YouTuber Calls Them Out... Deji, RiceGum, xQc, TheQuartering


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    1. Sam Galloway

      "He was saying that Gabbie Hannah can't take criticism." As he's talking about how she's whining because the top video about her is criticizing her.

    2. Aviatorenegade

      Funny how none of her other videos were trending before she called them out 🤔 Then SUDDENLY, Her newest music video (Special) was #30 on trending? It's also been proven that HUfast WAS hiding a crap ton of her videos to people who had the Restricted setting on. And yes, obviously not all her videos are family friendly, but they restricted a video of her fostering a PUPPY. It's so sad that just because she's Gabbie Hanna, she gets ignored and told she's being irrational or crazy. And now even recently, people have said that HUfast is unsubbing people to their channels. If anyone responds, im honestly not going to bother looking at it. We all have our different opinions. And honestly I'm not gonna spend my time responding to people just saying hateful things when I could actually be doing something with my time. Anyways, hope everyone is having a great day/night! 💖

    3. ;-;;-;


    4. Jordanio Natanael

      why the hell would i want gabbie hanna in my recommendations

    5. Calistto

      Gabbie, be fucking thankful you're still on HUfast.

    6. _Carlos _A_

      Is that gabbie person a schizo ... I only remember her from vine idek she exists

    7. FatmanJonesTV

      Bruh she’s losing it. It’s kind of sad. Edit: btw, Pegasus is over 200k now 😂 YT is pumping that dude out rn

    8. TryBadGamez

      Well Deji isn't sub boting he gets most of his subscribers from ksi he is the only reason why I started watching Deji.

    9. Jason Huang

      That's the most aimbotty thing I've ever seen wtf was that?? Symfuhny literally shot the dude inside the truck before he even saw him wtf?

    10. Eddy Puah

      Never like Gabbie

    11. Frank Lavoielacté

      im shadow ban default

    12. Morgoth Bauglir

      With nostrils like that Gabbie is just consuming way tooooo much cocaine to stay sane.

    13. Travis Brown

      Wtf he was shooting at a wall, and people say it isn't aimbot

    14. True Gamer 341

      Gabbie looks like the chef in ratatouille

    15. JohnDoesRandom

      Everytime Scarce says Onision, I think of Onii-chan XD

    16. DKsaNn Kat

      Deji going all in, maybe deji is innocent otherwise why would he risk this all

      1. TryBadGamez

        He gets his subscribers from ksi if he sub botted he would've been had 10mil. He has 10mil now because ksi told his viewers to sub to him.

    17. Darkmac G

      The dude was 100% aimbotting. I bet my life on it. I consider myself a damn good player. But no matter how much skill you have, you cannot zip to 3 locations Within 1 sec without even knowing if anyone is inside the truck or building. let alone there placement in said building. Notice he also is just holding down the mouse to fire. Yet check his accuracy. Nah man. They all just protecting there investments. Best believe shit went down behind the scenes after.

    18. Genesis Casanova

      lololol gabby aint innocent. she needs to go.

    19. YuLol

      Fact:Gabbie Hanna made up HUfast shadowbanning her shes doing it for views

    20. Soldier_75

      9:23 Not aimbot? How the gun straight up moved to the others even behind cover

    21. ForrestGump_TM

      the onelything youtubers do is cry and complain. they are the biggest bitches in the history. thank god im a boomer and not a looser new generation. atleast my generation did shit that acctualy had a meaning and was productive and not sitting at home crying and geting payed for doing shit! new generation go out in the woods for 1 week an try to survive without looking up a survival video on youtube. good luck!

    22. T Major

      9:30 him knowing there was one in the truck is super sus

    23. H0rcrux

      Gabbie isn't being shadowbanned! Her HUfast views are simply hiding in the shadow of that huge f*cking nose! They can't get to her eyes because that nose is a steeper climb than Everest!

    24. platypus

      The live stream staying on happend to me too

    25. SenseiInTheWest

      i never knew gabby Hanna was a thing until I watched this thing

    26. Andrew DiDomenico

      The Quartering is so obnoxious.

    27. Estelle Hue

      hey its mr irrelevant himself

    28. Itz Fade



      I'm glad HUfast will not suggest me Gabbi's horrible music and/or anything else she makes even though she is making it up that she is shadowbanned. I can dream!

