YouTuber is DISTURBED Over This... Jake Paul, YandereDev, Neeko, Deji, Ninja


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    1. Old School

      I live in Fresno 😂

    2. Greyson Snyder

      1:34 she swings at the dog first and in self defense the dog fights back

    3. Animesona

      12:31 for as long as i can remember my left eye has always been blurry why i have no idea its just always been that way

    4. Animesona

      well if hes deticaded to his dog hed take him someowhere safe where he cant be taken

    5. Jordylol Omg

      i hope tank lives

    6. Pablo villa

      White boy looking ahhh boy

    7. TBOooder

      Neeko is a liar...typical of a manipulative woman

    8. Its A Cat

      I would never wish on anyone to what happened to deji

    9. Its A Cat

      Mike Tyson tho

    10. Sven

      What the actual fuck you don't just kill dogs grow up 16th century law ffs

    11. reallivejay gaming

      I’m sorry I can’t listen to Deji his voice is fucking annoying

    12. Milk Man

      2:00 his country is really werid cause of a dog attack you in my country you nothing will happen or the dog will be beating

    13. Bad Toimz

      also deji could just say that the woman is at fault for stepping on his property she passed the gate and couldve just left hatever she had in the gate area or left it on the road and left right away but instead she tired to fight the dog

    14. Ronnie Sofeni

      the fact we always have to bring up a bad thing from the past after something good happens to someone lmao

    15. Gustavo Escobar

      They want to kill a dog for protecting its territory? shouldnt they kill kids with guns on school shootings too? just to be safe I mean.

    16. Robert Wahl

      This was in my recommended I thought this was recent lol

    17. Fun Time

      Im putting up a war for my dog bring it usa

    18. Flawless Reality Gaming

      I’m so sorry Deji. My dog has died very recently as well and he died out of old age so he lived a great life but your dog did not deserve that. He should have lived a long life.

    19. the neighbor’s kid

      im here cause of gradeAunderA

    20. Washim Akram

      I don't even know what yandere is

    21. 『TAKUMI.』

      I like how he jump straight into the video.

    22. Criminal

      YanDev Consume the goblet

    23. Savage Ivy

      I'm on Yandere Dev's side! '^'

      1. Tristan James

        You shouldn't be 💗

    24. Redhninja

      Bruh why the hell was that lady on his property even

    25. It'sYourboy


    26. Calder White

      Game sleuth was uploading unedited streams of yandere dev. I would suggest the trilogy Prison Mate Luke made on him.

    27. alexia defour


    28. louper 22

      To sue her for stress spassing

    29. Jelly Beeny

      This is like the News but for HUfast (・∀・)

    30. kolhoznypank kolhoznypank


    31. Vincent Mercene

      Dude thats bs yanderedev is silencing critiques

    32. Jivan Schnidtt

      Dogs actually get killed for protecting owners land?

    33. Sanjay Singh

      2:29 Ernie is about to commit a hate crime

    34. Green mini crewmate

      Anyone know if that dude's dog is ok?

    35. Julian Matteo A.Ordanza

      imagine a 3 year old accidentally cuts an elderly with a sharp can and sentenced to death im so sad for tank its like a toddler accidentally cutting an elderly

    36. yoda calvin

      i hate when people do something that’s clearly not good then use “depression” or “mental health” as an excuse

    37. Salty Bird

      Before they were famous literally used the mental illness card

    38. yang2020com ___

      Andrew Yang 2024 👑😏

    39. NOT THYR

      But kanye is batshit crazy??

    40. Daniel Rivera Camacho

      maybe cuz she was white

    41. Dragontrap

      "My retina detached" *screech of terror*

    42. loaf;r

      what would happen if the dude just gave the dog to a friend or something for a bit and say it got stolen then after like a month buy it back

    43. T

      how they gonna put the dog down when it happened on his private property??

