YouTubers Career RUINED Over This... FaZe, H3H3, KSI, Jake Paul


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    1. Alexjames Whispers

      I'm sorry but I don't get these guys on twitter who admit to doing things with a minor & then carry on like nothing happened?

    2. Ace Of Spades

      FaZe Barker: literally exists Allegations: im about to end this mans whole career

    3. Spencer Thompson

      P.OD is also

    4. rusty nugget

      lmao yall put music in your vods so 3 years later they can claim and get the money ez

    5. rusty nugget

      dam bro faze got some weird people lmao


      That, “GaZe” Barker dude is a straight up fucking weirdo, damn... That actually made me feel super uncomfortable.

    7. DKsaNn Kat

      I still need to get my channel back, it got taken down by mistake. Anyone know how to get in touch with HUfast? 😥

    8. Sakata Gintoki

      I have no idea why others do cancel culture on good youtubers instead of jake paul like cmon dude

    9. Lofibounds

      Imagine blocking yoda lmao

    10. monke e

      i didn't hate KSI, he just like a dude having fun, but that laugh man fucking hated it

    11. Lord Mobile

      Imagine raising money for Black Lives and all that money goes to ActBlue a Democrat super pac.

    12. Trent Carter

      Wish your stuff wasnt on autoplay so I could like them all. But thx for getting me thru work bro

    13. Boofy Ragland


    14. MrSirFluffy

      The n-word is now the most powerful word. You can now control people with it, almost a direct line of control to peoples emotions. People need some more inner strength.

    15. Billasteffzz

      I don't see what ksi Is going on about, his music sucks too

    16. Billasteffzz

      When you do something good for someone, you don't expect anything back, he dosent have to mention your name.

    17. Ī ripfredo Ī

      “ well known faze member” I have not heard of this guy lol

    18. Tanatswa

      Wait ksi is doing well

    19. Whaltteri

      Welcome to the age where you can lose everything by someone simply accusing you of something, no need for proof just accusations. This applies only to the men because as we know, women don't lie, everything that comes out of a woman's mouth is 100% truth.

    20. Main

      Wow, keemstar looks very different! What happened?!

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    22. Allan Henriques

      both jake paul and the asian guy are virtue signalling...

    23. theisgood0

      These gaming clans are no different then world of Warcraft clans. They are both mental

    24. theisgood0

      Does Ninja not realize he is not Cloud from Final Fantasy? Well at least he said something nice this time.

    25. Betide

      9:53 bruh get that shit outta here. That doxin shit is all to common on this platform regarding smaller yters but I am grateful u shed some light on this issue

    26. capricious1

      Every Scarce Title : HUfastrs Career RUINED Over This... but it's pretty accurate tho :P

    27. Eulentrainer Dr. Zipfeltitt

      Honestly all of this shit he does kinda made me start liking Jake Paul. He is like the anti SJW. A huge douche-bag but at least not a pretentious moron who sniffs his own farts.

    28. Mrpeen 27

      Never forget when swagger souls said “oh no ninya please”

    29. David

      Ethan admits that he is a hippocrip

    30. Gio BMX

      This is my first video back sense 2016 and he still used “hey whats up guys its scarce here” .____. Weird

    31. Elementary Watson

      How does osing 2k subscriber equate to "Career RUINED". Garbage click bait

    32. UltraMassiveWeeb

      Why did it say he uploaded this 28 minutes ago when I watched this like a week ago?

    33. Immad Ishaq

      Stop making stop things big

    34. Bubblegum

      Ghey and also lame.

    35. Aige

      Well damn

    36. Boxer Chester

      Jake paul needs to be *COUGH* * COUGH* taken out the only question is who's gonna pay me after the cleaning job

    37. Hidayat Stan

      Almost spat on my phone when his face popped up

    38. fpssandwiches

      They raised money for the DNC...a bunch of rich white dudes...

    39. Franky the Kid

      Ksi is mad salty that rice gum has a plaque

    40. Cheshire Cat

      Can you please look into the HUfastr/Twitch streamer “Monto” he is known for playing the game dead by daylight and he is being called out on twitter for transphobic/homophobic/racist statements he has made. Please use your platform to investigate this. I know the dead by daylight community is small but we have been impacted by this. Look for information on twitter @malikaplays

    41. Nati

      h3h3 wtf i can’t stand 2 people on youtube when they talk trump and h3h3 Et...

    42. Duck is Lord

      Frederic: I’m never gonna make another video if this fundraiser doesn’t raise enough money Jake: Hippity Hoppity this fundraiser is now my property

    43. ModsHds

      lmao if ksi's youtube career is over and still manages to get 3x scarce's views then what is this

    44. Byron

      Ksi do be spittin facts tho

    45. Amran Sandhu

      fredric himself said he doesnt want to get involved with the beef lmao

    46. Jonathan

      When KSI is talking shit about rice for not having good music but his top5 songs on Spotify all have features 💀 don’t like rice or ksi just saying

    47. HoliChubbz

      Wait why was this sent to me about 20 minutes ago when it was made 3 days ago...

