YouTubers Are STRESSED About THIS... FaZe Adapt vs Corinna Kopf, Twitch, Keemstar


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    1. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      Homeboy just mad he couldnt hit itwhat a bitch

    2. UndeadShadow965

      youtube better not demonitize scarce

    3. HELLLo #1336

      at this point youtube might as well ban youtubers for just uploading videos.

    4. christopher del castillo jr

      Wait... is that karens I smell on youtube that dont use youtube kids because of their ostrich brains?

    5. Ganku Dog


    6. Meakle Brown


    7. Raouf Issa

      cant wait till we have an new platform other then the money grabbers from youtube

    8. ELAZAR

      Alpha male

    9. Ryze2Light

      If you are entertaining enough that you shouldn't need to make money criticizing others?

    10. newbie

      I mean 2020 is going through alot and even with streamers and youtubers

    11. Picklebobpie

      Adapt was just showing her the same respect he shows everyone else

    12. Mike G

      Beheading video? Mark it as educational and its fine Plunger guns with squeaky noises? You sick bastard

    13. Username Password

      Are faze adapts siblings all cities?

    14. DKsaNn Kat

      Aww all the snake bitches teaming up against faze adapt for speaking the truth

    15. im memes


    16. Lyall van der Linde

      Why are youtubers bitching about demonetization when making criticism content? People can still watch your shit, but you wont get paid for it. What's the big deal? Entitledness is going too far.

    17. Fapmetal God

      Ethan has made me laugh my ass off Keemstar and Gokanaru have no talent they exist to shit on people . which there is millions of others like them. btw Keem tone down that black dye in your beard lol

    18. Xen Uno

      Would be so easy for these frauds to call each other up beforehand and choreograph a fake feud to generate interest. Is this another case of that? They are laughing at you as are the gossip mongers profiting from blow by blow analysis as a unconnected 3rd party ..

    19. Sakata Gintoki

      Now i understand why Pewdiepies pewnews is not there anymore

    20. Sammy Sand toast

      HUfast is becoming so restricted that it’s hard to upload a vid without it being taken down.

    21. Jesus Benitez

      For some reason once the world started going to shit, EVERY company wants to enforce rules to the max or create new rules thinking they are doing good but theyre really not.

    22. JJ3451

      For keemstar it looks like he’s got detention for the first time lol

    23. airsolidmetal _

      Why youtube a bitch now a day...

    24. Allostasis

      Imagine wanting to remove a way for your music to get more sales.

    25. Karan Joshi

      Criticism isn’t stopped it’s just that it’s not good money for HUfast. Free speech isn’t dead but don’t expect to be paid for it. That’s how HUfast and it’s advertisers want it. DMCA thing is a thing to be protested about but this seems like a corporate thing.

    26. Dark_Humor_2020

      We need to make a platform for creators by creators

    27. Why Me

      2020 cant get any worst :(

    28. ImKrispyTV

      We need a new HUfast, and hopefully a newer Twitch

    29. A.G Gaming

      HUfast is turning into HUfast bruh if you can’t stand the “harassment” then go back to HUfast kids.

    30. Nemisis 89

      Asmongold called this dmca shit ages ago

    31. TheLadThatKnowsStuff

      youtube is scared to death because Susan thinks the slightest thing will cause the adpocolipse again, that's why its so strict.

    32. Rome Young

      Wait, why is the slave owner thing bad? Legit I don’t get it, to marry a slave? Really big deal back then, totally still racist. But uh... I fail to see why the statement is shame worthy? A white dude back then marrying a black chick is about as hard of a “I’m not racist” flex as you can get.

    33. No Sweat Garnet

      Start of the video.. can nobody take a joke?

    34. theisgood0

      Hello guy zzz said the Keemstar

    35. theisgood0

      *Me streams Garry’s mod* Then a little kid joins the game and mic spams. *Twitch naw son BANNED*

    36. theisgood0

      Well I just woke up and I’m on the internet who wants to argue about nothing?

    37. Cxntz Z

      I remember back in the day when saying “jokes”( not actually meaning it) funny racist jokes towards everyone and not get offended, now if someone says any little thing the whole world gets offended went it’s not even directed towards them

    38. maikusee

      kwebbelkop was just tryna spread luvs

    39. SheLovePres

      HUfast: After Dark needs to be an app

    40. MK1 Melkhodary3888

      Yessir adapt going in


      the usa is great at making stupid people famous

    42. MarchPlays

      HUfastr: **makes commentary** HUfast: Hippity hoppity you now no longer make any money!

    43. Reloxxity

      aww alissa is gonna slap adapt thats not good

    44. Brayden Legarde

      All the girls associated with Corinna will defend her till the end it doesn’t matter if you’re right or not fight or flight for them.

    45. ravenburrd

      Adapt for the shaming of sluts rise UP! 💪🏿

    46. Tanvir Sidhu

      I mean everyone is racist at some point in time. I mean everyone is Racist

    47. Tsuny

      My boy FaZe Adapt doesn't like Treeshes 🤣🤣💪

    48. Nathan Alfaro

      Alex went off

    49. Brownie

      faze adapt grew up with city named girls .. sounds dumb as shit and i live in vienna

    50. Kire667

      What song exactly will get your banned from Twitch? I need to know so I can add it to my black list on Stream Elements song request.

    51. Gez Sherlock

      Honestly have so much more respect for adapt after that. Speaking the truth when everyone else is scared and being fake on HUfast

    52. Logan Nardo

      Twitch streamers are baby raging Shroud on mixer is chillin

    53. Priest

      Thanks Momtube and Dadtube, I finally feel safe as an adult.