    44. bl36ky

      The dog thing is dumb he wanted to play obv she made him bite her its so dumb

    45. Hồng Dương Trần

      moneybaggyo dirtyheads moodyblues warframe earthquake

    46. Holy Doggo

      always knew hashinshin was a nonce

    47. Snow Flacke0

      so the gard dog gets punished for doing his job?

    48. Asimov 12

      Am I the only one who thought neekolul “going to jail” was funny

    49. coc master3

      Umm soo i know whats retinal detachment but... what exactly happens when the retinal detachment procces where the retinal cells gets detached from the blood vessel i know you go blind but does your eye become loose i am not sure i would apreciate it if you would explain it

    50. FrenchyJr

      Tank will be in all of our sad hearts

    51. Natalie Weekley


    52. dr.treyours loves budder

      Was the neighbor trespassing for the deji situation.

    53. ComradeDoggo

      if the dog has to be put down, at least give the dog to a animal sanctuary so Deji can go visit him and the dog can keep his life. What is a animal sanctuary? An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and to be protected for the rest of their lives.

    54. Yoni Schecter

      Hold up. Ninja is one of the best gamers with only 1 good eye? Damnnn

    55. Yoni Schecter

      Why the girl and dude in the thumbnail look like the guy put on that girl filter?

    56. wuzi

      poor deji i cant imagine if my dog was destroyed

    57. CaptainKiwi2

      Looks like the YandereDev story is completely outdated now.

    58. manny sanchez

      Dog go brttttt

    59. manny sanchez

      While logan is fighting against racism Jake paul i Box Now

    60. Tyler Ramage

      It's sad I've wanted to start uploading for a while now. But I'm scared to cause of all this B.S.

    61. Oofadoofadoof YT

      I don’t like deji but no one deserves that...

    62. caleb and cadens older sister

      As an some ordinary gamers fan from 2012 in so happy he found fame and relevancy at this level

    63. Alex Pilotin

      bro should invite poppy gloria

    64. Easy To find channel

      Jake Paul says I want them to see the real me not the media me. And then his house gets Raided

    65. Flurix

      He forgot “get arrested by the fbi”

    66. Blob Fish

      When the guy says it I have to delete the videos or my channel will be deleted I could hear a laugh in the background

    67. Gianfranco Ruiz

      Wait, Can anyone please explain to me the whole Yandere Dev situation better? Cuz people keep calling Yandere Dev an a$$hole and "the most toxic game developer",... but Game Sleuth did kinda start off by criticizing Yandere Dev in the first place. I mean, Yandere Dev could've handled the situation better, but what's the reasoning of calling him all these things and stuff when he was just defending himself? I'm not trying to start a fight, I just wanna know why people keep coming after him. Also I think that the guy from SomeOrdinaryGamers did get involved in the situation out of nowhere and ended up criticizing both Yandere Dev and Yandere Simulator when Yandere Dev has done nothing to him, but that's just my opinion. Anyways, someone please make me understand this situation better.

      1. Manuel Caldera

        @CaptainKiwi2 yeah I know

      2. CaptainKiwi2

        @Manuel Caldera And a lot more...

      3. Manuel Caldera

        @Gianfranco Ruiz the copyright strikes

      4. Gianfranco Ruiz

        Manuel Caldera Lying about what?

      5. Manuel Caldera

        It doesn't matter anymore since people have found out that gamesleuth was lying

    68. Slender Man

      Isnt GrossGore a legitimate whackjob to begin with?

    69. Graciel Kelly

      UK Government: *Protects 2 child murderers.* Also UK Government: That dog doing his job needs to die.

    70. CGS and Beyond

      Just say it was self defense and you trained the dog to guard the house as a guard dog and the lady was being aggressive towards the dog and made it miss interpret the situation and thought the owners life was in a threat

    71. CGS and Beyond

      Idk why deji is still living In uk idk why anyone lives in that shit hole

    72. midnight eyedol

      I feel deji pain I had 11 dogs get put down and most of them wasn't even a year old so I really feel his pain

    73. Mid Laner

      YandereDev face is scary af

    74. Spicy Beans

      Have a good day

    75. GABX P

      The really sad thing is that no one gives a shit about the lady who got attacked, and only about the dog.....

