YouTuber Banned Over Nothing... Muta Apologizes to H3H3, Suzy Lu, The Fortnite Guy, Katerino


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    1. Some Cat4

      The first story really annoys me, if people don’t want to donate, leave them alone, and like you said “It’s only 5 dollars.” Yea it is so you don’t need it

    2. Fps Calamity

      15:17 Song name pls

    3. gamer hole

      He said it HE SAID IT OUR VIDEO

    4. HayTaT Unknown

      Bro that chad dude saying gay sh*t just made me so mad when he was talking about something bad like he is a dumb dude

    5. Max Mustermann

      You can get a full meal for 5 dollars. 20 dollars are enough for 2 days

    6. supercoolmojo

      Lol what if I was a kid I couldn't donate 5$ when I'm watching a stream and I don't want to get my mom's /dad's credit card to SUB TO THAT

    7. Atomos2k

      $5 is about 500 in India lol

      1. Atomos2k

        @Martian wick oka

      2. Martian wick

        @Atomos2k take 1000 dollars and go on a trip

      3. Atomos2k

        @Martian wick yh

      4. Martian wick

        10$ will be 1000 right?

    8. crub muf

      That singing tho..

    9. Caboose.

      5 bucks can get me a used copy of halo 3 like Shit if ima gonna pay 5 bucks to see a hoe to complain and a 5 dollar mc picks meal

    10. Carlo Dela cruz


    11. Shua Tock

      Yo, her stream had the song "Welcome to the Machine" in the background

    12. The Meme Dealer

      Bruh she says she’s broke but how do you afford a house and camera and a friken mic

    13. Nicholas

      7:45 that's just so much toxic

    14. Nicholas

      Yeh she needs those 5 dollars while her room is filled with waste toys costing a lot more than 5 dollara

    15. Bald Sword

      Girl at the start: the ones who subbed to me are usually engineers Me: the ones who subbed to you are stupid

    16. The Banana Republic

      Suzy Lu is the equivalent of saying "my dad owns Microsoft and will get you banned" Then they get banned themselves

    17. hi hi


    18. Justice Graceful

      as much as I hate jeff bezos he didn't Have to donate anything. give me close to 3 quarters of a mill I'll be your best friend FOR LIFE.

    19. Aman Gyani

      Suzy Lu is a bitch

    20. Aman Gyani


    21. Shudley Inglis

      1:23 if 5$ ain't much well 1$ = R18 So 18 x 5 = R95 bro broooo

    22. taipan185

      At this point Im starting to wonder if there are any female twitch streamers that arent self important insecure attention whores.

    23. H. Shakur

      Let this bitch work then sub to herself. Fak that

    24. Kalomay

      Bad editor man, cutting during words.

    25. Its Masochist

      Yeah Chad is pretty good. I never got my Stimulus Package and man that hurt it especially since the COVID-19 hit my job hard..... but I guess people are in worst shape huh. Well lately my job is picking up again so hope they're job is too.

    26. RayBeamin

      Scarce looks like a Employee of the month at a business

    27. OG Donkey

      Anyone still watching this still in 2055 🐋🐳🐅🐃🐋🐋🐬🐖😙😔😒😜😗😔😌😜😗😔😌😜😗😊☺😙😗😜😌😪😞😍😍😜😌😌😗😙😜😙 Now give me money

    28. Crypto Jack

      shutdown twitch ... problem solved

    29. Arrow Head

      The first thing you talked about. About the greedy streamer. To the Greedy streamer: Some of us are teens that dont have jobs -._-.

    30. Who Dis112

      I lost all hope

    31. Furious Kleetus

      Katerinos body count is more than how many nakeds I've roof camped on Rust

    32. Toastguy54 9

      The engenier is actually a simp

    33. Jermaine Jacobs

      Is this channel monetized🤔

    34. TGA CLAN

      it's not errors youtube is just racist

    35. Ben the Gonk droid

      5:28 Combat wombat makes an appearance

    36. Brayden Green

      A meal is 20 dollars. A sub is 5 dollars, at subway.

    37. ZLS_Paladin

      I mean ngl tho Sordiway did a pretty good cover of The Scientist

    38. Bus Stop.

      0:35 You, can get a good meal for $5.00

    39. Hello There

      Being striked for praying damn..

    40. the random guy

      357 russian rubles

    41. QuestWalker

      15:25 Coldplay - The Scientist

    42. A respectful autistic being

      The only subs I have was donated

    43. The Spark Man

      If praying on stream is not allowed *Then what is HUfast good for anymore?*

    44. Sole Kefs

      I can't afford 1,809 Zimbabwean dollars :(

    45. Ice Cone

      Why does the girl from the first video look like a lord of the rings elf

    46. IanDaPotato

      You just need $5 to Subscribe.... Yeah imagine being in the Philippines where $5 can buy you 2 Full Meals in McDonalds. It's pretty expensive

    47. Wizzz Gin

      its already happen.. people fight over digital technology. but i dont watch them individually trough their channel, i love watch them on scarce channel xD

    48. AnimeRexu

      “If you watch twitch you have ten dollars” me and my friends switching to mixer 😎

    49. Russkof619 elite

      3:09 no more internet for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    50. Andrew Aspromonte

      How about I'm savvy enough to watch for free since you really are just hanging out playing video games and streaming.

    51. Lidia Olejnik

      I can see how nobody would like to subscribe to her after she said she Googles her subs.....disgusting....

