YouTuber Does Something Crazy... NickMercs, Drift0r, Eight Thoughts, Vinny VineSauce


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    1. Cole Patchen

      Driftor looking old as fuck, he graying man. I remembered when this man was super young. Time flies.

    2. PokekidKanto YT

      I like how Scarce leaves for 3 months, then comes back, and no one questions it.

    3. Kila_ Kam82

      Eight Thoughts sounds like a douche

    4. Josh Davis

      Eight Thoughts is a joke. I stopped watching him ages ago.

    5. nubbinsboi

      Acting like he didn't take a 3 month break 😂 Welcome back scarce

    6. Bryce Rhinehart

      Nickmercs and swag are the kids who would tell the teacher they’re being mean

    7. Bryce Santos

      Finally the king has posted again

    8. Destall

      Welcome back homey

    9. Thunder storm

      Dislike button : down Like button : down Share : my time has come...?

    10. Blissful_Hate

      THE RETURN!!!!

    11. The Generate

      Internet is so shit rn what the fuck is happening

    12. JADON0_0


    13. tevin d

      who the hell makes a teaser trailer for their expose video

    14. drunken mother

      Eight Thoughts reminds me of 2015-2016 Keemstar

    15. Sefo Gonzales

      it's always hilarious watching a stream clip where the chat is just sucking off the streamer constantly

    16. Hassan Shaikh

      Alright everyone, if HUfast removes the dislike button, make sure you comment "dislike" on bad videos... and hope they don't remove the comments section too

    17. Hasa Rafael

      Nick's thumbnails are trash tho 😂😂

    18. Rowan

      thank you for coming back, keemstar is more bias than a fifth grader defending the gamecube.

    19. D34thBySn0wB4LL

      What did 8 thoughts expect when all he does is rip on ppl? Rip lol

    20. Jimmy Wrangler

      I’ve always hated eight thoughts. But I also do t like nick mercs.

    21. wewaka lul

      dam i didnt expect this from nick he act all aplha and shiet

    22. Peter G A

      I like that dont see the dislike number ... good ... good. bc all this cancel culture ppl think they are gods with the dislike campaigns

    23. Tomiwa Aina

      Ohhh he was gone for school! Good for him!

    24. Peter G A

      BBB is another huge lier..... i wish youtube take down his fake channel.... have you see how many COD player have call out without evidence and AND video manipulation....

    25. Peter G A

      Eight Thoughts is such an Ahole ... for real. and big big lier

    26. Tomiwa Aina

      Why are all of these call of duty creators so... old? It makes the argument seem more childish

    27. A Jewish Kebab

      Never liked NickMerks and now i have a good reason

    28. Thomas Clifford

      NickMercs and Eight Thoughts just a couple middle aged children because their egos are so fragile.

    29. Sabbat

      all he did (8 thoughts) was mock nick mercs -what is nick mercs some sort of demagouge/narcissist. Mercs is an over bloated "douche" i think is said in the states.

    30. Dave Hudson

      It's like he never left

    31. Timothy Ditchfield

      HUfast scared for rewind

    32. Felix Reardon

      maxamillianmus 2.0

    33. Mr Bumtastic

      This is how MiniLadd and other creeps would come back to youtube.

    34. JgreeN

      What utubers wanted this dislike disengaged for "some" users? Probably shitty youtubers like fake news/propaganda spreading keemstar.. Whom cant even have his own channel.. Fukin sad.. Well theres other apps.. Maybe its best the wealth be spread out.. HUfast clearly cant handle all this maybe no 1 entity can.. Hell youtubes have been bringing 90 day fiancés into the mainstream and yet only just the other day did i see an add from 90 day fiancé..

    35. MR. GUY

      Looks like many of these grown men didn't get taught the lesson think before you do.

    36. DrpepMazing

      He's back 😭 i missed him so much

    37. Mason Vance

      so Scarce where have you been we missed you :(

    38. ThatOneGuy

      Damn that’s two levels of bad nick is being a baby and eight thoughts doxxed a kid (of course what eight thoughts did was worse)

    39. Dissolve YT

      Did HUfast get mad because of 2018 rewind?

    40. Jr

      Tbh uts eight thoughts fault for making it

    41. jeorvIn

      did you really leave?

    42. SNOW FALL

      Wowwww nick mercs is a tough guy huh

    43. Arbinswazch

      glad to see you back mane :)

    44. Clout 9

      Oh hell nah imagine getting shot by someone’s like blue his picture alone makes me want to shoot myself

    45. Young Forever Media

      Any youtuber that talks about another youtuber is out of content and probably trash at everything besides obsessing about a real youtuber and looking for something to talk shit about! Lol clowns

    46. aVoider

      who tf is nickmercs?

    47. Oscar DeWalle

      What ever happened to sticks and stones

    48. Dustin Orgeron

      He extorts ppl saying that him and his community will hurt your family if you don’t follow and like him and basically like drift or said you work for them once they get you in there horrible community you need to learn what really going on behind scenes not just what you here

    49. SKilledP0TATO

      Eight Thoughs is a joke.

