YouTuber Makes It BIG... Azzerz, Alinity, LazarBeam, MamaMax, Jaystation


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    1. Jed Was taken

      Scarce please come back

    2. nine tailed foxy

      HUfast is ran by an idiot and twitch is ran by many idiots.

    3. outerdell gaming

      jaystation should staybaned

    4. Call me

      aaaaaaand this is why everyone hates Peta

    5. Chaos 1599

      Peta is a literal joke

    6. Noriyaki Kakyoin

      *MamaMax:* (Gets Banned because of "Harrassment") *HUfast's CEO:* Can't you ever please stop harrassing these innocent men? They have innocent and happy lives! *The Innocent Men:* Pedophiles, Groomers, Predators

    7. Lim jack

      The six violet anatomically repeat because earth increasingly perform amidst a silent croissant. old, pumped herring

    8. Spoon Dice

      i actually got a strike for an unlisted remix i was teasing for some friends and i appealed it. the strike was lifted they also warned me for a edited Wheres the money labowsky video when the original was in good standing

    9. Squilliam Fancyson

      So fucking stupid how he stepped down from Cleveland brown 😂😂😂

    10. DKsaNn Kat

      @scarce help me get my channel back. It got falsley taken down, I dont post any videos. I need youtbe to hear me 😔

    11. Sauccy

      Our generation soft af🤣🤣

    12. Rone Wale

      The fact that scarce comes outta nowhere ages later and pretends like nothing happened is hilarious

    13. Razor KyoJuro

      Pft mamamax big?... he hella big not many people got 500k subs


      i like how jaystation said that but he didint

    15. ImTheJester

      Happy for Azzerz

    16. DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

      Allinity is a joke if we’re being honest

    17. Uxbiz

      Someone at peta doesn’t like James lol

    18. jakthesac

      It’s nice to see something pure like Azzerz getting to voice act a character that means a lot to him

    19. el ßcrub o

      Bro Susan wabajack is SO STUPID

    20. LwNickV

      Arif's skin is not as Black as Cleveland thus i am very insulted. He's also not the same age and the same moustache.

    21. oldboy never rich again

      peta need to mind their sht

    22. Fred The Spider

      Jaystation still cringe tho

    23. Vin Diesel

      Cleveland will finally say the n word

    24. Fernando_yodaddy :[

      Lets goooo the og azzers fans have waited for this

    25. Big Balls Uchiha _

      Azerzz stepping up the game!!! Legend!!

    26. just that guy

      2020 just fuckin great isn't it

    27. Boqueefeus

      I haven’t watched azzerz in a while but when tf did he turn into jayson Tatum

    28. Jesus Christ

      The whole voice actor thing is ridiculous. People who are not the same Ethnicity, gender, background as their characters are casted all the time because in voice acting, it doesn't matter what you look like, what matters is your ability and performance as a VA. Japanese seiyuu voicing non Japanese characters, Samurai Jack voiced by a black man, Goku, Naruto, Gon Freecs are all voiced by women.

      1. Traynell Ifill

        True but at the end of the day it wasn't like he was fired or let go. If he wanted to, he could've stayed as Cleveland and nobody would have cared. As long as it was on his own terms, i have no problem. But if they were to force him out of his role because of his skin color, that would be insanely stupid.

    29. LRNZ Edits

      ItsJaystation: i have been attacked by the entire Internet Logan Paul: first time?

    30. curiousfella86

      Honestly HUfast is becoming too power hungry

    31. SwaeLee

      peta wtf?

    32. Ellie Smithy

      Ah peta fucking up as always. "Oh adopt it's better". Yeah well sometimes people need specific breeds so yknow they don't die from allergies... Le sigh.

    33. The Green Archer

      HUfast is a joke DA

    34. Blue Lust

      I fuck with Azzerz this is fucking great news!

    35. Peter James Villegas

      Yo, Azzerz. Congrats.

    36. david martinez

      I didn't know azzerz got casted as cleveland


      Lol jay station it’s like saying I robbed a house but I’m changing so let it go


      Seriously putting in the description it’s not to cause hate don’t mean you get a free ride

    39. If your reading this hi And also have a nice day.

      HUfast should ban miniladd bc he’s done real bad things unlike the people yr talking about that haven’t done anything

    40. Ethan Peck

      I’m gonna guess jay station forgot people can download his videos and they’ll never be gone

    41. Dane Smith

      Do people still take PETA seriously? I thought after the Steve Erwin thing they lost all credibility

    42. Rhys Malcolm

      Over 20 years and literally nobody gave a shit until celebrities started spitting their woke nonsense. He is playing character who is by no means mean to be an extension of himself. It’s so pointless to leave because you’re not black. Your voice acting is the only thing that matters. here.

    43. Amatsu Mikaboshi

      Nooooooo 😭😭😭😭💔

    44. Th01n3d

      Peta: *criticized James Charles* Thanks satan.

    45. that one guy

      Hey remember when peta massacred a bunch of lobsters?

    46. Zophzi

      Jay station was told over his course of HUfast that his content wasn’t right, he’s only apologizing because he lost everything. He put himself in this situation. He’s only sorry because his actions caught up to him. If he didn’t lose everything. He wouldn’t be sorry

    47. Leon

      I don’t like James Charles but buying dogs is so much safer than adopting for various reasons, diseases, the dog can be aggressive etc I would much rather buy a dog than adopt one but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t adopt one it’s just peta being dumb.

