YouTuber Sent Him To JAIL? FaZe Adapt Banned, Leafy, RiceGum, Suzy Lu


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    1. Smug Pugs

      10:27 fed looks like he’s a kid while his parents fight

    2. SwordSlice311

      wtf are Blue's lips Lol. Bloated

    3. Manscurro

      Lil can looks like faze adapt


      Dude blue looks exactly like the serial killers from HUfast's murder mystery series AND he had an unregistered gun! Yea I'm sure it was just for looks lol CREEPY

    5. Mr.Ripper YT

      I know I'm kind of late to the news but they are abusing their power naughty dog is abusing their power anyways he wasn't even talking anything bad about the game he was just like I said just talkin about the game he didn't show any images or videos and anyways there's no point in copywriting for such a shity game

    6. Alfredo Tapia

      I miss fed

    7. i lovefriday

      Adapt sounds like chills

    8. The Real Axel

      The reason they took it down because they don't want anymore people to know about it then the people that already know about it cause they can go and find it

    9. AA Kk

      blue is that type of kid that doesnt take a shower even tho he smells like wet dog

    10. 2wice4RICE

      damn, that fed thing. i loved fed but its over for him.

    11. Sadness of salt

      I am very surprised that suzy lu still smiles while anime company going to sue her

    12. MacDuffy

      Blue looks like a total Eugene

    13. Anonymous Anonymous

      been harrassing the guy for years and shows up with a move..

    14. SB SB

      Everyone is desperate to hate on Alinity but I think it's good on her to be calling twitch out on their bullshit because we know twitch actually listens to her of all the people.

    15. Tyler Zhang

      liked and subbed i hope i get 10 likes on my comment

    16. finn

      6:33 yikes hes mank

    17. finn

      ive been in contact with my "loyare" . why did he say it like that

    18. ImSoNextLevel

      Suzzie Blu Who deserved to get banned! :D I only came here for the Suzzie Blu Who Drama!

    19. 0ldT1m3r G4m1ng

      Alinty's fucking all the twitch mods

    20. Rod&Lea Will

      HUfast and Twitch has gone to shit. Its true.

    21. The Vajuber

      drift0r lives in my city

    22. BoomBoomer28

      Dude looked like an enemy from The Witcher

    23. Blonde Denton

      Fact check: Texas does not have any laws against owning unregistered firearms.

    24. Mike Learns Romanian

      this is because Canadians do not want to do that type of work because its low paying.

      1. Mike Learns Romanian

        somethings i agree with but this aint it chief

    25. Rango _

      Alinity wants that adapt PP

    26. Soupy

      It really didn’t help his case that he had a gun

    27. Reba Grigorian

      twitch is so corrupt oml

    28. Halal gangg

      This man still hasn’t hit 3 mil

    29. PiedPiper

      F for Fed

    30. Petr Opatril

      alinity is fu**ing traped dude. i don't want to defend her or anything, but if twitch is going to respond to the situation? they did it for alinity, if they aren't? alinity is going to be compared to again as she said. she's just cornered

    31. ChickenWings

      i loved how pokimane step up for fed

    32. Mr Chadguy

      But for real it seems like the twitch mods are the biggest fucking simps on the platform😂😂

    33. Savvy_Southpaw

      Alinitys nip slip aas on the hub within the hour

    34. Roy Nelson

      Look who she is dating drama alert done covered this that's why she gets by with so much

    35. lorgariiix

      Who is alinity boinking to get such treatment?

    36. Andy Majano

      Twitch is simp

    37. Ittoshura __

      It’s because alinity is always on her knees when she goes to twitch HQ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IYKYK 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Stako Mane

      “he was on the RACHler” scarce is a youtube frog confirmed

    39. DwhNeo

      Lol wanted to apologize. Then immediately let’s the cop knows he has a gun in the center console? He isn’t to smart eh?

    40. jadie-May dredd

      God damn, true news has just ruined scarce videos for me

    41. MotoTard Mason

      i find it funny that he actually thinks leafy was being serious, leafy has pulled a lot of stuff like that before

    42. TheWoken- Truth

      Blue looks like a creep as expect 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Conner Marvin

      Faze Adapt reminds me of lil xan lmao

    44. jge treched346

      Her nip look like a mole

    45. Radiooted

      Omg scarce is still a thing

    46. Nasty Dreamz

      Mostly every single Story was On or about Twitch I think Twitch is becoming a Bit*ch

    47. DEFREK

      HUfast troll you send silver butonn scarce is gay

    48. Silas Trinidad

      Geeks and Gamer sounds like some iteration of John F. Kennedy

    49. luisrodriguuuez

      If you ask me, both HUfast and Twitch are trash.

    50. Jaryath

      jeremy said “lawwyerr.”

