Pokimane Speaks Out About Fedmyster... Jake Paul, DrDisrespect, DALLMYD


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    Fedmyster's original document: docs.google.com/document/d/1R68AT9hteAU6gBV6gGWwsPyGpkUIR3e9XP28mTZIj3Q/preview
    Pokimane response:
    Fedmyster responds again:

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    1. Luiz Fernando Silva Santos

      Como vao mandar DOC nao sabem Banco que sou cliente nao sabem conta corrente nao sabem nada

    2. DKsaNn Kat

      Nah. @14:08 either pokimane is lying or shes that dumbb. Saying "i can stay in yours" is a dead hint smh 😒

    3. Naka Chinjah

      if Nate won nobody would say shit, lmfao.... they be hatin on paul brothers no matter what... not a fan of them either but imean cmon. that is just fucking pathetic

    4. Vibing Cat

      Jake Paul botta get his ass beat

    5. turd furguson

      He said she said lol the whole thing with the Chinese girl I bet is set up for publicity that's what people do now

    6. Thomas Liu

      faze rain: 2019's been a blast, im ready for the next! 2020: 😈 😈 😈 2020 "faze rain": changes name to faze PAIN 0:49

    7. i need bleach

      I think it just me but I want Jake paul mom to hit him in the face like she for real lets him be like this bruh

    8. Sergeant Glutton

      I swear to fucking god can Poki and Fed just shut the fuck up and settle this beef with a 1v1 ffs

    9. Phoenix Gaming

      My reaction to whts been goin on:

    10. Solitude City guard

      I didnt think i could dislike jake paul more

    11. Despise SIMPS

      All the simps that chase poki and she is literally into simp looking dudes!! ALL THE LOSER SIMPS GOTTA LOVE THEIR CHANCES!!

    12. Flaming Pheonix

      Jake paul in the thumbnail looks like a cracked outhomeless man

    13. MrBej

    14. MrBej

      2017: diss tracks 2018-19: boxing 2020: google doc 2021: microsoft power point presentation

    15. Zynxty

      Why cant they do that in fricking private bunch of kids

    16. Benjamin Wilson

      I clicked on this because I confused “fedmyster” with “FedSmoker”.

    17. why I do be here

      ive seen kids more amateur then the pauls

    18. Anonumous A

      So fed made a document and just happen that a friend just leak it...this is just bullshit

    19. Xman

      Dr Disrespect needs to be added in Tekken or Mortal Kombat Also love how tanna mon whatever was all apologetic in her last video for not wearing a mask at a party yet went to Jake's party

    20. OfficialZLOmusic

      Can we just see Floyd Beat Jakes ass already. Like that 48-0 ain’t going to turn into 48-1. 🤣

    21. gxngxbdu _

      Oh no I don't have a piece of paper over my mouth. Guess I'll go jail

    22. Oscar Fernandes

      Feds jaw looks weird so i believe pokimane ngl

    23. Amaya Reyes

      i dont get the ppl defending Fed when he sexually assaulted people...

    24. A! den

      You know, they could have just settled things in private, and short, like the adults they are. Ngl I wish I had there skills of writing random bs due to my literature classes.

    25. Jerry S

      Fitz the mr steal yo girls of youtube

    26. Storm

      I swear if The Last Of Us 2 wins every award in Dr Disrespects game awards haha

    27. Incodnito Log

      no one otv drama: So I started flirting but no it was actually this person but this person took it too far but no actually this person took it too far me: that's crazy...what happened to pewdiepie?

    28. Not Trax

      google documents are the new 40 minute expose videos

    29. Zeles

      Poki is the female version of the devil

    30. Beamer_boiii 435i

      Jake Paul be thinking to highly of himself someone needs to put him in his place shit would be funny asf being very cocky can be a big weakness

    31. Cheff Gucci

      The government can’t make us stay in and shutdown the country, I’m not gonna be no fckin sheep for a sickness that’s getting blown up because of the media

    32. TheLastOra

      so what poki said was Fed thinks he's in a harem anime

    33. Team Instinct

      Paul brothers: exist Everyone: run them hands

    34. The Hh

      20:03 😂😂

    35. choochoo picklepie

      Pegasus had a deeper look into some of the other text (made by pokimane) that were just inappropriate and should not be shared to someone that you are not dating like her one text that I suppose is talking about fingering which is (✌️ more like ✊) btw name of the vid is “pokimane just got cancelled”

    36. Swedish Boy

      Can't we all just agree to drop the fed situation?

