PewDiePie Forgives Alinity? DrDisrespect, Pokimane, MrBeast, David Dobrik


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    1. Mookan Kandiah

      MR BEAST 2030

    2. Mump

      Reasons to subscribe: 1. Straight to the point 2. Non-biased 3. Informative

    3. Spoon Dice

      getting angry at poki over the attack helicopter joke is just so fricking stupid. its not transphobic, its not insensitive. its a meme, an old and possible unfunny one, but still a meme. grow up twitter snowflakes

    4. Joselino

      The comment section is all about "I don't like Pokimane" I mean, can i join?

    5. Foof The Goof

      Wait so we’re praising people for urging their uneducated fans to vote? If they weren’t planning on voting initially, and their only incentive is potentially winning a Tesla, then they should not be voting. Not to mention that the media slurs and warps 99% of everything they don’t like. I’m aware the election already happened but it still seems stupid that people were praising this.

    6. streety

      How is the attack helicopter joke transphobic ?

    7. DKsaNn Kat

      How do we not know about doc's reason for his ban yet?! 😡

    8. Husky Pie

      As a attack helicopter, I can confirm that it is not transphobic

    9. Alien Steveious

      I'm new to this drama stuff but shouldn't Pewdiepie apoligize to her as well? Because that was mad disrespectful. To be fair, she went overboard with the strike.

    10. Mr. Sadist

      honesty i 100% agree with poki on the attack helicopter part lol

    11. God

      Thank you I am allowed to simp for dead people

    12. God

      I’m sorry for all those attack helicopters.. rest in peace

    13. God

      I clicked for the *thumbnail*

    14. Rex

      attack helicopter aint even transphobic its just a joke

    15. J. S.

      I find pokimane to be the most annoying person on the internet currently, but she literally was just telling people to stop calling anyone a simp no matter who they are and people called her transphobic? That's so fucking retarded lol

    16. Leopold Nielsen

      WhAtS uP gUyS iTs ScArCe HeRe

    17. Silver

      How is attack helicopter considered transphobic?

    18. lll

      Joe Biden gunna win

    19. PF Creeper

      You tuber: *Gets in controversy* Scarce: HEYGUYSIT’SSCARCEHERE

    20. Alan walkerv

      What happen it was you get ban becusee video game open song

    21. Drippy

      Tbh I feel like the world has gone so soft.

    22. not_cool_soup

      I aint tryina be a simp but i dont think that not mentioning the other 7000 genders should be looked at as offensive

    23. Dull Productions

      Andre a tomboygirlthing

    24. HB Sargent

      0:30 Its a fucking joke WHAT THE FUCK!!!

    25. Arthur the Anteater

      when did a military vehicle turn transphobic like what

    26. UNSC 2003

      Good things little kids can’t vote and ffs people actually getting upset at attack helicopter ohmgand can we bad soyoung now?

    27. Shennice

      Attack Helicopter do be funny though

    28. epa dedrater

      I hate drama channels but your a wholesome dude and I'd rather give you a view than watch keem

    29. Kyle Ho

      Why can’t big companies like Twitch or HUfast actually care about their viewers?

    30. dekuwu

      Poki's attack helicopter joke seemed more like her poking fun at it and calling it dumb. Is it just me who thinks this? It comes of as "Yeah, even those who make those dumb attack helicopter jokes shouldn't call people simps for being normal people"

    31. Jad Dela Rosa

      PewDiePie's wife is going to love him even more for his workout.


      There’s a third candidate u idiot

    33. James an athiest

      I'm not gay but... Pwediepie is packing that shit

    34. Washim Akram

      Take some advice from dashiexp why he doesn't do giveaways No offense

    35. Sabaki

      Pokim.... ResidentSleeper

    36. wildmonkies Jr

      What's funny about this everyone vote effort, or register to vote, is that they think you are going to vote for Biden. Just watch how mad everyone gets when they put all this effort to get votes for their canidates just for it to backfire

    37. Sad Toad

      Needing to apologise for bringing up the attack helicopter meme...Jesus Christ people have such thin skin and are so fuckin sensitive

    38. Captain Stabbin

      lol attack helicopter , i identify as that

    39. Jubbs

      Twitch is evil

    40. Dr Stoned

      You could see Dr disrespect wants to say the real stuff but

    41. octa w

      alinity for twitch ban 2020

    42. Jittery Jared

      Attack helicopter isnt transphobic but it is dismissive to people who identify with genders other than male or female

    43. MaxRUNITUP813

      Imagine getting offended by fucking "attack helicopter"

    44. Sean Maguyon

      Goddamn attack helicopters shooting missiles at my backyard

    45. Justin Felix


    46. Pleasecomebackjessica,Icantaffordchildsupport.

      Welcome to Twitter, the place were you can’t have opinions, can’t make jokes, and can’t disagree it’s anyone.

