YouTuber Faces Allegations... CallMeCarson, Corpse Husband, Slimecicle, FaZe Banks


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    1. Patrick Mason

      Why haven't you reported the loss of one of the greatest HUfastrs Laoshu505000?

    2. Connor McMahon

      I think he's dead

    3. kyoriszu just wanna sleep past bed time


    4. kyoriszu just wanna sleep past bed time



      2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Xufso Sig

      Time to unsub cause i mean he dont post no more.

    7. Nitzel

      what happened to scarce?

    8. Your Moms Chest Hair

      He will come back when carson does

      1. ProDuty

        @kai oni to the internet and the girl, its okay to do mistakes

      2. kai oni

        @ProDuty to who

      3. ProDuty

        @Liam Lee he should apologies and comeback

      4. Liam Lee

        Carson ain’t coming back for a while💀

    9. Chi Towns Own

      Hope you're doing good scare..

    10. IllegalCqt

      Bro where the hell are you?

    11. khalil HVAC and weather

      Scarce don’t pull a another 2018-2019

    12. Pac-man Main420

      Get your ass back on HUfast

    13. OG LARS

      Scarce is dead shocking news from sources...

    14. Altronius

      We need more news

    15. Ark — Kun

      Am not gonna watch keemstar lol

      1. Nitzel

        you could watch bowblax

    16. Ghost 2444

      Where did scarce go?

    17. Permafrost _srl

      What happened to scarce?

    18. Mr. Savage.

      *Scarce has left the chat*

    19. Dreynolds23

      I thought I missed my daily scarce, looks like I’m still caught up.

    20. Cross Lepine

      scarce we need you now more than ever

    21. LuckyM00nDice YT

      HUfast dream's been dryyyyyyy....

    22. The-Lenny-Dood

      Yo I forgot about you until I searched u up. We MISSED U Scarce. Where you at?

    23. Bendoswrk 5

      And just like that, he disappeared

    24. lizardBoi

      Scarce where u at homie

    25. name

      But when the world needed him most he vanished

    26. Matthew Peters

      Miss you scarce

    27. DatDumbOne

      "It's been 87 years"

    28. Appleboy 567

      Scarce dude where are you

      1. crunchyloops

        hes being silenced by the government, he has too much information on his hands.

    29. Alexandré Stenbérg

      Denmark be like if she is 15 its aight lol

    30. Kain Stellitano

      Idc at all cause 17 is under age and 19 is overage and it still pedaphillia

      1. crunchyloops

        its been a whole month no one cares about this drama anymore...

    31. DOOM Studios

      Scarce forgot his password

    32. DOOM Studios

      I’m just waiting for scarce’s upload

    33. Anthony Perez

      Bruh wya Peter puffer we’re bored

    34. Memøry

      He’s done it again, boys.

    35. Roblox Awesomelolguy

      scarce just needs drama that has common sense

    36. Sleepzy


    37. sanityiwnl

      where u at g

    38. heavy is dead

      Scarce gone

      1. Lego Anakin Skywalker

        @WooBeeWoop Ehh he will be back He has died before.

      2. WooBeeWoop

        he died :(

    39. SwayFlow

      Plz come back were forced to watch keemstar rant about Tik tok girls

    40. Timothy Swindler

      miss u brodie, come back

    41. Obey B0bc4t

      BRO WHERE U AT BROTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Rhino

      I don't blame Scarce for uploading less man with all the internet drama it must get old. He's been working on himself more with all that weight dropped and everything. Good on him

    43. Shoaib Khan

      RIP scarce

    44. T-G 127

      Where are you Scarce

    45. Clothless Emperor

      I miss you upload more my life is going down hill again due to you not uploading

    46. Adro

      scarce is'nt loud and and obnoxious and is very clear where are you :((

    47. Crazy stuff


    48. Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Scarce went missing again...come back! I bet it’s because of the Adsense

    49. Voibov

      One month huh

    50. BryceTV

      Scarce wtf where you at?

