YouTuber Scared for His Life... H3H3 Called Out, NELK Leaving YouTube? iNabber, ImAlexx


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    1. aaahhh aaahhh

      Quarantine has brought me here ( 1 )

    2. Dylan

      all I can say is I love scarce

    3. Chunkymilk

      Lol Suzy Lu is the Alinity of HUfast

    4. Wizzz Gin

      "... that's the end of thisvideo, . . . . please be sure to leave... a... thumb...s .... up. andseeyouguyslater... peace

    5. Will B

      NELK is trashy and childish, I don’t understand why people like them

    6. Zreeks

      James merry-yacht

    7. Ching Chong

      I don't get how people would hate on faze agony for tweeting g even though in his tweets he said that the police are on the way or they are clearing the house. I don't understand people sometimes

    8. j.c man

      internet in general is just a cancerous place... of course who hasn't heard that...

    9. Mr Papagiorgio

      I've lived on Long island my whole life and had no clue you were from Hicksville scarce thats crazy. I used to live about 15 minutes away

    10. Sunshine

      the first story with FaZe Agony, that's the shit that makes me realize I want to get top quality home security, like them good doors.

    11. Zero Obuichi

      Wow so they almost fucking die because of the guy with a shotgun and all they get is hate? What sick people, i hope all the people who hated on him die lmao. Jesus Christ people are horrible

    12. Spiderodoom

      HUfast said there’s no evidence of copyright abuse?? Did they miss the part where she uploads full anime episodes and just goes “ooh”, “eeeek!” Every five minutes? Is that transformative content? How does that pass copyright laws???

    13. scp 173

      why....would people bash on somebodys brother for going on discord asking people to call the police?

    14. General Siege65


    15. The Mad Cat

      Damn, i didn't know i signed up for north korea here... youtube is getting outta control

    16. Noah Derrick

      nelk is a bad person going into online classes as a prank there are online classes because of the pandemic and he was profiting off of it

    17. Teddy

      if faze had a gun he would be okay

    18. SO Slumpz

      twitter smh...

    19. Yikers

      Suzy Lu gives me “hEy yOU gUYS” vibes

    20. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      Devin :”hold your family safe and be there for them” *proceeds to lock his door and hide*

    21. Colton Decker

      If agony would have owned a gun he wouldn’t be scared in his room hoping he wouldn’t be killed. He would be defending himself and his house

    22. 36 Xx_R3d_Dr4g0n_xX

      HUfast team is a bunch of simps lol

    23. godssons 69

      ive been in faze agonys situation before in multiple different times and i can tell anyone straight up to those who want to hate on him for that. you're idiots. no one knows how they will react in that sitution. when shit like that happens your instincs kick in and you only think of survival and how to save yourself and those you want/need to protect. you will do anything to guarnentee your safty. him using his discord when he didnt have his phone to have someone else send the police was the best possible thing he could've done and him tweeting because he was scared stuck in a bad situation is fine. he did what he needed to do. he was scared and looking for some type of closure. instead of hating on him for tweeting how about help calm him down and keep him calm and work him through it. some of you people have never been in real danger and it shows. and i promise when or if you ever are put into that type of sitution youll either fold yourself or youll fight for what you can so dont hate on anyone else for how they react because chances are you wouldnt have done any better.

    24. Ian playz

      1:04 target shell?

    25. Rolezki

      I'm actually happy if NELK is gone soon.. fucking annoying guys

    26. TheNerd173

      Why is Nelk complaining about YT taking action against a video where he literally just goes in and disturbs classes. Let the teachers fucking do their job, they get enough shit already.

    27. Lando Suttler

      I dont even know who this mutahar guy is ?

    28. Jaykid2

      I see muta so i click

    29. Harley X

      The irony SomeOrdinaryGamers got handed a reality check Himself..

    30. angel

      MUTA IS A GODD!!!!!

    31. Doc Vince

      Thanks for recommending this video to my HUfast. Days after I first saw it.

    32. NoMoreMinions

      RIP muta haha

    33. Henning Larsson

      RIP muta, it was fun while it lasted i suppose. Go watch Ethan's response video and get your mind blown.

    34. - Nuke -

      HUfast tell me this how can you take down videos but leave porn on HUfast?

    35. Kilowatt

      Why is Twitter dead and alive at the same time

    36. Master Gaming

      Whats all the shit with alex? Never thought him to be ‘king of snakes’

    37. Stonkberry

      I thought muta made the video for the second

    38. Riley Wolf

      Wait this is scarce now how XD LAST TIME I SAW THIS GUYS CHANNEL WAS 2017

    39. ceerw buty

      I haven’t watched this channel in years. I just wanted to see my man Muta.

