YouTuber Is Gonna Be a Dad... Chris MrBeast, Belle Delphine, Nadeshot, Count Dankula, Pyrocynical


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    1. Ocean Banana

      Gotta love Carson

    2. Scruffy

      I got this in my recommended today and I thought this was a new video and the whole time I was thinking about how bell is still posting vids even tho she’s banned

    3. Boris Munteanu

      Yo the offline tv one tho. Imagine a cop looking through your whole house and then realizing that there wasn't a murder or some weird bs but y'all were just gamers.

    4. YesButWellYes

      Carson XDDD

    5. Red Scar

      Why does she have so many subscribers? Wtf. Get her outta here.

    6. vampireking bg

      PENTA: drinks for 4 hours Me closing up on my 10th hour: pathetic

    7. Joshua Parsons

      HUfastrs who are going to be a dad. mrbeast. Me: oh cool The title: and belle delphine Me: HOL UP

    8. ethan herron

      Black lives matter is a terrorist group good thing Activision stopped backing them. The idea behind it is shit and the people behind it are worse. And before people talk shit look into it and you'll see the co guy running the black lives matter thing was arrested and charged with human trafficking facts have been laid out

    9. Christopher Benson

      So carson

    10. Jason Zeng

      1:28 Is it just me or does CallMeCarson looking kinda THICC

    11. Noah Johnson

      Why does the 100 Thieves founder sound like ninja?

    12. manny sanchez

      A dad is belle delphine ??

    13. creepers0306

      I never knew that Chris's last name is MrBeast.

    14. Rachel Heav

      they have packages all over their lawn..... people break into their cars..... american logic....

    15. my cat Jerry

      youtuber:has 5 subs scarce:well known youtuber

    16. my cat Jerry

      wait belle delphine is going to be a dad? lol

    17. Marco MBE

      *I dont even know who you are*

    18. Makai Schnappauf

      Am I the only one saw the neekolul comment on chris tweet sorry if I miss spelled anything

    19. Aaron Johnson

      Bell probably lesbian if shes gone be dad

    20. Lewis C


    21. ZtingerZoid

      what do i expect from call me carson omg whatever he does always fucking kills me lmao

    22. Trollypop

      Bruh tiktok copyrighting youtube channels for showing a few seconds, meanwhile its creators are stealing from smaller ones on youtube.

    23. Arrow Head

      Y'know with Count Dankula why are people on twitter or tiktok something like that. not going to court for being infront of the school that hitler was at and doing the salute as. a. joke.

    24. xavier gonzalez

      willing spent 2.5k on belle dolphins xd

    25. Millie Henegar

      I’m sobbing and shaking

    26. Alyxis Hanson

      gabby says she has nothing to loose but: her giant house her millions of subscribers the few people who believe in her her reputation ( that she hasn't already lost ) her money her work on music and music videos idk but she probably still gets sponsors her friends her family her lifestyle her whole entire channel monetization the last ounce of her sanity people who give her the time of day, weather positive or negative because shes a hardcore attention seeker and probably a lot more that im forgetting, but she seems to forget them too. :)

    27. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    28. S0EE


    29. TeeMcGee

      Chris, that freaking legend

    30. Pizza Pan

      Does.. Karl just like not exist??? Edit: I thought for wayyy too long that Karl was Chris' son. ( still don't know and I couldn't find proof to back it up so like idk man )

      1. Snowman


    31. the organized soul

      carson really be making us go awooga honestly

    32. Tanatswa

      Lmfao gabbie is just stage four cancer as human

    33. Picklebobpie

      Can someone simplify the activision story I didn’t understand

    34. vihapuhepoliisi

      why not just challenge UK to aboxing fight

    35. Captain Glad

      it's so funny seeing rich people say they have nothing to lose

    36. Cool_K 3456

      He said dad and not mom when there was a girl and the video

    37. Fortress AndroidPLDN

      I thought the dad part was H20Delirious

    38. Robert Twang

      Imagine having the balls to sue the UK

    39. John F Kennedy

      Left packages.... MICHEALREEVESSSSSSSSSSSS (btw this is a joke)

    40. Off_brand69

      Mr beast gonna give Chris’s kid a Tesla for their 16th birthday

    41. Gray K

      That dog was cute not gonna lie

    42. Major Helmet

      You forgot Michael

    43. Fungrt

      CountDankula should get the US to put the UK in their place

    44. MorningStar0519

      Me : *sees the thumbnail* Noone: Me: Belle Delphine is gonna be a dad ?????!!!

