Tfue is Jacked... Twitch SUED for $25 Million, PewDiePie, David Dobrik, TimTheTatman, Dunkey


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    1. YG mastercrimson

      Just saying I live in Alabama people make you have sex with you cousin/sister jokes all the time I don’t sit and get pissed about cause it’s not true if you care that’s your problem I’d get it if he said the n word but a language ain’t racist it racist to assume that only Asians speak Japanese anyone can so yeah not racist technically

      1. YG mastercrimson

        If you do it about candy it isn’t but to a certain type of person it is

    2. Ronnie Sofeni

      its always the OLD videos

    3. Salah Ahmed

      David dobric is supposed to be funny

    4. Rosemary Monyhan

      And the words of encouragement before mixer topic he say and this tic tac

    5. Sieg


    6. Keanu Adiwinata

      Sometimes someone want to see the world burns

    7. sshlice

      So some simp sued twitch for streamers that got him horny. Wow. I am slowly losing faith in humanity

    8. john ridgeway

      David Dobrik is definitely i dickhead behind the camera. Him and his little posse all have very punch-able faces.

    9. john ridgeway

      Jasper forgot to add sarms and testosterone lol. You can't aquire that much body mass in 3 months naturally. It's not possible

    10. Krypt

      This is so crazy

    11. coc master3

      14:52 i watched it and luckily nothing too innapropriate happened but its still innapropriate youtube is broken feel bad for the kids who watched it

    12. David Gallagher

      Tfue looks like Jake Paul lol in that photo

    13. dudeallmostperfect dap 2

      Tell me tfue doesnt look like jake Paul

    14. Eric

      Bruh, why are people that butthurt over someone saying ching chong ? You cant even bring up someones race , even if its only for humor, or youre racist.

    15. Abdulrahman Adel

      Bro stop putting famous names on your video for views thats unethical

    16. brany

      doesn't racist mean treating someone worse because they don't have the same skin color, making fun of someones language is rude but is that really racist?

    17. StolenClutch

      That girl streamer needs to get a job lmao

    18. Ultimate Xlr-8

      hate DD's face, wanna punch hARD

    19. Aidan Mirandilla

      I had a news scares said tic tac instead of tik tok

    20. manny sanchez

      5:27 guy was drunk thats why his racist

    21. Lea Garcia

      Gabbie is more paranoid then delusional

    22. kodekkZ

      so shameful

    23. Raging Reyan

      Alinity SHOULD be Banned

    24. Superorange441

      8:27 those don't look like fake tears

    25. ineme fn

      Them it's not funny Me it's funny

    26. rodmen123

      This man doesn't stop talking

    27. ACUMA57

      She still has FB and HUfast

    28. Hayderade Gaming

      Wow how does Romeo lose a lawsuit against douchebag keemstar. The only way I can think of is that keemstar paid off the court.

    29. Splash

      people needa chill tf out

    30. Gatto Meow

      Is it just me that you said tik tac

    31. illuminae __

      the girl should said hey, tinka linka tinka linka

    32. DKsaNn Kat

      The last of us 2 is trash! 👎

    33. I zhine

      The people who make those weird ads are bigo who made a dating app and a knock off tiktok

    34. DKsaNn Kat

      Lmao my dude is actually sueing twitch b.c hes a sex addict and theres too many hot girls on the platform 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Daniel Variety

      Joel's death and playing ally, is why that game sucks, story wise amazing and game wise amazing, but still.

    36. Manuel Sanchez

      every twitch streamer that switched to mixer now wished they were more loyal to the twitch

    37. krome betha

      this are not real fans, this are psychos and need some medical attention, how could you show in front of someone house that you don't know and ask David Dobrik to enter in his property, no way you are not a real fan and for other streams streaming can't last forever you need a plan b, find other jobs a lot of people and without a job and try to fund another, people don't cry on stream and beg

    38. Seksappeal

      " you probably watched these female streamers" no sorry lmao

    39. Shiruo Gaming TV

      After watching this video I can only ask wtf is going on with all the streamer and HUfastrs...