      1. Joseph Stalin

        Yeah, it is definitely getting annoying and out of hand

    37. sex

      im tired of this damn pokimane and fed drama theres literally 5 minutes of everything else the drama is the entire video

    38. Tomorrow land2k

      Pokimane:She said Fed:He Said We:that’s crazy we didn’t ask

    39. YRNZay ;]

      So can someone give me a summary on what happened with fedyster and poki im not fina read a 25 page paper Edit: im talking ab what fed was claiming that poki did or said

    40. ghosty💔❤️

      Are you going to talk about Fe4rless comeback to HUfast on your next video?

    41. K P

      I'm surprised people are taking these messages seriously as "evidence." It's so easy to get a fake text message app lol

      1. Ramtin Kolahchi

        You know what the easiest type of message you can fake is? Discord messages. Right, pyrocinical and carson would be 100% innocent, i can literally call myself callmecarson on discord and message 14 year olds for nudes Conclusion the messages are fucking real

      2. Joseph Stalin

        That's exactly what I have been thinking while watching this

    42. Unorev


    43. thegoat4752

      Leave Jake alone god damn he is trying to have fun he just knocked out a NBA superstar you would want to throw a big party too stfu😭

      1. Joseph Stalin

        Only reason he did is because the 'NBA superstar' plays basketball, not boxing. Also, basketball players don't randomly box in their freetime.

    44. Jared Flora

      I understand and appreciate that scarce gives news with 99% non opinionated commentary. But at some point you have to call out the obvious bullshit. Poki is diverting to save face focusing on an insignificant lie with 0 hard evidence and not actually accepting responsibility

    45. DrDrippin

      Dude makes a 25 page text document in a effort to expose pokimane then he is gonna act like he didnt want it to go public. What a joke.

    46. Julz

      why does jake act so hard tho😐

    47. Yangpao Vang

      At this point let me fight jake paul too...

    48. Obama Circle


    49. Soviet Kappa

      2019: Disstracks 2020: Google Docs 2021: Google Slides Presentation

      1. Xman

        Scratch the Google slides presentation, they're already doing that in Among us

      2. CousinPablo

        Google draw sketch

    50. djdsf

      "Final story of the day" and the video is barely a quarter way in??? This bout to be lit

    51. Chase Clark

      Anyone else notice how Fed pulled a Hannah Baker and made a google doc for each person that wronged him?

    52. ForTheMajor

      dude please get us KSI and Pewdiepie vs Jake paul and Logan

    53. Smzlls

      i don’t know much but i heard about that ‘steve’ story and it sounds like it is FaZe Cizzors

    54. Mojave Patrol

      If Jake Paul's boxing is as bad as his content, then people can beat him easy

    55. michael perussina

      Covid is a fucking joke. I had it. It’s a cold.

      1. imnotmexican1987

        Yeah and my friends grandfather had it and was in the hospital for two weeks. It varies from person to person. Young healthy ones will be just fine. Higher risk though may go through a lot worse

    56. Woodland BushMan

      Also fed should just go camping and enjoy the bush

    57. Woodland BushMan

      What about wendy's, they have some good gosh darn good and the baconater fries and the spicy chicken nuggets

    58. Luca H

      Dude, who tf wears masks at parties anyway? Either you party or you don't. I think a better alternative is for everyone invited to get tested and/or self isolate for 2 weeks before and after.

    59. Woodland BushMan

      Poki is a h o e. fed is guy who wants love , i don't care about them and it's all just talk

    60. EggBoi 357

      People really like google docs don't they.

    61. Commandmentツ

      Poki is fucken lying

    62. xXxcabinfeverxXx

      Why the heck is some random viewer who's only been a fan for 3 years getting involved in this ass drama?🤣🤣

      1. Mint

        Well people are giving they're own understanding and input. I know it pains you for everyone to delve in this sideshow drama where the mask of pokimane is forcefully little by little peeled off as everything is coming to light.

