YouTubers and Streamers BANNED? Blaze Leaves FaZe House, Twomad, RiceGum, Corinna Kopf


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    1. Ethan Hanks

      haha “few weeks”

    2. Spencer Thompson

      Nixns Jake

    3. Robert Twang

      I don’t think she went to far it’s just dark humor

    4. Erik Robinson

      Her joke was just Completely unacceptable.

    5. VortexGamer Ftw

      Definitely on the side with Dave

    6. tuburgmen

      if im gonna make an only fans account it will be just baguettes with bikkinies

    7. Damienh 101

      School 'Canceled' fuck that im still doing work HUH?

    8. Logan Angell

      The gamestop is a shit situation because it could screw them because stores like walmart will just eat them alive

    9. Honey Keys

      okay so i came back to watch this video, and all i have to say is, Charli did make fun of the cosplay community on tiktok, because we sometimes do something called the Junko poses based of the Danganronpa games, and she was making fun of our poses and trends by doing them incorrectly even though it's not very hard, we also do dances that aren't a trend on regular tiktok, usually cosplayers are on something we call gay tiktok (it's mostly people in the lgbtq community who get cosplay content) so basically yes she did make fun of cosplayers

    10. pokpok siksok

      Scarce getting handsomer and handsomer every video

    11. Bad Word

      Why is charlie so popular? She’s not funny

    12. Dave Jones

      :48 I’ve never seen so many twitch thots in the same place

    13. Burgers are Good

      Wait so tfues ex gf might be coming to the hub?

    14. Joseph Cardona

      are you high as hell 1:41 people make holocaust jokes and don't get banned

    15. ryry

      I think gamestop just cant afford to shut stores lmao

    16. SyconicNZ


    17. A-Dizzle M-Shizzy

      Lmao porn hub deadass said that 😂😂

    18. Alex Jones

      Faze kicking out their “homies” now? That’s fucked up, what asshats.

    19. 1.3 million views

      Alinity sucking everyone off at the twitch hq

    20. Bandit930

      watching twitch drama shows more day and day that its a shit platform

    21. Sid_

      that pornhub comment got me laughing

    22. Extinct Turtle

      I watched the rajj show when that happened lol

    23. EgoMobile

      If you think that the covid joke is too far then join my discord

    24. lion the

      alinity: *does abusive things to cat* twitch: the cat must’ve done something cat: *takes revenge* twitch: sexual assault *bans her cat’s account*

    25. Akira Kurusu

      But charli kinda misleading cause she didnt cosplay

    26. Toad

      How is gamestop still fucking open. I wen't to gamestop for animal crossing. And they're not essential. You have to go to the door. Knock or call. Give them a gamestop card or credit card. And they give you your game.

    27. flacker941

      Blaziken an OG i used to love watching him

    28. Lil’ Fetus

      Who the fuck cares about ricegum? But still I respect Scarce 100% for reporting everything.

    29. ObviousPrototype

      That is capitalism. Same as the horders that boguht hand sanitizer and toilet paper and then sold it for a higher prize. It is how capitalism works, just deal with it or leave the country I guess.

    30. Boom guy

      6:21 that mans glasses make his eyes look so hilariously small, boys got smol I'ses...

    31. ChickenBurrito

      Fortunate=rich af

    32. Meme S

      Wow they really kicking faze members

    33. I’m lonely As fuck

      FaZe is not the same as it was a couple years ago. Yeah that’s along time but they make no content and focus on children for money and never focus on older viewers

    34. Krispie

      10:46 SIMP...maybe?

    35. RedrumZombies

      Gamestop ain't essential... A Phone store has more essential reason to stay open.

      1. Cye that one guy

        RedrumZombies but I thought it was good since those workouts still had jobs but idk

    36. Ghided Dudmey

      Damn, looks like a bunch of HUfastrs overcame COVID19 before it even left China! Weird flex but ok.

    37. Ghided Dudmey

      People still watch kaseytron? I've never seen anyone so annoying.

    38. Glizzy The Gladiator

      HUfast demonitized his video for using the c word

    39. Johnny Sins

      this guy acts like theres a gun to thee peoples heads saying buy this game stfu nerd

    40. June bloops

      "The world would be a better place without poor people" Even if it was a joke, how do you think those ppl get rich without the poor. The rich NEED us poor ppl to buy whatever garbage they're selling and to do all the hard manual work. If all the poor ppl died then only the richest would still be considered rich and everyone else poor and I'm 100% confident kaceytron would fall into that new poor category.

    41. Marin Šoljan

      I have been eating shit and have not left my house for two weeks... love what's happening right now


      2:58 lame ass blaze

    43. A V

      She’s just saying all this shit cus she is in trouble but in reality we all know she don’t give a actually fuck and so do I.

    44. BeepBeep HonkHonk


    45. Sean Edwards

      They limit 10 ppl at a time in wawa.. limit 5 to 10 ppl at GameStop

    46. DeadlyMouseFlix

      i hope charli get cancelled

    47. Travis Zalman

      Artco is doing to same thing as gamestop stupid but it what ever.

    48. Kim R.


    49. Ryan Hallberg


    50. Jack Zhu

      Oops, one f bomb slipped through the censor

    51. Sahil K

      I don’t understand how capitalizing off this pandemic is a bad thing, it’s smart.

    52. MaddenMobile415

      q is spreading I see

    53. MaddenMobile415

      if they don't wanna work there quit

    54. PrettyUgLySupErNoVaRuDeGuRL

      Same I work at truck stop and we’re staying open , so scary I got to work crying and panic attack b4 my shift . I’d rather b on unemployment and stay safe

    55. Derpsterio29

      I honestly dont see the problem with the Coronavirus joke, there is literally a spanish song about Coronavirus. Humor is a way of coping with shit.