    40. Shiruo Gaming TV

      @4:42 I give this game a 4/5 stfu Leafy hahahaha that got me stitches please help me xD

    41. Mr. Clean ASMR

      I like how he says tic tac

    42. Prongzy

      Cry about it he made a funny noise thet sounds Japanese

    43. African Warrior

      Fam in the thumbnail I thought the guy on the right was logan

    44. Extr eme

      Comments are turned off. Learn more...

    45. Kole Vang

      Same thing for mainstream media. But the mainstream media sucks at it.

    46. Spooky Banana

      Show us the f ing addd add wtf

    47. Xeon Requiem

      The fact people are ruining others careers by FALSELY accusing people of being predators is so disgusting if u want to speak out DO IT TO THE POLICE if you speak out to the entire interweb your going to get targeted more it's common sense your just dragging more attention to yourself (and some idiots probably use it to gain subs, or so they think) which is just horrible your tearing someone's pride and joy away from them just for your own personal gain it's childish, go talk to the police about your problems not the entire internet

    48. Jo Bursch

      they are scared for them but say they are a piece of shit? I dont think that sounds right..

    49. Leopold Nielsen

      I mean, saying Ching Chong to my asian friends is kinda funny, they laugh too

    50. Leopold Nielsen

      Lol is pewdiepies real name Felix kjeldbjerg

    51. King of Castles

      Favorite drama channel.

    52. BUMPADUMP 69

      I thought the thumb nail of tofu

      1. BUMPADUMP 69

        Tofu was Logan paul

    53. thatdudephilly

      If you love to stream go stream twitch isn't the only platform

    54. GummiiBearIsAGamer !

      scare is best

    55. Jody Gogo

      7:14 BOOOOOOMER

    56. The Spark Man

      Why would people be racist to Vietnamese people? They have had a really really hard time in the past it's fucked up.

    57. Jason Huang

      You know there's a problem when TRISH PAYTAS calls you delusional.

    58. Britomic Gamer

      That was a weird Apology video.....

    59. taylor

      Should kept that chick Foxyzilla banned. Darn it...she wouldn't be able to take money from little boys anymore.

    60. Richard gaming Game

      I get triggered I am to Vietnamese and I got that a lot at my old school in Oakland GOD STOP CALLIN ME CHING CHONG

    61. Bruce Wayne

      thats nothing racist about making fun of someones language its just joke get over it

      1. Bruce Wayne

        @radio295 everything ia racist nowadays right?

      2. radio295

        Making fun of somebody's language like that is racist

    62. D P

      25 million dollars, sort out your own problems idiot

    63. D P

      Guy looks like he has an exoskeleton, His body type is not great

    64. Ishmail Yusuf

      James Charles gay af The twich lawsuit is hilarious

    65. Tohru

      Trisha paytas saying someone else is delusional is as hypocritical as it gets.

    66. kaliber aiz

      5:30 this guy trying tu defend his friend, not even knowing that society today is different. ( he's like that cowboy in percy jackson movie where their in a casino )

    67. galkanftw

      LOL that Vietnamese chick was offended by a racist comment then proceeds to light up a cigarette with no care for anyone else around her.This is the world today ,the term "racist" is so easy to throw around by in general the conduct of EVERYONE is very poor and often times WORSE than racist comments. This Foxyzilla is WAY too late on playing the VICTIM role.The real truth is she is likely broke and now wants a break but for the past 4 years never cared one bit about Twitch. Follow my dreams as a person who spends 24/7 on a computer is really sad,gtfo out of the house,realize REAL life once again.30-40 years ago people warned about how the internet was going to ruin people and their lives,it has become an addiction.

