YouTuber UNDER FIRE for THIS! PewDiePie, RiceGum, Zenon, Voyboy


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    1. HorrorLovesBreadsticks

      Poor kid, he got banned from his favorite game just for being underage. As much how I understand how he cant compete in money tournaments, you don’t need to ban him. Altleast ban him from playing in money tournaments and not fortnite as a whole

    2. Jerry Soto

      Amanda begging for subs is is the i eve lent of begging for 2,500$ if you really think of it Btw I know it’s late

    3. YoungDoggo51

      I get happy when i get 5 viewers shes not happy with 100+ subs? tf

    4. Please Enter A Name

      he didn’t get banned for 4 years, he got banned for 4 years *only* in the cash tournament mode

    5. crub muf

      I hate news articles, they made problems and led it to somebody else while they're chilling

    6. 3DHDprod

      Yeah dude, if I’m a big millionaire model with a huge fan base on Instagram and many model-jobs like Amanda, I’ll also stream without knowing if people are going to watch. I’d love wasting my time without people watching... ✨

    7. i dont know

      **The better version of DramaAlert**

    8. ApproxiMale

      why would you show a kid crying as a news worthy video segment? What is your MO here? Classless.

    9. HELLLo #1336

      as much as i hate to say this but we should not ban tiktok because all the tiktok refugee are going to come to yt and that scares me.

    10. Morgoth Bauglir

      That little kids family was gonna miss that 150k rupees a month from subs.

    11. vq_j8cob 37

      I just wanted to show you my knife😪

    12. Robert Twang

      Bruh fortnites fan base is all mainly little kids tho

    13. Picklebobpie

      He’s crying over not being able to play fortnight. Wow

    14. David Wilson

      U shouldn't ask people for money only homeless people ask for money

    15. QuirkyToad56

      the saddest part was the kid getting banned for 4 years lol J O K E

    16. Redray

      "... it`s been getting worse and worse..." * Laughs in TF2 *

    17. Cyber Unmask

      Destiny: accidentally shows nudity Twitch: *BANNED* Pokimane and Alinity: show literal porn Twitch: nah, you're good.

    18. Alex Koval 08 Clifton

      then play walorant

    19. Chunkymilk

      Destiny banned for a day for accidental nudity, Pokimane gets a warning for showing Pornhub.

    20. Mivias

      9:35 absolutely true. Especially for us normal people when I report someone they almost never get banned. Even I was toxic in this game long time ago. I got away with it for a year ,daily. I am glad I am not that angry guy anymore.

    21. Jake Kinsella

      Anyone that likes rice gum is a gold digger

    22. Raymart Perez

      Bruhh boomers who are desperate just to get people to read their shit

      1. Raymart Perez

        Using past controversies and shit

    23. Adobo Flakes

      All the people saying the 9 year old kid deserved it. Bet some of these people played GTA or CoD when they were 9. All they had to do was ban him from competing, not ban him from the entire game. How is that hard to understand?

    24. perigosu

      Lol... rekieta media is trash. Naughty dog is a company full of wonderful people who work their asses off to make a game so youtube kids can play/react to it and make millions of dollars. Stfu Most of youtube is trash with click-bait titles, regurgitated content and no talent. (if you want to fight me about it we can review everyone on case by case basis).

    25. SendHelpInBasement

      Grown man: these people are so toxic Rainbow six, modern warfare, csgo: okay buddy

    26. S A B E R

      Ah yes league of legends solo i want him to try mobile legends bang bang

    27. Shade

      6:28 what his background and stuff in it prove: he is the chosen one

    28. MarchPlays

      The media is literally a hypocrite and biased How could you be a literal @sshole.

    29. roxx- pubg mobile

      No one know if fortnite will be a game after 4 yr oke

    30. Rex

      Leave a like if u feel bad for Zenon

    31. iAssassins

      Firsssssstttt of all why tf are people leaking such a badass game such as the last of us 2 nobody wants to see spoilers I dont blame. Naughty dog for taking them down

    32. Wizzz Gin

      Pewdiepie raises $106k+10K Donation on his livestreams, despite of his past controversies.