    63. Badger Destroyer inc.

      Lmao scarce kinda bad at pronouncing names

    64. ComedyCrunch !

      “Ayo bro im about to write a 5 paragraph essay, MLA format” -Optimus

    65. Joes_Bored115

      I like how Pokimane is almost in every other video that Scarce makes lol

    66. S Viar

      Jake Paul has gotten cocky

    67. Jodofly115

      Scarce.. plz.. even if fed flips out and kills everyone in the offline TV house.. we dont care.. I'd rather a 3 minute video than hearing more about this poki and fed bullshit

    68. Jodofly115

      Bruh if people could see the future this videos viewer retention would drop to about 2% when he brings up this fed and poki bullshit

    69. Jodofly115

      Cant wait for these youtubers to start fight BOXERS.. I've checked out the fights when they happened expecting to see a normal fight.. but they all looked like legit amateurs, sloppy as fuck throughout nearly the entire fight.. looks like school yard fights

    70. TTV AXLR88

      pokimane puts too much makeup on her face anyway, her skin color on her face isnt even the same color as her body its that bad

    71. JT

      The KSI vs Paul shit is old and childish. Ffs

    72. StylinStiles11

      God I hate Jake Paul

    73. CallmeBran

      Honestly this whole drama between poki and fed is so dumb, this is obviously a private matter. Seriously no ones winning in this scenario so what’s even the point in making it public????

    74. The_Wack_Pack

      Holly shit I hate Jake Paul so much someone needs to put him in his place

    75. Ereh

      Damn he really wanna get bitched by KSI 🧐

    76. Mng Quintero

      *comes out from behind a tree* hey guys scarce here

    77. JMRSplatt

      I have a google Document. NO. I HAVE A GOOGLE DOCUMENT. NO NO I HAVE A GO..................

    78. Jesus Ceniceros

      holy fuck a 20 minute scarce video

    79. jolbox 2

      Poki still down played with the following stream smh😂😂 they both messed up it's like watching two little kids fight 🤦‍♂️

    80. Cristhian c:

      BUT BRUH, The incident Fed had with Yvonne, was already talked by both of them, this conversations are almost a year later... Is not about if anyone wanted Yvonne fired or not, in the Poki stream, the first one she did 'exposing' Fed she said that Yvonne wasn't doing her jobs because of Fed incident. They both in their histories have showed how Yvonne stop doing part of her job because she started streaming, do they even know what's the drama about, jesus cristh

      1. Cristhian c:

        I'm just really sad this whole situation is seen as black and white, Fed good Pokimane bad, Pokimane good Fed bad, every time they expose eachother is so clear how them didn't know what they were doing, this all situation is so dumb, they could just end with this, with "you don't know the full history" or showing themselves talking like adults, intead this is what they've made, disappointing for poeple i one day looked up to, no Fed7 this time

      2. Cristhian c:

        Even with the with the proofs Pokimane provides are still a half true, in 2nd document, Fed show the rest of the conversation and how Yvonne also rejected Pokimane at the time.

    81. Awesome Opossum

      I don’t like Jake Paul but if he wants to get covid and throw a party so be it. If the people there are okay with getting covid so be it shits so fucking stupid

    82. Parker Stratton

      This sounds like a ton of lies on pokies part. That girl has quite a few secrets

    83. Caffrey Davis

      Tbh I understand from his friend's perspective. Fed was literally being bashed left, right, and center, and Poki was distancing herself from him and protecting his image.. worse, Fed isn't defending himself. He's a pure SIMP.. And his friend was trying to help him.

    84. Hendra

      Fed is just trying to speedrun relationship

    85. sushi gawd

      Who remembers when scarce got his ass beat by racka

    86. Alation.-

      Poki wants money, fed wants redemption end of lmao


      Jake paul is such a jerk He kicked by ksi and now he is proud

    88. Heather

      There is some serious sexism and gas lighting, it's disgusting.

    89. Not2Shoddy

      " I don't wanna cover much more of the Fed and Pokimane story, because I'm not sure a lot of the viewers really care." Proceeds to spend the next 9 minutes covering every paragraph of the Fed and Pokimane story.

    90. Seven Sins

      Fed and poki be like doing distracks The people(Dont care. Didnt asked. (Laugh) plus your white

    91. Epapa

      lol this guy kisses a hand and gets kicked smh fucking snowflakes, also pokimane legit said she didnt want drama and then posts that so there both full of cap

    92. Frapaz

      Our final story is 15 minutes long!!

    93. Killua

      So fed had a harem

    94. Gunzz Blazinn

      Jake has 2 fights acting like hes Floyd lmfao

    95. LoonaMuna

      Send Pokimane to the ranch

    96. Bradley Bonham

      Bruh I dont want to hear about other peoples relationships like this. They should have just talked this shit out and not brought it to public eye

    97. ivory GW

      does anyone believe poki at this point. She even said here she was going to leave out some context and peoples names for "their privacy" but when initially asked she couldn't? Seems like it's her pushing her narrative without too many details

    98. CynicalSoul


    99. Joe noiba

      please stop uploading

    100. _ askdaxbox _

      Jake knocked out a guy who has never boxed in his life and hes got this big an ego can someone crush him?