YouTuber Might QUIT Over THIS... Jenna Marbles, Ninja, Tfue, Twitch, Blaire White


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    1. Q X


    2. krispy cheese123

      found it funny that he didn't mention phi lion


      Jenna...very responsible an respectful!👍

    4. Magwaknife

      CNBC are boomers I swear

    5. pocoboba

      If people are mad at black face are we allowed to also be mad at the white chicks movie Either everything is ok or nothing is ok

    6. Kimchi

      Shake your King Kong ding dong is honestly fucking hilarious

    7. JayBird G

      The past is the past. Look towards the future. Just saying!

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      Pathetic. So now these sjw people are digging way back into people's lives to find any little thing that could be considered "offensive" and now using that to ruin their lives!! Wtf is this! If I said a racist joke in the past I WILL NOT make an apology! 👎😡

    9. deathking 4119

      Ok found this finally talking about the mini Ladd situation. I feel the miniladd situation shouldn't have been briefed over and should've been in the title because that is a huge story. Only reason it's not very much out there is because of big news channles like you not talking about it. I think it should've been discussed more because that is a serious allegation. Actually not even allegation because he did it. Idk but I just found this story today. Very upset because I've been a fan for years and just sickening.

    10. Shiruo Gaming TV

      All these nukes going around with streamers and youtubers is a gold mine for Scarce 😂👍🏼 good job buddy you make quality videos I am not joking 💪🏻

    11. amy joy

      set a karen to catch a ninja...cnbc, oh, my

    12. Floodster

      the entire world just cant take a joke apparently

    13. Solomon Gorringe

      People gotta remember political correctness is a reasonably new thing. What was bad but not particularly shunned apon is now inexcusable. People got softer and complained more in recent years. Many people adapted to that change, don't judge them from previous actions

    14. Bree Kat

      WHY ISN'T CRYAOTIC BANNED/CANCELED (coming from a prior fan btw)

    15. D P

      Everyone who supported Jenna can and will be called a racist. That's sadly just how it is right now. What can you do about it? nothing for now.

    16. egg eyes

      Maybe the boomers were right, we are getting soft smh

    17. OnlyAdam

      4:33 "He goes by the name of ninja , obviously that isnt his real name bu no one knows what that is" Im hoping that by analyst they mean for the value of twitch and not someone claiming they know everything about the streaming scene

    18. BoostedEfSi

      This world is too full of sensitive offended cry babies.

    19. ROBLOXBRUH876 Sub pls

      The first one wtf some soft hearted people

    20. Mr. AwesomePants

      Who cares about stuff someone did such a long time ago. Obviously she is sorry, and she apologized, she obviously changed. Whoever tried to cancel her need to learn they are not mad at her but are mad at who she was and they need to forgive and forget things they did not even know existed until years after it happened.

    21. banana joe

      When he was talking about cancelation when someone does something in the past and repents now matter how big or small it was you have already caused the damage to others like you kill someone 10 yrs ago and you apoligize you will still be seen as a killer

    22. Shlackslamer 123

      It's like this, youtube rewind 2018 was bad. But does it represent what youtube will be, or what it is. No it doesn't. (Even tho in rewinds case it probably will be the same)

    23. F3arl3ss

      Love how people are fucking snowflakes

    24. Daily Wern

      At the end of the day, I think the greater human race doesn't really care about the same shit that cancel culture champions are pushing at.

    25. Micquan Dawson

      I’m weird because I don’t know who the fuck people are xD even though they have 10 millions subscribers from HUfast

      1. Remember me!!!

        Me to

    26. Daniel Del Aguaro

      Oh don't worry. A stunt that HUfastrs do when she runs outta money she'll come back magically and get a shit ton of money. watch

      1. Magali Mizuki


    27. Gav2n

      miniladd finally tried to use his mini lad on some mini lasses


      I bet I’d you seen the people who are always trying to cancel others, they’re little scrawny punks, fatasses, low lives and the biggest cowards on the planet. I’d love to meet some of them face to face. That would be an awesome first HUfast video.