    54. Loveisamyth

      💩 I don't remember my body count 🤣

    55. Lord Valdus

      Tbh its the mfs in the bacl that always said you cant make a living off youtube trying their hardest to take it away

    56. Asphyx Noir

      Whenever you become famous . Dont be an ass . When there is a drama/trouble just dont get back in to it . Sit down and do your job

    57. Alfie Moran

      Corrinna banned me from her stream lmao

    58. Pailess

      Was watch this n my girl walks by and says "Why does scarce sound like a matured kermit the frog" Bruh im dead af.

    59. Cheshire Cat

      Can you please look into the HUfastr/Twitch streamer “Monto” he is known for playing the game dead by daylight and he is being called out on twitter for transphobic/homophobic/racist statements he has made. Please use your platform to investigate this. I know the dead by daylight community is small but we have been impacted by this. Look for information on twitter @malikaplays

    60. Jason John Cruz

      Thay take this copy right Clan to fare where's the freedom - They need software to hide ones identity see they don't copyright like ghost software

    61. Cyanide_Lollipop

      Man: bangs 3 chicks in a week=stud. Woman: bangs 3 dudes in a month=slut. The double standard is sickening. Guess what, citizens of Earth; women like sex, too. Shocking, I know, but try to deal with reality.

    62. Bruh Momento

      Why are the girls named as large cities? Sydney, Paris, Milan, Vienna

    63. The Android Next Door

      HUfast these days is as full of degeneracy as a high school full of Hapsburgs.

    64. YB ONE

      @7:21 has Keemstar like 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    65. Unknown

      I wonder is there's gonna be a new platform, like a new HUfast. But for mature people o. O HUfast is for kids now. I can't fuck with that

    66. Dean 679

      Skai Jackson is a complete idiot, minors often dont realise the things they say can have consequences most minors say shit without thinking sometimes. Dont dox kids who say some stupid shit you have no idea what could happen to their mental state.BLM is awesome but this isnt the right way to go about it

    67. Mighty Erdrick

      Why are people so sensitive these days. Where are the bullies from 2000 and under so they can bully everyone and not take criticism like sissies and wimps

    68. Vertlife


    69. Aaron Dawson

      Do you realize our rights and freedoms are slowly getting taken away

    70. Vitamin D

      adapt and even logan paul is right about corinna kopf. respect is earned not deserved.

    71. Crowd Killwe

      Im thankful I stayed away from social media these past few months. I never had to see or hear all the negativity mentioned here.

    72. MichelangeloG money

      The big streamers should boycot HUfast for a month. Bullshit rules everytime

    73. bigtids

      Holy shit, lowkey thought scarce was like 35. How is he 22?

    74. Andrei Bennett

      She belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets, she belongs to the streets...

    75. Duke Nukem

      Wait I actually don't understand why Kwebbelkop's tweet was "controversial", he just shared a true family story with the intentions of showing that we're all equal. Why is he getting hate over that tweet wtf? I don't like the guy, I find him extremely annoying, so I'm not defending him, but come on, he says the word "slaves" and the internet cries over it..Smh.

    76. Robert Lee

      Damn i kinda dont care.

    77. Gianna Lol

      Also, with the adapt thing, nobody should ever call a girl that. Also with arguing you automatically lose if you use simp. It

    78. Damir Secki

      heh.... why are they saying commentary is dead... you can completely comment,m critisize, whatever you want... nobody taking this from you... jsut not for profit... which to me, makes sense.... I know it is bad for you John, since you are profiting from drama... but you shouoldn't

    79. Stalin’s Dog


    80. BlackZodiac YT

      HUfast is becoming a child proof website

    81. Xarxes Mr

      Congratulations H3H3, you ruined someone's career for past actions! Want a medal?

    82. Hi He

      so keemstar gets suspended but not H3h3? sounds suspicious.

    83. W for Wavy

      Criticism shouldn’t be censored, suppressed and debated whether its harassment or not. Demonetizing “non ad friendly/family friendly” content should not even be a thought either. Though we can say that pewdiepie started this whole wave of hatred to youtube staff and the algorithm it should be noted that youtube itself is doing this to themselves they are just blinded by there investors corporations they are owned by. Can’t wait for this website to kill it self inevitably

    84. Shreyas Gaming007

      Congratulations on 3 Million

    85. マットボット

      Corrina looks like one of those dr Seuss characters from the grinch in the thumbnail

    86. Oh Really


    87. bottle flips

      I literally know the high school that girl goes too lol the school is near me and I can dox her again in the comments lol should I?

    88. Cursed Hotpocket69

      This is not cool

    89. Berberbo

      Can u just upload a new video now

    90. Derique345

      Congrats on 3 million scare I have been watching you for years and I love everything about your videos that's why your my favourite youtuber

    91. People's Republic of Youtube

      Hey do you wish to report on Ssohpkc’s return he was a youtuber well known from the early 2010s that vanished for a long time and just came back.

    92. AbortedMilk

      Lmao i love adapt

    93. Crusty PhatPunis

      Tana: Big, young following Also Tana: I got f-ed by a tooth brush

    94. reksaiismaiwaifu

      another great video from Scarce

    95. Iori Van Hail

      7:40 scarce: *I'm in danger*

    96. froZn991

      i actually dont know what this faze group is. is it an esports org or something ? but what i definitly know is that i havent heard of a single faze member who isnt a huge asshole

    97. Leo

      Liberals are censoring everything

    98. Darren Smith

      Congratulations on the 3 mil subs! You deserve them!

    99. Leo

      Some one needs to make a app similar to YT with no snowflakes.

    100. Juxhy

      Congrats on 3mil subs.... *again*