This YouTuber Can't Stop SCAMMING... FaZe Dubs Banned, Gross Gore, 6ix9ine, RiceGum


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    1. J-Yo

      How are you going to blink while saying they paid him when obviously he didn’t... if someone does work for you, you paid them, end of, regardless, if you disliked it... they would of amended the video. And saying customer is right.... that is not a uk ting, that is a bîtch move.

    2. IcyTerra14

      Wow I didn’t know DanZmen was going to be in this vid (Geometry Dash)

    3. Patrick Fitzsimmons

      Yah dun make fun of my spray painted rats nest hairdo

    4. Jack Wilkinson

      Imagine a guy walking in and slapping his girlfriend for streaming...... Double standards bro

    5. Trent Carter

      If I saw 69 on the street I'd slap him like the little girl he is.

    6. führer reicht

      This dude is such a scammer also £50 is very, very low for one video which they put a few hours to edit

    7. dennis de vulder

      There is nothing sketchy about the dubs situation, there is no rule that you HAVE to shoot at someone when you see him. Stop trying to cancel people over the most retarded things

    8. Dan Del Aguaro

      Banned means you cannot come back,. try saying suspended. not banned.

    9. Bruh69

      Bro Gross gore Should stfu Hes Annoying. "Oi Bruv" Oh shut the fuck up

    10. baba booey moment

      this guy reuploded your video

    11. HunterPlays Games

      good to see youtube trying to get dans account back, thats actually really rare and hes lucky

    12. WhoseBoredom Official

      Brooo Scarce works so hard making videos for us and he still doesn’t have monetization, the age of HUfast: decline

    13. Ace Games

      Sixnine only came home alive because he was held in Solitary lmao

    14. That one guy Mark

      What a loving relationship Slade's in. Feminist finna be dying this shit like it didn't happen

    15. Wickers

      7:30 remove the mic from your mouth

    16. walzy

      slade's girl deserves a right hook

    17. Glitchi Tim

      Sladeslayer gf be that one kid you dominating on cod

    18. FatmanJonesTV

      Not the same thing grossgore you idiot. The fans didn’t agree to pay you for that shitty dance dumbass

    19. TheParadox1010

      Why does she sound like she's like an 8 year old throwing a tantrum? She running around screaming unintelligibly, randomly hit him and runs away. She needs to grow up.

    20. umop apisdn

      "customer is always right" lol since when was that a UK law bruv/? Lol this guy...

    21. GrandDaddyPurp Chet

      Scarce has the only non toxic comment section I’ve ever seen, never seen a HUfastr complimented more.

    22. Ocer

      Imagine if it was a female streamer who got beat by her boyfriend over a "little fight" lol, he would go to jail. Now no one even cares

    23. Nswipe

      excuse me is that Danzman. noice

      1. Nswipe

        @whatocallmyself i know haha

      2. whatocallmyself

        Bruh he pronounced Danzmen as dan z men lmao

    24. Joe L

      I really hope Slade leaves her. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and could easily find a girl that supports him.

    25. InoueOKaito

      lmao "british law" not paying for commissioned labor because it's not up to par the bs smell my nose threw up

    26. Frux

      It would make sense to see what the editors made for gross gore

    27. neuro369

      Damn I feel for Slade I know exactly what that is like, it's a mutual sickness if you love a person like that you will leave them so they have to chance to grow also NOBODY deserves to be treated like that doesn't matter if its a girl doing it

    28. jared chojnacki

      Six nine is a dead man walking

    29. Oxxy Johny

      Honestly the guy who's not paying the editors is doing the right thing if he hasn't found someone that's right for him and they wanna get payed for 1 test video then he should not have to pay for bad editing but if hes doing just to scam a bunch of editors and get free edited videos then hes a bad person and should pay them asap

    30. ICHAMP -

      Spades gf is basically a bitch

    31. Dennis Raid

      Gross gore saying that he is the "customer" and that fact relieves him of the need to pay his worker just disgusts me. First off gross gore is not a customer, he is his worker's boss, boss pays for the work. If the boss is not happy with the work just nag on your worker and tell him what you didn't like, and help him improve. Otherwise gross gore is a gross excuse of a human abomination.

