YouTuber Gets Called Out... Pokimane, PrettyboyFredo, Jake Paul, Sodapoppin, Logic


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    1. collynd. Yezkiel


    2. Phoenix Gaming

      Guys trying to understand women vs Women trying to understand guys Looks the same to me

    3. Darian Gomez

      why blank the n word he's black

    4. The Hitman Donut

      If I spent 20 thousand dollars of my mom money I would have changes on my record

    5. Hell-Boyo


    6. bruk sahle


    7. THCBDude

      Kid could have just kept the 20 grand. His parents has a shit load probably, I wouldn't be surprised if the kid has everything anyway. Spoiled little... I'm jealous of who he donated to

    8. Wysco

      Sodapoppin is one of the best entertainers.

    9. DKsaNn Kat

      Are you kidding me pokimane?! Its literally the other way around. All these simps and white knights will save women over men 🙄

    10. MCCHEZZY

      Bruh why am I laughing at soda pops apology it sad but funny

    11. Spencer Thompson


    12. Chico Beanie AKA Gio

      Wow that’s CRAAZY🙄 Fredo is gassing up Cancel Culture🙄 tbh he needs to create conflict mans has changed

    13. Elise Amend


    14. tomGetdstryd TV

      Can’t believe logic just fucking quit rapping, was one of my favorite rappers

    15. AnRoVAi

      wtf is up with poke does she realy think only girls get shittalked online?? like is she even on the same planet or some diffrent dimension u have these type of ppl on both side and tbh i see more females getting comments like dw u deserve a scnd chance etc.

    16. Noname4u !!

      Your I was that mother that kid would be out of there

    17. Cat Brock

      the truth is the absalute complete opposite of what she said here 4:50

    18. Naruto

      i hate when people put long words in twitter to make them self smarter

    19. FatmanJonesTV

      Lol soda stupid 😂😂😂 that was hilarious tho

    20. Grimm Viper

      The Kid that spent 20k of his moms cash needs to be sent to a North Korean concentration camp!

    21. Redy

      To think that someone is being stalked and sent death threats in the UK is wild, nobody here is dumb enough to try something like that and I’m sure it’s someone elsewhere fear mongering for a reaction, absolutely disgusting and I can’t imagine why someone would do this to someone.

    22. UnsoundDeer92

      11:25 mans bought teir 3s on like 18 different accounts to pokimane wtf $20000 fucken holly shit u can buy a small house with dat money u can buy a good car wtf $20,000 and dosent have anything to show for besides the banks statement wtf

    23. JROCK GG 1221

      That’s the only reason I get dogs is to fight for me

    24. ThatOneGuy

      I think it’s the opposite pokimane.... most feminists now are just stupid, before they fought for equality and they got it and I respect them. Also I’m not saying ALL feminists are stupid, but a good bit are

    25. BakiWho

      moe dont say pedophile

    26. Patrick Interiano

      The mom situation couldve EASILY been prevented by a simple spanking.

    27. krome betha

      poor parents with these new games pay to win or new skins and guns to buy, this must stop, some games are made like legal gambling for kids and game developers are rally greedy and this new games made to eat money from parents and stupid kids can't understand how difficult is to save money, parents need to secure their credit cards because game developers and streaming platforms almost never return the money to parents. SECURE CREDIT CARDS WITH PASSWORD and kids must not know the password, this is the only way to secure your money, do not have an open payment system and a password confirmation is required for each purchase, this could be the only way for protecting your money account from kids, teenagers, relatives, and other persons which want to steal your credit card or phone

    28. Jasmin Y.


    29. Bolo sacc

      all other stories: serious and shit tfue in the tuu tuu: 100k RT's and ill wear this shit for u guys? :D

    30. Madam Gryffindor

      Ngl, ERPing in VRChat is very common. Weird to say that most streamers/HUfastrs who play VRChat a lot of has done something like that...