    45. Zepty

      I remember Chris and Mr. Beast being roommates in a small place, breaking laptops and making fun of children's intros. Good times

    46. Driver-1000

      Why is there money going towards racial equality... are they gonna put it into the businesses that are being destroyed or the medical bills

    47. Erwin


    48. J. S.

      Too lazy to bring packages inside... how tf can you be that fucking lazy???? Good god just stand up, grab boxes and walk.. that's all you have to do. Lol

    49. joren leyssen

      ey only the first twoppl became mother and dad and the rest just crazy stuff

    50. Sakata Gintoki

      Tiktok striking copyright to youtubers.. welp china right? You know how china acts..

    51. Worldly

      Is this drama alert

    52. Duck Quack

      youtuber is gonna be a dad chris mrbeast, BELLE DELPHINE like wtf

    53. Scramble

      Yes belle delphine will very much be a father

    54. Davii Mai


    55. Raznovrsna Videoteka

      Shane was also joking, and look what that done to him. U r all hypocrite.

    56. david martinez

      How did I not know about this

    57. Cheesecak


    58. Luke Skywalker

      Someone do this to pokimane.

    59. xXBedSideGlueXx Game clips

      Imagine being arrested for teaching your dog to bring up his or her paw

    60. Estelle Hue

      i cant drink over 5 mins what a psycho arrest him

    61. Bruh Moment

      Mfs really that lazy to bring in some packages right outside?

    62. Malena Olsen

      Does Chris moisturize?

    63. gillianplayz

      Using tik Toks In vids is fair use. Like your changing the video in a way..

    64. Asho Pie

      Darn, I can't believe the popo went to the OfflineTV house to "search for dead bodies"

    65. noobsanplays

      I love the police going like oh your gamers

    66. Shadow

      Dank-ula not donk-ula

    67. Ian Robertson

      Belle delphine a boy?

    68. CCHURO


    69. Chunkymilk

      Gabbie Hanna: I HAVE EVIDENCE Also Gabbie Hanna: *Number one on the trending* You outplayed yourself

    70. Hamadpro 12

      rip fed

    71. Doomflare 2000

      Ps those who don't agree with all this black live matter or no lives matter shit then thank you

    72. DaM .V

      I'm proud to Chris

    73. Simplex Guy

      Yes Chris's last name is Mrbeast

    74. Lingo

      Did neekolul actually comment on chris’s post

    75. Brenbar

      Imagine a whole ass government arresting someone, not for child porn or murder or any other major offense, for teaching a dog how to raise its paw as a joke. Really glad to know where everyone’s taxes go.

    76. No

      Just imagine if Mrbeast gave Chris’s child 10k every Christmas and birthday

    77. Manatee Gaming Runescape

      8:50 Sorry Scarce but when someone thinks a Nazi solute is funny, that is racist, and it also is not considered "not a bad bone in his body". May want to rethink your own views if you think that something like that is OK and funny.

    78. the master

      Ohhh crap my sister is gonna be born on Friday maybe

      1. ruck

        This comment confuses me?

    79. Minecraft Chris

      Thought the title HUfast is gonna be a dad.

    80. ReB

      Lmao, Belle Delphine becomes Dad

    81. Rose Jackson

      Belle Delphine is just sick why would you make video that are just sick and NOT in a good way

    82. RJ Barnes Gaming

      Drama alert but way better

    83. Isatnt

      nobody talking about "youtuber is gonna be a dad"

    84. FrenchyJr

      A couple of months of brazzars lmao

    85. dabi todoroki

      I hope belle steals pokimanes simps

    86. Barry

      No erobb is a dad

    87. jackson grassmyer

      So happy for Chris🥺

    88. Gwen

      Count-Donkula 🤣🤣🤣

    89. Ahmed amin Sahraoui

      2:30 omh micheal reeves is up to something... again

    90. Mine Allmine

      Delete your twatter delete your facebook.... continue as necessary

    91. Ethan Van Der-Westhuizem

      “ we were trying so hard to get pregnant “ Excuse me *whos we?*

      1. NoNo Squаяе

        just learn this in google if you didnt understand

      2. Malena Olsen

        Him and Mr beast

      3. Brilliant Saga

        Kid the girl can't get pregnant without the sperm aight. So yes we is the right word to use

    92. Andrew Goffinet

      People are so sensitive these days with there participation trophies. holy shit

    93. Andrew Goffinet

      1:40 Ayyy CircleToonsHD

    94. Juicy Strawboi

      Belle Delphine is so sexy but nah I’m not paying for onlyfans cuz I’m not a simp.

    95. Volleyball Kid

      *oh you guys are gamers.* IM FUCKING DEAD MATE

    96. Arae Viper

      People need to stop being funny risky and being bad at it

    97. ApeX MoDs


    98. Another MC

      The offline TV situation was probably because of Michael.

      1. Another MC

        I mean, he orders tons of shit

    99. Rock

      what would happen if Gabbie became a HUfastr instead of becoming a musician