    40. The SGScout

      Why did I get a notification when the video is almost 1 week old

    41. Brendan Hasty

      The fact that 2013 was 7 years ago is crazy

      1. ceerw buty

        Seeing Muta in a Scarce video is like as if Christmas came early

    42. Mattswag sloth

      Every single time you’ve mentioned Suzy the last couple days I’ve clicked off the video.

    43. Cooling In da boot

      Goodness youtube is going to shit huh? Lots of bias, random video take downs, strikes, and demonization. It’s crazy.

    44. King WW

      New information I have surfaced about call me Carson situation

    45. Oxide Paintball

      thats why you should get a gun

    46. Hydra Salesman

      Glad to know there's so much support for the UK scene. I'll just stick with pyro for now.

    47. J

      "never heard a gunshot before" wym bro you play cod everyday

      1. joshua holmes

        J gunshots in a game are different than in real life. You fire a shotgun in real life it’s a hell of a lot louder than in a game. You want to know what a shotgun sounds like in real life turn your tv up to max volume and shoot a shotgun with no suppressor in a game, then you’ll be close to a real life shotgun.

    48. Life of Bachs

      This comment is about what you said at the 4:30ish mark. If their own website for their content was doing good like you claim it was (you don’t know shit about their business) they would of never came back to HUfast don’t you think... Dummy

    49. Kappa Kappa

      Buckshot. Fucking buckshot. If anyone of those dudes got shot, they would be a goner.

    50. FuckSpanos

      Bro Nelk tweets just like how they talk and it’s so easy to picture them saying it 😂

    51. Daniel E

      this is why i have guns in my house lmao

    52. Ethan Dixon

      Finally H3H3 gets called out! He's been getting on my nerves.

    53. kaleb klawitter

      Genie: you've got three wishes, choose wisely Me: give the current CEO of HUfast taste buds in her ass and make HUfast actually good again

    54. chonk man

      nelk fucking deserved that its not funny when people are trying to learn and he just barges in thinking its hilarious

    55. qopoy dnon

      Seeing Muta in a Scarce video is like as if Christmas came early

    56. A Username

      It’s confirmed yt is shagging Suzy

    57. Marino van der Zalm

      I find it so funny that people are criticizing youtube so fucking hard while youtube really gave them a platform to do their shit on. Yes youtube is limiting the capabilities time and time again, but they're still giving you a platform as long as you follow their guidelines. The suzy lu situation is sketchy, i agree, but for real... most of the people that grew big through youtube probably wouldnt have been where they are now.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Imagine you're breaking into a house and you're tryna find someone and then you hear the clicking of cherry MX blues going off in the gaming room as he's tweeting

    58. Charmy Charmander

      Someone at youtube is simpin over Suzy lu right now

    59. Emil Lybech

      i understand why youtube took down NELK's video, and i think i should've stayed down.

    60. alex

      am i missing something or is NELK getting flamed by youtube for interrupting legititmate education and are complaining? i dont watch them and im too lazy to research it

    61. Tino r

      This dude doesn’t understand how much money jeff bezos has..... and well ethan just donated like 100k so jokes on you

      1. The Paulerbear

        @Tino r I agree

      2. Tino r

        jeff has too much money

      3. Tino r

        @The Paulerbear ya true but i feel like its still missing the point

      4. The Paulerbear

        Yeah but ethan is an ass

    62. Jordan Greene

      no cap I can see why youtube are deleting these zoom videos some people are trying to get a degree and spend thousands of dollars on classes...I like the nelk boys and would personally be happy if they popped up on my class zoom but there should be consequences for doing it.

    63. Mike Reaper

      Lmao these faze clan guy's are so full of shit it's a joke, one rubber round you can buy at the dollar store, almost as bad as those two kids that said chiropractic heals cancer..

      1. The Paulerbear

        Bruh Le bruh

    64. Flustered Weasel

      Man needa get guns to protect himself

    65. Locke

      Kavos is a old man he needs to legit shut up. He has such a negative rake on EVERYTHING on the internet. Like actually who ever cares at this point. He always has something to say,i dont know when his opinion mattered but jesus christ he needs to shut up.


      Having to hide away defenseless is why I thank God i'm a gun owner. Takes an eternity for cops to get to you when seconds matter.

    67. james prince

      lmao so nelk can go online with teachers, mess with them and waste their time but as soon as youtube messes with them they sit on twitter and cry like huge babies. What a fucking joke, the video should stay down.

    68. basically speb

      i am a simple man. i see muta. i click

    69. karim

      why in the heck do people join zoom classes uninvited. teachers are trying their best to get as much done for their students right now. have you seen t_w-o)m&a'd and what happened to the students and the teachers he harrassed? nobody should be pissed off that their attempt to ruin peoples already declining jobs has been silenced. for all those who defend with "its just a joke" its most definitely not and real money bets are involved now. there have been reports of doxxed teachers as well. just stop. i know that scarce cant share his opinion or emotion because he is the news, but that doesnt mean i cant. thank you for your time and have a good day :)

    70. Србенда

      I bet the two brothers in FaZe would’ve felt much safer with a gun in the house.