    30. Ryan Gonzalez

      Watching your videos are so fricking addicting all this gossip... I think I'm about to sue youtube for this addicting videos for 25M lol

    31. Hiddenanbu

      All these youtubers getting called out about rape and sexual harassment this year is by far the craziest year ever and also mildly the best because of school.

    32. Dee Lagura

      Gabie is a Karen

    33. Whatever The fuck

      Who else is here cause of GradeAunderA

    34. Jackson Hardy

      It’s Susan She’s after Gabbie 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Jackson Hardy

      If HUfast actually did care enough to do all the shit that Gabby says that they’re doing they would just rather been you and delete your channel doesn’t have to deal with any of this am I right

    36. Jackson Hardy

      It’s funny though watching this now because in my recommended feed it’s all Gabbie Hanna, not like stuff making fun of her for things like that it’s all of her videos. Kind of weird to be quite honest

    37. AFG HZR

      Hahahahahahhahahaha gabbie lol what a joke

    38. Mark Lopez

      Twitch is the Karen of live-streaming websites. Any slip up, and you’re done

    39. Bree Kat

      I like how everyone complaining about youtube ghosting them. SMH now ya know how pewds feels.

    40. DOC CHOY

      gabbie has a large ass nose

    41. Some Idiot Who Has No Life

      Reading RiceGum’s live chat makes me very sad.

    42. mathew worster

      is gabby the same person as the gabby show?


      I cant stop watching these bro

    44. Patrick Wilson

      Chis Hansen ? isnt he the guy from those Escobar Fold 2 endorsments ?

    45. Patrick Wilson

      how is that not aimbotting ??

    46. G D

      ricegum still uses skype? lol that was one old noise haha

    47. Οραματιστές

      deji takes a lot of bs from alot of people and he still got balls to stay strong

    48. Pokex Mia

      every comment is Gabbie lol

    49. SwordSlice311

      Gabbie is such a soft princess. There is a option that allows for you to not have recommendations from certain youtubers, and that is likely the case.

    50. Superhero Hebrew

      All of y'all highly successful HUfastrs who have a million subscribers or more NEED to get your own server/hard-drive & upload all of your content onto your own websites because for literally any reason they want the people who own/run HUfast & Google can flag videos, cancel likes/subscribers, and limit however many videos they want audiences worldwide to see. Y'all need to get your own platform which would be on your own website. Otherwise all of you HUfastrs are at their mercy (Founders/Owners of Google & HUfast)! REALTALK

    51. Euro Peeing

      The Quartering is a garbage easy to trigger alcoholic, he thinks he is a victim of censorship but in reality he is just another idiot. "Aaaaah antifa and BLM are gonna get meee" pffff ridiculous.

    52. big man

      Sym is mad sus he didn’t miss a shot and also he keeps locking onto shit like the specific spot on the warehouse wall and then the truck you could say “oh he must’ve seen them go in there” or whatever but why did he LOCK onto the EXACT SPOT they were and then look away to act like it didn’t happen and then when he responds to the claims he says “oh guys it was literally a troll I was just trying to make it look like I was cheating haha got you guys” that’s only something you say when you’re losing an argument “dude I was just joking look at how mad you got”

    53. taarish Sheoratan

      The point is to stop canceling not to start

    54. Silenttuber PJ24

      Normal person: Deleting the live video Gabbie: Not letting the live feed end, so you can't post it.

    55. Bleep Bloop

      ricegum ththtthats all folks

    56. Donlld ?

      I thought kavos and scarce were the same person for a while.

    57. theisgood0

      People say he was using an aim bot. Listen here console players that’s called a keyboard and mouse. Much more accurate.

    58. theisgood0

      I am so proud of this community !!!!!! 🥰🤣

    59. Lethal.-

      Sym reminds me of nate gibsons

    60. 300 subscribers without any video challenge

      Bruh no one watches Gabbie anymore that is why she's losing subs and views

    61. Ryan Dowling

      Ok but, sym hit the container and the wall, where their was 2 enemys that he couldnt have seen...

    62. thomas manning

      deer girl

    63. Eleesium

      I'm sorry, but you BUTCHER Symfuhny's name...

    64. Lachy.

      4:55 you called leafy ‘youtube’

    65. Christopher Foley

      Wait, Ricegum still exists? Theres people out there who still think he has talent?