    29. Carlos wfyb

      4:46 " but nobody knows his real name" lmaoo why she covering stuff she doesnt know

    30. eMagin_ kamikaze

      I died when heard his voice😂😂😭

    31. vArsa

      Seeing all these chicks on twitter calling sexual abuse just because they didn't get over a relationship is concerning. What has the world come to

    32. scum

      Love how scarce gets straight into the video

    33. Angry Bird

      as a mini ladd fan who's grown-up with his content I'm genuinely at my lowest hearing this..

    34. Sakata Gintoki

      People who calls out youtubers because of what they did in the past.. Hmm.. i think those people who do that eats too much salt to the point that it affect their brain.. to the rest of the people, too much salt can affect peoples brain

    35. Junior

      Tfue is on PDs fight me

      1. Remember me!!!

        If PD means pure determination there is no reason to fight.

    36. FIInt

      Mini lads story is so heart breaking. Like I am hurt I was following for years. I don’t know what to say I’m just hurt.😞

    37. Zion

      Scarce when he mentions a single person: I’m pretty sure you guys know them Me: i really don’t

    38. MxrshmallowFluffy

      Dear K-Pop Twitter If y'all are gonna cancel people for their past mistakes, go and cancel people like RM, Chen, Mamamoo, RM said the N word once in a live performance, Chen and Mamamoo did blackface ... Oh, what's that? You don't want to? It's all in the past, and they apologized? Then why the fxck are all of you canceling Jenna Marbles for the shit she said in the past? The fxck made Jenna more cancel worthy than those three? the fact that Jenna isn't Korean but RM is? The fact that Chen is a guy and Jenna is a girl? The fact that BTS and Mamamoo are very influential and Jenna is irrelevant now? Seriously, either cancel everyone equally, or just move on from the past and accept change within a person Sincerely, The rest of the fandom

    39. TheTabzx

      People just like having something to bitch about these days.

    40. shad0w

      i thought i would mention this but i find it funny anytime i say a sware in a chat it has to be checked by mods

    41. Leo rivaje

      Ninjas first name is tyler lmfaoooo been known since he was a halo player

    42. Yurei

      This world is becoming toxic every year. smh.

    43. TheFrozen Zombie

      What Do you mean with QUIT and have pewds in the titel?

    44. Lofibounds

      Cancel culture is either a bunch of 9 year olds or a bunch 50-60 year olds.

    45. OnlyUseMeEquip

      stop apologising for offending people

    46. Ciri Gaming

      Was it really blackface or was she just portraying those white girls who are overly tanned on one video and just a parody video of Nicki Minaj? I think it is more likely an impersonation than blackface? Well, Two black dudes before wore prosthetics to look white teenage girls on a movie and yet people did not cancel them for whiteface and catfishing. Robert Downey Jr. also portrayed a black character on one of his movies but he did not get canceled as well.

    47. Inevitable

      Wow Jenna looks like straight trailer trash without makeup. Women these days are fake, and false advertisment.

    48. its pizza time

      does it just..not cross their minds that she has changed so much that looking back at her old content feels like you're watching a completely different person? i mean..maybe instead of tearing someone down who has evolved so much as a person their old self is unrecognizable, why don't we just a appreciate the fact that she's come an EXTREMELY long way. i know that doesn't justify what she said, but seriously, you can't just find that by chance. you need to literally dig around for old content, OLDER THAN 3-5 YEARS you can't sit here and tell me that you can remember when somebody said something offensive like x amount of years ago, but not remember when your friends birthday is? i'd much rather you be somebody who thinks a mental illness is a personality trait than some drama hungry Twitter/Tumblr stan.

    49. Bantxc

      Ok but anyone notice at 4:47 she said nobody knows what ninjas name is........ like wHaT

    50. MightyDuck 145

      "id be cancelled so fucking hard if you heard me on halo 3" LMFAOOOO

    51. MsNazul

      WAAAAS chingchongdingdong is rassistisch?!?!?! pahahaha alter schwede ich glaube die welt geht zugrunde....