    51. Caden Brousseau

      We need you scarce, come out from behind that tree.

    52. Ass Whole

      Scarce back on xanax again or what?

    53. FaZe Ry Guy

      Not even a video about John swan sheeesh wya bro

    54. Ivan A.

      Scarce I need you man I wanna see all the drama(even tho I’ve seen all of it) but you make everything so much better


      Has anyone checked his Twitter or other social accounts on what he's doing?

    56. Tobi OF

      Scarce could legit just disappear from earth forever and we wouldn’t know

    57. Ben Childs

      Scarce come back!

    58. FIM _1

      Scarce, pls post anothe video ;-;

    59. ollie b

      Who else came here from gradeaunderas' video?

    60. Just a guy Checking out the comment section

      "What's up guys? Scarce here..."

    61. VetchGex

      scarce i refuse to watch keemstar

    62. mrkid4365

      Searce why you have't upload yet

      1. Fettuccine

        Ah yes, Searce

    63. taskforcewojak

      scarce if you dont come back rn im gonna drink 3 liters of sprite non stop

    64. TTv WeDnEsDaY

      Scarce I miss you where you at brother

    65. 0verbyte 3009

      Please I need news please where did you go

    66. Collins Wendt

      Scarce! Where you at??

    67. Connor McMahon

      It is I, I return once more oh fearless drama distributer. I miss you. Please bless me once more with a "What's up guys Scarce here" ❤️

    68. D2_levi

      What if he is making a mega video and following drama that's gonna be 1 hour long

    69. D2_levi

      Damn this dude ain't post in a minute

    70. Ethan Smith

      Scarce you good?

    71. juva whbesjhrn

      Holy shit, is this what kids are up to?

    72. Hiroshi


    73. MelloBoiyoiy

      Scarce better not disappear like JackFrostMiner :(

    74. Max 4151

      Wya I need rich people drama to suppress my own

    75. pinkqu

      No drama No video from scarce

    76. Knif

      scarce going on hiatus??

    77. Aditya Tewary

      Pls comeback scarce

    78. Ern Privado

      where are u man. u haven't posted a vid

    79. Ezrzt

      Scarce where are youuuuuuuuuuuu

    80. Rat Lord

      So much drama in the last month! We need you back.. c'mon man

    81. NSN_CLIPZ

      Come back scarce we miss you

    82. the running man

      And just like that he’s gone just like my dad once he left to go get the milk at my local grocery store

    83. Veljko Bogdanovic

      Scarce left when Carson left

    84. Oogah Booga

      Where u at?

    85. Unholy Hate

      Welp ima give up and watch keem

    86. Antonio Aranda

      I feel like scarce only post when he is low on money

      1. Antonio Aranda

        @GalacticMaster It was a joke but yeah hope he comes back someday.

      2. GalacticMaster

        I mean his videos really don’t have ads which means he doesn’t benefit from any of this. Mans got a life too pretty sure he’s taking college rn so he’ll be back eventually.

    87. Croude PH

      where are you dude we need content!!

    88. Freecko Treecko

      It feels like he hasn't uploaded for a year

    89. Jose Juarez

      Scarce, where are you?

      1. Krishnanand KJ

        Know the meaning of Scarce and you will get it

    90. Sports Car

      bait is fake just like your m8s

    91. Sup Dog

      Come back man please

    92. ATF Gaming Channel

      Scarce died.

      1. ATF Gaming Channel

        @Jetgameking 07 oh damn that spoopy

      2. Jetgameking 07

        Hes in diesel patches basement

      3. Sevastian Gomez



      "you best come back scarce"

    94. Ziky

      Scarce where tf are you

    95. Alex

      17 and 19 can be one school year away from each other depending on when the people were born.

    96. Duskplains

      Why does scarce keep disappearing?

    97. Needz duh Bleach

      He has gone missing again

    98. Dimas Naufal Pratama

      Scarce where are?

    99. Turtle

      Pls dont pull a coryxkenshin 😢

    100. ay tony

      where u go