YouTuber Went Crazy... GradeAUnderA is Back, Shane Dawson, Pokimane, VitalyzdTV


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    1. Michael

      0:48 Did Vitaly attack Greta Thunberg

    2. Mr nerd moth Ƹ̵̡ಠ_ಠƷ

      Yeah gradeA didn't last long

    3. Blu Bomber

      Annnnnd Grade is gone. Fuck

    4. Zombie Killer

      Faze rug was talking about....... tfue

      1. Zombie Killer


    5. the poop king v2

      can you put links this video

    6. Spencer Thompson

      John Liuo

    7. Dat One Guy

      Not anymore lol

    8. _Carlos _A_

      I hate pokimane's comment on the website not loading sorry you are streaming with 20 tabs open no wonder it didn't load in 0.1 seconds

    9. yousoundstupid

      Leafy comes back Grade comes back too Maybe 2020 wasn't so bad after all.

      1. Dat One Guy

        Then leafy gets terminated and grade quits

    10. Captain Quokka

      G'day, I'm a super small youtuber that does satirical, parody and absurdist pieces on recent events such as dr disrespect and banned, shane dawson, jeffrees apology plus much more. All done with Australian animations! If you enjoy this video you'll enjoy my content, so please give it a look if you have the time! Thank you very much 🇦🇺❤️

    11. Error_ Toonz

      Hopefully gumbino comes back....

    12. Trove Stove

      that dude guilty

    13. Unknown

      Is the guy who hacks your account still a thing or not cause I’m worried

    14. Angel Ramirez

      "so ass it wont even load" but doesn't the OTV house claim they have shit wifi?😂 (6:08 btw)

    15. pekorokayu 怪物

      the people who dont know who grade is will just see two regular people on the left side of the thumbnail, then the ugliest stick figure they have ever seen on the right

    16. luca cassar

      Wanna be friends?

      1. NeEYaH

        I’ve gotten that comment on my video and nothing happen to my channel

    17. RandomDude

      Why does Vitaly look like Ninja in the photo?

    18. Noyobi Noyabi

      Lets be friends

    19. oh no


    20. Nick desert

      wanna be friends?

    21. Grant Hayes

      Pokimane generally isn’t funny.

    22. RudolfMaster

      youtube ruined grade totally

    23. Gedaf Alsamari

      The pic of jaemin and jisung is the best part of this video 7:28

    24. Jayden Craig

      Can you not cancel Shane FOR FIVE MINUTES

    25. krnjaa j

      Why does scarce sounds like son from bread boys in the interview

    26. Echo

      Wanna be friends? jk jk jk

    27. GoldenXV

      I just got that exact same comment from a different person today. Should I be worried? 6:53

      1. وยςςเקคקєгקɭคՇє

        wanna be friends?

    28. OH NO A MOSQUITO plz dont succ

      Can I unfriend you guys?

    29. Ike Almeda

      With faze rug could he be taliing ahout rain? I hope not rain us really cooo just going through stuff. (From what i know from vids)

    30. Jordan Yruegas

      I don't get Pokimane's threat. On-sight what? Gonna block him? Try to beat his ass? Like I wish people would just handle arguments in a controlled manner instead of trying to show out about it.

    31. Rat Jesus

      My friend got a comment from that song guy and he replied

    32. Brewed_Tea

      I bet you the Faze Rug thing was him talking about Noah before he was told that he was getting pranked because his cameraman pranked him by saying that he wanted to stop working with him.

    33. HUNCHO

      Wanna be friends?

    34. Shamrock Man

      I was here because of grade and your a good you tuber your not bald or an idiot or a gnome

    35. israel stuebbe

      wanna be friends? Sike!

    36. williss11

      Rug was a good guy but never mix pleasure with business. You might try to want to help others but help the right people

    37. nnaffenn

      i saw that wanna be friends comment on some animal crossing duplication glitch video

    38. Names_ Josh

      Only thing pokimaine is gonna do on sight is send the simps

    39. Mohammad Bhuiyan

      Pokiman was straight up being really offensive. Dude stop acting like your better than him. He was just addressing the way you get money. Don't go after his sponsor you piece of blind tortellini.

    40. Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member

      wanna be friends?

    41. Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member

      Grade sound like a indian scam support

    42. MundaneCat

      I have encountered a friend bot, I only replied, no sub, its also not Logan bot.

    43. Daniel Obenshain

      Idubbbz told me not to sub to you years ago until your content got better, congrats heres my sub

    44. Daniel Obenshain

      Dude everyones coming back maybe my dead mom will too! Side note: "on site" ooooo so intimidating in your teeny tiny voice

    45. The Illus1on

      The funny rhing is, i watched grades old vids and saw you menzioned in it, to make keem irelevant

    46. * M i x ll C l x x d *

      i got a comment by a dude named songs..

    47. Salt Shaker

      Wanna be friends?