    52. exzisd

      I think Jenna is one of the best creators on the entire website. I watched and laughed at her what girls do and what guys do videos years ago and probably still would. Culture has changed and people changed. People need to stop rummaging through people's past to to cancel them or at in the very least consider how long ago things were done and if people have changed. Also Jenna had her videos privated for so long. Part of me feels like Jenna is very honest and wholesome but also needs to take a break and would rather cancel herself like she said than be cancelled forever. I think she probably has enough money to invest and not do youtube anymore but I really have enjoyed her videos since she started. I didn't watch every week but I would always pop in once a month or so and check what was going on with Jenna & Julien, (previously boy friend Max No Sleeves), Peachy Kermit, Marbles, and always found a bit of relief in their content. It always seemed like they were just having a blast but also working so hard together and making fun content. I really hope she comes back and hope in someway this starts a debate about how toxic cancel culture is and where people need to draw the line. Making it as an artist, a business owner, and a HUfast creator is already tremendously hard to do to begin with without a lot of hard work, connections, and some luck. Jenna is probably one of the most classic HUfastrs who has always grown since their beginnings and changed with the culture and times individually and through their content. I look at creators like Phil Defranco who originally started making comedy videos that basically sounded like a Chad Bro version of Dane Cook and over the decade evolve into one of the news sources I trust more than anywhere else online for the least biased information possible. There's a few other legacy HUfastrs but Jenna & Phil are in a league of their own and Jenna brought so much joy to me personally and i'm sure even more so her diehard fans. In either case I hope Jenna is ok and really don't think she is faking it at all when she expresses her apology that wasn't even asked for. Hopefully she will return to the platform and enjoy some well deserved time off. I know so many of her fans will be devastated and probably start to attack cancel culture as a reaction of creators cancelling themselves. There are some creator who have been cancelled so many times like Pewdiepie that they are essentially cancel proof. Then you have so many others who were unjustly cancelled by angry online mobs because they read a headline and wanted to feel like they were part of something and having some sense of power to ruin someones live. It's sad. I just think cancellations hurt platforms beyond HUfast and into Twitch, Twitter, and beyond. People should be able to be free to express themselves and people should have the right to watch or not watch. I just want cancel culture to be cancelled.

    53. Regis Viewing Channel

      Let's go Hassan is gonna get me too I cant wait to know more

    54. MeanMac

      The lady in the Ninja news clip obviously doesn't know how to research

    55. The Nobody Meme is Shit


    56. Luchian Alin

      Tfue and his steroids cycle

    57. Sergio

      if everyone on this planet were an influencer, everyone could be held accountable for some shit they said sometime in the past. EVERYONE.

    58. Smashy Rashy


    59. Smashy Rashy

      Cancel hassan wtf

    60. matafact

      Im Asian and I’m not offended she said Ching Chong Wing Wong. I got my own life to worry about lol.

    61. ImShyTheBoi

      If i remember before 2018 the racist japanese word is not even that offensive to use asians :/

    62. Jonas

      People are so dumb like the past is the past and every ten year old just trying to cancel people

    63. GutSlayer

      Why did HUfast send me a notification saying this was just uploaded but it was uploaded 6 days ago like what!?!?

    64. Gary Rochester

      4:46 nobody knows what it is? tf?

    65. borderline_Genius

      I don't think it's a culture, it's a phase ....

    66. Yeetboi 24

      Why did this vid got recommended?

    67. Barbara von Bärbel

      People will cancel past movies because it wasn't about feminism, lgbtq etc. Can you imagine there are still movies about heterosexual relationships? REEEEEEE The main characters aren't strong women, trans and or black?! CANCELLLLLLL

    68. Sage M , A dude with a bucket!

      *The universe is cancelled*

    69. Happy Stalker

      "the massive fortnite HUfastr lazar beam" damn now he's considered a fortnite HUfastr 😔 Feels bad

    70. Strongisland926

      This world is too soft

    71. synth -_-

      Ffs stop getting offended by anything 🤦‍♂ Btw ive never watched a jenna marbles vid b4

    72. 4 Head

      Racism is in the intent not in the perception of the other person You cant be racist if you are not trying to it dosnt matter what others react or perceive it as.

