YouTuber is Scared for Her Life... Jake Paul, MrBeast, Sweet Anita, DrDisrespect


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    1. Darth Universe

      why does she go pop wink? its kinda funny

    2. Samurai Jack


    3. Thank you egg, Very cool.


    4. Theboismell

      she needs a gun geeez

    5. 420e

    6. D J

      Why do people like jake paul and logan paul? Seriously why?

    7. Alis Teration

      I found the cure to COVID-19. All u have to do is not like Jake Paul and you will be cured

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      I'm a couple of vids behind, I wonder if we have found out what happened to the doc

    9. Anti

      bruh wtf she cute asf why woudl that bum wanna harm her

    10. GoMiko

      Fredo one was a real curb meme.

    11. Kurapika

      Damn I wish I was good looking enough to get stalked 😂

    12. Daniel Rivera Camacho

      the first one is her fault didnt lock the doors cory was right g

    13. nugh3t

    14. Spencer Thompson

      Lincoln Liincom

    15. sherlockwatson101

      Jake Paul is one of the most despicable human beings - in all honesty, it’s actually really fucking sad how he’s so young and soooo unbelievably awful

    16. Vick Chiang

      He deleted the apology video btw 8:30

    17. Saint Michael’s Arch Angel

      Thank god for the right to bare arms here in the US, here the guy probably would have been pumped full of holes by a bystander when he physically assaulted her, time to get your shit straight United Kingdom

    18. LiterallyTheOnlyMichaelMain

      Jake Paul? More like Gay-Paul

    19. Sucky Ducky

      So the tier 3 sub stories are real...

    20. Relapse

      Get a gun

    21. SoloCreed X

      I'm curious. scarce how long does it take you to make a video

    22. G1G3L

      New York City: "We're going phase 3 of reopening the city!" *a wild Prettyboyfredo shows up with covid and no mask* New York City: "Nevermind! Back to square 1"

    23. Mchael Lima

      People actually want the cops to do their jobs in the US? That's new. Don't worry, liberals will set him free in a week

    24. I’m Odiid

      1:07 did she just wink or am I crazy

    25. Jordzyi1

      I’m glad these people got coronavirus, that’s what they get for not listening.

    26. illuminae __

      why does she keep making the pop sound

    27. Von is lazy

      Why is jake paul still a thing

    28. cannedbread

      bro America is like a roller coaster that never seems to go down for covid. People are dumb.

    29. Shreyas Joshi

      arrest jake already

    30. Bishwajeet Roy

      What about mrbeast

    31. Eh Meh Smeh

      But scarce why block the stalkers name?

    32. You're gay Daily anime

      you're kinda like a scuffed drama alert

    33. Ilias Mandalios

      Why u blur his name just let us deal with him

    34. Elizabeth Pavey

      The unfortunate thing about the police here in the UK is that because of underfunding, the majority of the time all they can do is log a report. Unless there is undeniable evidence there is often not much they can do. It's quite sad tbh

    35. rattle me bones

      This whole stalker thing is why guns should be legal in different countries other than the us, Canada and maybe some other countries.

    36. Rin

      Funny how Logan became responsible/mature and Jake went more/deeper into a child

    37. amy joy

      if local law enforcement won't protect streamers because they don't understand the industry, we should use social media to start a fund to be used by streamers/youtubers for private security/bodyguards, during emergency situations like the *active stalking-and-harrassment events* being experienced by sweet anita.

    38. Anouk Surmenian

      I’m genuinely terrified for Sweet Anita 😰 I don’t know how police works at her place, in France we often have police who don’t care, so you usually have to go around different stations until you find someone who cares... but also, in many countries stalking is difficult to persecute legally so the police can’t do a lot.... until it’s too late of course.... I hope the police she is in contact with will actually do something... otherwise, have to scare the guy away by other means... In Japan, the police will tell the girl/woman to move out into a new place and not tell anyone for a while....

