YouTubers Are Shocked... MrBeast, Alinity Speaks Out, Fedmyster, Yassuo, David Dobrik


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    1. Daniel Vo

      never trust the news

    2. Mccs1246

      2020 is messed up.

    3. Junnie Oppar

      when your siri is broken Ik I’m late

    4. Christopher Foley

      Alinity's follower, JackTheSimper

    5. corey pratt

      How long did she take putting on her face before stream herself crying

    6. David Boi

      your face is messed up

    7. raquel pama

      I'm a big fan of infernadu

      1. raquel pama

        Oof sorry i mean infernasu

    8. Argoth 58

      I got invited to a mrbeast scam

    9. Akon Maroons

      Bro wtf happened to you uploads your barely posting?

    10. CudiPlaysFortnite

      Caught him in the act, shows vid of him running away

    11. Nacho Cheese

      SML: Ah yes it seems that you guys are new.

    12. LordWhatsHisName

      HUfast is dying year after year. I cant wait.

    13. SirRowlet 2

      This is the first time I've seen scarce again since that one vine years ago

    14. Woodland BushMan

      Bruh they scamming money, like just because he was a streamer and killed himself doesn't mean they need a GoFundMe like it just funeral. I mean he killed himself he's going to hell cuz he did that he forced his family to be sad he doesn't need a crazy funeral

    15. BLIZZARD

      Being human is not an excuse for Alinity to throw her cat

      1. Gruesome Healer26

        Tbh, they shouldn't have brought it up again, about her throwing her cat because it will cause more shit than it already has now, it has been more than a year since she's done that shit and I think people forget that the past doesn't a describe a person on who they are, what is now and what they'll do next is what describes them. People fail to notice this because they are too stuck on the past and not forget. I'm totally siding with you here about how being human isnt a reason but god damn, leave the person alone.

    16. BEWARE

      Alinity: *Throws cat and no one does anything about it and still not banned* Leafy: *says pokimane isn't hot and gets banned* Yo wtf man

      1. BEWARE

        @BLIZZARD ikr

      2. BLIZZARD

        Yeah man i dont know why twitch banned him its his own opinion it was not an insult

      3. Savage Alightning

        big oof

    17. corrupted shadows

      Now iphone users see why saying hey google in better hehehe

    18. dream chavez

      HUfast is a warzone omg

    19. David Bottorff

      If you think dobrik is a racist your an idiot

    20. KONO Jamie

      "Maybe I should stop streaming?" Yes. Yes you should. Anyway, time to try and figure out how to windbomb..

    21. SyaNide Studios

      Jay station don't deserve his stuff His videos are bad and his faking of his gf's death. He's a bad person.

    22. Pandoras policebox

      I dont feel bad for alinity, if you are a bad person and treat vulnerable and innocent beings such as animals poorly, you deserve what you get.

    23. OmegaProxy

      "I'm a grown man, I'm 24." Haha not these days.

    24. Cringe name here

      Jay station all you fans are 3 they don’t have Twitter

    25. Scarface 5021

      Jaystation deserves to get his channel demonitized

    26. Desafio1022

      Nah she crying because she abusing her pets i am a pet owner because i love animals i dont abuse them but i forgive @AlinityTwitch

    27. Coffee & Money

      If I were an advertiser, I probably would not want my ads to run on "commentary" channels that are generally negative vibes or controversial in nature. Maybe that is why some channels are demonetized?

    28. Rhys Binney

      I watch offlinetv Bcuz of micheal reeves

    29. jason labudde

      Haha haha that wings shit is old lol

    30. Jesper Heller

      I have one thing to say to Alinity: Boohoo

    31. King Dodge Arcane

      Huh you have pi million subs

    32. Mr.Neverdie

      I hate Abby.

    33. Chase Williams

      10 out of 10 acting alinity🙄

    34. Storm Track

      Alinnity deserves everything that happens to her. She shouldn't habe been a horible person.

    35. Harshit k

      They should be demonetising channels like 'Morgz' and 'NingaKidz' instead of demonetising actual content creators who put actual effort into their videos....

    36. Corny Sweet

      ohhh man these people just have to stop. random sh!t peoples

    37. Sammy Nathanael

      I don't know what the topic about this video LOL

    38. Call Of Dukey

      3:13 that is got to be the most fakest shit ever seen in my 2 eyes That footage is more fake than a skinchanger knife on csgo

    39. How Depressing

      Alinity though lmao stfu

    40. ExaggeratedToast

      J station can stay demonetized, while people getting strikes randomly is so very unfair i dont think promoting behavior that is extreme by allowing people to just simply say sorry and come back.

    41. Bread review

      I cant belive im watching scarce wtf

    42. name 123

      Bro 2020 is going crazy and everything is just messed up

    43. Tactical Fury Gaming

      Eyow the copyright strike thing f-ing triggering me i’m a small channel then if i get about 10k subs i think that would happened to me i am scared and be very careful in uploading a video

    44. Joshua Schalesky

      Jesus, lady. Learn to ignore the trolls.

    45. Enchanter

      Jay station deserves it because all his vids are faker than my girlfriend.

