YouTuber Called This Out... JackSepticEye, Neeko, Donut Operator, FaZe Rain, Jenna Marbles


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    1. DKsaNn Kat

      Wow so Jenna is gone just like that smh

    2. Capn Nanoc

      Throwback to when we thought Chad was gonna get ripped instead of putting his balls on Twitter

    3. George Coull

      Nobody better mess with donut ever again!

    4. KliveKushOfficial

      Wow what steroids do they use?

    5. Truth

      Donut Operator. Best, unbiased channel. Period. True American. You Tube hates him because he is Truthful. Obvious Neeko is popular due to the lack of clothes she wears. Embarrassing to our country.

    6. Cyber Punk

      2 months? he aint doing it by himself praises for those who help him turn to JackedSepticEye, now the voice we need to get it past puberty.

    7. Zakk Austin


    8. Zakk Austin


    9. Nicholas

      Jack: gets six pack PewDiePie: gets six pack Me: eats a kfc family pack

    10. Comrade Spots

      Dude, Sanders Kennedy’s pupils share different post codes.

    11. PAUL CAMPBELL [DeepFake Culture] she is freaking back!

    12. drat poison

      Sean so hott

    13. Joey G


    14. Vanlalhmangaihsanga Ralte

      hey man, this is really nice, you go straight into the facts, no horsing and jacking off around, thanks

    15. big Liverpool fan

      Is it just me or am i an irish lover of sean

    16. m9nkeyman

      12:40 that line i just don't get, i mean I get hes saying that people think he is a "thug" but i don't understand why people think that just because you wear clothes that show gang signs or something you have makes people think you're a thug, or about to steal something wether you're black or white

    17. Cloud

      Congratulations to neeko! I could tell she worked hard for this

    18. Cj

      what was the point of bringing up jacksepticeye, Hm this guy tweeted something interested, and someone responded. Wow

    19. Name Name

      Yes it's called steroids

    20. Unspiteful

      bro how tf these youtubers getting buff so fast

    21. Jabba

      But did Jack skip leg day?

    22. Phosty

      Click bait

    23. m9nkeyman

      Why do people always go after big youtubers using stuff that happened many years ago

    24. Sandro Pačić

      If you dont know who she is, shes the boomer girl

    25. Slapaman

      Jack is so fukin buff, how?!?

    26. josh Lastdsad


    27. jokes universe

      I took a HUfast break once it was just a small 3 years

    28. AJ Sweeney

      I thought the border was still closed so It's weird to hear that he was able to go back to Toronto

    29. Wild Trickster


    30. Martn

      whens the neekolul part somenoe linke posl

    31. Ebony Momento Mori

      yo scarce slow down you sound like a Hispanic auctioneer

    32. GregTheEgg

      I guess you can say jack just got JACKED!

    33. STOMOBRO!!!

      Jack got jacked

    34. T o e s

      It’s pretty obvious why turners lawsuit was dismissed he signed a contract and now he’s butthurt

    35. Smallshrimpin69

      Jack looking like god of war ngl 😳

    36. Aige

      O ok

    37. Petko Nenkov


    38. Jason Huang

      Yeah, and Asian lives don't matter right? The same people who support BLM are making racist comments and jokes about Asian people and corona.

    39. stee

      Wake up JOE

    40. Splash

      Rocket league gang where you at?

    41. Big Dick Potatos

      15:47 LMAO SAME

    42. xKillerz6x

      you should do something btter with yourt life other then stalking people. youre very smart but you waste it on other people. invest i ytourself onot others dude... no one cares about all of these losers. and you yourself are turning into one. sorry the truth hurts.. also,, all thes epeople are so fake.. no one cares about them. and honestly none of you know who they ACTUALLY are. thjey dsont respect you lol. end rant.

    43. Swoop Parallel

      “you know who hells angels are??!!” “you know who hells angels are!???!” “im a fanboy!”

    44. Bree Kat

      'need my last day' uhhhhhhhh

    45. Jack of Blades

      100T eye candy

    46. GreyHexx

      I love the nearly constant toxicity that floats around in neeko’s stream chat

    47. GreyHexx

      gamerverse finna become ripped

    48. Larry2Toes

      First youtuber to get immediately to the chase. Respect.

    49. Oscar Does

      Everyone:yay meeko Me:lIGhTsAbErS

    50. Miguel Aparicio

      CAnt believe people still hold look through people’s old stuff to bring them down smh😔😔😔

    51. Dragon Rider

      Uggg, Jenna's boyfriend wearing a cuck BLM shirt.

    52. Ken m

      anyone else getting tired of this shit? I mean c'mon I don't think people should be rewarded with success just because they look good, if I had one wish it would be to force every "neeko" type woman to live a normal life like the rest of us, it's only fair.

    53. goatyboatyboo

      i know about hells angels they would never say that they until safe that they're hells angels

    54. ares0wept

      Never heard of any of these people, weird HUfast recommendation

    55. Ashish Patel

      simps gunna wack one off for the ok boomer girl

    56. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    57. Spider-teen

      Honestly what workout do they do, every time I try to work out I loose wait and muscle

    58. FerzhoSama PIANIST

      dude, GreekGod, he change by a lot

    59. Link

      Hey guys its scarce here

    60. Xbox Breaker

      And people will always flock into the drama and news. How are you still this popular lmao

    61. Absolution

      He got jacked

    62. Yuki Yukino

      People: tries to cancel youtuber for old stuff that doesn’t matter anymore HUfastr: know what it’s not worth it just gonna stop making vids People: wait....what!? That’s illegal come back!

