YouTubers Are Scared Of THIS... FaZe Rug, David Dobrik, Gross Gore, KSI


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    1. Angry Pengu

      "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" The narrative becomes harder now

    2. TrashCanKid

      Im English and hes proper waffling

    3. Ice_Cream

      *Scarce Isn't Gay*

    4. Avynn, The Corrupted

      gross core has a gross core

    5. Nautical 667

      2021 gang

    6. Pico Luna

      Gore I can’t understand slow down please this is a wedding

    7. S3vynty

      Did anyone hear scarce say "incest story " at the start of the video?

    8. Williams Family

      gross gore got mad quickly lmaooo

    9. PacsterOfficialYT

      Probably sure the guy is a Stan

    10. Jose caldo

      your work is shit look for a new hobby

    11. PinkPearl

      It doesn’t matter if you like the work you paid someone to do as when you have a contract with someone and they did hard work regardless of outcome, they still have to be paid for their work and time.

    12. the poop king v2

      me I play war zone and die 10:48

    13. ChildMasterDon

      Scarce: Speaking facts Gross Gore: BRUV STEP THE FUCK UP VRIVHAHF HDHD

    14. Sezedal

      Why does scarce sound so aggresive yet friendly at the same time?

    15. Sadboy Theresa

      13:52 if keem got a dollar every time someone said that to him he could probably retire 💀

    16. Sadboy Theresa

      Why is watching people lose their shit so entertaining 😂

    17. Rjfnfbd

      i can smell his breath through the screen damn

    18. ImTheJester

      It would be best if gross gore explained in a calm and civil manner.

    19. Salah Ahmed

      Dude please use better titles

    20. It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead

      Yooo I have the same Gucci shirt faze rug has but it’s orange

    21. Xx_CrazyJEmery_xX

      If anyone comes after you contact me at this email. I am not a force to be messed with friend, your a good HUfast.

    22. Xx_CrazyJEmery_xX

      Your a good person.

    23. Xx_CrazyJEmery_xX

      I just subscribed

    24. Just Vibin Away

      Gross Gore sounds like he just spit all over his camera. Probably did tbh.

    25. NastyIllmatic


    26. Travis Ayyee

      1. I finally know why you pinned this video on your channel lol. 2. When watching your own recorded video response, it sounds like you are dubbing yourself haha 3. Love the vids, only complaint is that I wish there was more haha



    28. Elijah Powel

      Go scarce

    29. Johan Capulong

      David is popular even his friends stalk him

    30. Joey Garnett

      Thats not how it works over here

    31. Mike Honcho

      Surprised nobody really does a video on how douchey FaZe Rug is.

    32. River Aguilar

      gross gore needs to take a chill pill

    33. Luvmachoppa *


    34. Jank memes

      10:47 someones pissed

    35. nikname 00

      10:45 the more angry he is the less i can understand


      Thats kid buu

    37. Jumperpiggy Games

      Talk about mini Ladd scarce

    38. Yaahya_

      Scare vs grose boxing match

    39. Yaahya_

      Yo the Conner situation is like Etika

    40. Zakk Austin

      I think dude just acid tripping lmaooo

    41. Zakk Austin


    42. Bri Anna

      That guy with the accent is BIG mad.. kinda scary too tbh. People usually only get mad like that when they get caught up 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    43. FatmanJonesTV

      I don’t think “the customers always right” is a law homie 😂😂😂


      I totally forgot about this dude 🤯😓😓

    45. Sinful P

      I haven’t seen scarce in a while and it’s kinda surreal how thin he is Nice weight loss

    46. Adro

      Travis gore 😳 😳

    47. Four Ni

      Gross gore is saying the customer is always right so then he's saying the editor is right because gross gore is like their boss right?

    48. Ryen YFZ450

      People showing up at houses hell nahhhh that’s why I own guns

    49. karma

      grossgore sounded like a 12 year old on xbox live

    50. Rafael Vidal

      this is my opinion. Gross core was blaming the HUfast community for all the drama but twitch has drama to like why are you blaming the community when twitch also has drama? Gross core is talking bull shit. when he ban the editor on the discord sever and the people who said where is your proof that you paid him? , you can tell he's lying and that just shows more proof that he didn't pay him , he also shit talked scarce for "putting his face and his name in the thumbnail" why did he have to shit talk scarce? to be honest i wouldn't of done that that would just make me a karen he sure is one tho.

