YouTuber Goes Crazy... CallMeCarson, iDubbbz Girlfriend BANNED, Leafy, DrDisrespect


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    1. Austin Newnham

      Then doc gets banned hahah

    2. Mr !!?

      let's cancel suzy's sponsors

    3. Justice Graceful


    4. DaFais Games


    5. Just A Channel

      Dude: Yo I'm getting held at gunpoint brb man *few mins later* Alright I died this my ghost u guys still wanna play?

    6. TheLadThatKnowsStuff

      Elisocray managed to get some pennywise action. I don’t believe anything he says and nobody else should either.

    7. Dee

      this guy is white privilege

    8. Dee

      10:11 it wasnt a email lol was sent through twitter scarce is an idiot

    9. Dee

      dude 4:54 that nasty ass pimple on his neck lol

    10. Saiyan Qstns

      how are you still here...

    11. Eminent Cadaver


    12. Fluffyx24

      7:25 Isn't this the guy who "had sex with siri"

    13. Logan Angell

      Drdisrespect I dont give a f*** I laughed so hard

    14. DorkWater

      funny how someone can get banned on twitch for promoting an only fans but then alinity has a fucking nip slip and gets a one day suspension. nice one twitch

    15. Sekiro

      9:50 kinda sounds like he called Suzi a “thing” lol

    16. Friendly Fire

      7:45 Me Learning that Lots of advs are there. Me Fk It I'm turning that thing on.

    17. Jorge B.

      Twitch bans are terrible.

    18. Wæves

      Honestly I wouldnt cheat on carson.

    19. Blackiee Chan

      I love how when someone is getting robbed they freak out but when someone is playing a game and getting robbed they are completely calm and acting like it’s normal for them

    20. weesp shoop

      my mans mugshot looks like if ninja did meth

    21. Some Idiot Who Has No Life

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like iDubbbz or Leafy.

    22. OngoingChip

      are they pupils or dinner plates vitaly..? fully cooked

    23. Radio XV

      Your a simp cause uh huh Uhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah you have girlfriend = simp

    24. FlickmyFluck

      Dr Disrespect is shedding light on an issue that shouldn't be a thing. Hes trolling with the video name because drops are weird in the first place. Watch and enjoy.. you get stuff neat if not then hopefully your entertained and if you are then hes doing it right!

    25. The Old Shoes

      Susie lu and HUfast are trash trash garbage.

    26. stenz90909

      I come back to this after years of not watching, you been working out scarce, that's awesome

    27. TarikTV

      You seriously need to add timestamps dude

    28. NLV20

      That mugshot looks like ninja

    29. SexyGuy

      Scarce looking like a clone

    30. sorrychangedmyusername


    31. A B

      Look at his pupils in the mugshot, he’s high as a kite.

    32. LAD 0610

      Lol vitaly became a crazy steroid junkie.

    33. Vision

      Not gon lie when I was scrolling down I thought that was ninja

    34. GalaniteBro

      Wow, Katerino gets the most simps in this world. But I’m more surprised how these idiots still fall for her even knowing she has more than 3 boys with her. Then these simps gonna complain that they’re one of her victims who got cheated on and try to get some attention for it..

    35. Plague Doctor

      Calling Idubbz a "Simp" is too fancy for him we all know within out hearts he's a total Cuckold.

    36. JorgelShmorgel

      It's not rape if you yell "surprise".

    37. No U

      That "simp" word is actually not that funny. An overused joke

    38. Adonai Gaspar

      I never watched Dr but damn that was badass 😂 😂 😂

    39. Andrew Thompson

      cute girl uses high level youtuber to boast herself then cheats when done. pretty classic tale

    40. RiotontheRadio

      I'm just surprised she ever dated carson. Dude def dated upwards.

    41. Mina Guobadia

      I haven’t watched you in years and omfg, skinnnnnnny

    42. TwoTonePony

      You don’t spend enough time on each topic. Right when I’m interested in a topic, you abruptly end it and start another.

      1. SwingSwong

        He covers everything that is out there, and doesn’t want to extend a certain topic. The point of his channel is for quick, fast HUfast news. If you want biased, stretched out news, watch Drama Alert.