    48. John Mewborn

      Anyone else just wanna relive quarintine and not deal with this

    49. ziro

      FaZe Baker I did not know him

    50. Daniel Khanin

      Ninja: Talks about Jake Paul Looting 9 yr olds: Wtf this isn't fortnite

      1. BTS is life

        Daniel Khanin you defo are a 9 yr old

    51. jason

      All lives matter not just black lives, what makes them so special? Nothing.

    52. Reported Beast

      and then jake says i get hate for no reason

    53. Neptune BeLaK

      Sucks that barker killed his career. Now we won’t get a forjever 4 like the rest

    54. MarkVlogs

      The world is crumbling. HUfast is crumbling. Streamers are crumbling. Everything is crumbling.

      1. MarkVlogs

        Sometimes i wonder how the world would be if everything bad never happened.

    55. Etika Ribss

      Hi scarce ❤️

    56. MatlasMcGill

      They all are overrated.

    57. jgelanyi

      Jj's hair is so red it looks like another bandana

    58. DaybreakN

      Riceg- who?

    59. MidwestMonk


    60. phil mcrack

      personally i dont think anything's could ruin ksi career exept from doing illegal stuff

    61. DudeManBro

    62. Griffin Hall

      I think copyright rules are fucked. The entire system needs to be redone, with people that actually have brains

    63. Lukey Chung

      The world is a mess right now

    64. Friday

      Barker only lost his career, he never really had a reputation. FaZe gave him barely any recognition

    65. Big Berry

      Everybody who looks like FaZe Barker is a predator. I have yet to be surprised when a guy looking like that is being weird with girls. 😂

    66. Zorc

      so both Jake and the Asian is fighting over the credit? 🤔

    67. TheGamingRussel TGR

      Jake Paul is the most disrespectful person I ever seen

    68. XxYoungLord250

      I’m sorry but KSI has never made a good song like who does he think he is

    69. Vitor Vena

      Ethan trying to get on that "oh look im a good person trying to help" wagon...


      The Paul brothers are the worst.

    71. Game Dispatch

      scarce is looking good

    72. Adrian Harvey Nieves

      I think it's the new deer twitch staff that was causing trouble on twitch

    73. blackbeard1104

      Ueah no stop. Leave it to keemstar

    74. Matt White マットホワイト

      JP is Smol PP

    75. Legacy

      "Poo me wong rice"

    76. D3v1l Killer247

      Blinky and co will always be racist,fact

    77. Black_mamba

      Guees what now optimus is quitting yt 😔

    78. OG LARS

      they should move too mixer lol 😂

    79. MyThoughtsBelow

      Jake Paul (white guy) taking credit for people of color (Asian) supporting BLM (black people getting killed in these streets). That's probably the whitest thing I've ever heard. Also, let's remember Ninja throwing around the n-word and Logan Paul suddenly stanning BLM. Nice try. I see y'all.

    80. Marcus Decimatron

      h3 being two-faced for clout my how history repeats itself

      1. Antonis Kazou

        What? How did you come up with that conclusion?

    81. Jon Doe

      Why is KSI actin like hes a real rapper 😂 juss embarrassing i'll listen to ddg before him 💀

    82. GoldFish

      Bruh Ksi needs to activate windows

    83. Boss Boss

      I hope jake Paul steps on Lego while simultaneously stubs hit toe

    84. spydula1

      I got so clickbaited

    85. EgoMobile

      Annoying how Ksi thinks he is so great when his album got carried by features. He is a shit rapper and his ego is higher than the Empire State

    86. Alien plotting the extinction of humanity

      6:22 its annoying how pokimane has #BLM in her name when we all know that she doesnt actually care about civil rights and just wants fame and clout

    87. GetRektScrub

      The world is completely broken

    88. Jvresol


    89. ThatOneGuyM8 ___

      How I love democracy.

    90. 0din God Of Aesir

      ninja is'int that bad no more yay yayayayayayaay everyones growing up except h3h3 and jake paul

    91. big iq haver

      Grats on 3 million subs, watched u since like 2015

    92. Bob Bob

      yo u should do a video on young pharoah and his viral video illegally getting taken down, he is suing youtube for this

    93. NeverGlitch

      I love cheese

    94. StudmcMuffin

      That yoda thing was pretty funny

    95. Dmize


    96. zpod10

      rice gum still exists?

    97. SamHesketh19

      Maaan I wanna slap the shit outta ninja every time he opens his mouth

    98. mitt romney

      Lol he blocked Yoda

    99. Sxvior 2

      Exactly 10,000 subs left

    100. Ryder

      Why are you back?