    52. Aika

      Lol exactly why I deleted and stopped playing and associating with fortnite, most people are entitled little shits that think everyone else is below them

    53. the letter 56

      Cant wait for a Katerina boyfriend top 10

    54. Francisco

      Yooo that last part killed me

    55. Corn

      Kate has so many boyfriends, she can set up a Medic Tentacle.

    56. Norma Mccarthy knowledge of the by now obviously completely over­whelmed ship.

    57. fonikosananas

      I am responsible with my money what's why she won't get half a cent from me

    58. Incognito Guy

      does H3H3 not know most of his money is in stocks not in money he can just pull out

    59. Skoomster

      what’s worst Racism or Transphobia? ... wow

    60. Arda Putra

      5 dollars could get me 5 meals in my country

    61. R3KTGamer

      The girl asking for money is so fucking stupid. You don't have to support the people you watch. You don't have to pay shit to anyone, that's the entire point of twitch. You don't have to pay to watch people. Maybe find a website that makes people pay to watch, and if you do that, good luck getting anyone to watch you. People are fucking stupid lmao

    62. Cheaterz

      0:45 she obviously hasn’t seen the dollar menu.

    63. Salt Shaker

      No one else thinks that it weird how she A. Is ok with her average audience being creeps and B. Looking up everything about them?

    64. marstra

      11:28 I've recently gotten an ad for a NSFW comic at the bottom of one of Scarce's videos. The ad itself didn't contain any NSFW imagery, but upon clicking on it you'd figure out it was porn.

    65. umop apisdn

      Oof so many bad people :(

    66. gamanyme

      9:19 scarse: ok so this sound really bad right? me: i dont know you didnt let me efin hear it!

    67. DBC Reload

      For 20$ I can eat for 4 days. If she needs money she can sell something from her and not begging for money. U should give the money too the people who really need it like homeless people and not some dumb girl who is too dumb with money.

    68. Yuhh Omar

      What’s the streamers name in the beginning the girl?? I couldn’t hear scarce

    69. Matthew Bauer

      Actually come to think of it it does make sense because i went to watch a gaming video and i got an ad that popped up that had the n word and multiple curse words being used about poor african americans and i was mind blown that it was even out and advertised on youtube.

    70. Ospook

      Bruh i been getting those fake scam ads on youtube for years

    71. Kaleigh MacKay

      wow......... just wow.

    72. Grant Hunn

      thats still not donation shaming wtf?

    73. солдат, the Savior of Русский

      I thought I was watching someone else and not Scarce, what a pleasant surprise

    74. Vloxt

      Why is it that broke streamers tactic is to say ''if you have time to watch twitch then you have 5 dollars" like bruh

    75. wickey fuckyou

      Frostymatrix my G what a legend

    76. Andrej Petrović

      They do be simpin' tho

    77. Its_Classy

      Lmao the Piano and singing was gold.

    78. xMoltenMagma17

      "A sub is 5 dollars, at maximum, maybe 10 dollars." *Laughs in 5$ = 350 Rs.*

    79. Chris Milan

      8:52 Bruh he look like the Fortnite default skin

    80. UwU

      Achievement Unlocked: Boy Magnet.

    81. George Worley

      Vadervee either doesn't know how the poor live (if this is the case she should learn) or she does and doesn't care which is very sad. She seems like it me, all about me. Like an entitled.brat. Me, me, me, me. I know of someone on SSD right now whose monthly check is $900 who cannot not work and $10 could make difference between that person eating or starving. Rev George

    82. Kashala Machayi

      Even thouh pokimane is one of the main characters of The Simp Foundation. She's actually very useful.

    83. 2

      what the hell happened at the end

    84. snoop dogg dank kush

      She's got a point. streamers work just as hard and are as famous as A list celebs, but they don't make as much. But it's not a very good point.

    85. Yik Long Tay

      NGL that first twitch girl seems pretty misguided wow

    86. luggger dad

      I watch at work sometimes

    87. NekoRice

      Dude 1 minute and 30 seconds and and...holy hell. HOW can someone be so fucking ignorant and bitch just stop..I’m trying to power through this shit that already started boiling my blood. So many different circumstances

    88. oUwUo UwU

      Suzy Lu doesnt need get apoligize she need to give

    89. Synthify

      When ur 13 and don’t have a job. *sad invadervie noises*

    90. Evan Kinsler

      I have also happened to discover a gift card scam ad with David Dobrik instead of Mr. Beast this time.

    91. Destiny Sanders

      This is top notch peasantry

    92. OBi-Wan Kenobi

      3:17 DEADSIDE !?

    93. Matthew Groves-Hambidge

      I don’t think some of these steamers realise that $5 could feed me for nearly a week if needed

    94. Bruh Mania

      this dude is just not shitty not an asshole family friendly keemstar.

    95. Dezz NutZ

      Do you guys remember when kate was playing minecraft with carson and she said she dont cheat *IRONIC*

    96. Myles Porter

      You mean he he’s a dude

    97. Øthinus Dilencto

      What TF is up with Twitches these days

    98. Julio Lorenzo Labayen y Mombay

      1st stupid ass girl on twitch. We bettwr sub to phub

    99. Aidan Tunnessen

      Dude I didn’t even know The Fortnite Guy was an actual channel

    100. Music Spy

      1:18 chat said stonks lmfaoooo