    31. Lamby

      Sodapoppins apology is actually the fucking best lmfao. Love the guy

    32. William

      yo SodaPoppins apology video is probably the best way to make an apology video cmon logan paul make some notes LMFAO

    33. Jdm_Ben

      in response to sodapoppin bro just get twomad

    34. Jose caldo

      It's funny how the dude talking about his daughter is innocent but all the daughter that might get sick by him going out don't count.

    35. Jose caldo

      I say if anyone has another large party that the cops should open fire!!! XD jk

    36. Sqwab

      ​❤BBH SUPPORT❤

    37. oStrider

      Someone answer me this, is Slasher a streamer or primarily just a guy on Twitter that had been right about stuff in the past and was thrown into the limelight with the Dr. DISRESPECT stuff and has stayed there ever since.

    38. ThatOneWeeb - Splqsh

      bruh this dude every 10 secs: cOmEs FrOm tHe MaSsIvE tWiTcH sTrEaMeR

    39. Shadow [GD]

      I swear to God Anisa needs to be taught a fucking lesson

    40. Sawyer Broskley

      I dint like logic coming to twitch. Just putting that out there.

      1. Dreizify

        may i ask why?

    41. Eh Meh Smeh

      The kid that donated 20k is the main reason why I dont like fortnite its not the game its the community my mom is so lucky that I dont play fortnite

    42. Aki Teke

      Logic just pulled a backwards filthyfrank/joji lol

    43. Leanflare

      5:44 shut up millionaire.

    44. Chute mi

      I bet he donated to pokimane

    45. PizzaAintDough

      Man was just horny don’t blame him

    46. OPAY beasts

      9:24 creep man

    47. Doxbruhs

      Idubz his girlfriend is making him look so bad dude omg

    48. No Face

      Im sorry for not using my real account but I simply don’t want drama rn. My opinion in the topic of throwing parties is that you just shouldn’t, but the creators are not the only ones at fault, the people who show up to thease things know the risks and chose to ignore this, the same goes for the meet ups, it goes both ways. Im a creator and feel that it’s not okay for people to be so ignorant as to think that only creators are at fault. Ooo yea and if you wanna debate this add me on Twitter @

    49. Ramona Gomez

      I’m VERY pissed at Pokémon’s statement - SHE should be GLAD that the community is MALE-DOMINATED because if it wasn’t she wouldn’t have a platform and by the things alinity does - for abusing her cats to then saying she married and divorced a guy to get a green card. BY her definition (Pokimane) Alinity shouldn’t have a platform. Im a girl and this is very false - I don’t get why big female creators say things like this while this doesn’t happen to them AT ALL! like seriously you wanna talk about unfair? remember itsaguddamn (I hope I spelled his name right)

    50. Clay

      I’d put the kid up for adoption then sue.

    51. esabtian kongimg

      Can you imagine your kid blowing 20 stacks on twitch

    52. Jr

      I can’t tell if soda is being serious or not

    53. YFS

      LOL, nadeshot's excuse is hilarious! Of course he could have done the deal with Logic. I'm thinking Logic asked for too much or came on too strongly.

    54. Xman

      Not trying to sound inconsiderate of the situation and heard what she said but anita should just move. Mostly seems like she's just staying for her pets and being close to her mom but this is dealing with her life. Its my opinion but putting her life on the line like that just not a good choice for now

    55. Brian

      I hate people like that League of Legends guy just because they think they should get innocence because they did it a couple years ago but you’re still a horrible person

    56. hot fries

      Hmm... Why do i always see jake paul in the titles

    57. JetSetSixDeuce

      Pokimane is hypocrisy in human form.

    58. Burger Muncher

      "A teenage fortnite fan spent 20k on streamers" sounds about right

      1. Eh Meh Smeh

        Tbh I expected the number to be higher

    59. Carson Compton

      I think Pokimane got I mixed up chief


      Imagine getting favored by Twitch for years, getting thousands of donations from simps, and living the high-life, but is still complaining about not being treated fairly. Just STFU Pokimane.

    61. Sezaris

      Happy birthday daddy Scarce!

