires

    5. Ralph

      4:20 7000 bish kids

    6. Corey Gordon


    7. OmeGa LULz

      *Hey Random Guy Scrolling* I hope you Have a Good day and God bless

    8. SlendyShark

      The only game that I reckon tryhards ruin is GTA. A game of robbing stores and becoming the biggest crimelord shouldn't be filled with people destroying the experience for everyone.

    9. Caleb Davis

      when are we (the viewers) and the creators going to switch to a new platform.. This is ridiculous

    10. Revxnge_01

      Imagine getting mad because people are better than you at a game lmaoooo

    11. bobo fattt

      imagine if shroud and doc ran duos

    12. bobo fattt


    13. bobo fattt

      thats exactly what someone whose bad at video games would say lol

    14. Jeremy Sauve

      I don’t know y ppl go ape shit over a rasist joke that was made about 7 years ago just cuz a joke in poor taste was made u need to become a dragon and burn down a person that wasn’t the one that joked an if u want to explain go for it

    15. Poole Side

      okay, DR. D getting 500k viewers on youtube is more impressive than twitch seeing that youtube is a livestream platform second

    16. SheriffHunter Russell


    17. Faith Frazier

      The guy complaining about the video game is just mad because he can't win lol

    18. Sam Brown

      Calling someone try hard is a bad excuse for sucking.

      1. Sam Brown

        Change my mind

    19. Outlaw Blood

      That guy complaining about “tryhards” is legit saying “you can’t be good at the game cause it’s new and if I’m bad you have to be”

      1. kärki

        Why I play among us

      2. Darren Smith


    20. pugness

      How do you try hard on fall guy? If you can't jump, that's your problem

    21. xxoul xxeller


    22. Cheese

      I don’t understand why people get mad when someone wants to win the game, the point of every game is to win, so you can’t get mad if people are better than you at a video game. So don’t go on tik tok and complain.

    23. Donovan Ganes

      1:40 tbh he’s right tho it is a party game and I don’t think im gonna find someone tryharding mario party 6

    24. Buffalo Chicken

    25. Tyler Owens

      Scarce it's been 3 weeks wya my guy? @scarce

    26. Matt Leisey

      Lol "alot of people wanna be competitive and dont want casual players to ruin it for them"? Lol okay

    27. Liam Dowling


    28. Oche Daniel SIMON

      But fall guys is suffering from apex legends syndrome

    29. Luke tee

      leaves the twitch, get paid out... comes back to twitch says its the best around. talking shit shroud

    30. Peely

      This is why video games are ruined because tryhard say in fortnite skill based matchmaking ruins the fun of fortnite

    31. Mike Honcho

      Definitely Crinja trying to play with Shroud

    32. ThisGalaxyCat

      Who's that old man playing video games? And why is he sounds like Shroud

    33. Madam Gryffindor

      Funny how news/commentary channels STILL use Slasher to get info after he got exposed as a simp/Nice Guy creep

    34. Valtiel

      If somebody doesn't care enough to try and win, why is the other getting vilified? All I see is somebody complaining, saying "why can't they be as lazy as me, come on guys, tone it down" the point of any game is too win. If losing sucks for you, pick up a different game.

    35. LiquidDragonWolf

      There's one thing I think people can agree on, no matter what game you play that's online and multiplayer you're bound to have atleast 1 tryhard every match or game. There's really no game that I've played so far that doesn't have tryhards in it. There's people that are actually good and really skilled to make it look like they're Tryharding but it's that, or people who are actually doing this. I think they don't really ruin video games, it's more of bugs/glitches and hackers that do it.

    36. memucraft

      Yeh i agree that the action that Fortnite made was so sudden that it was pretty hard for me to comprehend. And then all the lawsuit and shit. But the thing is how does epic make money out of it? Its their profit loss and on top of that they still haven't removed the 10% that goes to content creators. The reason they did what they did was that epic was taking about 30% not only from Fortnite but from all the developers on apple.

    37. Ashley Rohleder

      You can shut off water

    38. Jonathan Ingram

      "He killed someone, what do you have to day about that? - I mean... like... it's his 21!"

    39. Deni_Otsui

      why i subbed to scarce: hes just cool

    40. Vengeance

      Lmao just git gud

    41. Gaven Miller

      Just have a competitive mode and a casual mode. That way both sides can have fun

    42. Davi.d 78

      Lmao people just need to mind their own business

    43. Sasha

      honestly let them have parties let them die, i really dont mind i mean if you dont care about your safety its up to you, you cant stop them plus their just ignorant 18 year olds

    44. Anakin Skywalker

      I agree, I miss the old day of the gaming world

    45. Tyler Ramage

      They keep on partying after There powers turned off. The B.S.A.A (Lock and load boys the bioterrorist are back)

    46. KindoMist

      Simple just have a casual queue and a comp queue and just play like that

    47. ploob

      "this try hard at a video game" no one tell this guy about smash

    48. SoggyAppleVirus

      The dude is kinda right but... cmon, it is NOT ruining gaming; its the sore losers who are. The try hards only want the regulars to try harder for fun; no point in doing something if your not even trying for thats the POINT, to try.

    49. Dawniblis s

      So hes mad that people are better than him in games

    50. Cube

      ah yes i love the youtube notifications uploaded 36 minutes ago

    51. BoneYard

      I say just add a comp mode to fall guys

    52. JJAZE Gaming

      Maybe being a "try hard"actually ruins a games fun for example me and my friend used to play tekken before, and I was being a try hard and beat my friend multiple times until it's not fun anymore and when I stopped being a "tryhard" me and my friend are actually having fun, Soo I guess he's right imo.