    71. FacePunchSammich

      Ethan’s a Jew so the fact he donated to a charity at all is astonishing...dudes a shekel goblin.

      1. FacePunchSammich

        The PaulerBear. Joke...

      2. The Paulerbear


    72. RaYze dark

      honestly, ive never liked H3H3, i really tried to like him, i really did. I just dont like him

    73. Nutritional Memes

      Imagine you're breaking into a house and you're tryna find someone and then you hear the clicking of cherry MX blues going off in the gaming room as he's tweeting

    74. Ice Trey

      As a fan of the UK HUfast scene, this is kinda sad. All these people make me feel joy and happiness, so for stuff like this to happen, I feel conflicted and I don’t even know any of them personally lmao

    75. AcidGlow

      *H3 certainly has changed over the years..* ✅🙄

    76. sleepinguntilspring

      ImAllex is a rat

    77. SkottoAnimations

      Muta is the realest HUfastr

    78. frozenwintershitty Amoba

      sucks that faze agony had to go through so much..... agony

    79. RaginPlayer

      People always have stuff to complain and bash the people in danger whatt

    80. lol

      AHAHAHHAHA BUT LEAFY IS B A C K YOU THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD but it is not the case you see, leafy was unbeatable in 2016 until he wasnt idubbbz came. The reason idubbbz won is beacause he called out leafy in a right way. Leafy was punching down on his targers... and noone liked that. Idubbbz was the underdog and he won leafy was no more. but fate wanted to bring idubbbz down. Ever since leafy has fallen youtube wanted a type of content that leafy used to make but youtube was different now. But then leafy came back. the hype for that was real.Combine that with simp meme and april fools and the want for edgy content and there you have it. the winning plan leafy was now the underdog and idubbbz beacame what he hated the most he was punching down on a 15 year old kid and so leafy won the gravity of the universe, fate itself wouldnt have allowed leafy to win. Which is why when leafy returns he has to use the power outside of gravity and fate (word cuck)

    81. Alex Manuel Tovar

      Shell on his staircase but no proof or evidence that they shot inside

    82. Mr pleb

      If he has internet he does have contact for the police, but I understand his freak out.

    83. StereoTypical Asian

      Imagine flaming someone who could have died from a shooting

    84. DecafDankDoge

      imagine ruining people education and complaining because 1 video of ruining someone's education got removed also twomads version is more funny

    85. Hyena Hammock

      I just hate people who's house is broken into, they're just the worst

    86. Noah Evans

      NELK has no reason to be pissed tbh Zoom is being used to try and help during this whole crisis going on. Those pranks are just disrupting anytime allotted to the class. I'm annoyed with it I've had 3 people prank my zoom class already when I'm trying to become an journeyman. It's annoying and stupid.

    87. murder of kings 6218

      I came for muda

    88. SwaeLee

      we need leafy back

    89. Trash Vids By Alex

      We can’t joke on yt anymore Jacksfilms community: :|

    90. James West

      I still think tweeting is fucking bizarre. No phone so can’t call police - fair enough. But opting to just sit at the computer and tweet? I just don’t get it.

    91. Luke Bobcatt

      imagine having someone break into your house and possibly kill your brother so your first response is to tweet about it

    92. chariot

      I’m glad daddy muta is getting more recognition as one of the realest HUfastrs out there.

    93. Marmor007

      Daddy musa on news

    94. dutoiu hour

      Scarce is the type of guy who pours the milk first before the cereal

    95. Blueafarian

      Who the fuck gets broken into and gets on the computer..... this isn’t Scream or Final Destination 😂😂😂

    96. Blueafarian

      How did the police come and not take the shot gun shell..... my nigga I live in a pretty dangerous place, I’ve seen and been in a few police investigations and you’re doing everything they DONT do, then you went around touching shit and fucking up more evidence... 😂😂😂 he’s fucking lying dude.. we aren’t stupid. Watch the wannabes hop up with their “traumatic experiences” 😂😂

      1. dutoiu hour

        So that is why Zoom gave professors the option to have a password for the class sessions, well for security. My professor told the class that everyone had to enter the sessio

    97. ugly bunny

      ImAllexx is a douchebag in general. Idk why people still support him.

    98. Nah Bro

      HUfast is ruining their own website

    99. Nah Bro

      Ah yes, I'm getting robbed. Let me use my computer and tweet :)

    100. blop bloop

      I remember when h3h3 raised 100,000 on the podcast to victims in a hurricane but maybe no one will talk about that