    51. Mystify

      This is weird but I think alinity and Adapt should date... idk

    52. Lil Rice

      He had the gun because he wanted to use it.

    53. lynnhart

      Holy shit he went to this guys house with A GUN!!! WHAT!!!

    54. Kickstand284 Gaming

      This is really dumb

    55. ZekeTheNerd VX

      I already watched this video why I'm getting the notification now?

    56. Pretty_n_ Nasty

      I love how this guy never say anything unnecessary and keeps it short Keep it up

    57. Self deprecating prick 101

      Twitch is digging its own grave

    58. Samuel Viana

      I actually respect keenstars response to Deji and his mom even thought I don't really like him

    59. Mr Drxy

      Faze adapt = short

    60. NeXus Vitel

      Twitch is a joke

    61. LovMe_Mk

      Bro imagine leafy nowa days holy shit😂😂 the world wouldn’t be able to handle it

    62. Anonys Doge

      Alinity, god bless, we’re not close to be forgiven big simp!

    63. Lightning Bow

      Lets all get a happy nice reminder that with Suzy Lu if the math checks out her counter claims will chances are be denied if John was right and each and EVERY deny is 1 week of no uploading she won't be uploading for 13 years and 5 months. Fun to know that is that doesn't get her that lawsuit will. She is doomed.

    64. Fate C9

      blu looks like a pussy boi

    65. Deni_Otsui

      you and bowblax give me a lot of stuff you guys actually make me want to watch youtube

    66. ClankFelix

      Last of Us 2 leaks should be taken down.

    67. tubbmoney


    68. tuur moerkerke

      that company from the last of us should get sued

    69. Hardcorosy

      This video says 5 minutes ago on my inbox but when i watched it its 4 days ago

    70. Tsukiiyomii

      Where are the Phantom Thieves? They need to change Suzy Lu's heart and make her confess and atone for her crimes!

    71. Lee Striker

      Can we talk about how good dejis mom looks?

    72. PeazthreeeZ 13

      Brruuuh the Katy story had me dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    73. The_Zhunami

      He should do the big brain move and go to Mixer XDXD

    74. Gol Q2


    75. Mr. Lopez

      That’s Blu???? 💀💀 I’m dead af, F*cking Roz from Monster Inc. looking ass 💀 Mans gotta fix that hairline before saying anything 💀 Watch out, he gonna come after Woody and Buzz after he out 💀

    76. iskreemrex

      Twitch is fuckin dumb

    77. DC Verse

      Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about Alinity anymore? We’re just beating a dead cat at this point...

      1. Rowcookie 39


      2. skultist

        Pun intended

    78. Foot Fungus

      Blue looks like an autistic squirrel

    79. Scuffy

      Alinity might aswell just becomr a twitch mod at this point fuck twitch


      Wait a second, there is no PII on his arrest record. Other than boxing out his visitors, it's all public record. Don't know why you did that. Fuckin little imp tries that shit here in Virginia, he'd get ventilated.

    81. The Great Coomer Cod

      Why does blue look like he’s been eating nothing but red popsicles for the past hour

    82. Raphael Moodley

      Twitch is a simp app duhhh

    83. alex resendiz

      his mugshot says school shooter all over it lmao

    84. Just A Chairman

      bruh alinity trying to become a good guy now lmao

    85. Nstone9

      Who tf names their kid John.

    86. Mistrivious

      Keemstar is a pussy. He’s the center of drama but any time someone challenges him to a match he declines. The only time hes offered to get in the ring was with a 400 lb man who could barely walk.

    87. JDAS OLO

      Alinity is probably smashing the CEO family member

    88. Restrieo

      Help me get to 100 subs I post daily ❤️

    89. IamLucky87

      I like Twitch alot better than HUfast. Get alot more interaction on twitch than I do on youtube. HUfast doesn't even do notifications right most of the time which kinda screwed me over seeing that I wanted to grow my channel so I dont do youtube anymore cause they dont care about the creator. Twitch albeit draconian makes me feel wanted on the platform as opposed to youtube where you can get struck down for your own voice by some scumbag corporation.

    90. HDMI 延

      6:36 it looks like the average redditor

    91. Plague Doctor

      Why would you watch someone reacting to anime and not just watch it yourself I-


      same thing with adapt happened to me :'(

    93. Swedish Crusader

      Justice is served!!!

    94. Shadow Blaze Doge

      Alinity: *apologizing for the nip slip* Her clothes: 1:24

    95. Coinz

      What a wholesome Guy

    96. Noah Williams

      bet john swan is fun at parties

    97. KaliN9ne

      Alinity is a tard but she has a point about everyone referencing her, should b more focused at twitch

    98. Ceatten Boy the god dog

      Bro imagine fighting in the nome

    99. ErrorCodeNoName

      yo fuck that bitch fed is beautiful