YouTuber Does Something Crazy... MrBeast, Pyrocynical, Twitch


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    1. Prem nair Premier . 420 years ago

      Nice one scarce

    2. Sakonema

      Whya are you saying this shit like it matters at all? Unsubbed for a year. 2:35 Umm ok? so what was the first 2 minutes about. These lying channels should be sued immediately.

    3. Gurtaj Hundal


    4. Gurtaj Hundal

      I mean a Mr beast burger, and it is a burger sooooooooooooooooooooo you got to [in in out] IF YOU LIVE IN CAIFLORINA

    5. John Johnson

      "Raw" jesus christ, people dont understand even the very basics of food. I always leave my burger a little pink in the middle, that doesn't mean its raw

    6. Adrian Lopez


    7. DKsaNn Kat

      @14:30 I need the link to the clip pls for research 🙏 😏

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      Pyro may be innocent but he's still weird and sus for doing that kind of stuff 😬

    9. Stealth Skaff

      I was banned on mixer- too late to resolve?

    10. crazy lavend

      can twitch just take themselves seriously already, jesus christ

    11. Masked Demon

      pyro lookin like a girl tho

    12. WizardBeard

      So Twitch policies override constitutional rights now? Last i checked we have freedom of speech.

    13. Alex rampage

      People too sensitive

    14. Elit3 Killer253

      Pyrocinical is a furry freak bruh

    15. Arif Ramen noodles

      Turkey Tom has a history with lying to people and trying to ruin other peoples lives to stay relevant.

    16. Mikoto Kuriyama

      Sometimes I wonder why they wait for youtubers to get millions to expose them with saved screenshots since the beginning... Like just kill them before they grow stronger, if you save them to kill them do it faster and avoid the drama clout

    17. Mitti 28-80

      Can mr beasts fast food store able to come to Australia 🤤

    18. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      Probably to promote her only fans she knew the backlash would benefit her.

    19. Butter

      Why is HUfast Gaming becoming better than Twitch?

    20. Awesomefacematt

      Imagine not understanding the twitch rule changes properly

    21. Gleb Stepkin

      Twitch is looking over the shoulder of Roblox and taking notes.

    22. cascadia history

      My favorite channel ever

    23. RandomStuffz

      You can tell pyro is trying not to laugh his ass off during that video, because of how stupid the allegations are.

    24. Ricky's Killer

      A *friend* just asked me for that girls name that exposed herself naked. educational purposes of course.

    25. Songs On Drugs

    26. Bluish Eagle

      Twitch is like BBH but better

    27. kelpodoozle kelpodoozle

      so twitch = snowflakes...

    28. Dillon6479

      Just look at the COO of Twitch. She definitely has a gender studies degree.

    29. Sounds Farfetch'd

      They banned simp, incel and virgin. But at least they didn't ban whore or slut.

    30. Karan Padda

      twitch is a kids platform now? sorry scarce but you lost me there. twitch is nowhere near Childs normal tv channel.

    31. BlackBeatle AR

      I wonder if mrbeast burger is still hiring.

    32. Jazz Productions

      Why is amazon still letting them look like dumb assess

    33. Space Shard

      Can we take a moment to see how rich Mr.Beast is and he's in him 20's. That crazy

    34. ____________________________________

      Mr beast will soon be the new Elon musk

    35. Error627 NoEmotionPresent


    36. Error627 NoEmotionPresent

      Money is the key to everything

    37. sqoosh cat

      and a simp is someone who has a bias opinion of girl and woman why is that ban

    38. sqoosh cat

      wait so virgin marry is a swear ope guess i cant be christian any more

    39. vaalejo1's archive

      For a second I thought Pyro was bringing in illegal poached Ivory over the border

    40. Slasher


    41. thatdudephilly

      Twitch bans speech streamers get mad but ask for more words to be banned wait...

    42. thatdudephilly

      Imagine having big tech sensor speech 😂

    43. TCGames199

      Lets sue twitch for freedom of speech

    44. Abdul Jabars

      Its fucking hilarious how when poki accidently showed shit on twitch, they changed their TOS to where if it was a obviously accidental they wouldnt get banned. Then literally ban Forsen right after for the same thing and twitch shows a new TOS change to justify it

    45. Memes

      Mr beast is amazing bru

    46. Tenderloin

      The fact that Mr beast have a fast food chain at his age is actually insane. Respect for the man.

    47. GalaxyDork

      14:25 oh my god, thats horrible, what was her name so I know to avoid the vod?

    48. just._. Jesus

      Pyro it a fucking furry fuck no.

    49. Spot A

      The ole tik tok false download count/ paying off/ blackmailing people at Google and Apple to sell his app. Food probably ripped off recipes too.

    50. Marcos Hernandez


    51. Anderson Schilpp

      All people that work for twitch are such losers.

    52. Doggos 7375

      I want a burger Australian problem

    53. Yes

      I like how they ban simp because it is an insult but you can still call anyone a bitch

    54. xlovermanx

      as someone that knows these people i can defend pyro people and parts of the nfsw RP community have been doing this for ages the furry RP thing has been a trap and there are lots of scumbags that try to trap people and lie

    55. Datas


    56. Hyphen-

      twitch isnt even really a kids site, legit 90% of the people on twitch are over 16 and most cuss, so not a kids site.