    62. w s

      I'm not sure how I got here. I have no clue who these people are :P

    63. Jesus Savior

      if u like prettyboyfredo then yea covid is deserved lmfao

    64. Fred

      Sodapoppin got banned What about alinity? Why not her

    65. Connor Connor

      fredo is so hollywood now. sad to see

    66. appleman

      *Logic lookin to join one percent*

    67. Jonathan Ingram

      Pokimane complain about unfairness, but it's quite ironic when she gets her revenue from 90% male. If male and female reacted the same way, she wouldn't make nearly as much money.

    68. Sean M.

      logic goes from rap to gaming. i mean if eminem had to.....

    69. Jonathan Cook

      I bet twitch cant tell if soda is joking or being serious

    70. Ravenous

      Lowkey want poki cancelled

    71. scoundrel

      You know logic, the rapper? Needle dropper fuzed him so poorly, I just don't really care for his music.

    72. Jo Bursch

      Poki listen to your own advice for the love of GOD

    73. Jo Bursch

      messed up they signed Logic only because they dropped Dr Disrespect.. TSK TSK SMH

    74. Devin King

      KkingKkillv blvckk n goldkk vlwvys foldkk

    75. ImThatAJkid

      New commentary video here we come

    76. Don't judge me by my name.

      4:45 I have never seen someone call a male streamer "King", but i have always seen her simps flooding her chat with "yas queen", "our queen" comments.

    77. Slimeelita

      I need a pewds video rating the soda apology 💀💀💀

    78. Collin Goffinet

      Does soda normally talk like that?

    79. ayySkies

      wait jake threw a house party nd nobody said nothing about but fredo had a charity fan meetup nd everyone goes on him aye idc about it im just confused

    80. RENZAN

      fucking love sodapoppin

    81. Lucas Barton

      Soda literally sounds like Bill Clinton in his apology lmao

    82. fonikosananas

      4:10 Boi things are good there Greek government: Illegal to go into supermarkets without a mask and actually FINE people 150€ Also Greek government: Clubs fully open no mask. we cool? Nah man. Fucking hypocrites

    83. Sgt.Nuclear

      pokimane's tweet is so funny to me, do you see how much female streamers are forgiven for their actions and get prioritized by companies, ironic

    84. JAG BEATS

      “Im just a nerd I love video games... did I also mention I’m biracial!”

    85. King Neptune

      Ik I'm a lil late but happy birthday homie

    86. Tyler Harewood

      If twitch guide lines are so strict why isn’t alinity banned

    87. Smashy Rashy

      Happy birthday johno

    88. L L

      Press charges against the son teach his ass a lesson also who doesnt check their bank account in 14 days ?

    89. JacketClanKing

      Sodapoppin gets banned and absolutely shits on twitch anyways lmao

    90. Aryan Gupta

      happy bday!!!

    91. Sean Faccio

      Dude logic retires all the time lol

    92. Noble Six

      Pokimane seems to be a real dumb cow huh? How many times has she "accidentally" violated a Twitch guideline and not get in trouble but when a guy does it they are suspended or permanently banned.

    93. Antoni O.

      After the Doc. ban people are still making deals with twitch? HAHAHA

    94. ItsAngelHimself

      I love how soda is making fun of apology videos

    95. Richard gaming Game

      These kids are sad

    96. R3TRO_

      If my son wasted 20000 on twitch im disowning him then ima sue him

    97. D Hersh

      💙I'ᗰ ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ💙 ↪️ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴՏ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT↩️ 🔝ᗩᑎᗪ Տᑌᗷ TO ᗰᗴ🔝 🔜I 'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT⭕

    98. ButtSniffer

      14:11 exactly why banning guns wouldn’t do anything.

    99. Yasuke ϟ Musa

      That kid spent 20k of his mother's savings and I feel bad when I buy a 10$ video game with my parent's consent.

      1. teamSAF bmx

        I feel bad for that kid for having such a dumb mom.

    100. DkS Monster

      Love soda, such a fucking meme