    43. Hank 69

      it looks like vitaly took some drugs and went abolute wild i mean look at his pupils they look fucking dilate af

    44. Salty Walt

      By its Eli so cray

    45. Salty Walt

      Doc is funny af 😂😂😂

    46. Pensive Zen

      Idubs cringe

    47. Juan Solo

      Not sure why all of these buttugly bitches are so popular... having their egos over-inflated

    48. Angel Munoz

      Aye look, it jeremy.

    49. Mungoser

      Doc: "I dont give a fuck !" What a G

    50. Barack Obama

      Vitally was probably very high or drunk

    51. reviewryan

      Leafy is unbelievably butthurt, hasn't changed a bit, at first it was one upload and was kinda funny but now its clear he is getting a hard-on from having the feeling of the "last laugh" with his past enemies.

    52. Mochammad Karel

      Scarce only fans when?

    53. yes pog aha yes yes

      ''its insane how many ads this guy has in this video'' me with adblock 😎✌🤷‍♀️🤠👁👄👁💅✨

    54. Confused Eclipse

      From the streets she came, The streets she shall return and never to return.

    55. Metal detecting PA

      I had no idea who that vitaly guy is. I honestly thought it was ninja on the thumbnail

    56. J H

      Anisa sucks as a person.

    57. Clout God


    58. Andrew Lee

      Who thinks this is just a cheap drama alert?

    59. The dram Projekt

      I thought scarce was missing? when did he come back

    60. Jeremy Cu

      scarces makes my pee pee hard now

    61. Rohlík

      If leafy is back, maybe Gradeaundera will return as well

    62. sawfaw awadawdadw

      scarce looks young and old at the same time

    63. Млађo

      Vitaly still want to finish ride on Bangbus.

    64. Santi Cheeks

      Vitaly looks like a crazed Ninja in that picture

    65. zero

      Y’all remember the zoie burger days

    66. Bees R Yummy

      Leafy gay

    67. Chawder25

      Vitaly's mugshot be looking like Rowan Atkinson.

    68. WarmPotato

      Idubbz is a simp

    69. mr. splunge


    70. nile7

      Where’s the leafy story?

    71. Black Mark Twain

      Hahaha that bitch got banned hahHahhaaha I'm dead.

    72. cHocLAte WaIN

      Suzy lube

    73. cHocLAte WaIN

      I dont give a fuck (*!*)

    74. uL_MoneyMan

      Scarce honestly looks weird af now I guess it’s cuz of the weight loss but his eyes are to far apart and to big now he looked way better before it’s weird now tbh big eyes af and weird slim chin

    75. WhxFIGHTx Gerard

      imagine being a girl and all you know how to make money is with your sexually explicit content or whatever and you cant make money on twitch any more gaming in your bikini... sucks

    76. it's Manley

      Look at the size of vitaly pupils!!!

    77. Juhász Levente

      Um just a question, why is there a Hungaryan flag on the "Anisa got banned" tweet?

    78. Dragoon TV

      looks like Epic Games has hit it's peak.

    79. Dragoon TV

      somebody's a Femme Nazi behind HUfast's operation likely these days.

    80. AETHER

      So many Simp

    81. ZillaWilla

      you have a harpies sore on your right hand side on you bottom lip

    82. Il Francis lI

      Scarce got skinny

    83. Melon Meows

      I’m a Simp for leafy

    84. plebula_

      Dr Disrespect is Based as Fuck

    85. BasicallyJohn

      Planning to have a relationship with Twitch streamer girls? Think again.

    86. SsrHallOfFame |SYNERGY|

      Kate is a lil bitch lol. Still smack her shit tho

    87. Carlos mota

      The one with carson is none of are business

    88. Old Greggs Creamy baileys

      This is really some z list drama, I’ve got to get out this rabbit hole

    89. jason taylor

      What is going on with vitaly? Look st those pupils bro that’s meth

    90. C-PORT Games

      Wtf is a valorant drop

    91. C-PORT Games

      Vitallys mugshot looks like the inbred version of ninja

    92. OxyCo Foxy

      I just want to say that Keemstar is fucking annoying

    93. Howie Ewalt

      I thought iDubbz was gay??

    94. whos mans is this


    95. Cringle Pringle

      bro is everyone who is funny a simp now

    96. Tyrone Warner

      & she don’t owe nobody shit. It’s really their business so............

    97. Shouly

      I legit tought the guy who got arrested was ninja

    98. D.A.C

      Why cant we have 2014 youtube again

    99. Adrian Jem

      Damn I feel bad for Carson


      Why his microphone look like a GTA map area