YouTubers Crew Gets ARRESTED... MrBeast, Nelk, KSI, Twitch Forms "Safety Council"


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    1. Maatak

      "Jesus saved our lives." Stop with that...

    2. Jackson Barrick

      How do you play Rainbow Six Seige if there is no voice chat

    3. Ryan Antichrist-Topic

      I'm more interested you. Who have you pissed off?

    4. Bus Stop.

      7:24 She's, a man baby

    5. Vini Mt legal

      He has the big gay

    6. 2wice4RICE

      camera: im gonna focus on that backround, and that backround only. period.

    7. Mailman042

      0:48 the voice crack tho😂

    8. Xvintodel


    9. Dieameater Talks

      Does she also have covid wtf

    10. Fresh Life

      I like how "she" doesnt look directly at the camera. Shows the lack of confidence on what she said😂

    11. Henrique Marani

      Imagine playing Rainbow Six Siege without voice chat...

    12. Andromeda Music

      Isn’t that the chick that had a deergasm?

    13. Soap Mactavish

      VC is unfair? how the fuck are we supposed to have competitive gameplay now? Is twitch staff full of dumbasses? If they get rid of VC gaming on their platform many streamers are gonna leave... Just fucking press " U" or whatever bind you got and mute all. Or play Mincecraft solo.

    14. Masque

      7:34 why is this person even here. "cis white male" "every gamer is a white supremacist" TWITCH SOMEONE TRASHING YOU TOO, GET THIS PERSON

    15. The space Man

      08:20 has such broken logic... such screechy pandering.... urgh

    16. Mason McCoy

      Scp 106: who broke their femur?

    17. DKsaNn Kat

      Wow he/she must be the type of employees at riot games b.c they will never allow voice chat smh

    18. Lillian O’Brien 'He'll be coming aboard shortly before the Ends leaves,' Horza said. 'He had some sort of business in the city. Maybe something shady.' Horza smiled in the condescending way Kraiklyn sometimes had. 'Who knows?'

    19. Natures Pipes

      Twitch and youtube going down drain

    20. tyler durden

      The one's that always scream *racism* Are usually the ones that are racist themselves. imo

    21. Joel Pickett-Frederick

      Big ups to Jesus

    22. Tohfan

      I mean what she says it stupid but stop calling her he and him. She is a woman.

    23. Mac N Cheesus

    24. Fraksi 69

      " Voice chat is unfair " Nah, u not ready for real world Xmen !!! probably u always talk with people who agree with you and support you.

    25. Captain Mkael

      What prank did nelk do? Doesn't say anywhere. Kinda weird.

    26. Curtis Carpenter


    27. Curtis Carpenter

      Just the way he says it so bird-like " ya..soo...the boys ended up getting arrested" 🤣

    28. TheHomierudy

      Deer girl is a joke

    29. Skarmeryx The Squid

      ok never put "professional Boxer" and "jake paul" in the same sentence that boy does NOT know how to box XD did you see that white boys defense.

    30. ur mum gay

      No wonder ninja left twitch

    31. SlowFall Town

      7:24 just because she’s trans _doesn’t mean_ you can go and deadname/ignore pronouns/etc... It’s rude and disgusting. Is her opinion stupid? Yes, yes it is. Is it okay to harass her? _N. O._ 8:04 It’s “unfair” probably because she gets called slurs and whatever else. Those people who are calling her slurs are most likely men based off what she said. “Oh but us white cishets are so oppressed!!😩😩” you might say. _No you’re not._ POC and the LGBT community were killed back then for who they are and it still continues to this day. There’s still police brutality towards POC, plus LGBT folk are jumped a lot. “By who??” *Usually* by white cishet men. -but yeah she could have just muted it. I sometimes have to mute my friends lmao-

    32. evmanbutts

      Imagine if Mr Beast give him the 50k and in a few months the dude makes a video titled "I ate pictures of Mr Beast's face until he gave me 50k and then I ate that 50k"

    33. Killer Wolf

      But what if they hop in a call

    34. John Moore

      Why are all the trans or gay people who get voices on Twitch or HUfast or any social media platform for that matter incredibly sexist and racist towards men and white people?