    68. Christ Duval

      Noone can say shit on the internet anymore. Might as well just delete internet

    69. Glxity

      8:11 the streets

    70. darrin stefaniak

      i love watching streamers cry lmao... go get a real job and stop crying bums

    71. Jose Gonzalez

      I like how the girl doing the same exact shit wasn’t getting hate

    72. SOL0WOLF

      Savvy is right

    73. Creed

      8:07 OH NO!!! .... anyway

    74. Qiuey

      Has to be steroids

    75. DemonLord Gaming

      nice teeths tho :)

    76. Sam McKinnon

      This Tic Tac has 300 thousand views

    77. James Johnson

      i think tfue is on roids LMAO

    78. guppies23

      Names almost every popular girl streamer on twitch if it a problem just leave twitch man or stop watching girl streamer in the first place to stop the recommendations.

    79. Pastel Sponge

      Trisha sells videos of herself naked and showing off things that could be seen by younger children on HUfast but she isnt delusional?

      1. Ken Coles

        she looks a like an Ooompa Loompa

    80. Angelo23

      LOL Am i the only asian person who laughed at 5:11 damn that cracked me hard bruh

    81. YuukiAyane

      The day of that shroud stream, it was not the only one. Dev1ce too, and many more were Streamed full of bots "For free skins"

    82. Angel Asenov

      Hahaha, of course she is going to change the law.

    83. matt

      dude ngl but id smash james charles and im straight btw

    84. Way2 Mny

      Turner is on the JUICE!

    85. ndn mdm

      Yo why doesn't foxy just go amd work regularly like a normal human being and stream on fucking HUfast like wtf.

    86. no one and nobody

      Damn she smokes, instant turn off

    87. Luchita Bogdan

      About the Vietnamese girl that was funny just learn to control emotions and to laugh at jokes about you with others like I do and stop saying it's racism when he just tried to keep up the vibe even the friend on the left laughed cause she has a developed emotional system.

      1. 10,000 Subscribers Without a GF

        When it's about asians it's always a joke huh? That's kinda low-key racist of you.

    88. seppdroid

      Scarce is the only one who is a legit good newssource

    89. Ryan Butler

      yo everything happening is such bs, and im actually angry on how brain fart every1 is cus there was bad shit happening and now every twitch streamer and utube creator and even utube itself is making matters worse, the only good guy in this world is scarce and pewdiepie and im unable to name any more and every1 is accusing every1 with false accusations. the worlds a fucking mess

    90. tomGetdstryd TV

      I love this guy he gets right to the video without any filler shit he says what’s up guys its scarce here and starts talking about the news he waits for the facts unlike Keemstar

    91. PAPA DAVE

      Where do I find those ads.... For education on the matter

    92. Nick Hale

      If anything, I’m more offended that he did a Chinese insult to VIETNAMESE girls. If you’re going to make a racial joke at least do it right. I’m all for it but just do it correctly. It’s cringe and awkward if you fail.

    93. Scott Reynolds

      All of this drama is dumb. I feel like I've lost time of my life that I'll never get back watching this garbage. The entire industry of paying idiots posting videos or streaming nonsense is poison from day 1. BS being posted or pushed as facts is why we have a criminal in the White House.

    94. Picklebobpie

      7:45 what if you got a job and quit complaining

    95. hell na

      First of for David dobrek I get it someone try to come to my house like "hey, you fuckin moron stop play games" every day its like hahhhhhhhhhh these been everyday talking crap about my life and just pls stop give me like a week to have a peace . Two : you just say David dobrek is an actual rascism to Vietnam is like 3 or 5 years ago in old video , I mean cmon we get it that's is David dobrek is a jerk at that time but he is now change and you still talked shit in his old vid cmon let it slide now he is different from his past

    96. LBJ Kobe

      7:15 This T I K T A K

    97. Matteo Sorgiovanni

      Dunkey could’ve gave Last of Us 2 a 5/5 if only u could’ve played as the giraffe

    98. iTzChopSticks

      I like how dunky said "f*k you leafy" XD

    99. martha

      bruh i guess attractive female streamers just have to stop because some guys can't control themselves. neither the streamers nor the platform is at fault and suing is so unnecessary

    100. Mr.Noob_Gaming

      “Small man”

      1. Nick Hale

        English is not her first language. Also, I think it would make more sense if she said it in the Vietnamese language. Struggles of learning a second language I guess.