SSSniperWolf Got COPYSTRIKED... H3H3 Messed Up? YouTubers Removed...


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    1. Grasshopper Alt

      she will be screwed. She just didn't make permission and give credit and where did it came from. :/

    2. The Slep

      Why does h3h3’s eyebrows move so much

    3. ghostax1

      H3h3 is such a snake 🐍

    4. Maliquai

      Anyone notice how ethans eyebrows look like they are trying to escape his face?

    5. Secret Spaghetti Freak

      I wasn't entirely listening but i have to agree with Sniper about the copy strike thing, the girl ASKED to get roasted and by doing so posted a picture, which you should probably EXPECT to be used in a thumbnail, and on HUfast no less If it wasn't HER photo it likely would have been someone else's, not to mention it's a fucking reaction channel, they copy off each other all the damn time, how many times has Lia reacted to the same posts just in different videos? At the end of the day it's just a damn picture, maybe don't request to get roasted then, let alone post pictures for it if you can't handle being used for a god damn THUMBNAIL


      Sssniperwolf ain’t got no room to get mad at someone for copy striking her video when she does it left and right when ever someone criticize her🤦🏽‍♂️

    7. Lil Slavic Vert

      I hate Ethan’s eyebrows. they are fucking moving every 0.0004 seconds

    8. Austin Henrickson

      Dude.. him and Ethan do this all the time... read your facts before hand

    9. Kradrick

      lol the hacking group trying to spread a message. so i guess an email or dm couldnt work? "hey your accounts are compromised, we are trying to spread awareness and show people that some of their security is lacking, would recommend you change all your information, passwords, hints, etc." i guess that wouldnt have sufficed

    10. Scotty P

      Time for ethan to take a step back , he is the kind of guy he would make fun of with idubbbz back in the day

    11. Supercharged Chicken

      Sssniperwolf was copyright striked? I know I'm late but, (Mario) Yahoo!

      1. subscribe 2 pewdiepie now


    12. Kam Lillie

      Mike's a ninja and tfue fight in real life be there cuz that sounds pretty awesome

    13. Kam Lillie

      Somebody's punching them face add to be

    14. Kam Lillie

      Do damn I feel like a big fight at all these people happy watching that

    15. Golf Shaped Joel Skull

      Ethan was joking. I usually watch all their podcasts. He was joking around

    16. Flynn Sowley

      My boy itsagundam was mentioned on scarce

    17. Hello Kitty Gaming

      I hate acne

    18. Gutz

      (6:18)I feel bad for him

    19. Aaron

      I’m not sure if h3h3 has a disability and if he does I’m sorry but anyone watch his eyebrows when he talks

    20. I’m lonely As fuck

      Ethan Kleine talks way to much for stuff he shouldn’t even talk about.

    21. Carina Martinez

      I don’t like Ethan😒🤮

    22. Kar McFar

      Schutzstaffel Scharfschützenwolf got copyright striked lol

    23. MrMcMaster

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Hackers: “let’s be cunts today!!!”

    24. SeñorSenpai

      Ethans eyebrows be like: ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅱️🅰️

    25. thegreendank1

      Ethan is an ass. How he went from from a beloved comedic youtuber to a pompous, arrogant, unfunny, asshole is crazy.

    26. Kameron Hall

      They got Shroud too yikers

    27. Th01n3d

      Damn. Is Ethan really another boomer who demands respect? He really listed off what he has done for him.

    28. What're Water

      ethan has aspd


      Holyyyy fuckkkk my dude lost hella weight since the last time I watched him god damn

    30. A 1964 Chevy Impala

      Why tf do ethan’s eyebrows move so much.

    31. Ferdie Fox

      How many times does Lia (sniperwolf) need to get exposed until people stop caring about her . . .

    32. BeaTs DiV

      Acne always goes away lol... don’t sweat it

    33. Chicken Speed

      Responding to hate, at this point I assume they do it for attention

    34. Brian Tryin

      Quartering out here digging his own grave.

    35. Cinders

      H3 has become the very thing he used to make fun of

    36. Angel Face

      Ihate hate hate sniper asshole...I cannot understand how even 1 person likes her. Shes an awful human.

    37. Angel Face

      H3 sucks as a podcast an commentary..he doesn't even make sense...IDk who hila is..never have..she just laughs at everything and is silent..and H3 seems to like and hate most people..He makes no sense..and gives me whiplash. He needs to go back to being a comedian in vids. And stop doing a podcast.

    38. Andre Davis

      He’s tweaking look at his eyes

    39. MountainMash

      Who even watch the sniper wolf guy girl

    40. VirtuousAezon


    41. ItzTricky

      what tf is ethan doing with his eyebrows just wondering?

    42. Daley’s R

      My first ever business on Facebook was disabled the other day. Absolutely devastating avoid copyright strikes and sexual guidelines strikes at all costs ain’t worth it

    43. Based Gamer

      Having mild acne from time to time as an adult actually means that your skin will look younger than most.

    44. J Moore

      This man still alive😐

    45. M16A4

      3:06 put on you subtitles and read 😂😂😂😂 "I was not nice to eat"😂😂😂😂

    46. Voss

      Hard to watch H3H3 with his eyebrows trying to jump off his face

    47. Kammy

      Ironic, whenever anyone talked abojut her she would copyright strike them but now she got it

    48. Boba Fett

      i legitimately would like to know who in the hell even watches sssniperwolf anymore she is a liar, a click baiter and doesn’t deserve to be on youtube.