      1. Hunter Storm

        This is why I don't want to be famous.

    63. Killer Lamas

      ahhhhgg ripped jack lesgooooo

    64. toluwalase olutola


      1. Joanna

        ayyy my guy rio made the video

    65. Sun Tzu

      I've always hated swatters... until now! XD

      1. Joanna

        1:05 I LEGIT cracked up laughing when he said "multi-talented"

    66. david martinez

      Can't believe I missed this

    67. TerribleTonyShow

      Did y'all know that neeko was a streamer?

    68. Shawn Carter

      Nice video only one problem all lives matter not just black lives.

    69. Kaiser

      Slim deserved it.

    70. Daniel Kintigh

      As someone with a nut allergy, taking some benadryl doesn't mean it will magically go away. In fact, it's never worked for me. The epipen on the other hand is suspicious, but is it possible she didn't have one on her, and they gave her one at the nurse station? I agree she probably shouldn't go to the park regardless, but acting like you know what's up when you clearly don't doesn't help the situation

    71. Iron Vader Sparrow

      Told yeah no cancillin.

    72. Iron Vader Sparrow

      Told ya work out all day for a month you’ll turn buff.

      1. Iron Vader Sparrow

        None of your total concern

      2. Iron Vader Sparrow

        But for me ehh.

    73. Eva Banana

      When are people going to realise that cancel culture is so toxic. It’s bullying and it’s practically organised harassment that has the ability to and HAS pushed people to suicide.

    74. Simp The Pimp

      I watched one of my friends live streams and I get bombarded with this shit

    75. Sweney

      Bikers are a special group.

    76. Microwave Bubblegum

      I like jack’s hips. Just me. Ok. 👀

      1. Diana Maioru

        You’re not the only one. His hips don’t lie that’s for sure! 😏

    77. Gneo Z

      How can they not trace people that make false swat? They should prosecuted.

      1. Gneo Z

        @Weeblicker ty sir

      2. Weeblicker

        Prosecuted* Persecution is people getting mad, prosecution is jail time.

    78. Kershen Naicker

      Getting SWATed is scary for yOuTuBeRS

    79. Joanna

      1:05 I LEGIT cracked up laughing when he said "multi-talented"

    80. zyler

      ayyy my guy rio made the video

    81. sαταท's ωiƒє

      I had to take a moment to clap for Jack because he works so hard with his content and charity streams that i had to cheer him on. He deserves time to work on himself and relax! He is doing such a great job! :)

      1. Diana Maioru

        @sαταท's ωiƒє Amen! Jack is a LEGEND.

    82. Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 2

      Is it bad that every time I look at Neeko all I can think about is Shad's drawings

      1. Joanna

        I'm so fuckin happy for Neeko

    83. Nancy Jameson

      No one gonna talk about neekos chat

    84. Natures Pipes

      wdym Disney NEEDS their money

    85. Shores

      If black creators wanna be treated equally why are they asking to be promoted more by the websites they choose to use that’s pure inequality (call me racist I don’t care) as a minority on this country I’m sick of this white people bad unless they have our opinions bullshit

    86. D

      The Faze Clan is cringe af at this point

    87. TheSneakyM

      Am I the only one who believes that it’s really retarded when people come with old clips of celebrities and get mad at them? Even more when that person apologies for it? I think is dumb when people bring stuff from the past, I mean, it’s in the past. If the person hasn’t done/said anything like it in years, then why bring it up? It’s just people trying to bring down other people.

    88. OogaBooga

      Bruh lethamyr challenges mrbeast. You know not only a professional rl player but also a fucking coach for a pro team. My money is on leth like I’m sorry mrbeast but unless you can get every coach to teach you rocketleague I don’t think you can win

    89. Kuuziez

      Well jacksepticeye use to do working out years back. He was ripped years ago.

    90. 七Aerozola

      Everyone follows these transformations from their favorite influencers. 1 year later when the aliens invade we’ll all have our YT 6 packs to flex and scare them off.

    91. :0

      Bruh i was literally in Disneyworld that same day Jenna Nicholson was at the Magic Kingdom. I never recognized her, but I walked past her and was super confused as to why she was filming herself and talking to herself

    92. reccathelastflame

      jacks getting jacked

    93. Q City

      Donut operator is bae

    94. oh...

      tfw all tbe gyms are closed around you

    95. ImJustSomeGuy

      I can't wait for ripped Chad in a few months.

    96. MrMoxycotton

      Getting in shape is easy when you can afford all that healthy food

    97. Daddy Tac

      I'm so fuckin happy for Neeko

    98. Lactovacilo

      wasnt de angelo bullshiting turkey ton months ago for clout?

    99. Finale

      The great fall of tiktok, I honestly couldn't care less

    100. Mochi Muffin

      i dont like dangelo wallace