    46. Philip Alexandrou

      Jaystation and Alinity both deserve it

    47. shourya Patel

      Jaystation deserves it

    48. The DumbDino

      👁👃👁 👄 🖐 🤚 I did nothing I swear

    49. ok_j0

      infernasu is only a roblox youtuber what the hell

    50. Epic

      the things that are happend are crazy

    51. セブン

      I actually feel so bad for the ones who lost because of those assholes

    52. Tasty Baguette

      alinithot :)

    53. Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

      People saying it's offensive to speak mock japanese. Me, a swedish person: Welcome to the club.

    54. Random Guy

      Jaystation as homophobic and racist and terrible as he has been he doesn’t deserve that demonetisation.

      1. Branson Cluff

        Some people forget that this is their income and job like this is how they survive

    55. Brykanst

      alinity needs to understand that she put herself out in public and she is going to get trashed for anything she does its true to all famous people but especially true for animal abusers

    56. Najwan Khbees

      "What's the worst thing that happened in 2020?" Everyone:COVlD! Me:Alinity.

    57. SANDHU Arjunpal Singh

      part of the problem with the Alinity is about twitch not banning her after comparing what she had done to other stremers

    58. christoboy1000

      Either its a troll group or its youtube pulling the plug to get more money or to shut people up

    59. Stormy Weraf

      If I knew this was happening I would’ve tried to win

    60. Atomic_Archer 21

      If thwy werent on iphone then then wouldnt be able to do that

    61. Qinxalim

      HUfast is a muckrakers. They only care for money.

    62. XSmasher

      Animal abusers deserve to get hate

    63. Stealer Wealer

      Scarece most of these guys did not stop and should still be baned

    64. Daequan Hendricks


    65. Angel Dark

      Jaystation is a creep.

    66. Jasim Abubacker

      HUfast wil be irrelevant will only take a few years for another competitor to come up and with the the constant user and creator unfriendly policies it will crumble quick

    67. chaos chosen

      May the dead leave there great story behind and go to were there love ones will come mate them some days in the next form that they take.

      1. chaos chosen

        All of us are hurt or being jealous right now but we almost stand strong we're not separate people we're all one person with different minds

    68. Hayden Gordon

      The person that's striking the channel doesn't deserve to have that Zero Two pfp.

    69. Zachariah Smith

      Erm.. what did pokimane even do

    70. paul van schaik

      Faze gay

    71. Cole Hoffman

      There are so many people that are just assholes I hate people there are some good people but as soon as the good people go my faith in humanity goes to

    72. Angel Guerrero

      Alinity is a bum

    73. Random Guy

      4:39 He is like Ben Shapiro except he will sacrifice his life for Pakistan

    74. DKsaNn Kat

      There was like 20 different drama stories in this video

    75. Sync

      BRUH 11:18 just search anomaly on youtube

    76. Stuffzz

      Good job on the videos but some of this drama stuff is really dumb.

    77. Metriel

      That alinity video is sooo fake. Her forced sniffling sells it. That is so forced

    78. Christopher Altvater

      Alinity will continue to be a PoS, there’s no excuse, and the fact that twitch continues to support her shows the favoritism.

    79. X Act

      bro tf why does Craytor or Cray (One of the many members of the Click Crew) looked like his photoshopped like tf?

    80. nightmare

      she is annoying

    81. nightmare

      yeah alinity should stop

    82. Cryl


    83. Music Man19684

      Wait so what happened with fedmyster

    84. Twei Lim Lou

      and streamers know that drama, tears => moneys , donations , gifts

    85. Joshua Durring

      alejandro fernandez

    86. TheNukedNacho

      JayStation: * fakes girlfriend’s death * JayStation: Yo HUfast what’s going on? Why isn’t my channel monetized? I swear, some people lack self awareness. “I’m not going to do anything controversial anymore.” Well you already did.

    87. TheNukedNacho

      Alinity: 😭Why am I still dealing with the consequences of my actions?😭 Her SIMPs: It’s fine, Queen. Just keep abusing your cat. We’ll be here for you

    88. 《blessed chip》

      Alinity: sHoULd I sTOp StREaMiNg My brain: yes please.

    89. Dank Link

      I found you it's been years but I foud you 😢😢 #bringbackflannel

    90. Josue Sandoval

      HUfast is just going after small channels and it’s absolutely not ok

      1. Josue Sandoval

        Someone should make another app so people can use that instead of HUfast

    91. JayTrisha

      just saying, this guy kinda sounds like dream.

    92. Miss B

      The fact that everyone only want to talk about Alinity is part of the problem

    93. Miss B

      Y'all are hating on that woman still but this dude faked his girlfriend's death???

      1. Raman!

        No cap

    94. Miss B

      That dude could have been shot by police. Wtf does that.

    95. Zambiebomber 7

      The alinity stuff is a case of the boy who cried wolf


      Please don't tell me this is the HUfastr who stolen lazarbeam video

    97. Chase Wing

      No one cares about alinity

    98. Dusty Dopey

      God she is such a drama queen. Come on.

    99. ME_SNAKE Y T

      Bruh we all know what alinaty did so why is she talking milo deserves better

      1. ight imma head out

        Yeah I think that people who do that with their animals just makes me sick to even think about.

    100. SΛLMON

      Thank god i know how to remove siri off of iphones completely