    35. Etika Ribss


    36. LNMBEATS

      when you act crying lool

    37. glocky

      so when Pokimane accidentally showed porn...nothing happens?😂😭

    38. juiceBoxer

      Imagine saying voice chat worsens your skill, people trash talking is what motivates me to get an ace in rainbow six

    39. Pinhead Larry

      Ksi really called Jake Paul a professional boxer. Which means Ksi really thinks he himself is a professional boxer.

    40. Nigward Tentacles

      Prank channels are ass.

    41. duck

      Idk why but I keep getting recommended your videos days later

    42. Gims

      really don't get why they would pick someone who is obviously sexist and racist for the Safety Council

    43. Loveisamyth

      Mans munching on down paper no sauce.

    44. TengRyuu

      Wait so that time was a youtube error? And people think youtube shutting down? maan... I thought my internet was down!

    45. Brett locke

      Well, all I can say is, it's crazy to see a Path of Exile streamer/HUfastr (Zizzarian) on the board. POE PLEASE GET RECOGNITION haha

    46. LMG Sloth

      Ye try playing an LEM competitive in csgo without voice chat. "Unfair"

    47. xDEVIANTx

      Twitch was like "2020 has already been fucked enough,,, how can we top murder bees??"

    48. Solo Shinobi

      3:00 That actually almost made me cry, that's so sad.

    49. socially inadequate

      Her femur is broken... i sense a certain scp is coming

    50. Gal Miko

      Proof that KSI is still a clown to this day

    51. aqn01

      unfair? just turn it off

    52. Michael Fields

      I love how KSI calls Jake Paul racist... In a podcast... With Keemstar

    53. Sterben1942

      8:13 says the person with a white male voice

    54. KillerSmile

      “Don’t send hate.” Bit too late.

    55. Lucy Anne

      How about giving that, literally, 50 Ks?!? Never feed the trolls & never give into a kid holding their breath til they get what they want!

    56. Cameron janson

      Can you arrest the people respsonible for my stuff

    57. Jacob Wojciechowski

      Honestly Twitch moderation is just so garbage, there are constant problems with twitch bans and twitch not treating everyone equally. Everybody should ditch twitch and go to Mixer.

      1. Jacob Wojciechowski

        Charles McClellan twitch still sucks

      2. Morgoth Bauglir

        Both of your comments didn't age very well as the platform you consider superior is no longer in existence. Long live TWITCH!

      3. Vann Chansenany 10D

        Jacob Wojciechowski mixer is way better

    58. SpookyCampers


    59. Zerkyo

      Claims of jake paul being racist? He legit filmed himself saying a kid from Iran sounds like a terrorist

    60. Jay-R Mitra

      This dumbass twitch safety thing is stupid af. I bet he lied about playing competitively because no one wnat to play with him

    61. Tomáš Rosický

      3:24 Yeah Jesus, no hate but Jesus did not save you it was luck combined with doctors. If jesus saved you it would not happen to you.

    62. Saint Kruger

      Am I the only who thinks Nelk is unbearably annoying like yeah it’s one thing to prank but when you make other people’s lives mostly strangers lives inconvenient it’s being a hassle not a prankster

    63. Xman

      MrBeast: well poll, should I donate 50k? *80%+ says yes* MrBeast: well uhhh but...

    64. yotogo

      she was a straight white man

    65. Alan walkerv

      Well i don't has proof but I do hear my classmate girl sound men just rare

    66. Matt V

      I have a question for feminists and SJWs, if I don't agree with you does that make me a cis white male despite the fact I'm Mexican taco?

