This YouTuber Needs to be Stopped... RiceGum Got BANNED, DrDisrespect, Drift0r, Sweet Anita


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    1. Jack Silcock

      Drift0r Is In The Right For Blu Going To His House Eight Thoughts You Look 40 Dude

    2. Spencer Thompson


    3. Ricky Oinam

      Dude I really hate ricegum's voice and how he speaks

    4. _Carlos _A_

      Of course they got banned by HUfast what website did you think you were on... crunchyroll?

    5. steven motley

      ew simps BIG SMIPS at yt hq

    6. Available__


    7. Spencer Thompson


    8. Spencer Thompson


    9. Jack Tomas

      Man now I'm digging for info on dr disrespect.

      1. SwordSlice311


    10. Wizzz Gin

      thank god felix NEVER talk about this. he is too big for this shyt xD

    11. Its me Matthew

      T series should be banned too

    12. yo_boy _adrian05

      He says 'it's not in my character" when compliments himself

    13. chris howard

      Keep voting democrats into office and supporting democrat companies. Soon all your rights will be gone.

    14. DEAD_pedal

      Haha, when all else fails.. lobby pewds.

    15. a random comment

      prepare , the dislike button , youtube rewind 2020

    16. Adam Lee

      Your videos still here though...

    17. Sabs

      Im here before this video gets taken down by Suzy lu

    18. Scott Cochran


    19. Scott Cochran

      Love ur channel. You’re just a much better alternative to you know who!!! Thank you!!

    20. BruhMomentHD R

      Ricegum: Twitch just told me to act more... Me: Mature? Self aware?? Ricegum: -to quit being so savage 😎😎😎💯💯

    21. M K

      PETITION TO SHUT DOWN DRAMAALERT NOW LIVE Everything is explained in the petition, to the best of my knowledge. Those of you familiar with the HUfast community should know how crucial of a movement this is. Feel free to contribute 😁.

    22. Mr-Northman /Fz TFA

      I discovered this channel by scrolling through John Swan's video comment section😂great channel btw

    23. TDK RYDER

      5:00 another reason why femlaes shouldn't be on a streaming platform. Someone says one thing they their feelings get hurt and cry over nothing. HUfast is not what it use to be its a joke now. Just soft snowflakes

    24. TDK RYDER

      1:28 another example of why women should not be on youtube/streaming platform/ social media. To corny and get their emotions to invovled...

    25. Poop

      hey buddy i hadnt seen u in a long time on youtube but it looks like you lost some weight. Congrats man, you look great

    26. Channa Deraniyagala

      This is much better than drama alert

    27. Uncle McFunkle

      I recently found his channel again, and jesus he changed a lot

    28. JustJoel

      Like I don’t hate ricegum but I don’t like him

    29. multirampage1

      Fucking bitch has a numale simping for her at youtube.

    30. Sharp5h00ter

      Someone in HUfast is simping Suzy lmao

    31. Bear McHoneypots pity for anyone dating Ricegum. Even if it’s fake (like all YT relationships), if you’re dumb enough to date Asian Jake Paul, you deserve the fallout. Attention whores all around.

    32. Bored

      Deadass if ricegum was flat out banned on YT I wouldn't notice

    33. Hiran Ferrera

      Why they dont flag her on anime reactions

      1. X SubLife X

        They had, in fact her channel had been suspended for a day before she got into contact with people (mind you, Tokyo TV literally told HUfast to take her videos and channel down as she had been flagged three times which is a termination) but HUfast reversed it. Just go check out the mentioned youtuber at the start of the video. He got really in depth with it.

    34. Ta Ng

      nobody believes ricecum.. he is a piece of shit..

    35. awesome jmd

      HUfast is slowly turning into Twitch

    36. Luke Herod


    37. Sour Dong

      Ricegum is a straight bum and it's funny that people fanboy over him

    38. Elliot Watkins

      Abby rao doing the typical female thing making him out to be abusive.

    39. shyry

      She can take down videos but she can't stop people from giving her clout on the comment sections😉

    40. Will I am

      shut up

    41. Deq mn

      never thought I see naruto here

    42. tay420

      Rice gums a bitch. Never even watched a videos of his.

    43. Spot A

      Everybody is overdramatic over the silliest shit

    44. garrett Jagodzinski

      Youre a commentary channel dude. Dont say you arent lol

    45. eBoyKye

      Nazi youtube back at it again

    46. ItsMeHere

      Suzy Lu. the new alinity of youtube? but wrose

    47. XboxOne4U2NV

      What happens if HUfast gets taken down and a new app arrives, but with a smarter team?

    48. Alec Skinner

      Yo scarce apparently that EightThoughts guy you were talking about went to Driftors house uninvited with the troll allegedly involved and they came armed, the police were involved and everything. The dude lacks any self awareness too

    49. CallMeJz

      Better than keemstar?

