YouTubers Channel Could Get Taken Down... Deji, Kavos, GradeAUnderA, Twitch, Twitter


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    1. Daniel K.

      Just want to say, it's been over 6 months and youtube who enforces the rules looked into this deji thing and found nothing. But no please, keep believing Keem and some random twat

    2. IM BAROUD

      welp until this day, his channel is ok, he keep uploading vids, so.......yeah, you know what i mean, his not sub botting

    3. sad and broke

      yeauh mawn i di-n't bougt me channel ay

    4. The other SC Cr1tic

      I hate kavos because he’s making youtube a scary place when people wanna have fun making and watching entertainment and he is just doing “exposing KSI” “Exposing deji” “Exposing...”

    5. CAT

      "A lot of gamers are White supremacist" Me a Malaysian gamer:*sad nasi lemak noises"

    6. PLAYER 2

      8:03 ban this idiot

    7. Magwaknife Animation

      Twitter is fucking scary

    8. AndreJ HD

      De Ji used sub bot and he doesn't want to confess and apologize like wtf

      1. AndreJ HD

        @Lebron Wells proove?

      2. Lebron Wells

        he didn't sub bot

    9. Gábor Balázs

      This whole Deji drama died off so quickly lol

    10. OD Karyo

      I don't think HUfast will delete kavos or Deji's YT channel. Let's just be honest. HUfast is after the money that's why. The more videos they do on each other will get em higher views for HUfast. Get this phrase. The world's changed and everyone in it has changed. Everyone is after money that's why the economic would crashed.

    11. PollAll

      “A lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists” Me, an Armenian: *Sad Gata noises* ...

    12. Bittersweet Symphony

      Not if you're black, brown or gay.



    14. kingbeast9y

      Scarce sounds like he could do an asmr

    15. the cryptic cypher


    16. DrewDogBomb

      is that a guy or a girl

    17. Twitch Mr_shadow1338

      10 seconds ago and there is 4K comments 😂

    18. F5HC _

      In the deji drama is that jameski

    19. Momo

      Notifications is stupid


      he so dum why does he care

    21. Angel Ma

      Scarce is more reliable than any other news source, and that's the sad truth like imagine how pathetic you are when a HUfastr who is paid 3 times less than you reports real news better than you and takes a neutral side, just like a real news outlet should do

      1. Gábor Balázs

        Yep. That's why I stopped watching Keemstar, he's such a biased clown, not to mention that he claims allegations as 'proof'.

    22. M 6

      Deji is the worst HUfastr, why is he even on this platform

    23. Smitt werbenjagermanjensen

      If only he was a smart man and used a vpn... i wounder if there are any VPN's out there that let you change your location while browsing the web........ HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nope none that come to mind.

    24. Pablo South

      Deji is the type of guy that would convince his girlfriend get COVID19 so he can get more views 🤔 We will have sometime in the future.. American greed HUfast edition 😂😂😂

    25. Devante Roundtree

      Early congrats on 3 mill Scarce!

    26. Ganja God

      what about leafly

    27. Rango _

      Spaz is Alinity of twitter

    28. Morgan Evans

      0:05 lmao he’s mocking it

    29. Hinokho Borde

      Good to know Twitter’s pr statement on the recent murder by the systemic racism of america and their police force is completely fake since they allow a racist and sexist account to abuse the platform.

    30. MGF100

      Is this scares? what happen to him.....he lost weight and like everything else.....

    31. DKsaNn Kat

      @scarce I too am dealing with getting my account back on youtube. It has been mistakenly taken down, I upload no videos. If you or anyone can help me get in contact with youtube 😔🙏

    32. *soop boi*

      Deji: about to be terminated from youtube cuz of sub bot T-series: huh?

    33. Barashi


    34. Jotaro Kujo

      "A lot of gamers are white supremist" Me an asian gamer:ok😐

    35. ZentiK

      I was born in Harrogate lul

    36. FatmanJonesTV

      Why would the dude from freeway social lie about that? Lol Deji did it

    37. XTC NXS S8N

      Isn't Del Harvey the same Del Harvey from Perverted Justice!? The same Del who worked with Chris Hansen on To Catch A Predator!?? Whoa, mind blown xD

    38. feelin loaded

    39. The Golden Toaster

      Deji is stupid because he is black.

    40. A Random Mobile BC

      Most gamers are white supremacists. Me a black man: Sad fried chicken noises.

    41. 最高SuperDuperRaphtalia


    42. ReSp Warfare

      It said payment received from olajide olatunji which is ksi so this is fake

    43. Raze -X

      If gradeA gets banned I'll literally have nothing to live for.....

    44. Spartan227

      Um maybe twitch could lie to people that they are untouchable and see if they do this stuff its s good way to see if anyone is good or terrible

    45. William Caldwell

      Surely Deji being exposed by the company is a breach of customer privacy and can be taken to court against.

    46. rambograndad

      Why would Deji buy subs for ComedyShortsGamer when that's not even his channel name anymore

    47. Altronius Gaming


    48. Matt Petty

      That dude trying to say that last supper tweet was a banger lol. That was a garbage joke. It didnt even deserve the 11 likes it got

    49. Dave Dills

      Man gotta thank HUfast recommendations for this channel, Scarce you rock.

    50. Liquid Nash

      Isnt dejis channel called deji now? Or this video about freewaysocial is old?