    39. Angel Santos

      Jake Paul is the reason why you shouldn't spoil idiots with money

    40. Power Stroke6.7

      That's funny no parties were your minding your own business. But it's ok if you go out with a mob vandalizing others property and stealing things. Some people are just so smart+

    41. Shsjs hssh

      Why is the first girl doing the poppin sound?

    42. Noble Duck

      Anita is a streamer not a HUfastr

    43. Alfie

      Hmmm. I haven’t seen sweet Anita in ages and it seems she’s managed to not have a Tourette’s anymore, apart from the odd “pop” sound, just for good measure. No harm but I call this bullshit years ago. “Oh poor me, pay attention to me” then watch as the thing that made everybody watch her disappears.

    44. KidNebulous

      Just got the notification 6 days later

    45. xKillerz6x

      you have shown no proof or anything lol show the court papers likle wtf? its got the name? all the satate,ments uve said ar eLIESSSSSSS lmfaoooooo

    46. SGT Salt5088

      I’m confused if he had COVID and he no longer had it then are people getting mad because he could have got it from someone else? Cause I’m not very educated but I’m pretty sure you don’t get COVID twice. You get it once and then if you are able to fight back with your anti bodies or whatever it’s called then your cured from it. That’s my take on it since last time I checked doctors are asking people who have survived from COVID to donate their blood soooooo educate me someone cause I’m confused as hell lol

    47. LosTsanity

      so many bots in this comment section. But anyway, i need all of you to know more than half of all confirmed coronavirus cases ARE FAKE and whats actually killing people is 5G, *CORONAVIRUS WAS MADE BY THE GOVERNMENT, AND WAS MAINLY CREATED FOR THE PURPOSE OF GETTING PEOPLE TO GET VACCINES*

      1. LosTsanity

        Also, the twitch elites banned dr. disrespect because he was talking about 5G conspiracy theories

    48. J Lepear

      *laughs in STAND YOUR GROUND law* oh brits although you have less gun killings your knifes make up for it.

    49. Keww

      Everything jeff bezos touches turns into shit, since they bought twitch, probably wage cages all the twitch staff like he does with amazon workers while paying them currency called "cumrags"

    50. Rogue A.I.

      This guy stalking Sweet Anita should burn in hell. And UK police wtf.

    51. p

      3 years without Chester Bennington

    52. BLOODYKILLER 389

      1:33 She winks..

    53. codafett

      It's good to know that the police can catch a guy whose threatening to kill someone and then just let him go.

    54. Shane Scott

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      1. Ken Coles


    55. ROBLOXBRUH876 Sub pls

      Why does she pop her lips everytime she's done talking like wtf

      1. Shellshocked Bros


    56. Rapportus5

      The UK cops are so impotent. She's lucky that two other men recognized what was going on and helped her out that one time. This shit leads to murder - suicides. 2 months in prison isn't gonna stop him - the only thing hes thinking about in there is HER.

    57. ellie

      The same issue anita is having, I'm having too atm, and i live in another fucking country. This is a worldwide issue, the law is not what it promises to be.

    58. Lil Komi vert

      Dude I don’t give a shit I’m trying to go sleep

    59. Patrick Riordan

      Leafy is officially more entertaining than h3h3

    60. Fancy DEER

      4:50 who cares what he does he can do what he wants just ignore it

    61. Connor Hudson

      If she doesn't already, she should get someone to live with her in her house until the stalker is dealt with, just in case.

    62. Golden

      I see my friend 7:35 he's an up and coming youtuber subscribe to his account Taharan Hodge he funny asl

    63. MultiFayzer

      Police still aint shit

    64. Lukas Sanchez

      This is why the second amendment exists

    65. EuphonicDreams

      I'm seriously fucking sick of insane fans stalking people. It's not okay and will never be okay, and I'll never understand how people will think it's okay to just show up and break into a streamer/celebrity's house. It's fucked up, and more needs to be done to prevent it.

    66. kris2pe yu

      Wait what's with her face twitching and winking? I don't get that?