    56. Rhodes

      Bro I totally forgot faze blaziken existed I use to watch him all the time holy shit

    57. Samantha Jane

      In my opinion, they should've hold back the games that where supposed to come out this time around. It doesn't make sense, they could've sold the copies online, they have animal crossing in the online stores so why not the others.

    58. Whatta Burger

      Dude, fuck KaceyTron - she's a fucking bitch.

    59. kam shaft

      no rich person job to take care of the poor\

    60. cgm

      faze blaze never left the faze house he just wasn’t invited to live there

    61. TheMonkeyMafia

      Why tf aren’t you or drama alert talking about that horrible human being Trisha mocking a disorder

    62. Grunting

      90% of the "mainstream" streamers and HUfastrs do not deserve the benefits and profits which they receive for their lackluster and effortless content. I wish there wasn't so many 10 year olds on this platform so people like Ricegum couldn't get rich of off some bullshit

    63. Jaxckxx

      How tf is Kaceytron banned, it’s a joke. Obviously she doesn’t want to go around and spread, who in the fuck would want to. I honestly hate Twitch I’ve got be honest.

    64. BeauKashi

      Blaze didn’t get invited

    65. imiyama

      So I've always been really badly off financial because of my parents but I thought the joke was pretty fire. The only thing that I was hurt by was her choking on her words. Kinda butchered the delivery :(

    66. Sublimek

      I honestly think Alinity must he dating some guy at Twitch.

    67. Franks Life Changes

      Got to love gamestop trying to stay open. Do that in NY, they will be fined, and so will the employees. If you work at a gamestop and it should be closed like in NY, the employees will get fined individually!! I know I said that twice, just making sure people understand that if you happen to read this comment and you are in NY. Thats some serious bullshit Gamestop is trying to p ull right now!!!


      Scarce is gay

    69. Riot

      100T > Faze just gonna leave that there

    70. Snootch

      ROFL BANNED FOR THAT?! Wow, I'm sure going to avoid streaming on Twitch now if they are such fucking snowflakes that they get upset over a joke that wasn't even that bad.

    71. D Donawan

      James Charles Coronavirus completed it mate

    72. Marwan Ferri

      The new blood ceo is a literal beast

    73. Vashtii

      James and Nadeshot are morons then.

    74. Sunny

      Damn Minnesota, Im in Minnesota

    75. The Instrumental Guy

      I don't really trust GameStop, they said Dkctf was bland

    76. jayden leviner

      Faze blaze did not leave faze house he wasn't asked to live there

    77. Rushan 420

      FUKIN CS GO CRATE 4.25 NOW :@

    78. Jonathan

      Let's cancel satire sarcasm? Let's cancel cosplay? Bruh

    79. SnoopDabb


    80. SnoopDabb

      Trying to figure out who sounds more illiterate, this guy or Keemstar. Slow down and ENUNCIATE my guy FFS!

    81. Angel Face

      Yeah...I am a bit scared to go in public even though I don't go..Even doctors offices are being weird. Only one person at a time? Very odd. They are so scared in public..that I worry about getting hurt if someone suspects a thing. I'd rather stay home because people are acting bad.

    82. Angel Face

      YOUSEF! Not that lunatic

    83. Angel Face

      Ugh..IDC..That makes NO sense..What Kacytron did...If she hated how people do this to the old and poor..Then she shouldn't say that. Doesn't matter..You shouldn't joke if you don't mean it. Thats a ridiculous excuse to say awful things and get away with it.

    84. H. Shakur

      World would be a better place without old and poor, people like her is better without

    85. Javayandere

      As a Cosplayer, I don't think what Charli did was all too big, but it has kick-started an upsurge of people making fun of cosplayers in a much more evident way than what Charli was doing. She has power and that power influences people as we are now seeing.

    86. Preston Garvey

      Really? Kacey is surprised Twitch banned her for that joke? Does she have ANY brain cells? What's her encore going to a Black Lives Matter rally making a finger gun and yelling out freeze than acting surprised when she gets the shit beaten out of her?

    87. iskreemrex

      Twitch needs to grow some balls

    88. Baffled

      so basically... everyone is just a pussy, except me and gamestop employees ofc, and gamestop is the king of pussies..

    89. High on bleach

      Ur hairline is running away

    90. luckysixman

      I can say what I want to, even if I’m not serious.

    91. TimidWildaBeast

      She was high asf chill out buddy’s 😂😂

    92. A D

      Story about tik Tok and cosplay this is when I click off 😂

    93. down low RnF

      I honestly hate faze they vlog and who the Fuck are these two British fake vid fucks

    94. Animu Fries

      0:53 look at all those female simps....

    95. Power Rangers

      Kaceytron is banned because of that But Alinity isn't because she threw a living creature

    96. Aidan XD

      The internet is fucking retarded

    97. Unknown 6

      Why is Jarvis at the faze house

      1. solitary one

        He brings in $$$$$$

    98. KariousGames

      Twitch is ran by simps lol, when an e-thot does or says something offensive they get a strike while men are immediately banned hhmmm 🤔

    99. TheGoogleChrome

      COVID19 hasn't spread to other countries just recently - China attempted to destroy evidence that they found the virus long before they announced anything and silenced researchers who spoke out about it. They allowed the movement of millions of people in and out of Wuhan before anything was mentioned.

    100. CoffinGames

      Corinna on porn hub?