YouTuber Can't Believe THIS... Pyrocynical, Pokimane, Corpse Husband, Summit1g


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    1. killa xmas

      Ppl who like this furry crap is into beastyality

    2. Ber y

      Young Bakugo is overflowing with pride...

    3. Rivas1028

      Bruh “well do better”-Twitch 2020

    4. Cade M.

      That’s super big and mature of Poki! Corpse and pewds too of course. Happy about that

    5. BooM Borgoyari

      This ivory kid is just playing along the "me too" game

    6. SweetKandi

      11:04 "a normal conversation"

    7. Cito Gonzalez

      I don’t why everyone acts innocent when it comes to weird kinks, I find furry kinks disgusting but there are some people who like that kind of stuff and we shouldn’t judge what people find sexually attractive as long as it legal it not our business, would you want someone judging you over your kinks?

    8. Zero Two

      corpse is a creepypasta youtuber not a among us youtuber 😑

    9. Semen Gaming 4K

      hows it even grooming tho pyro didnt do any grooming

    10. Grape Steam

      So good to hear that pyro is in the good I love that man and the unfunny videos he makes!

    11. Ehrhardt_ 19

      At this point you could make a hole two hour long video of the people twitter tried to cancel

    12. Matt Ep. SLIMY

      Respect to pewdiepie

    13. Coffee Succubus

      Pyro handled this situation better than EDP445 with his allegations. That's why I love him.

      1. ɪᴛᴢᴡ4ᴛ3ʀ

        EDP445 Had allegations?

    14. Yado

      Man leafy never would have done this shit

    15. Omarplaysty

      Tbh the pryo one looks to sus

    16. RAIDER

      I'm not gonna judge what pyro does in his own free time,But I know hes super embarrassed stuff like this should stay in the closet,Also I thought every one was joking when they were calling pyro a furry never thought it was true.But I'm not gonna let this change the way how I view his content

    17. CamoHorizon

      Their scared of bidens new tax bump lol

    18. Freidheim of Prussia

      are poeple not considering there is no proof that deleted user is actually pyro

    19. mini med

      i could not listen to that fucking discord conversation

    20. Patt Rick

      Twitch is in a worst state than HUfast right now, and HUfast has been doing bad for years now

    21. Ady daddy drummer

      does corpse husband use a voice changer if noti want his to say EA sports

    22. Little_timmy445 ryan bff

      I find it so funny that scarce is reading the furry role play

    23. Kyuzi

      i know that ivory person since they make music, wild because we were supposed to collab.

    24. YaBoi

      What’s a moob? Is it a man boob? It’s a man boob right?

    25. joshua higgins


    26. Schmliff

      3:52 the French girl is 18 now btw


      u better do a vid on xqc ban

    28. Joseph Djikpe

      This is all to much😥

    29. Yuichi Nakamura

      Thank god they cancelled rewind

    30. Sam Serrano

      Lmao Pewdiepie only found it weird when he became a billionaire?

      1. Sam Serrano

        @Sparsh Kumar you know what I mean...don't be dumb.

      2. Sparsh Kumar

        He's not a billionaire

    31. gamer cat

      i wonder which huge figure of twitter will show how you can fake discord messages

    32. Sher jaranilla

      soooooooooooooooooooo im smol streamer will you tipp to me?kindly asking?hihi

    33. Dakota Grierson

      We don’t need HUfast’s rewind, only PewDiePie

      1. Pastel Hot Mess

        Agreed. I hope he makes another one

    34. Rowan Kost

      Pokimaine is the worst streamer.

    35. The_ Woosmann

      Why giving your money to rich people Give it to smaller creators who need it more. I recommend checking out the Dad Arg Channel. He has like 130k and almost every penny goes into his series

    36. Logan W

      Literally forgot this garbage existed

    37. Ant the Gord

      I had to unsub from pewdiepie because he just radiates so much "I have so much money I never need any and the fact you plebs try to give it to me offends me, i am on such a different level from you that you have no idea" energy

      1. terrablade boss

        lol im pretty sure hes just being nice but idgaf

    38. Carlos Saavedra

      I wonder what twich will become

    39. BoTi

      who the fuck donaTES

    40. Abdulrahman mahaini

      can I just say that there is no evidence that pyro groomed him/her there’s no evidence that it’s pyros account

    41. Shinsui

      Pyro was fucking disgusting

    42. The Hh

      *LMAO* those sus ass furry dms by Pyro 😂😂😂😂😂 What an absolute weirdo!