    50. McClayne Barker

      imagine not being able to handle ciber bullying

    51. sean gately

      Bruh, man looks like a ghost. Lol jk your vids are awesome. Keep up the good vids exposing these con artists

    52. Michael Kenyon

      not that i dont believe the woman or realize that ricegum is not a good person, but when the lips of the person speaking are fake and bloated take the words that come out of them with a grain of salt. this goes for all fake people.

    53. Xvest igesX

      ok look at what youtube did to megan reinke they dont play nice ask keem about megan reinke

    54. Husikingach

      Abby Rao is clearly reading a script

    55. george X

      if you can’t handle criticism, don’t criticize

    56. Ben's Origami Craft

      Ricegums ex looks like a snapchat filter

    57. one above all

      Suzy Lu the type to put "UwU BNHA fan Deku is my bf ^3^ Good Vibez only #sorrynotsorry" in her IG bio yet can't take a criticism

    58. Maximus Livingstone

      It’s clickbate...nothing new in media

    59. An Idiot

      Me:watches video Looks up John swan John swan:Suzy Lu is getting sued

    60. The3rd Splashbrother

      Why am i watching news about the biggest losers in real life. I guess Qarantine is about to become really scary.

    61. Eduard Kempel

      why cant she just say he has a small wiener....we all know it

    62. Peter G A

      If you dont saw her face you are ok

    63. Alec Jarmain

      I don’t like rice gum but the fact that he got banned for that is just bs

    64. La_Jefa

      Ew people date ricegum

    65. Cristos Raptis

      HUfast be simpin over Suzy lue.

    66. Brad Collins

      What I don’t understand why would drifter lie about someone showing up at his house with a gun, he looked pretty shook when he realised who the person in his game was

    67. abbas 554436

      I didn't even know ricecum even has a girlfriend

    68. Elijah

      If pewdiepie wants to he can end suzy lus career 😂😂

    69. Andrue Finley

      When did I turn the corner to this nightmare HUfast. Wasn't this about cat videos and animation. I miss HUfast being just HUfast

    70. Cris Mondra

      I think that HUfast is about to become a feminist website

    71. Remy Con

      The more i think bout it Suzy Lu is like the internet bloody marie Say her name in a video a bunch of times,And bam,Ur vid goes away

    72. Kurumi Tokisaki

      I fking watched valorant for 10 hours and did not get a single fking dropped - _-

    73. Meme Surfer

      Just flag Suzy lu til she gets her account deleted

    74. Octavian Masuci

      What's up Scarce here

    75. Alto Clef

      Dr. Dissapoint's back at it again

    76. paul c

      libtards like suzy lu are a danger to freedom of speech

    77. xSoporific


    78. LXR Wave

      If we can get our god pewdiepie talk about it they won’t take his video down let’s get him to speak on this

    79. Jaypion

      Sweet Anita:*talks about how she’s getting stalked* Also Sweet Anita:*Makes popping noice with her mouth and winks after every fricking sentence*

    80. Daruport

      This is all happening in America? Well dayuuuuum

    81. Sun Dew

      Dear sweetanida (I don’t the actual name) Get a glock 40 it’s a problem solver

    82. Bear McHoneypots

      Hey Scarce, some legit decoration advice: you can replace your flat brick wallpaper with glued on, fake, “half-bricks”. I did this in my room. You buy these solid, but foam-like, bricks that stick out and look very real, but dont take much space and are so light and cheap. You just buy enough pieces to cover the wall, buy a glue/chaulk gun, and in 20-30 minutes you have a 1000x better looking wall. Can be as small and cheap as this: Or you can get ones that stick out further, feel more real, and look better. Cheers.

    83. Tyler Thoden

      Ricegum: did it feel good tho?

    84. Ymg LoveBlue

      Abby rao gold digging

    85. Ymg LoveBlue

      Stop hating on her let her get the bag stay they needa stay in there lane.

    86. kroven009

      I like how they know if something is big when pews starts talking about it

    87. The Darkest of Cubes

      If pewdiepie says out of this, good for him.

    88. Beardo TheWeirdo

      ban suzie. dumb clown

    89. yourname

      Removed for racism

    90. Benjamin Chen

      Ricegum looking bot ngl

    91. B_Pasinag, Kyle Justin S.


    92. Mattswag sloth

      Put time stamps in the description please. There’s certain news, people come to see in the title and don’t want to see

    93. Ionica Banea

      that driftor story is crazy mans better get a pew pew permit (ofc if the story is true)

    94. Nnue

      Abby sounds like shes trying to believe herself when she spoke. this isn't bias but it just doesn't feel sad or angry it just sounds odd

    95. Adonai Gaspar

      Sweet Anita looked so calm and sounded to scared bro But her touresttea got better when scared

    96. Adonai Gaspar

      That girl saying she really loves that Ricegum? Yeah nah she's bullshitting .... Nobody can love Ricegum lol é that, it's unrealistic

    97. Gergő Fehér

      I mean... why make community guidelines if you're not gonna follow them?

    98. Shadow fries

      Let’s take down Susie lus videos

    99. Cb23

      Can we flag Suzy lu

    100. Luke Wilhelm

      Rajjchelor featuring ricegum