    53. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

      1. im 9


    54. Xman

      I think being a HUfastr against being a signed world wide known artist are two different things. Its like being a new soldier in the military and being a general. You're not gonna have the same clearance and not on equal grounds

    55. PewDiePies Dingleberries

      Just play solo video games

    56. Ali Vang

      Shroud looks like a middle school geography teacher

    57. corey figueroa

      It’s funny how the nelk boys can party all the time and never get any back lash I love it

    58. Dilprit Khinda


    59. Jack Dab

      literally just tnt run xD

    60. Guanjyn

      Getting mad at "try-harding" is some soyboy shit.

    61. Logan Holmes

      I think that large parties are fine as long as everyone at the party is willing to take the risk of getting corona.

    62. Recep Kılıç

      try hards does ruin it for me bu that just means I have to git gud

    63. Suppboio

      the reason why people were not inviting shroud is the same that why he referred to Mixer as "that platform that shall not be named"

    64. ???

      they partied, it's their fault if they get the virus, and if they spread it, they should be count accountable

    65. Onepieceofdukey

      Imagine trying to lose so other can I’m sorry I’m naturally good at games ( not tryna brag just making his point really stupid)

    66. Probably A European

      Apple is a middleman lol So is the Epic Store Hypocrite headass

    67. ImAlone

      Lil cry babies ruined youtube and they ruined gaming. Great

    68. Dimmerbook

      No way haircake got taken down. Classic

    69. gabbarich

      Yo if anyone's reading this. I just figured out how to get free games on psn. Just get the free trail for "Playstation now." Once you have the free trail DOWNLOAD any game/ games you want. Be sure to download and Not stream. Then cancel your trail delete Ps now AND the game. The game will be on your library because it thinks you bought it. Re-download the game. Boom free games.

    70. Unstable Bismuth

      I officially hate HUfast now.

    71. xxoconspiracyxxo xxo

      This is just stupid there’s the casual players and hardcore player most games have different modes for this exact reason if a game doesn’t separate the game just play and get better at it so long as no one is cheating and hacking the game you really should stop complaining we’re not giving up competitive gaming because of you. If you just want to have fun and not care about winning then do that and enjoy losing or play a game with a solo player mode but don’t cry about the competitive gamers

    72. F R Z N

      But that guy is right nobody can just play a game the way it’s supposed to be played the point of video games is to have fun and escape from the horrors of reality But when someone doesn’t like the game anymore they feel like they need to ruin the experience for the rest of the community

    73. Lt. Joka

      The last person I'd expect to see appear on Scarce's vids is Berleezy. Thank God it wasn't a major issue.

    74. Nice Noice

      U do realise that half of the views on twitch are botted right ? Even if shroud had 500k viewers atleast half of them are botted views wich is not possible on youtube

    75. Resent Feeds

      Apple has all right

    76. Just a guy that really loves Yut Lung

      I'll quote Nicki on this one: "Zont... zont zo it." The fact that these adult men are actually arguing wether people should tryhard in games or not is embarrassing.

    77. Blank Blank


    78. Cookies and Cream

      just get gud lol

    79. Cabbage ButterFly

      if you're playing for fun then why do you care if you lose or not

    80. Murk

      In all reality life is competitive it’s kinda like a game everyone strives to be the best but regardless of how well or good you do there is always gonna be someone better than you that’s just how life works. Can’t do anything about it just admit you suck and all you can do is just get better

    81. BlackBishop_22

      If u think sweaty fall guys is a bad thing u obviously havent seen other rlly competitive BS

    82. dIsin 1


    83. quakc da kidd

      SHROUD HAS A BEARD!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!???!?!!?!??!

    84. CanceriousIG

      The filthyfrank one really got me man

    85. Luke AHsaur

      When you blow ass @ games meant to be competitive so you go try hard in casual games like GTA V.

    86. Tyler Gomola

      Imagine being known as a "massive tiktok star". That's a sad state of affairs. This is proof that technology is a curse.

    87. Monty Mqueen

      So basically this guy saying people being good at games is bad

    88. Yonathan Espana

      Shroud looks like Adam Sandler in uncut gems, with that beard

    89. Sbev

      It's hard for me to beleive that he genuinely thought you could sweat at what os basically minecraft tnt run

    90. King T Naughty

      Shit is true tryhards on cod ruined the game and that's my main game and I can't even enjoy it anymore

    91. Bryan Amds

      Yeah you know, we could've transferred the virus to anyone near us in public and potentially taking someone's life, but it's his 21st y' know?

    92. LewKnaeps

      It’s literally a competitive multiplayer game what do people expect?

    93. Mr_Bmen11

      Technically in the first Clip the guy is right the sweats made casuals complain about everyone trying to hard, that made companies implement sbmm and made sweats complain that they have to sweat extra hard now so at the end of day it's everyone's fault

    94. Mr Guy

      When scarce read the ninja tweet you can hear him laugh

    95. Spicy Beans

      “I don’t give a fuck I want to sleep”-scarce

    96. Ephexia

      I never knew the definition of unfair until I played the tail grab finale for fall guys

    97. Damo Marsh

      The whole point of Fall Guys is to try and win. Makes no sense.

    98. Nedas Ja

      5:40 it's called bussines gotta use ppl

    99. O I

      Imagine being that sad hes playing the game stfu

    100. The Mandalorian

      Try hard and good are two different things in my mind T baggers those are try hards but being good just takes time and by no means am I good at either of those games but I would like to hear y’all’s thoughts