    47. Fireman08080

      Bro sensitivesociety on youtube made videos on the cat killer and lion guy before this video and other peoples videos and called them out for being pedos or just being pices of shit who ever reads this go look him up he's great and I hope he does amazing b

    48. 2B

      if mr beast ran for prez there isn't any competition


      I vote mrbeast

    50. Ovatun

      I mean... Alinity probably just doesn’t like pewdiepie giving other thots her twitch thot title?

    51. Kjell Maake

      Person: what did the one tomato say to the other.... Everyone: i knew you were rasict

    52. AveragePeak6476

      without scarce my brain would be the equivalent of living under a rock

    53. OVOM4DARA

      Who made pokimane the voice of all women lmao

      1. Naneyezgani

        No one, she's just stating her opinions.

    54. Incognito Mode

      trans people getting offended by the word "attack helicopter" are the weakest snowflakes to ever exist on this damn planet

    55. I Frosty KIA I

      Who’s that Pokemon? It’s sensitive trans people!

    56. Abyss

      the attack heli got me deaddddddddd

    57. Christopher Guzmanventura

      S I M P

    58. TheNukedNacho

      Okay. Pewds is done fighting with Alinity. Rest of us aren’t. She’s done more than just fight with Pewds.

      1. Toasted Bun

        Nah buddy don't lump us with you. The issue doesn't have to do with anyone besides felix and alinity themselves, and they moved on already. So you, who doesn't matter and have no real connection, is just wasting your time and is being stupid.

    59. Simple

      Pokimane should just shut up. She’s defending her SIMPS. oooo I’m so bad. Yeah I talk to girls they call me SIMP. I don’t care.

    60. King Davey B.

      Mr. Beast in 2040: "I just nuked the entire United states, But I'm Buying them a new country!"

    61. Kevo

      i mean... his name is scarce. for anyone wondering why he doesnt upload on a schedule like he used to.

    62. Cosoka


    63. Luis Resendez

      Hey scarce it's time to comeback to work champ idk what the fuck is going on anymore

    64. Pines

      Poki needs to learn to drown out the haters like Pewds. Sure Felix has a bigger and more dedicated fanbase which sometimes is too hard to control but Poki still has her supporters. She needs to stop trying make a spotless image of herself because that's just gonna make it even worse.

    65. Jenius -

      Rip scarce

    66. Darren Nobbs

      Dj 3lectrical banned from mmedia group HUfast channel termination unban

    67. David Hernandez

      Voting for Mr. beast

    68. Dr.Dorian

      The King (HUfast 95.2 K Subscribers and Twitch 23.2 K Followers) just took down the video from Space Coconut (HUfast 11.2K Subscribers and Twitch 2.3K Followers) because Space Coconut played a short clip of him pretty much saying "Subscribe on HUfast + Comment (I think) and Follow + Watch on Twitch to maybe get a Dwightcrow charm". For an explanation the Dwightcrow charm is a limited item in the Dead by Daylight Halloween Event. The Video that was claimed was about how Behaviour Interactive used to give away skins for free (you had to earn them ingame) and everybody could do it now however they are not doing that anymore but instead gave limited Dwightcrow charms to Fog Whisperers (for example The King) who your using it to boost Viewer and Subscriber numbers. It was about Protesting the way the Game is going and this is what Space Coconut got for it! He didn't even seem salty about being banded from their Forums for what seems like legit criticism. Just you know FYI!

    69. Naud van Dalen

      Scarce is called Scarce because he uploads scarcely.

      1. Gertha Billywobber

        u just got wooooshed

      2. Icy Meel

        His taking a break be patient he does this all the time

    70. Alexander Martinez

      as much as I hate Pokimane I had to take her side when people were getting mad that she put "attack helicopter"

    71. Alexander Martinez

      Its funny that she said Twitch Thot was one word hehe


      He looks gay

      1. ATRO THEANT


    73. TanHeart

      is scarce gay? yes or no.

    74. SanJohnGod YT

      What happened to scarce???

