This YouTuber Is In an AWFUL Situation... (Footage) Philip Defranco, Drift0r, TwoMad, Alinity


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    1. Anonymous Lastic

      Driftor should just buy a gun at this point. A 12 gauge too.

    2. Bloodborn Link

      I think it's a great example of what will happen when they show up. Maybey now they wont

    3. Jake Kinsella

      Eight thoughts is the most annoying fuck ever

    4. Trent Carter

      Someone shouldkill blue

    5. [LBayern]

      I came here from reddit to see danzmen

    6. Ali Nawaz Y

      Random fact: The longest TV ad in history is 14 hours long.

    7. FlintFlix

      Fuck phil

    8. Nick

      Drift0r makes it so hard to like him bc of his smugness, but nobody deserves this.

    9. Mrs. Tempo

      I don't understand. What is doxxing? I'm sorry. I'm a 'granny'. (not really, I'm just late to new words).

      1. Timmy and tommy Nook

        Finding people’s private information to threaten the person

      2. Mrs. Tempo

        @5 subs No vids Oh ok. Thank you!

      3. 5 subs No vids

        Finding people information

    10. Panicked Antics

      Sorry but if someone came to my house with a gun, I think I'd call the police too because you don't know someone's real intentions. I think him bringing the gun makes him the pussy.

    11. Einzelgänger 666

      EDP for life. for fucking life.

    12. Brenda Paduch

      Eight Thoughts is almost as big of a piece of crap as Blue

    13. i hit your child with a car Last name

      as someone who is religiously addicted to spotify thank you SO MUCH for not putting music in your videos!

    14. Michael Mackinnon

      Scumbag human beings drooling over subscriptions.

    15. Elfreda Pope කැරොලිනා, ඒ නිසා කතා කිරීමට, "සම්පූර්ණ කිරීම සඳහා සැරසිලි". ඔවුන් වත්

    16. Whiteweeb2

      Can you imagine looking out your window at 2 in the morning and seeing a guy in his car recording your house and then finding out he had a gun in his car? And even worse finding out none of this is a valid point to argue and you get called a pussy by some nobody on the internet because you called the cops?

    17. FatmanJonesTV

      I love that edp made his own play button that's so fuckin g

    18. lonewolffang

      Eight Thought, in my opinion, might have just saved Drifter's life. Who knows what he would have done if it wasn't streamed.

    19. Grey_

      Eight Thoughts: "I wont comment for the safety of my family" Huh, ironic

    20. Joe Diaz

      Eight Thoughts claims he's a grown man? Hahaha

    21. Malyxx Plays

      I'm not defending Blu. But nobody was sent to Driftors house and there was no swat team. Blue DID show up himself and got arrested.

    22. Askild Oddekalv

      isn't EIGHT THOUGHTS that guy that called him self a professional youtuber and was made fun of?

    23. Yeahwah

      Drift0r always seemed like a good dude. That's just fucked.

    24. JerkFace FuckasaurusRex

      Destiny is ugh... He just really disgusts me.

    25. IRLStreamer

      the guy egging him on a f****** douchebag

    26. DOMINICK

      Tren black has 70k now

    27. PizzaGateIsReal

      Eight thoughts is a piece of shit, he was loving this and egging him on.

    28. 『Alt-F4』

      If he actually wanted to apologise he'd do it during the day rather than late at night.

    29. Henguim :P


    30. Nate drip

      I like the emphasis on unregistered. Just a heads up, I believe only 4 states require you to register a handgun?

    31. Annoying B'stard

      As soon as I hear someone start with "what's up guys" I know I've entered that strange world of youtubers no one's ever heard of gossiping about other youtubers no,one's ever heard of.

    32. boris sukoi

      Eight thoughts is an idiot. As soon as the cops show up " uh I'm just here to apologize, I swear" lol fuck these nerds

    33. boris sukoi

      Fucking streamer beef...what a fucking idiot.

    34. Jay Gregory-Walker

      Pulse By MiniShoey

      1. Lom


    35. Jonathan Jackson

      Eight thoughts

    36. 609Jaiden


    37. Jack of Blades

      Blue looks like a serial killer.

    38. arafatNG

      If that was a black guy, it would have been shoot and ask questions later.