    32. Julio Lorenzo Labayen y Mombay

      Eight thoughts should also be incarcerated

    33. Julio Lorenzo Labayen y Mombay

      Dubs is a guy lookin like lesbian.

    34. Madformustangs

      whos this douche nozzle think he is? "UK law says the customer is always right" are you really that fucking dumb? thats in no way part of your laws. HOWEVER a written agreement IS to be upheld in your laws and DOES NOT require notarization, entering into a written or verbal contract (including through messages) is still binding within reason (as long as it doesn't violate other laws or in some way act in an abusive manner ex "ill give you a million bucks to go out with us tonight")

    35. Gregory Jones

      Good guy Scarce out here messaging Slade to see if he’s okay before asking properly for permission to talk about the man’s personal business. Hats off dude, this is good journalism and shows you actually care about this man and his situation. Just found you, loving what I see bruh

    36. dawsyn

      If there was one thing I could say to tekashi it’d be “just know the memes were beautiful”

    37. dawsyn

      First 2 seconds of rice gum: *already talks about numbers* This fuckin nerd is literally all about views and money 😂

    38. FullMetal Atheist

      That Gore streamer dude is clearly a scum bag. Huge ego

    39. Ancient Archives

      Save that man skate he getting abused

    40. Chunkylover539

      Must be some good pussy to put up with shit like that.

    41. aa Reverse

      who has more gross gore with scaming editors or katerino with boyfriends

    42. The Canadian Bastard

      "the customer is always right" as someone that worked in retail you can go fuck yourself. You want a service you, pay for the service.

    43. skeletonfreak86

      Customer is always right is not a UK law. What a twot. You don't like the work you still have to pay unless specifically said and contracted that you don't like it, you won't use and won't pay but unlikely anyone would agree to that. They did work, you pay and you find someone else who you think is better and don't use what you think is sub-par. Also did I her that he tricked a guy saying first one was a trial? Without that pre agreed that is bull too and he owes for that one too. Customer always right is not, i repeat NOT a UK law.

    44. buddy gaming

      I FUCKING HATE YOU... holy shit you subed

    45. Teh Modest Mouse

      Isnt that teaming? It’s a BR. “Well just face each other later” everyone caught in the middle is fucked. This is fucking stupid. And there is no such thing as competitive fortnite.

    46. Bwah

      I'm sorry but 'the customer is always right' isn't a law here it's a quote and I'm pretty sure everybody knows this

    47. michael hartley

      His girlfriend beat him with something, plz send him help.

    48. 寂しい Jose

      bro needs to leave her now

    49. Grub o

      Fancy seeing DanZmen here

    50. Mac Db[DNS]

      blah, blah, blah This is all TRASH content!

    51. Pizza Main

      0:50 tech tips

    52. Leon Lush

      just catchin up on my youtube news thanks John you look cute as always

      1. crub muf

        Always has been

      2. Samuel Mckenzie

        Yea he is no homo

    53. Ltgaming 101

      king bach hasnt been funny and never will no capppp

    54. Vilmos Palik

      What in gods name is sensitivity training it sounds like an SJW indoctrination camp

    55. BigJetSki

      Oh so she crazy crazy 🥵😍

    56. XQNJ 777

      Oh man slade has some serious patience. I'd boot her ass to the fucking curb STAT.

    57. Interdimensional Gaming

      That GTA HUfastr has so much fucking patience

    58. Johnny Swallows

      Rice gum Always sounds so fucking stupid

    59. JustARandomKid

      sounds like his girlfriend hates when he’s on the game or streaming and is insecure about him talking about getting fame. she sounds like one of those girlfriends that don’t want there boyfriend focused on anything but them. and brings them down everytime they are happy.

    60. με λενενε

      hahahah americans..... i am callin the cops i am callin the cops. or shout out to each other....HIT ME ? HIT ME ? hahahahahaha u gz

    61. TheSaltySith

      Good lord what an annoying bitch that gf is. Dude should’ve force fed her some drywall.