    73. jonahoneal22 l

      Comedy is comedy they are jokes get over yourself your not special

    74. BoiMeme

      4:46 is it that hard to google it?

    75. ChromonoGator

      I get why miniladd did those things years before you can tell he was still about 20+ years old not 25+ years old. Because of this you’re are not fully developed and grown out of puberty until you’re 25 years old according to studies.

    76. ChromonoGator

      If you haven’t notice people that are apart of cancel culture are jealous of those people who were successful for doing things for entertainment,fun or even doing things that some people are afraid,embarrassed,etc. but those who were brave enough to do this things are being targeted just because of envy. And this why humanity has already fallen.

    77. Yovanni Bruh

      News: There someone named ninja and nobody knows his real name Me: tyler bl- News: no illegal, copyright, racist

    78. Lexvantez

      I mean if the channels just keep posting videos, snowflakes will start getting tired and stop trying🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    79. GoldFish

      @Scarce how the fuck do u have 3G

    80. David Lazzeri

      so shouldn't that streamer Vio or w/e her name is be banned also for saying she was in a toxic relationship with that Hassan guy and it was toxic on both sides

    81. theisgood0

      Facebook gaming ahahhahahaha

    82. Bleak Antiquity

      PC cancel culture doesn't help anyone

    83. oledilep

      you can't cancel something from a decade ago, do these people have nothign better to do than bully people? poor jenna

    84. kev kev

      I honestly couldn’t care less

    85. Feels Bad

      I met one person who tried to cancel my friend and i tell you he wasnt the brightest tool in the shed. He lacked logical thought and only dictate his decision through his emotion.

    86. airsolidmetal _

      Why cant this world take jokes anymore....

    87. This my trash account

      But did you guys hear that Robert Downey Jr. did blackface in Tropic Thunder?

    88. not egoose

      doctor disrespect got permanently banned right?..

    89. LeipeLampenGames

      Let’s ban big streamers for allegations. A female can litteraly make up a sexual assault allegations and ruin a man’s life smh...

    90. tuffstufforeo

      people saying “cancel culture needs to stop” “especially if it was a decade ago” yet y’all still pointing fingers at shane, he made a mistake a decade ago and he’s learned and now y’all hitting him with culture cancel 🥺

    91. Ian Close

      For fs does no one have any skin left? Do you and your friends not make jokes and no matter how racist or offensive it can be (Dave Chappelle comedy is a great example) like wtf it shouldnt matter regardless. Id support a creator who stood up for themselves and said "hey it happened, sticks and stones, i dont believe in the things i said, its entertainment"

    92. Xsion IvyRen

      Its almost like you are not allowed to make mistakes anymore... If you do then you are done. Well this only apply to white people ofc. Also time to make allegations against Alinity to get her perma banned

    93. theisgood0

      Yeah he clearly did some roids

    94. theisgood0

      I miss HUfast from 2007 Auh those were the days.

    95. Deitrich Davis

      How the was here Intentions pure and she was wearing black face

    96. Deitrich Davis

      Funny there all white

    97. Blook

      Jenna's Apology had to be one of the bests one i have ever heard. Jenna is such a wonderful person, who genuinely cares about her fans, and even talks to them normally. People make mistakes, and can FIX them. What she said was racist, but is she saying that shit now? is she still doing bad stuff? No! Shes not! People calling others "terrible people" like its a normal word to throw around. You wanna know who you SHOULD be canceling? Shane dawson and Jeffree star, Now those are not some great people.

    98. Th01n3d

      Kinda confused. The girlfriend of the account manager on twitch was a victim? How. I thought her boyfriend was giving her special treatment. Also. I swear all these special snowflakes have never seen a filthy Frank video. If they did, the channel would be cancelled to hell and back.

    99. scarab

      first youtuber apology i’ve seen that wasn’t bad

    100. XJust another person X

      So if dr disrespect didn't get perma ban because of allegations or breach in contract, what was it🤔