    57. OGeez

      you talk so fast.

    58. baby boy

      there you go guys all you need is oney to make it !! mr beast 2020/ to gain.

    59. mrpeanut

      Everyones gonna move to youtube for streaming now :/

    60. Just A Casual Demon With A Computer

      MrBeast Burger should just be called Beast Burger in my opinion

    61. Mr Unreliable

      They act like mr beast can run 300 locations himself 😂

    62. encrypted user

      Pyrocynical gay furry confirmed😳

    63. Trucker Dave

      Everyone crying think of the children sure isn’t working very hard to get Cuberpunk banned.

    64. ClammyGold29

      Twitch isn't a kids website, i dont understand why twitch is so soft and has to ban some dumb words that doesnt offend anyone. simp? virgin? incel? really twich...

    65. kingskill 4567

      mr beast is just "lets dominate the market" "how do we do that?" "i'll find a way"

    66. Davii Mai

      Twitch is so fu**ing corrupt

    67. God of Bleach

      14:45 lol i dont even know or see her name

    68. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      Twitch is sexist and totally holded to the double standards of being Simps favoritism there damn self *Twitch = Women Lives Matter lol no One Else*

    69. BigT 187

      Here’s the link for the twitch video since I know the simps will want to see it

    70. Misa Lajf

      the next thing twitch is going to do is ban the word “retard” and “fuck”... can’t believe seeing one of the best platforms online AND the best streaming platform just get destroyed by overly-sensitive members of staff and ultimetely leading to twitch losing respect from everyone...

    71. NITSUA SAN

      Mr beast come to hilo hawaii

    72. Brendon O'Laughlin

      The whole thing about twitch is a perfect example of what happens when a woman is in charge. Don’t @ me

      1. Trucker Dave

        She’s the COO. The CEO is above her and that’s Emmett Shear. She answers to him.

    73. Shennice

      I love the new battle royals game, where commentator youtubers fight other commentator youtubers

    74. Phoenix Gaming

      Now those kids song talking about making the world a better place are useless now

    75. catzoo

      So with these bans, twitch is telling me that it has to be actual porn for it to be okay? If its a quick image / gif that was accidental, you would get an infinite ban. But, if its actual porn then you just get a 3 day ban. Does this mean, if you accidentally showed porn in a stream, you have to watch the whole video in order to get a lower ban sentence?

    76. LillyEbony

      The restaurant should have been named Mr.Feast

    77. Shane Maul

      Holy shit its scarce

    78. ZUXKERK

      Petition for MrBeast to start a new streaming platform?

    79. AngelicJess


    80. TropTrev Tv

      At this point I feel like Mr. Beast has like a Eastern Mafia fund of like 3 Bill and he just been chillin cuz bra how 😭😭😂😂

    81. Janvier

      Twitch is so fucking pathetic lmfaooo

    82. Jayden Hawkes

      I hate it when big tech run there platform like a classroom teacher, these platforms are critical in how we communicate and spread information in modern society, but they implement massive censorship policies just because a few peoples feelings are getting hurt.

    83. The Killuvast

      I feel so bad for pyro. Is keem even relevant anymore?

    84. Big Lad James

      Ayo uhhh what’s the name of the streamer asking for a friend 😳😳

    85. Lake

      Pls contune on Pyrocynical aligations Turkey Tom made a response to Pyrocynical's response

    86. Metalicious

      Mr.Beast and Cr1tic4al speedrunning life

    87. supermonkeyboy715

      FaZe Simp: exists Twitch: I'm abutta end this man's whole career

    88. Cariee

      I love scarce unbiased opinions

    89. One plump Boi

      So the Twitch COO is Australian? We dun fucked up.

      1. One plump Boi

        @Big Lad James That's even worse! A warrior nation bred that sensitive sheep?

      2. Big Lad James

        Nah nah nah she from New Zealand

    90. NickH Q

      Pyro kinda cute ngl🥵🥵

    91. Adrian Castro

      I just like how he leaves the part where pyro calls out all of the commentary youtubers

    92. Jacob Mason

      Why are the ones in charge of company's always complete fuckwits. Where are the higher ups that are actually living in the real world.

    93. Mr Nolalife

      Mr beast is planning to replace McDonald's

    94. Connor Hudson

      WTF have they only banned the n-word? As if that is the only racial slur or something?

    95. noel McLolzorlor

      Please talk about magicofrahat

    96. the illegal seagull

      Can't wait to see mrbeast burger to become a mega corporation and harvest everyones organs for their meat

    97. CardInfected

      He came out behind the tree

    98. Benis

      I dunno man, I can't talk shit about the uk's age of consent, since uruguay's... my country's.... age of consent is 12, FUCCING 12, it's said to be the "limit" so it's not always the case, but the clearly predatorial government made it 12 and there's a pdf i downloaded just to hear the excuses, and they just vaguely said it was "to protect children", so uk ain't bad at all

    99. theweinersnatcher 233

      People r saying u shouldn't be banned for accidentally showing porn but then they say someone should be banned longer for showing themselves nude on accident? Kinda backwards

    100. VNM brycey

      For the twitch just say sip vign inkel