    62. Sticky spammable spider garbage

      13:06 Bruh this dude has one eye higher than the other.

    63. Danny Wilko

      Groos Gore: The British Joe Exotic

    64. minion

      Its gross gore what do you expect bet he doesn't even earn £50 a vid from yt

    65. Me Mes

      King Bach has engaged in "rape comedy" on Instagram. He's trash and doesn't deserve respect. He was never funny

    66. Me Mes

      I cannot take anyone seriously if they say "ya dun make memes of me"

    67. Quinn

      ricegums that piece of gum that will stick to your shoe to get more attention

    68. S3ptic

      i actually find this guy intertaining tho

    69. Ted Angelo

      Geez is anyone more lame than Ricegum 😒

    70. The Stoned Sniper

      Grosse Gore is gonna be the next Tiger King lmao

    71. CallMeVarez

      King Bach getting hate??? Quarantine got people trippin

      1. CallMeVarez

        Xavier faxx 💪🏾

      2. Purple Heart

        Preach man, theres so much more things you can do productively than try and cancel a dude on twitter

      3. CallMeVarez

        Xavier It just came out of know where so he doesn’t deserve the hate if there is no reasoning behind it and whether or not people thought he was funny doesn’t change the fact he is one of the few that helped make vine what it was.

      4. Purple Heart

        Kingbach isn't really funny to me but he doesn't deserve that much hate lmao

    72. The Stoned Sniper

      That guy with the blonde hair (Grosse Gore) what a fucking total prick! What a embarrassment to UK gamers!

    73. Verne The Turtle

      You sure that girlfriend doesn't have any mental disorders or anything. I mean she doesn't...sound idk the "normal" functioning. Is she...slow?

    74. iMrParker

      I know an abusive girlfriend when I see one, and this is no doubt an abusive girlfriend

    75. sniff snaff

      ricegum cant talk sesame street has more spotify monthly listeners than him

    76. SAK1

      Gross gore is like the katerino of scamming

    77. DKsaNn Kat

      Kingbach getting hate?! Never thought I’d see that, dude is hilarious

    78. SA Freezing

      Wtf is the new ai

    79. StrongRuler


    80. Erkinus

      I really liked gross gore, but since like 3-4 years his persona, streams and channels have gone to shit

    81. VenomJD

      I am 18, from the UK and willing to fight gross gore in a boxing match. Pin this an share this and follow my twitter (same name and profile picture as HUfast) if gross gore wants a fight il give the angry little shit what he wants.

    82. Krying

      Neither picks a fight with eachother, both get loot, not teaming lol. Both players want the loot but only 1 will survive if they fight so why risk being the 1 that dies lol

    83. MythRobo

      Guy: *Gets abused on camera, calls the cops* Cops: *Takes the guy to jail because wahmen OpPrEssEd*

    84. UKG Elijah


    85. Mike G

      Legitimately think Slade has Stockholm Syndrome

    86. Dewitt345

      Wait... faze does fortnite now?

    87. Seam

      13:28 calm down and do the outro properly dickwad

    88. Logan Nightmares

      No tekashi trust me I’m not mad one bit lmao

    89. billy198021 gaming

      Gross gore is a dbag........

    90. Song Alex

      It would've been a completely different story if slade was a girl , the society is very sexist tbh

    91. Don't

      Wow, a woman can't control their emotions? Color me surprised

    92. Spectre

      Could u guys help with a sub it would mean alot to me🙏🏼

    93. fireroka

      im still waiting for youtube live to do clips

    94. Isaiah Mejia

      Dump her on the streets Slade.

    95. Vannila

      LMFAO blue hair telling ppl to stay out of other ppl’s business 😂😂

    96. Vannila

      Gross gore gets bullied in the uk 😂😂😂

    97. MD. Naga Murice Bhuyia

      Where is the new video?

    98. MD. Naga Murice Bhuyia

      Where’s the new video

    99. aespavil

      Rice gum sounds like the alien massage owner with the snot down his throat from rick and morty

    100. Fatguy Littlecoat