    39. Isaac Charlton

      Now hold the fuck up. There is no firearm registry in Texas so it wasn’t “unlicensed” he probably just doesn’t have a CCW hence why it’s in his car.

    40. NazDrax

      This dude can lie however much he wants about being stalked, but this Blue person should've done better if he wanted to "apologize". 1. He shoud do it while it's bright outside, not in the middle of the night. 2. He should not stream it. He should not even record it. If he's really sorry, he'd do it in private, not trying to show off how "Good he is for wanting to apologize" to viewers. 3. For goodness sake, leave people alone if they want to be left alone. Avoid this crap, it's stupid. There is no good in getting publicity by stalking someone in-front of their house...

    41. SAM FISHER

      Lol good riddance to lazy fucking youtubers that refuse to work for a living. Get fucked. Same to this gossip ass channel. 🖕

    42. KiwiOnFire

      “Told him not to do it” nice backpedal

    43. Ezam Azmi

      It's obvious Kpop stans are attacking twomad

    44. VoidOfTheSkies


    45. Twiggy Noir

      Why didn't you put that 8thoughts was telling blue not to go?

      1. Sir_Ruru

        He only told him not to go to save face. Otherwise he personally did want him to go it's obvious.

    46. Savior G

      HAHAHAH TROOOOLLLED U SOO HARD DRIFTOR I CAME TO UR HOUSE AT NIGHT UNINVITED WITH A GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do some of you actually think thats a joke? If that was just about anyone else he would have been shot from the doorstep especially in Texas.

    47. Slick Smoke

      I've been a fan of eight thoughts I like how he calls out the beta males the SJW culture and so on but im not for the bully tactics so he lost my respect and my sub

    48. Tee Bear

      click bait

    49. Phixiq

      Eight thoughts is so cancerous

    50. goodbob online

      There is a lot of hate in the world.

    51. Dieg_o

    52. GameRHero95

      Seriously? Why Eight Thoughts and Blu thought it's a good idea to harass someone who has nothing to do with them? Good thing Blu got arrested for his crimes.

    53. CoolHandJames

      Lol. People relying on Phil defranco. Said no one ever.

    54. AnyOtherName LikeMashugana

      Goes at night with a unregistered gun, all i see are red flags

    55. Brakka Schaufelberger

      Alinity said that in here own streams she was talking trash on keemstar the whole stream

    56. Brakka Schaufelberger

      Blu is a liar why u believe anything

    57. Iris Snow

      Eight Thots: His only intention was to squash beef Also Eight Thots: Told this dude multiple times to stop trolling and not to go SO WAS HE THERE TO END ISSUES OR CONTINUE TROLLING AND HARASS LIKE HOW THIS ISSUE WAS STARTED , you shot yourself in the foot

    58. DaRkDeStRoYeR

      Why do you sound like you really need to clear your throat? Hahah. Only messing.

    59. powerboyj roblox.

      Why is america full of envious people? What the hell crafted these people?

    60. ClankFelix

      I respect youtube for not giving some dumbass a play button with that user name.

    61. Dannyflaco305

      So who is the blu guy. Does he have a HUfast channel or anything like that?

    62. Beast of The Blade [BOTB]

      The DanZmeN situation is the same as to what happened to karma charger some months ago, but, I would say Karma charger had it worse since he got unbanned multiple times.

    63. Diamon Umanko

      Im trying to apologize with a gun in hand. Press F to doubt.

    64. Sown Intergral

      Don't blame her... Fir hating keem

    65. keepingitreal916

      What was the name of the other guy you tuber who use to cover stories like this couple of years ago??

    66. SleezyMoves

      Then people wanna talk shit about youtubers who don’t show their faces.

    67. CJ

      Eight Thoughts is kinda known for being an asshole, not surprising seeing him enabling Blue to go to Drift0r's house

    68. Ape Gang Entertainment

      If wanna know what privilege is, it’s when you have a gun that not registered to you while posted outside someone house that is claiming your harassing them and doesn’t get immediately detained and hand cuffed.

    69. Knobletos YT

      I used to like watching danZmen and his gd videos they were good. That’s a shame

    70. Sahil Wahidi

      Eight thoughts is such a fucking hypocrite. He criticizes people about something then go’s off to do jus that thing. What a bitch.