    67. MAR10HD

      The mystique surrounding a twitch ban is astounding. Who cares? It's only remotely interesting if he was banned for something not in their terms.

    68. Sakonema

      7:23 I wonder why new yorkers get covid? Maybe they think too much for themselves. Oh ok. He's sorry, so all is good. Every parent of those kids will die, but he's sorry and not a robot. 9:45 So he is confirming that people affiliated with DrDisrespect are going to be banned from youtube.

    69. Castrofi

      *Basically keem that doesn’t waste ur time*

    70. Ralph

      She spoke like 1:50 seconds long without getting a tic is that an improvement?

    71. GOON Gaming

      Anita is being gang stalked I think..

    72. Xtra Saucie

      ALl I am saying is , if you were in America, you could have defended yourself wit a gun

    73. Jay omins

      OK Jake Paul and the peeps at that party are straight up stupid , people are freaking dying!😭😔

    74. Forrest Reigns

      Good idea for Anita: Voluntary bodyguards, with proper background checks and such, and a potential pay rate could dramatically increase her safety Edit: Hell im pretty sure simps would do it for free, but they would need psychiatric evaluations because I’m sure the stalker is a simp as well

    75. signerleo snyder

      i dont see prmble with any have pairty if non is sick then there not worn with geting toghter and what you do in your home is non bunienss you dont need were mask in you own home

    76. 1nk lol

      did you actually put 100gecs as the back round song

    77. Jacob Goaterupt

      This Fredo guy better not fuck up new York in general We can ditch NYC but the gov't normally groups us all together

    78. xKxrrupted

      I love summits comment at the end of the video that shit made me laugh so hard

    79. ThatBoiNamu

      People really wondering?! 😂

    80. UnPlugged Gaming

      Why not quit HUfast if she’s scared for her life? If I ate nothing but steaks and had a heart attack I’d stop eating steaks, see she made sure she did her makeup too

    81. death army 56

      Bro covid is just a joke

    82. ralts1x

      1. He gives an objective opinion 2. He is straightforward and has a really short intro 3.Doesn’t beg for likes or subs 4.Covers topics that I am genuinely interested in Do y’all agree?

    83. IlI Soul

      Why did she keep winking and popping her lips

    84. Rob-47

      wtf is Twitch doing haha ?

    85. Nixt

      Only in america can people be so stupid.

    86. Xalraroz

      6ix9ine probably knows why DrDisrespect got banned

    87. Unknown

      Well no wonder pretty boy Freddo got COVID-19

    88. Wasp

      Why does she make a pop sound every time she finishes a sentence.

    89. Heltic

      6:07 he says "GTFO" and gets out his own car 😂 😂 😂

    90. The Public Potato

      If I were a famous youtuber or streamer I would never show my identity and this is why and I’m guessing this is why HUfastrs like h20delirious and Ohmwrecker don’t show they’re identity if u have millions of fans a few will be crazy

    91. Myburgh Roux

      I think Anita is at that point were she wants to move houses.

    92. Hakgjo ベーコン

      Why does Sweet Anita make Bubble sounds with her mouth and weird things with her eyes? Im scared

    93. Evil Do'er

      Self defence is more important now then ever.

    94. Shane Cunningham

      Sweet Anita just needs to buy an AR15

    95. J.J Kid

      Makes me want to challenge this guy to a poker match ..

    96. Beans

      Having a house party? Meeting up in New York with fans? Covid-19: ahhh yes finnaly food God: Stupid people doing stupid thing I gave you guys protection and y'all this doing this bs Me: This is why I agree with god

    97. Matt Fima

      dr d got banned for covid conspiarcies, covid, 5g, david icke big tech doesnt allow other narrative

    98. anthony

      Love Sweet Anita. She is so cute, especially with her Tourettes 😂

    99. Tylerific

      I don’t like Jake Paul but he threw a party and if people decide to come then they do if they get sick it’s their own fault who cares

    100. Danky doodle

      The pokers guy never going to forget that car