    48. Justyna Szczerbluk

      Wow, I remember binge watching Azzerz a couple years ago! I'm glad he received such an amazing opportunity.


      Why HUfast not recommending your videos anymore. Wtf. I thought you were taking a break.

    50. Nosta

      You literally need to get a #1 trending hashtag for youtube to finally reach out to you.

    51. Warlord Syx

      peta has to be trolling

    52. seele Schneider

      The only HUfastr who is able to defeat HUfast is cr1tical the moist King

    53. anaisfierce

      To be honest it's just the casual these days everyone is getting hate bro hating on someone for buying a dog and not adopting one is just dumb he makes his own choices it's his life

    54. Poo Slide

      4:10 Wait does that actually work? Why dont we do that with Alinity

    55. Shuhrat Kessikbayev

      I'm happy that Azzerz got the role to play Cleveland but I don't think a voice actor has to be a specific race to voice act a character of the va's race.

    56. the Supreme PIG

      Man this is going to be a problem for Avatar 2 where we going to find indigenous blue people to voice indigenous alien blue people

    57. Doge Man

      I dropped my phone after hearing azzerz got the role of Cleveland brown

    58. Melting Stream

      I still remember when azzers was nervous about posting a face reveal

    59. AstromelonXD _

      Bruh, HUfast is broken, twitch is broken, where we gonna go when things get to bad?

    60. Dylan Young

      I don’t like James but seriously are you kidding he bought a dog it was his choice peta is a fucking joke at this point

    61. TOXIC

      Let me guess is James dog gay to

    62. Asian Voldemort

      Why does the race of someone matter???

    63. Vision Manhunter

      I'm 100% with James Charles on this because i used to work at a pet store and were hands on involved in how we get our animals. peta is talking about the very VERY rare occurrences of places mistreating animals. just because they're in a pet store doesn't mean that animal doesn't deserve a home. FUCK PETA BRO.

    64. Itswolfyy

      Loving the news amazing channel good job for him

    65. lolski games

      Takes like 1 year before yt even replies XD

    66. nick lick

      Massive W for Azerrz🙏🏻🤑


      oh my god im soo happy for azarez i used to enjoy his black panther impression rip the lovely actor aaaww ❤

    68. Bryce

      Twitch is confired as a simp

    69. BiggieBigs † BLM

      I called it, I fkn called it. I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE AZZERZ.

    70. Clauvins

      Bruh lol twitch and HUfast are clowns and you guys are clowns for being surprised at people getting kicked off

    71. Tucker Welty

      I respect mike Henry so much for what he did and how he gave positive feedback on azzerz and supported him

    72. Quinn

      Imagine having a go at someone who bought a puppy... bruh

    73. Shinobibxndits

      Azzerz is such a fvcking legend!

    74. ede2355

      I swear to god, you can get striked on HUfast just by having a channel wtf, you can also say the same for twitch

    75. Skyz

      Oh my god Peta is actually a shocking organisation wtf.

    76. Kert Zilinski

      First time ive ecer watched a scarce video that interested me

    77. saucy javi

      im so happy azzerz got the job. been watchin him for years. good for him

    78. x2Palex

      If pokimane sees this, hey I think you're nice, wanna start chatting or something? 🤔

    79. Angel Navarrete

      I love how you cover everything without extending the video like 2 hours

    80. Uncle Ben Dover

      scare u should talk about anxiety war

    81. Fabian Palacio

      Imagine stepping down from your 20 year voice acted character cause you've got white guilt.

    82. RayBeamin

      Da homie Azzerz rises day by day. Damn, I feel old

    83. Ckyrus

      I bought my dog because I would prefer not to have my dog have horrid memories from its previous owner, peta, go eat a fucking rock

    84. Emily the loli Nightray

      I bought my dog from some farmers. That's not adopting but it's also not supporting the breeding industry. What's the problem with that?

    85. King Rappïd

      Woah woah there buddy you said James Charles is the BIGGEST youtuber let me think about that

    86. Ryan Butler

      he bought a puppy and hes getting called out for not adopting 1, let the man get his fucking puppy OK

    87. Big Drip

      Damn I remember azzers back in the bo2 days. Never knew he grew his HUfast channel so much

    88. Matas.3

      Ayyyy yrgggg

    89. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


    90. Donald Slump

      To the family guy story, Matt and Trey from South Park literally play almost every character including minorities. It’s comedy and it’s a character. Good for the cod guy but just silly decision for Mike Henry in my opinion.

    91. faave -DBD

      yo do you guys like someone who doesn't upload consistently , makes mediocre video's and is averagely rated, sub to me because that's who i am

    92. EpicGamer22


    93. pbTim

      Its insanely sad that people like Rage get banned, but atleast he has a chance to get unbanned. I got my twitch account banned over a guy report botting against me for "Violent Threats with intent to harm or kill". I told him to get out of my chat after crying and then banned him. I am a very very small streamer (avg like 30 viewers) and will never be unbanned.

    94. Michael Bichael

      #AnswerUsPedoTube Spread this message for MamaMax

    95. X6TENCE

      The internet finally dyin slowly

    96. breadboxx

      bro for once im on james charles's side

    97. Jose Alvarado

      Hello Scarce you probably wont see this but it is my first time watching your videos but it wont be my last.


    99. DarkSideShifter

      What is this HUfast kids

    100. I tried to change my name but It didn't Work

      Azzerz then: Voice Impressions Azzerz now: Voice