    67. Imjustshamz

      Most under rated youtuber

    68. Insan3HVH // Promoting Cheats

      "Jesus saved our lives" of course it wasnt the fucking doctors

    69. bosshoss69lee

      A white guy complains how white guys sound....

    70. J. Holleaux

      No hate to her, but her smiling for literally no reason unsettles me. I wonder if all of her bragging will get her kicked off of the council. Kinda like how to girl got a internship to NASA and got kicked off like a day later.

    71. 1Shignog

      That is just a dude dressing up as a girl and wants attention.

    72. vodka luxury

      Bro is acting like we didn’t know who bell is smh

    73. internet abuser

      7:24 scarce i’ve been sticking with you since 2015, I don’t want to start disliking you for calling him a “she”

    74. Yanuze

      I remember someone eating pictures of pewdiepie a couple years ago. I think he got inspired by that.

    75. Winston Leg-Thigh

      Saying the “n word” is racist? Someone explain

    76. JustAnotherGrunt

      Fun fact: video game call outs save your team from respawning. A call out in gears four helped me ace a team like five days ago, just shouting out one dudes location in the party chat. I’ve seen thousands of cases of voice communication shifting the effects through pretty much anything from RuneScape or World of Warcraft to Grand Theft Auto with every shooter and RTS in between.

    77. Alison Hörn

      I too hate voice chat most of the time, in games like r6 where it can be essential I often don’t use it because the toxic community only makes it harder to play the game. I deal with this incredibly difficult problem by not plugging in my microphone or muting the toxic players suddenly voice chat isn’t as big of an issue at all.

    78. j v

      imagine being a company, and that becomes a staff member... YIKES, no idea who hired that person, but my god that was a mistake that could be seen from miles away with that ``only cis white males`` and the bizzare infamous video... yeah lets not talk about that, litteraly they put people in crazy asylums for that shit im sure... as i said, YIKES

    79. Chillocybin

      "Jesus saved our lives" The doctor waiting for the video to end:😑

      1. hello

        she's referring to the actual brunt of the accident, not the surgeries. The hit and run incident could have been 10x worse, they both could have went under the vehicle and died instantly, instead they got (my assumption) severe, yet non life threatening injuries. I'm not trying to discredit the doctors' work, I'm just saying they didn't have an influence on the initial severity of the incident

      2. No U

        No he did not

    80. Mr H

      Anyone laugh at those fake tears

    81. Antonnn

      “Voice chat is unfair” if you don’t like vc, just turn it off. I feel like when logging into twitch everyone’s iq and common sense drop 800%

    82. SourJam

      more gamer girls being cringy as hell

    83. xMPx Weaponz

      Why’d he take out the furry part? Does anyone else remember it?

    84. The Brandon Ngo


    85. Ксения Ковалевская

      2:47 Oh Shut up

    86. Shane TGP

      I get insulted on voice chat so BAN IT -Karen 2020

    87. FizzyFizze

      So wait, she doesn’t like voice chat because she doesn’t like the voices of straight dudes? Makes me wonder how this person got so big on twitch in the first place 🤔

    88. Calamitysshadow 7

      Competition needs communication..

    89. baconpantoplc

      Scarce is gay

    90. Surripere

      lol when are you going to stop saying t-few?

    91. Micheal Reynoso

      when the fuck did scarce get thin

    92. xSoporific


    93. Sanny

      He grubbing on that paper tho

    94. AndKar 13

      8:00 you literally just go into settings and look for the thing labeled voice chat and just fucking turn it off

    95. qp Nameless qp


    96. Off the Abyss

      This dude wants voice chat removed in games , why does twitch partner morons?

    97. Sherbert The destroyer

      A lot of crazy shit happening to you tubers this month

    98. Ben Lucas

      "jesus saved our lives" OH BROTHER THIS GUY STINKS

    99. Senjutsu

      Lmao she said voice chat gotta go what in the world

    100. 20thrd

      everybody gangsta till callouts are banned