    33. Patrick Kinnaird

      The zenon one almost made me cry.

    34. MightBeCactus

      7:29 the state of league of legends is bad. *Laughs in tf2*

    35. Blizzard _ 3190

      Wow fortnite made the game even worse for me not only did it lose my acc it also made a kid sad and ruined his whole career. He could’ve want to be like ninja or lazarbeam but fortnite had to ban him for 4 years which is a long time and by that time he wouldn’t even know what fortnite is like

    36. Guillermo Almendarez

      What kind of dumbass call League of legends "a game". The use of that program is 99.99% for gamer thots as a Instagram filter so they can get followers, no gamer "plays" lol.

    37. Thee Andrew Lamb

      Fuck Logan & Jake Paul!🤣🤣

    38. Isabella AI

      I can’t be the only one who literally DESPISE’s ricegum’s Laugh

    39. TheCosmicKiwi

      4:55 the guy who donated then is an absolute legend. I feel bad for the kid though. 4 years is way too long. He should have gotten a warning AT THE MOST. I personally don't play Fortnite myself. But I do have my fair share of experiences and this is not how it should have ended.

    40. II RyanSG II

      Fortnite is for all ages can't believe they couldn't let a kid who has potential to not play fortnite until they turn 13


      Demanded schedule or not you dont need people to sub to commit to a schedule

    42. SpecialOpsExp

      wait, rice gum is still relevant?

    43. Aeris Shame

      Wtf pokimane accidentally shows nudity she only got a warning and that poor streamer guy got suspended

    44. mosoloco 8

      The 9 year old part is sad but fortnite is ass

    45. Salt Shaker

      Guy complains about league, me: welcome to overwatch

    46. Aixant.


    47. unknown anon


    48. snowy

      I don't get why the Amanda Cerny thing is a controversy. She is just telling people that she can't commit her time to streaming on twitch if she doesn't earn a certain amount of income, which makes a lot of sense. Why use her time streaming for less money when she could use her time more valuably?

    49. Anthony Williams

      ricegum's laugh....that was like nails on a chalk board!

    50. Sam

      i hate fortnite but boy do i feel bad for that kid

    51. BoomBoomer28

      Riot and Twitch are the worst companies right now. Change my mind.

    52. James Emmrich

      Wonder if this means pewdiepie will no longer be shadow banned? Lol I swear none of his videos ever show up in my feed

    53. Gabriel Rabelo

      What's even more horrifying of the whole Zenon situation is that the kid's dad is saying in Portuguese "cry not my child" while trying to comfort him.

    54. Sky Porter

      In regards to the 9 year old. You can't do that to a kid man.... Just kick him from the tournament. No need to ban him from the game for years .... Like that's the kids while life. Imagine if when we were younger if COD or Battlefield banned us for years because we weren't old enough for the M rating ... That's kinda sad fornite went out of their way to set a ban that long for a 9 year old. Not even out of grade school yet. Honestly Epic Games is just a toxic company

    55. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      And rice is a salty bitch

    56. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      I dont feel bad for the 9yr old. Rules are rules. I think the 4yr ban is wild though.

    57. ShdwCrwlr

      Fortnite: *a kids game for everyone to enjoy the competetive aspect* Also Fortnite: haha make kid cry

    58. Lyke Gaming

      Just saying, Riot is destroying the game because of the low barrier of entry, in lower elo, you can see more and more smurfs and elo boosters, like I understand some are better than others but in bronze you play Kalista and go like 20/2 in 20 mins? Then the losing team will be raging on the role that fed the booster and being all toxic and all, potentially affecting their performance and toxicity in coming games. Also people who literally just played some ai games or bought a new account going straight into Ranked, into sliver tier games, which sometimes I even see when I was Gold V, and that also completely ruins the experience, like, wow are we trying to compete or are we trying to teach a newbie how to play IN RANKED? Why isn't Riot doing anything to try to protect the Ranked games? Can't there be a set amount of games, preferably around 500 normals before newbies start to rank? Can't players be asked to provide identity verification to reduce the amount of smurf accounts in ranked? Doesn't Dota2 do that?