    43. Potato Cheese

      Scares reading pyros texts are so fucking funny to me

    44. itsyaboimikeyyy

      The saddest thing here is that Pyro is a furry... How did I not see this coming.


        Ah yes the floor is made of floor

    45. Ghost Nope

      I feel super bad for pyro I had an ex who’s best friend was texting a 22 year old and she convinced him she was 18 when in reality she was 15/16 I was super pissed when I heard this because Ik so many people who have killed themselves or lost their lives because of shit like this

    46. Bold Erdene

      Couldn't pewdiepie and all these other streamers just donate that money to charity? Like you can still do good with it.

    47. The Tank Gamer playz

      Corpse sounds like he dont give a care with his emotions lol

    48. Amatsu Mikaboshi

      Did he ever tell pyro was underaged? I feel like he is just clout chasing

    49. Barnaby Higgins

      Pokimane: announces cap on donations Everyone: HyPoCrItE, GrEEdY PewDiePie: Does the same Everyone: How nice (not hating on either of them just pointing it out)

    50. These Gh

      Scarce you need to help dopeasyola he is the nicest most down to earth person ever and his channel got deleted the morning he was predicted to get a million subscribers. He is a weed Chanel but he had his channel for 2 years and did not break a single rule he had no strikes or anything but if you want the whole story just type in dopeasyola and it will show up but please he have to help him he is one of the nicest people ever

    51. Red Panda Gamin

      At this point its ivory's fault and concequences and slander he did it full well knowing what can happen but has been caught with his pants down for sure

    52. Red Panda Gamin

      *youtube runs out of celebrities to pay to tribute to youtube rewind* HUfast: Oh sorry guys looks like we have to cancel rewind this year so sorry about that

    53. Red Panda Gamin

      The thing is the bigger streamers really dont need donation

    54. burgerman

      Scarce talk about the Magic of Rahat return video.

    55. RINO MO

      Ivory Rasmus has a pride flag in his name, it speaks for itself

    56. Silent_path1

      Say what you want 5:16 that second picture looks really nice

    57. Bobthedeer Animates

      I don’t even know who pyro is, but what happened to him is just disgraceful. Plenty of famous people have been falsely accused of rape and sexual harassment. Being famous is not as good as it sounds. It seems like every single person wants to ruin your life. Pray for Pyro.

    58. Ratty

      There’s no proof that’s pyro

    59. PassTekk

      Ivory literally took a blind shot and somehow landed the bullseye on pyro being a furry

    60. Bernard Monday

      I think Pokimane limiting the cash to 5$ is a good move, and Pewdiepie just not accepting the donation anymore made me happy. People don’t seem too greedy

    61. Nadia


    62. Erin Henry

      Thank god there’s no rewind, the last like three have been nothing but out of the loop to most of the people on HUfast.

    63. Low Topics

      Years ago you streamers would cry for donos relax and be humble

    64. HinduG4mr

      Sad mrbeast noises

    65. BerzerkPrime

      Furrys make me want to vomit to the point i end up dead..

    66. Nightblade

      I prefer watching Scarce over Keem because he's more mellow to me.

      1. terrablade boss

        let me guess... gradeaundera lol

    67. Angel Vega

      Dashie told people to not donate first.

    68. Crazyoml

      pyrocynical says the nword in his videos its like idubbz nobody who watches his videos cares about those things

    69. Secter Plays

      False alligations are litteraly the stupidest thing i would have pressed charges

    70. Jodyas Rahardja

      Haha vtuber donations go brrrrr

    71. Father AxeKeeper

      whenever people block out their own text from these exposed chatlogs it makes me very suspicious of them. like they said something that would make their claims appear as BS. Looks like I was right.