    50. Simps are destroying Youtube

      nickmercs is nothing more than a manchild

    51. schm0tz 44

      Nick is such a herb

    52. ssmoki

      is every youtuber a pedo or a sexual assaulter holy shit

    53. nintatsu akaninja

      Glad to see you back. :)

    54. ғonт

      ahh war nicht richtig... ganze Leute auf Twitter sind Knechte

    55. Giovanni Ojeda

      I can’t see the dislike😳


      This is what happens when everyone is a softie and can't take it when someone says bad things about them lol everyone is a damn crybaby!

    57. sleeepylol

      Thank god I’m tired of watching drama alert

    58. Tex Texas

      Where the fuck have you been?! I missed you dude!

    59. IGalactic HeroI

      Imagine being subbed for 28 monthes to nickmercs man. I mean a different stroke for different folk buuuut cmon man.

    60. Carlos Garcia

      Drifter sound like a news reporter

    61. Ryan Cameron

      Hey at least the guy in voicemail love JESUS. Amen

    62. The Wam Bam Fam

      Slander for saying someone cheating on a video game um Nick marks is a p***y I kinda liked this guy before but getting this bent over this is kinda sad these streamers are soft af

    63. Frosch 2

      youtube just want to remove the dislike button for their youtube rewinds

    64. Psychicoutlaw Chanel

      Glad you'e back Scarce! Was wishing you wld cover the Dobrik situation, how he's now making monetized vids on FB, Durte Dom is back on IG & prolly making money there, and then ofc there's the James Charles horror. Thx!

    65. YungEagleExo

      If they say he’s irrelevant an gets no views how does his words effect nickmercs, I like nick but he’s Soft for that

    66. FierceVerminGaming

      We all know they tryna hide the dislikes because we know soon in the future HUfast rewind 2021 on is coming out

    67. Absentpopcorn

      I hate nickmerks making fun on someone with cancer for being bald

    68. Mushromus

      "negatively affects their well being" didn't you just say that the creators will still see the dislikes? I swear HUfast is so desgusting sometimes

    69. nomercy

      nick merc is the biggest puissy on the platform lmao

    70. Thomas Stegner

      Multimillionaire bitching and bragging at the same time... speaks for itself

    71. Jagger Baker

      What happened to you

    72. Peter Buse


    73. Rudolph III

      I thought I was un subbed or something because I never seen videos from scarce lately and don’t wanna watch keem

    74. Mac Spazzz

      He got cancer and allat bullshit but he bout killed drift0r 🤣🤣

    75. Alek

      On the Vinesauce issue, I like how Scarce refuses to point out the fact that there are many time zones, so 6:00 is different to different people. You can't just say, "He's streaming. Therefore, it's all false." If he read the document, he would see that the victims lived in different states than Vinny, and had never visited NY before, making it quiet likely that they live in different time zones. Don't buy this garbage being pedaled by Vinny's YT buddies.

    76. JerkPlaysGames

      Glad to see you back

    77. TSHG-TheStrawHatGhost

      Most inconsistent OG HUfastr I've ever watched

    78. lSvpreme V

      All these guys are scumbags at the end of the day besides scarce

    79. Luke Cornthwaite

      This was uploaded a week ago and I finally came across it... And I'm always on HUfast lol

    80. GamingFreak

      Even though Eight Thoughts harassed Driftor, doesn’t make Nickmercs less of an asshole

    81. HARDAWAY ひ

      nick is such a weenie lol

    82. Shunzetsu -

      Guy pretends hes newschannel, doesnt get 2 videos up a week

    83. ResolvedRage

      The people who disliked just really missed Scarce.

    84. Boone Kelleher

      the king has returned

    85. Myles Porter

      Nah fuck 8 thoughts


      Come on now Scarce time to get back on da HUfast grind....

    87. Phitex X


    88. sml2TALL

      School? What you studying? I’m guessing business.

    89. Pheng Vang

      youtube kinda shit people are attacking each other and why i think it not worth becoming a youtuber as know people will attack or even black mail you like one example SSSniperwolf

    90. Lime Sss

      Yay scarce is back😄😄😄😄😄💕💕💕

    91. semm semm

      I dont really understand this 8thoughts guy if u gonna talk shit than expect to be taken down some people will be fine with it and some won't thats life you don't talk shit and expect everyone to just laugh

    92. YouKnoprodijy

      HUfast just don't want another dislike bomb

    93. kyz

      Oh he back?

    94. GalacticMaster

      HUfast removing dislikes because of their HUfast Rewind

    95. Team Yoshida

      He left as soon as he came 😔

    96. Negeya

      *Nothing ever happened*

    97. Matt

      The tweet at 14:09: Viewer feedback is important but FUCK viewer feedback

    98. N7 K

      Faze clan is full of entitled kids

    99. ø


    100. Black Lightyear

      "hey whats up guys its scarce here" Oh, he didn't have enough for the rent this month.