    51. Anomalocaris

      Keemstar: reports news with a bias Scarce: reports news neutrally Keemstar: generally more fun to watch (IMO) Scarce: generally more professional to watch (IMO)

    52. Abyan raisuli Putong

      Please im didn't catch up about this shit can someone tell me about it? Why does everyone hating deji so much?

    53. shakey mike

      Slow down mumbles!

    54. Mcswoleskies

      You're soooooo close to 3 mil

    55. DeftestAphid20

      White men have the most privilege with voice chat? I am white and male and that is definitely not true. If you have a phone call someone that's voice chat idk why or how shehe would think that.

    56. firstpoint-1

      Yo just leave deji alone for once guys

    57. Spenjas

      *Grade A under A comes back *Gets taken down instantly

    58. YourLocal Bastard

      NOO!!! NOT GRADE!!!

    59. KeyrunBenji

      I mean, buying subscriptions is dodgy enough. But actually trying to scam your money back? The customer is not always right

    60. Ty King

      Yall soft man

    61. Space Citizen

      Why would you park in the staff parking lot... you’re not staff.

    62. LitRage Gregory

      Not hard to use vpn

    63. Raul Gabriel

      The black guy is lying. You can tell by his body language.

    64. Tunbosun Oyenuga

      Want to know if Deji really brought subs.... Ola is nickname used by Nigerians to Foreigners (American/British)... If you have name that is bit complicated for foreigners and start with Ola... like OLADEJI, yea. However Deji isn't hard to pronounce so meh. Just ask any Nigerian. But meh you still never know...

    65. Zync ZN

      I'm a simple man, I see GradeAUnderA, I click.

    66. PineappleSandwich

      Deji: You're already leaking your clients! *'nuff said*

    67. Basket Weaver

      If the sub thing was fake, that was genius PR

    68. JeffTheJedi

      I just got this notification

    69. A Username

      HUfast fix your notifications ffs I watched this video 6 days ago and you give me the notification now

    70. Sam Gilchrist

      "A lot of gamers are white supremacists" Me a Scottish gamer: *Plays sad bagpipes*

      1. A

        🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      2. DefierOfDeath

        *Joins my Scottish brother with a marching drum, we got this.*

    71. shyxty.

      Im pretty sure people can sub bot for other people. I mean its unfair that people are even making videos on something that doesnt even relate to them.. sad life man sad.

    72. Kira Atletica

      IVE BEEN WITH DEJI SINCE MARCH!!!!!!!! ... 2 months.. fucking really?

    73. The Starfish Dude

      It’s not pronounced harr’o’gate. It’s harragut. Just saying

    74. The Starfish Dude

      “Deji has around 10 million subscribers”. Ermmmmm.....

    75. Grape Daily Number 1 Fan

      Clients pay

    76. Rewind _

      I’m just saying if the payments had already happened why does it say “on hold” and “processing” And 20k orders when they don’t even have over 10k viewers on their website yea ok

    77. Sleepy_Tears

      “Alot of you gamers are white supremacists” Me, A random african american: *aggressive rain dance*

    78. JustDragonBall

      Scarce actually seems genuine Kevos and Cumstar just exist as leeches and want drama I’ve never heard Kevos say anything good

    79. Jesus Herrera

      Maybe we should sue Twitter for infringing 1st amendment rights

    80. Chedda Cheese

      I like that you are neutral not picking sides and only deliver the news instead of an opinion

    81. ProbsDeadLol Lmao

      "Most gamers are white supremacists" Me, and Puerto rican: *sad empanada noises*

    82. Loki Gamer of Mischief

      "A lot of gamers are white supremacists" me an attack helicopter : "triggered gunfire noises"

    83. MrShizzMan

      dejis face looks like he is lying

    84. GeeOhcide

      Wanted to see ppls opinions on the whole Twitter thing and ppl are too busy making the same joke. FeelsBadMan

    85. 1million subs no videos

      Why our "companies" exposing people when they shouldn't be doing that in the first place. Shouldn't Google be coming after him, that's just bad bussiness also exposing customers that sounds ridiculous.

    86. Some Guardsman

      Man I love playing video games and being a white supremacist golly jee I hope no one nazi shames me otherwise I'm gonna have to start making sad nazi noises aw jeez.

    87. costelzai

      Deji's voice is making me cringe 100 times

    88. Nova Lazz

      I don't believe deji or keem lmao

    89. Mad Cheese

      the order states that KSI bought the follows, not Deji? Isn't his name Olajide?

    90. Z

      That vid is fake comedyshortgamer is not the channel name his channel name is Deji and has been for years. People do anything for clout.

    91. Daroldharold

      “A lot of gamers are white suprematists Me a baba booey gamer: baba booey

    92. Eddiemac 24

      Scarce is crazy how great you look nowadays man. Look so much healthier and so much happier than before you lost all that weight. Happy for ya dude

    93. Ezequiel 25:17

      What if twitter got shut down... idk if that would be a bad thing tbh

    94. Beau Hinton

      Deji: gets exposed Also Deji: I don’t even know who you are

    95. ItzOwo

      Deji could have just been using a vpn xD

    96. Luwo 4 life

      Can we ban twitch

    97. Coolio Julio

      god i love scarce

    98. FPS Exorcist

      A company like Freeway social should not exist, they are no different from street drug dealers or people who sell cheat programs for FPS games.

    99. Voidxzy

      A lot of you gamers are white supremacists” Me a brown Indian Gamer: *Sad curry noises*

    100. RolexBeatzHQ

      Keep it up bro