    49. Pablo Ayala

      Ethin is Michael Scott, and Ian is toby

    50. JustKaleb4

      People dont fucking understand that Ethan goofs on ian all the time he isnt fucking serious.

    51. The Boys HQ


    52. Imperfectspace

      Ethan is trying to be a Howard stern, but he needs to realize that’s not the way Ethan became popular. Howard stern is one in 1 billion and you can’t try to emulate that, you need to be yourself.

    53. Walker Pope

      I can’t stand H3H3, I truly and honestly don’t really know why but he’s so annoying.

    54. Superior-Studios

      We been annoyed with Ethan

    55. Bass

      Scarce stop yelling

    56. Ashley Young

      Everyone is just wining. Bluah bluah bluah


      I'm taking a shit right now

    58. Zomboys 88

      just tell that guy to wash his face

    59. AirKangLocker

      Am i the only one who thinks Ethan's eyebrows go crazy when he needs to say something that he doesnt want to? Look at his eyebrows when he needs to back down from his Ian comments

    60. BakedBanana


    61. Emperor Mateus

      i cant believe its taken this long to take people to realize Ethan is a fucking awful person

    62. Maria F

      I have not seen scarce in years and his weight loss shocked me

    63. Troll Noobs

      wtfffff when did this guy come back ??????

    64. Hi-Ryūjin Fire16

      Copyright strikes are getting out hand they need to be fix and proper its gets annoying after a while you know

    65. Jay

      Nobody: OurMine: I'mma hack you to teach you to not be hacked and do literally nothing to harm you, but boy will everyone be confused when this is over

    66. JU AN

      They hacked the Cowboys IG lol

    67. McD

      What’s with Ethans eyebrows.

    68. zRice

      i will never forget when ourmine hacked leafy haha

    69. G2K

      Why do his eyebrows move like that 😂😂

    70. Carson Julvezan

      I can relate to not knowing when to stop saying things.

    71. Swaroop Gurung

      Man that eyebro is drunk......

    72. KingDiaz

      Why tf does Ethan need to move his eyebrows every 2 fuckin seconds like literally

    73. Robert Turner

      Yo what’s up with h3h3’s eyebrows

    74. Limitless Kingdom

      I'm 19 and still have really bad achney

    75. Yovry

      Just a reminder to everyone who makes videos. PLEASE USE 2 STEP AUTHENTICATION

    76. warknit

      Anyone saying Ethan is trying to be Howard Stern is correct

    77. Marksman

      i hate h3h3 tf he doing with his eyebrows

      1. majikss

        He has tourettes

    78. XO.PiSTOLGRiP

      hey whats up guys its scarce here

    79. Jasper Robertson

      Why do Ethan’s eyebrows move so much?

      1. majikss


    80. ExoticRPGs

      It’s about time to see her get copystriked. Copy/paste thumbnails with recycled content and yet HUfast was putting her on trending every other day. Just comes to show how screwed this platform really is.

    81. heroinfather

      I remember that OurMine song it was so catchy

    82. Goldfish Fishysons

      He's always been an ass to ian.

    83. Manny Cortez

      Sniperwoofs voice suckksss omfg!

    84. Portez Fapadactyl

      Ethan is a massive piece of shit.

    85. Robin Lundqvist

      so people got offended on the behalf of Ian? get a life you guys

    86. The one and only Bob Ross

      Sssniperwolf deserved it

    87. Carlos Medina

      Ethan and hila are pieces of shit

    88. Your A Wizard Harry

      BRUH IS UPSET CAUSE HIS PIMPLES ARE BOOMERS "pimples boomin' want some more nikka".... okay boomer

    89. Your A Wizard Harry

      maybe ethan can say he gave him a job... but saying I GAVE YOU A PURPOSE AND A GF.... like wtf? thats just FLAT OUT disrespect and emasculating...

    90. DvnRz

      Trypophobia???? That’s fear of holes ethans has pimples?

    91. bring back double pump

      When did this nigga get skinny i haven't seen him since the leafy days

    92. Nebulous

      It'sAGundam is a god!

    93. Wesley Patterson

      Oh, for fucks sake, leave Ethan alone. He's obviously joking, you people will get mad about anything.

    94. Scrub_FGC

      Can someone tell Ethan he’s a HUfastr And not a podcast guy. How many months has been since their main channel uploaded a channel?

    95. Rosa _

      Your thumbnail made me think this was a h3 video because he addresses himself in 3rd person

    96. marduke45

      what does sniperwolf even do anymore?

    97. Ebba Lundholm

      ethan can’t listen to the criticism and it’s annoying, he’s the old grumpy uncle at the family gathering no one likes that keep whining about everything

    98. Gore

      Now looking at the podcast it was probably the worst thing H3 has done reputation wise. I don’t watch them anymore, they’re so uncomfortable just to watch. Right now they’re just living off of the podcast, excluding teddy fresh. Kinda sucks

    99. Anon L

      Damn I genuinely felt bad for Ian...

    100. iigxaii

      Y’all just haters it’s CILCK BAIT!!! So shut up

      1. solitary one

        You are a simps