    48. JS

      Hey wanna be friends? JOKING

    49. DKsaNn Kat

      Oh great here goes pokimane again, she probably going to falsely copystrike his channel just like how she did in the past. Pokimane is a snake

    50. feelin loaded

    51. jacoby 608

      6:45 I GOT THAT COMMENT AND I HAD 30 SUBS BACK THE someone told me to delete it tho so i did and im fine now but wow

    52. Aixant.

      Logan sucks

    53. Jeff Pink

      Damn grade voice sounds different as hell

    54. Marc Gonzales

      Leafy and Grade is coming..... I sense a connection here

    55. mr-piggy-niggy oink

      Wanna be friends

    56. Furious Kleetus

      Wanna be friends

    57. Jimmy Jackson

      3:26 :( what about cory kenshin??

    58. Garrett Palmer

      Should stop taking things out of context if you want better content smh lol.. although it’s also pretty sad to see some of the most important-ish faze members doing scummy things especially knowing what sites they ran that sold and still continue to this day to sell these skins online.. I know because I have been linked up with many discord groups especially CSGO groups inc many of the constant big buyers of highly sought skins that rarely come up for sale.. etc.. etc..

    59. MarvelBro 57

      It’s like endgame but In HUfast

    60. whodis

      "Vitaly would never intentionally harm another person" Also Vitaly 2 years prior: *wants to jump Scares for simply doing his news*

    61. The confused goose

      Anyone who dislikes this video is a keemstar fan

    62. ProdByBoogie

      Wanna be friends

    63. Ram

      Wanna be friends?

    64. karissa birch

      Y’all can’t keep dragging down Shane’s old

    65. Crown_vic Dude

      HUfastr: has over 1 sub Scarce: this HUGE youtuber is in drama

    66. Crown_vic Dude

      So when is grade coming back?

    67. ryotary

      6:09 probably cuz you had 5 tabs on

    68. Milan Pintar

      grade sounds like grandpa

    69. Netflix And Brews

      Every video I post get some of these comments. I wondered what it was, thanks for the info bro.

    70. Abduco

      Pokimane thinks shes above everyone? Waaaat Bruh shes sounding like a karen

    71. whatocallmyself

      In Italy dolphins are coming back! Meanwhile on HUfast:

    72. LordTouchMe

      Wanna be friends?

    73. NQ

      Prankster: Kill somebody and commits tax evasion. Also prankster: Its a joke.

    74. Peter Fralick

      wanna be friends?

    75. Anthony Dinverno

      wanna be friends?

    76. ZenTi Gaming

      "talking shit about me" literally talks about people who think your really hot and are simping for you

    77. FireDragonNation

      This is why scarce is such a good news HUfast channel he doesn't always come with his opinion and is biased

    78. kate mar

      its just a prank bro.

    79. Sanatea

      It's because Vitaly can't get hard.

    80. Aim3r ._.

      I saw that exact Logan comment the wanna be friends one I told him ... Ur MOM

    81. Ben Dover

      And the sponsor attack continues

    82. W J

      Just a prank bro

    83. Doleful Damsel

      Filthy frank did not get cancelled lmao, it was a failed attempt of cancelling Joji smh

    84. Maximilian :/

      Pokimane is getting mad about a video when keemstar has made racist comments

    85. Stella Twara

      Ppl don't have to accept Shane's apology! He still made a lot of money from these videos and then proceed to, in 2018-2020, hang out with a racist and be friend with him...let's not be blind here

    86. patrikgamerplazs


    87. Dodge Grand Caravan Owner

      I miss the Shane that microwaved barbies and ate frozen kid cusine

    88. совьет Россия

      Wanna be friends?

    89. Fire Lord Zuko

      Let’s not be friends

    90. Ice

      *Pokimane pulls up PornHub with nudity* Sponsors - “ReaLlY waAnna pUt mY lOGo on tHat ONe”

    91. Wolfmire Bacta

      Also I had someone ask to be my friend on a vid I posted. It was fucking weird. I replied but the comment is gone now and nothing weird has happened to my account that I know of

    92. Wolfmire Bacta

      Pokimane is an egomaniac

    93. Adam

      Roit maaaate?!?!?!

    94. Othul Hock

      Why do you get views?

    95. ABYL5 Music

      2020 has been a shit year not only for the world (especially the bushfires, Kobe's death and of course, the pandemic), but also for most youtubers (GAUA not included). Also, there is even a Coronavirus on youtube as well.

    96. Neko Mike


    97. Dylan Rios

      Hey scarce, want to be friends 😉

    98. M M

      How come no one’s mentioning this comment/subscribe hacking problem? Does anyone give af?

    99. ExcavationYT

      "How dare they sponser a video in which a GUY is calling a GIRL a thot" Since when was this about gender

    100. FBI

      2020 is so bad! **GradeAUnderA returns** Me to 2020: Maybe I treated you too harshly

      1. AndreThatLad

        *just wait until titans suddenly start falling from the sky.*

      2. Sabine Ziegler