    66. Fettuccine_Frank

      Doesn’t say leafys name

    67. Momo

      You should watch serenity man is CRAZY AWESOME AT R6S bruh

    68. Samwow69 Trees

      Gabby: forgets how HUfast changes Everyone: ok boomer

    69. Hyungjin Park


    70. Oxygen

      I coded aimbots for years 9:27 thats what u call "aimlocking"

    71. Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      You dont really have people on the inside if theyre the ones harrassing you.

    72. SouthBound Productions

      Its news that somebody bought a house that some other people used to live in lol

    73. Th01n3d

      I thought gabby was just some viner. When she get big on yt?

    74. Ninjaiceboy Frost

      The quartering got screwed over, just because of an opinion he lost money, that's shite.

    75. Ryuzaki Azzouz

      Yt did a great job if they shadow banned that sick monster

    76. circle

      Man your voice sounds like a asmr

    77. nopoke69

      deji is back at 9.9m

    78. Sean Rourke

      “Is this guy so pathetic for suing a guy who’s publicly defaming him without any solid proof?” I don’t really care about Deji or KSI, but I don’t think Deji is so dumb to sue a guy knowing he’d lose if it was true. Kavos is kind of just a shitty HUfastr like Keemstar who got famous via sucking off Keem, anyways.

      1. shaquille sommerville

        The thing is that I heard the uk don’t really favor freedom of speech there, so Deji probably suing just to keep Kavos silent.

    79. Piss And Fart

      I cant stop thinking that gabby looks like the female version of the dude that the rat controls in ratatouille

    80. eNemy UAV

      When you try to make a career out of shaming/criticizing/ exposing others......DO NOT be surprised when law suits come your way.....DO NOT be surprised when hate comes your way......DO NOT be surprised when you are blacklisted by others......DO NOT act like the victim......YOU chose this

      1. shaquille sommerville

        This is youtube at the end of the day. Kavos didn’t make a big claim that was like oh Deji is a pedo confirm or anything. Kavos called him out bc Deji gain like 50k subscribers within 2 days and when freeway released their video, Kavos invesgated the receipts shown and found out that the receipt could be legit. Kavos even asked Deji, yo let’s have an interview so we can get to the bottom of this situation. However, instead of trying to talk and debunk the claims, Deji just went legal to silence Kavos.

    81. Char Harr

      Damn, imagining being so delusional that you believe HUfast is shadow banning you due to people making expose videos on you. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Gabbie, people see your shit and just don’t wanna watch you anymore. Girl bye

    82. Luis Medina

      Gabbie is that one baby who is crying for attention.

    83. George Barrow

      Lmao I was in the same year at school with Kavos, mad to see this haha. Didn't know he was a youtuber

    84. Man's not hot

      Wait, someone actually managed to piss off Dollar Shave club? And the Quivering, no less. That's borderline impossible to do. They are far from woke or left in their company line. Jeremy is just that much of a cockroach.

    85. Animosity

      “Hey what’s up guys it’s scarce here”

    86. Jo el

      Thank goodness for all this content that I totally did not see on 15 other girl gossip HUfast channels

    87. joshislame

      This drama was literally Super Smash Bros: Twitter Edition

    88. Bobby Hill

      did he purposely not say leafy?

    89. Venadis


    90. Bison X

      Gabi still makes tons of views

    91. Bison X

      Did gabi lose a fuck ton of weight

    92. icup cns

      Finally Gabby is getting shut down! So happy!

    93. Tyler Jeje

      yo mate watch the video of nuxtaku who made a video about deji

    94. lewis griffin

      Chris Hansen's a f***** b****. You don't own the story if anybody does it would be mr. Wraps and he's doing it even bring it to your attention this cannot be legal

    95. lewis griffin

      Dollar Shave Club is trash anyway so it's not like it's a big loss for him

    96. lewis griffin

      If someone is smearing my name I would take legal action to mf had no proof of anything all he does is run the second mouth and other people

    97. Epic Math Time

      Honestly sounds like she is suffering from psychosis.

    98. GreenTea

      Gabbie…don’t know her

    99. DuncTV

      Hopefully all of TheQuartering's sponsors drop him, assuming he has any left

    100. 1million subs no videos

      The woman is nuts