    72. Tea Express

      I lost my job due to the corona virus so i decided to start this channel, wish my luck!

      1. terrablade boss

        @Tea Express coincidently another comment from a different channel said the same thing word for word i wonder what that could've been?

      2. Tea Express

        @terrablade boss nah bro i'm not a bot

      3. terrablade boss

        lol bot

    73. Luxury Living

      I lost my job due to the corona virus so i decided to start this channel, wish my luck!

      1. terrablade boss

        @Luxury Living lol i already replied to you on a comment that said the exact same thing to you

      2. Luxury Living

        @terrablade boss nah bro

      3. terrablade boss

        lol bot

    74. UNSC 2003

      Pyro a fury pffft XD XD XD bet it was just some stupid angry kid

    75. αηιмε яεαlιтү

      Scarce we need you to mention "Magic of Rahat Returns" on your video because its such tragic and this needs to be viral

    76. FEISTY _ 69

      MagicOfRahat is back🙌

    77. Edward Garcia

      Scarce sounds like such a virgin

    78. Ryan Michalicek

      if u a RP furry u dont deserve sympathy from anyone. ur a disgusting person who has been rejected too many tikes for being a creep so u turn to animals. wack.

    79. A Potato

      Scarce don’t leave again

    80. Morgan Freeman’s Son

      The pyro thing is so fake it’s funny

    81. ThatSubaruGuy

      That Pyro shit is weird af

    82. Alex K

      o no

    83. Doc oz

      No one can tell me corspe husband isn't FaZe Tenser

    84. Ben Gordon

      Pyro: allegedly grooms minor Internet: I sleep Pyro: says the N-word Internet: _real shit_

    85. Kelvin boahen

      He said furry stuff lololololol

    86. jorge zayas

      Wait Fucking pyro is a furry ? Or am I misunderstanding? I’m extremely disappointed if that’s the case

    87. Logan H

      Ivory never said they’re underage in the chat so idk what point they’re trying to make

    88. Samuel Brown

      U realize how easily someone could make a deleted user and just fabricate all those messages and plan this whole thing?

    89. Samuel Brown

      I actually really respect these big time streamers and you tubers for doing this

    90. Esther Holtzman

      Niall has done so much to stop child predators on HUfast. He was actually one of the first people to bring awareness to it. I know he would never say anything like that, someone is just out to get him and it makes me fucking sick. Anyone can claim this.

    91. Incognito Mode

      so streamers dont like money now ?????????????????

    92. J.C.

      Gattor Martin's channel got taken down he had 400k subscribers you should include that

    93. Godw1ll99

      if someone is going to make a case about being groomed they should show evidence of such not "evidence" showing nothing but two furrys having normal furry convos... i mean cmon he wrongfully joined a nsfw cord and had to censor some of his own comments as to not discredit his claim. he showed absolutely no signs of doing something against his will and showed no evidence of coercion from "deleted user" or anything of "deleted user" trying to knowingly solicit pics or lewd behavior of a minor. it seems ivories evidence backs up pyros claims more than his own.

    94. LookItsMandark

      How mr beast gonna donate for vids then

    95. Ryan Hynes

      Even if Pyro didn't get physical photos, it's still disgusting and in bad taste that these conversations exist with a minor. Did Pyro know his age? Thats debatable I suppose, but the fact that Pyro continued communication up until September of this year after finding out that he was 15 and that he did this stuff with him is also weird. Did at any point Pyro ask what his age is? I mean he engaged in role play and did he not ask? And yes, even though there weren't real photos being exchanged or even meet ups, ITS STILL CREEPY! Again, if the 15 year old lied about his age, then yeah its not Pyro fault. But the defense of "no photos" is a dangerous argument to make. Its still potentially criminal and creepy.

    96. Night Owl

      Lmao you can already tell that whole grooming story is bullshit 😂


      The pyro shit was so fake that its unreal

    98. Logan Marta

      Did he seriously call Corpse Husband an among us youtuber? So his narrations are just forgotten now?

    99. Chairman

      top notch news channel


      The clout chaser really made me heated , why accuse a person who hasn’t harmed you I wish I can stomp on people dirty muddy boots