    71. Ep1c Octane

      This blue guy didn’t have a single clue what to say

    72. Thomas Kleven

      Destiny simp

    73. Ate ya girl’s Croissant

      Imagine being a grown ass man and encouraging someone to stand outside the house of a person you dislike just to taunt them

    74. Soranixus

      Who gives a fuck honestly. All this shit is just entertainment. I don’t think he went to fucking kill the guy but ya he’s trolling but in the end who the fuck cares. The guy has guns in his house so if drifter would’ve capped his ass lessoned learned. But ya it’s good entertainment

    75. Joeki11a

      Driftor got shook

    76. dyna880

      i love eight thoughts no cap

    77. Warren Wright

      Eight thoughts is so lame what kind of adult does this and thinks it’s funny

    78. Dmirty Isakov

      Blu fucked up really bad. it doesn't matter if what drift0r said is true or not it doesn't even matter if blue was behind any of the harassment, blu is just an idiot. if you have someone claiming that you sent an armed man to their house, YOU DON'T GO TO THEIR HOUSE ARMED IN RESPONSE. Like he couldn't have put any thought into that. Like is he 12 or something, its like hes doesn't understand that doing shit like this in real life can go bad really really fast, and that you can really quickly stack charges and felonies. I mean I'm not saying he will be convicted of anything but, hes lucky he didn't do anything more than watch drift0rs house. I'm honestly flabbergasted its just so so stupid and poorly thought out.

    79. cyndystro 64

      I really hate this fucking title, please be more mature.

    80. PreX' Stylez

      @eightthoughts you're dumb af why go to somebodys house w a gun to *apolo* if the cops ain't show up maybe you would've came up to him w a gun

    81. PreX' Stylez

      dude says he has a gun in the car cop seems like he dont care

    82. Mellow

      thank you man for the news.

    83. Bullidom

      This guy should go to jail. Simple.

    84. benozzy003

      Honestly had not been to this channel in years and I have got to say it is night and day from the past good vids mate

    85. Ethan

      Oh no, someone hurt my feelings.. better dox em

    86. joshmx28

      I like Drift0r fuck this Blu douchebag.

    87. A. J. Hollins

      It's not that it's legal to own an "unregistered firearm" in Texas. Just like in Virginia (where I'm from), many states don't have a registration for handguns. And the cop knew it. He was just trying to see what kind of reaction he'd get.

    88. LARP Dude

      Y'know it's a shame. Alinity is actually really pretty... on the outside only :/

    89. Cpt. WaddleDoo

      I usually don’t like Keem But he took a big W this time

    90. Paris Hardy

      How about you don’t dox or go to a HUfastr’s house ever. Leave people TF alone.

    91. demon diago

      HUfast is such a shit hole lately

    92. Zx7o

      It's always China that you see hacks HUfast channels and hacks in games. And then you people wonder why they treat their people like shit, because most of them are shit and they eat stupid shit like bats and live turtles...

    93. Zx7o

      With the whole world watching if HUfast does not take action and fix their own system you will have a bunch of pent-up bored people that WILL destroy the company HUfast. You think the people aren't spiteful? MF people get offended at litteraly anything.. HUfast your times running out, and the whole world is watching. Don't fuck it up.

    94. Hubert Gumpfrey

      Drift0r doesn't seem to be completely lying but he is definitely confusing police with SWAT and mixing his words up.

    95. Nick Snips

      eight thoughts is a literal manchild, he literally argues about cod warzone in his moms backyard in vacation and hes literally like old enough to be a dad get an actual career started instead of laughing about someone that comes to someones house with a gun he reminds me of the porkipine from surfs up lmao

    96. Lix X

      Do they not get that he’s ignoring them for a reason Driftor is obviously uncomfortable and has been for a while

    97. Dorkster81

      Such a loser “my attorney said not to talk wannna wannna boo boooo”

    98. Bunny

      People like these would look great with a noose around their necks with shit dripping down their legs while begging for their lives.

    99. tennis time

      It wasnt unregistered. It wasnt registered to him.

    100. novemburr

      eight thoughts is literally the definition of a brad