    51. Owen Cutting

      i have to say i live in the in and its not a law or rule that the customers always right

    52. Ti Minus

      gross gore is ignorant

    53. Jaime Brown

      id slap the shit out him like wheres my peas brov

    54. TR

      That isn't the law in the UK

    55. Ohhhsnapdamn

      "A profile photo of a d*ck" *Goddamn*

    56. Zakyoin

      why gore sound like his lower jaw is disabled LOL

    57. jjpkl

      11:27 you aren’t slandering you are reporting like a news caster or journalist

    58. YouTubular

      This is first vid I’ve seen - you are easy to listen to, explain things well, likeable person for sure. Liked subbed commented

    59. Captain Ace

      17:25 why does scarces discord mic sound like the mic from 1969 moon landings

    60. Captain Ace

      Gross gore: First guy to go sicko mode

    61. Lucifer Morningstar

      gross look like a human with rabies

    62. Synx On Crack

      Why is it all the british youtubers who post most of the bullshit?? Like, what?

    63. stigolumpy

      I don't know anything about faze clan or their members, but Faze Rug seems like such a sweet guy. After all that, he's concerned for the guy/stalker and wants him to be alright. I think that's a clear demonstration of character and I love it.

    64. Slurpp the Immortal

      Gore if you read this Fuck you and edit it ur own video if you going to say fuck to my only entainer ^ ^ Is this spelling right?

    65. ALG0607


    66. Guppy Tips

    67. Bambamgamer 24

      I’m from the uk and I can safely say that most people here know that is complete bs from grosgore

    68. TrashLikeThat

      *Gross: you can't make a F#**#king** video like that* *Me: He just did*

    69. Charles Bing

      The customer is always right is a terrible law. “What the hell your store doesn’t sell clothes” “Sir this is a grocery store” “Too bad I’m not paying”

    70. AlexLolBye

      gross gore sounds like he's speaking moon runes

    71. MindOfTim

      Hahaha "we got a law in the uk that the customer is always right"... no we dont. That's a customer service saying and the term wasnt even make in the uk. Never seen gross gore before and glad because I cannot stand his voice

    72. ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛツ

      14:32 this makes me sick

    73. Call_Me_PandaGAMING

      Dude that groos gore guy still got support from his fan are they fking delusional

    74. OtakuDanteYT

      I cant take grossy gore seriously cuz all i hear is bruv

    75. Daboy 4119

      Twitch are simps

    76. Dinosaur Games

      How do you escape a mental hospital like wtf

    77. Swerve

      I felt gores spit

    78. Antonio Nevarez

      11:40 I like how he looks down and up, like if Scarce is actually in front of him

    79. Wendy Wei

      that man who was in david dobricks backyard was prob taking drugs

    80. Arrow Head

      14:00 so uhh if the cost is always right is in only in the uk (i dont know that) then why do us americans have to follow it also?

    81. din0_nuggiez1

      How is Gross Gore spinning around so perfectly

    82. FMJ db

      Scarce:speakin facts Angry man:wah wah wah

    83. john francis

      Maybe Gross Gore was unhappy with the quality of the work.. Maybe he was promised certain features that never happened.. maybe he has a legitimate gripe.. If there was a contract involved, maybe the terms were not met. The fact that he paid in full in less than 30 days (even under duress) is still a pretty good outcome. He wont be using that designer again.. Designers and developers usually charge a bomb for their creative effort.. But that creative effort is not always on target, ... or maybe you're right, Gross is just a dreg... Who knows?.. cant tell any of the reality by this exchange.

    84. DogeHorse

      Gross Gore's Phone Or Camera Might Be Broken, Cuz I Think His Saliva Broke His Phone Or Camera

    85. Relentless

      I am so happy I don't have a strong british accent O_O 10:45 Yikes.

    86. Striq44


    87. WhosICEY

      I bet gore phone was wet with spit bruv

    88. Hollow

      There Is no law in uk , for slander lol , I live in the uk

    89. justin upchurch

      haha kinda funny but i used to talk to fazes mom and dad at the casino i used to work at XD

    90. Myanmar Jeff

      I live in the UK and what Gross Gore said is totally not true.

    91. Skittlq

      Gross Gore: Shouting like a lunatic with his British/Aussie accent. Me: stop spitting everywhere.

    92. Born2Shit Forced2Wipe

      Did gross gore just learn every curse word on that day?

    93. az00zPlayz

      Scarce: makes perfect sense Gross gore: spits in mic and says bruv all the time

    94. Omarplaysty

      Is gross Gordon Ramsay brother

    95. Dominic Cowley

      Did he legit just say in the UK there is a rule of the customer is all ways right. That's a myth not a law. What does he mean. I am in the UK and I have never heard the customer is all ways right as a law

    96. Malkawi


    97. Yeet42

      "Listen very carefully m8" xxxDDD

    98. n3uro84

      I'm sorry, but the more I look at this gross gore guy, he seems more and more crazy. I mean clinical crazy.... Like, you know, Johnny from "the Shining" crazy

    99. Josh Anderson

      Seriously dislike Gross Gore's whiny voice

    100. Robloxiscancer 3