      1. SanJohnGod YT

        I hope

      2. no no

        prob took a break

    75. Evania Arce

      People are dumb the entire earth is a meme 🤣

      1. N7 Issac

        We already know that

    76. Fight or Flight

      When you’re a news drama channel but don’t post once every 3 weeks lmao

    77. Potato

      Yo any more news...

    78. Darren Smith

      A lot of people here clearly don't know the history of this channel lol. Scarce is the master of disappearing for ages and then coming back like nothing happened! 😆

      1. ivan cunj

        thanks for telling me

      2. Icy Meel

        No is jontron

    79. Ignacio

      Following HUfast drama is a waste of time

      1. Ignacio

        @N7 Issac no I don't, I decided to check up on Scarce and some other youtubers, pff

      2. N7 Issac

        Yet you’re here so you clearly follow it

    80. Sezar Karwan

      Pewdiepie you have failed us all why why your a simp you failed us why

      1. N7 Issac

        @Who’s Who you can just about talk let alone think

      2. Icy Meel

        @Henrik Arnold Yes

      3. Henrik Arnold

        This girl literally said she wanted to kill herself. What is the fun of bringing up stuff from 3 years ago and trying to cancel her when it is clearly hurting her mental health

    81. Kraker Heya

      The first time everyone felt bad for Pokemane. People at twitter at this point is playing saints and it's fucking annoying. It's like James Charlez or Hazbin Hotel all over again. If Pewds didn't had problem with Pokemane since he played Among Us with her, why can't others?

    82. Belle Delphine Loverツ

      oh he doesnt upload any more

    83. Donkah

      Ok now he is dispersing

    84. V3n0M P71h0n

      I’m transphobic but I mainly base it on their personalities

    85. Jean Skipper

      Trans community be like, joke? NO, PAY ATTENTION TO US!!!! 😡😡

      1. N7 Issac

        I mean some trans people are alright people who understand jokes and can laugh at themselves it’s just the majority that’s pathetic

      2. icbindinn UwU

        Its a joke

    86. Ian McCallum

      WTF happened to Scarce?

      1. lordlyhawk 31672


    87. Rey

      Why did pewdiepie apologize to Alinity has she ever heard of a fucking joke jesus so damn dramatic.

      1. Henrik Arnold

        @Alexander Martinez I know, I used to hate her back when she copyrighted pewdiepie, so she apologized, and that's all she could do. What is the point of trying to cancel her every time someone brings up her name. If someone is crying while talking about about killing theirself, it's time to stop. She doesn't deserve to die.

      2. N7 Issac

        @Henrik Arnold all your comments are is defending her she’s an idiot yes but so are the people who target her all I see is 2 idiotic sides at each other’s throats because they’ve got nothing going on in their lives

      3. Alexander Martinez

        @Henrik Arnold well there are a handful of good reasons to hate her. for example cat thrower, giving your cat wine, wears purposely tight clothes to get views, etc.

      4. Henrik Arnold

        A lot of people are not joking though, a lot are telling her to kill herself and are trying to find out where she lives. You clearly don't know what it feels like when everyone hates you. She apologized and that was the best she could do.

    88. Denis Gonzalez

      I like the new twitch additions

    89. Denis Gonzalez

      Please do net let Mr Beast run for president

      1. Ze boy Game


    90. Jonathan Ingram

      I really hate attack helicopters.

    91. DrBlack 100

      Me wait for scarce to upload....

      1. As7ern


      2. Aaron Diaz


      3. Bang Bang bang

        Same here

      4. Ansqq


      5. Ze boy Game


    92. Monokuma

      Scarce has truly been scarce

    93. Chazz3.o

      Still waiting daddy scarce

    94. Zinidia

      scarce dead?

    95. Fictional Subliminals

      Still to this day, Scarce being skinny is unusual.

    96. SteamManx

      When we need him, he vanish...

    97. Jack Eckerson

      6:38 when you have to talk about the homework you didn’t do

    98. José Da Slayer

      I just think 2020 is just another year in war

    99. Theverynerdygamer

      I got a huge story so please please add this to your next video. So a HUfastr named Juno songs released a video called Bomb- omb battlefield with lyrics and got copyrighted claimed. Not by Nintendo but Sony who has no relationship to Nintendo and it basically illegal because they don't own the mario/ song. Please review this.

      1. N7 Issac

        That’s not gonna happen

    100. MyNameIsJeff

      aaaaaaaand... he's gone!