    76. Trial

      well deji is a millionaire he could easily just move out of his area

    77. Prinzesskaykay beauty

      I do not think jake paul can fight i believe hes better off because he may end of getting his a** kicked by a bunches of fighters and some of them may not like Jake and could end up doing much worse to jake paul so nope paul on the boxing or wwe ring isnt a good idea because he may end up getting his a** kicked as soon as he first walk in the ring...

    78. Vibezzz

    79. Jimmy Gaming4Ever

      Scarce seems like hashinshin admited to talking to girls generalized inappropriatly and people proably assumed he was talking about underaged girls inless im missing something

    80. Danny Devito

      Why was the woman on Deji's property in the first place? Surely the dog would recognize the woman if she belonged there right? Was she intruding?

    81. LittleWiredNut

      It a pet and not a human. A dog that is own by you. Humans are not own by others. Unless you can go back in time. Pets get putdown do to attacking humans.

    82. dQw4w9WgXcQ

      I am also disturbed over yandere Dev p

    83. SpookyNesquik 17

      Concerning Deji's dog , when someone stabs a person he is not set to death, however on that case they have to kill the dog . That's insane , I do not like Peta nor dislike pets but this is insane, it was an accident man,

    84. dem1585

      I love these vids perfectly giving us the info of the internet

    85. Tp L

      2020 has wierd shit

    86. Joey

      10:33 Ok so when there is a single mom who drink/smokes all the time, doesn't give a fuck about the child/ren and is frequently going parties and what not that is OK but this is over the line?

    87. Lagoon Takes The L

      Now, I dont like the idea of euthanasia. But the law is there for a reason. It is the owners job to train their dog to not be hostile towards his neighbors. If I was making the law, deji would be legally liable for the neighbors injury and be legally required to retrain tank. As a warning mind you. And if the problem persists then take further action. Deji failed to properly train tank, and though he knew he had active neighbors, took no action to prevent these actions. Deji failed as an owner. Until better evidence comes up, I stand firm on this.

    88. NinSega 64

      I'm almost blind in my right eye too

    89. Amerie Phang

      i feel deji's pain my dog got killed by a truck yesterday

    90. Henry-does-memes-andrandomcrap

      I legit started tearing up when deji said his dog is gonna die.

    91. Why Tho

      I dont feel bad for deji. I've never had a pet bite someone because I have more then 3 brain cells and can teach them that attacking is bad. I feel bad for tank because he didnt know better but not at all for deji

    92. Shuku

      I cant believe that "eldery woman" pressed charges. I've been bitten by dogs several times - I'm also the type of guy the pets almost every dog i come across, it's only natural i will encounter a dog that be like "hey fuck you man, get outta my space" and (un)succesfully bites me. Of course i'm not reporting shit, i'm the one invading their space, not the other way around.

    93. Ezra Morales

      If it’s not too late you could get a dog breed specialist who specializes in the specific breed and would do a huge assessment to see if the dog is really a danger to society or was acting out of defense or out of aggression and help build a case for the dog

    94. Alex Greb

      I don't like Deji that much, but I really feel sad for him here. I nearly lost one of my dogs to a leg disease, luckily she's mostly recovered but if she didn't recover I don't know what I would have done. I hope Deji's dog (I think his name was Tank?) is okay.

    95. Christopher Smith

      Dude wtf I live in Fresno this all happened under my nose 😂

    96. BakiWho

      dogs biting need to be put down

    97. Morgoth Bauglir

      Poor baby Deji, too bad they are killing the dog and not you bruv.

    98. Jack Silcock

      Yandere Dev Pisses Me Off I Hate Him #YandereDevIsOverParty

    99. B3 John Dave Cabotaje

      he forgot 1 goal pay 2 million dollars in federal taxes