    59. 99fruitbat

      And here is naive old me thinking that people did streaming because they loved playing the games ! As a female myself , this new breed of ' beggy ' females is embarrassing .

    60. dawsyn

      Can’t wait for KSI to fuck up ANOTHER Paul brother 😂😂 their egos piss me off sooo much

    61. BustaNut04

      I thought that was Greta Thunberg in the thumbnail

    62. MacProNI

      And h1ghsky wasnt banned ffs

    63. j d

      First off why does a 9 yo have a pc thats wortg more thrn most peoples cars i NA?

      1. j d

        @i don't know why either a good pc costs from 2000 -5000 lmao. You eityer dont have a pc or you got a ahit one

    64. zaizai

      Fortnite was still a thing?

    65. chlorphull

      Amanda Cerny has good grammar.Good use of punctuation&spaces.good job

    66. Kekyoin

      Charli just has to visit Japan and we got Logan paul part 2

    67. likaboss7654

      YT trending is garbage

    68. likaboss7654

      I wouldn’t say league has gotten worse over time at all, it has always been this bad

    69. yes no

      Seeing a kid lose his Fortnite account is top-notch enjoyment thanks scarce.

      1. HeelHookHokage

        Thats fucked

    70. Yoii_sama

      12:25 can’t wait for them to visit another forest

    71. Triple Threatxxx

      Ion like them or watch them but just because charlie sent her fans to another play form doesn’t mean anything is going to change. her fans are her fans and they probably wont change anything jus bc they watch her content

    72. Luna .R

      Doesn't Destiny support pedophiles?

    73. HostVex

      Lol Zenon got ban for 4 years lol

    74. Death 800

      Imagine crying over fortnite

    75. MOB

      only a three hour stream

    76. Mary-Kate _R

      They're salty because PewDiePie is more succesful then their asses

    77. Ganon Dragmire

      I genuinely feel bad for the kid, but his parents should have known better

    78. Splitaxiz

      silvers in csgo:

    79. Jaxon Daniel

      Floor gang ooh

    80. Jaxon Daniel

      Floor gang ooh

    81. Kris Is Tired

      4:50 like this shitty game is gonna last that long

    82. simp44

      Lmao the fortnite community is stupid.They don't want kids playing but when a kid gets banned they want him unbanned.10/10 only 2 brain cells used

    83. Kim jong un

      Is that Alissa violet in the back ground when bank was talkin ?

    84. Jesse Lara

      She anit fine no mo

    85. Tony Piano


    86. terminators

      Amanda Kreygasm

    87. ItzTex

      Why is everyone looking for controversy

    88. M and Nz

      9 year olds and their fortnite 😂

    89. Ron Burgundy

      This is the most petty shit ever to talk about I love it.

    90. Pyronix

      Do be honest, I agree with that banning decision on that Brazilian streamer. I don't play Fortnite nor have I ever. But if you are under the age of 16 you shouldn't be able to compete to be honest.

    91. ShadowChilly

      in 4 years fortnite will be dead dead, i cant really compare it to anything... but it will have 180 players at most and biggest youtubers would have like 1k-10k subs..epic games in 4 years probablly would have a new popular game

    92. DJ Peeks In

      boi i stg you better not even dream about giving us regular updates on TikThots

    93. PlaidBear86


    94. El Emperador de México, Maximiliano

      """main stream media"""

    95. Striker scw

      Bruh I died laughing at the little kid getting banned, that’s fucked lol

    96. Nedas Mateliunas

      I like Amanda’s body and all but ok mom

    97. Karlski

      Epic really are such a dog shit company. Are we sure they're not run by the same people who own Twitch?

    98. The Creator

      this is why fortnite sucks

    99. Nathaniel Roach

      Well if twomad is in America look on the bright side if they do that again he can legally kill them with a shotgun after a warning

    100. DKsaNn Kat

      Fk riot games. They mistook everyone's message and just upped up the security for "verbal abuse", so if you just cuss in chat you will get restricted and or banned. Riot games missed the point and now people are losing their accounts so easily smh