Onision SUES Chris Hansen... YouTuber Goes to JAIL? MxR Plays & Jukin Media


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    1. Aman Gyani


    2. Aman Gyani

      What the hell does Onision think he is gonna gain from this?

    3. Username Password

      Why didn't vitaly just climb the Great pyramids of brisbane

    4. qyte

      Onision needs mental help

    5. naiskolben

      now i wanna know if it can absorb the pool ;_;

    6. leon

      0:22 yeah, just a few videos about him

    7. Draconicnebula

      Haha i bet he is regretting buy those to waste

    8. Aaron

      Jesus Christ he looks like a fucking love baby mix of an ogre and Shane Dawson

    9. David the Snek

      Deadass thought that was Shane Dawson

    10. greenluck 10

      Bruh I have not seen this man in q long time

    11. Joseph Ballsack

      Wtf happened to scarce

    12. Gabriel Rodriguez Rosario

      Onision with no lawyers to back his case up cus he’s a predator? That guy is definitely a complete coward

    13. Vatch

      "my friend clicked a dodgy link" no he clicked the link, downloaded something, bammm. Info stolen.

    14. EnderBorn

      as much of an ass the pauls are that was uncalled for from that girl like bruh yeah they kinda suck but wow

    15. Gabe Gramps

      Woah I haven't watched you in years and bro you lost so much weight man. Looking good 👍 caught me by surprise

    16. YFS

      1 paper towel = 1 tree LMAO

    17. ryan mazzei

      yo its been a hot minute since I've clicked on a vid, but holy shit you look different.

    18. JustASnell

      6:15 Cool cause. Still illegal.

    19. JustASnell

      If you call the police on Chris Hansen showing up to your door, you have something illegal to hide. I'm sorry, but those are the rules.

    20. Fajar Ardli

      good thing everything he did gonna be backfired because all the evidence is on hansen on youtube. "stares menancingly" thats one of em.

    21. justOnerandomguy

      You’re telling me that Tyler should delete the video because it’s “controversial”. Last time I checked he has the freedom to do with his money as he wishes. And you shouldn’t start bitching over a video that doesn’t effect you in any way

    22. Akqn_aa

      Jo wtf scarce really lost some weight wtf happened

    23. Jayboomer 5150

      Why should people donate to this dude for his legal fees when he put himself in that situation by talking shit about the other guy on HUfast

    24. runawaygamers14

      i just figured out you came back through markipiler and ethan on unus annus, glad you're back

    25. Its Zavoh

      Nobody: Vitaly's brain: if I can get to the top on that pyramid the gods will free Australia from their fires

    26. justOnerandomguy

      I’ve never cared about Onision and this whole thing is fantastic. Seeing the downfall of a pathetic man

    27. Paul Liebler

      Chris Hansen once fully lobotomized an adult man just by asking him to “take a seat”

    28. Stuffed PorkChop

      This one is very serious guys. "girl was drunk and fell on her face and nothing happened" Ah, yes indeed very serious news!

    29. luvdady

      ok most jurisdictions: if a person asks you to cease and desist ie. no contact it is trespassing and by being told previously then it is harassment. regardless if "your youtube famous"" just saying no means no and as far as the ""hacks" its people clicking dumb ass links and the fact you use the same email for everything

    30. Adrian

      Wait? Isn't Kai a dude? Where did the kids come from?

    31. FiendGuy

      YOO this is not Scarce, this guy is skinny

    32. John Doe

      Wait- since when is scarce back

    33. JHIXofficial 763

      Scarce looking healthy these days! Good for you my guy

    34. Killergamerz

      Too fucking bad they filmed it all

    35. Justin Mason

      Oh My God can't wait till discovery Onision probably fucked himself. Lol

    36. Marth

      boy did you lose weight? aww I like the meme of you from behind the tree

    37. Big Smoke

      This is clearly the easiest way to put yourself under the microscope, wait til this goes to court and Hansen pulls some tricks out of his sleeve 🤣💀 game over Onionbuns

    38. Troy Miller

      This is like Nick Cannon trying to diss Eminem. Not going to work onion boy.

    39. Goddess Magallan

      ...i need those paper towels....

    40. Boba Fett

      okay i haven’t seen you since like 2017 and it scares me how different you look

    41. Tyler Brill

      Holy weight loss congratulations man👍🏻

    42. DelinquentDJ

      This is a South Park episode come to life

    43. XCL

      I can’t believe scarce is still uploading

    44. DrAirWair

      Scarce, you're still around? Dope.

    45. Masteroforion Isamazing

      Can’t wait for when chris hansen gets onison to sit down on the chair in the kitchen and chris hansen just walks around the corner

    46. Daniel Heigher

      Scarce looks so different than when i first saw him

    47. Leandro Gomes

      Before today I never knew who Chris Hansen was You know why? Because I wasn't born in America

    48. sdot

      Vitaly and RackaRacka got arrested you need to report on those stories

    49. Swinzie S

      HUfast seriously needs to step in on this hacker situation. Its not really small youtubers getting hit it's pretty high profile channels buy youtube continues to ignore. Can another site please make a better video sharing site please

    50. Swinzie S

      Love seeing repsion get his recognition!! Great job scarces

      1. Swinzie S

        Didnt know repsion was being sued

    51. mohammad alfaiz


    52. Victor Garcia

      Scarce still uploading

    53. Manohar Rajan

      Dang Scarce lost weight

    54. Samantha Shaw

      The comments on here should be careful, onision might see them and sue y’all! 🙊

    55. Darryl Hamlin

      Onision looks like a meth addict

    56. Taylor’s Life

      Onision won’t win

    57. Francisco Notario

      mxr got their videos demonitized they are in hot water again @

    58. Deji Soboyejo

      How tf is that for a good cause that shit makes no scene

    59. MovingName 358

      20 mil trees did nothing change my mind

    60. Emerald 🎧🌱


    61. Marine Spaghetti


    62. rainbow Shannon


    63. a black bunny

      I think its been like 2-3 years since I last watched scarce. Who's the new host?

    64. FreshNinja

      0:19 This is Me When I Say Opsy Poopsy

    65. Malachi Komisarek

      The pool video controversy just shows how bitchy society is nowadays

    66. Super thug

      Scarce can you please talk about eminem, it's a weird subject and I know it's not exactly youtube related, but he made a song called "darkness" which speaks on real world gun violence issues, and HUfast removed it from trending for NO REASON, one of the realest songs ever created and youtube is COMPLETELY silencing it because it doesn't fit youtubes standards of content for family friendly BULLSHIT, you should really speak on this and how truly fucked up it is, rappers who make songs about selling drugs and shooting people get on HUfast trending easy AS FUCK and all they talk about is Gucci belts and fucking chicks so how come when Eminem makes a song ADDRESSING A SERIOUS LIFE TOPIC ISSUE, youtube just completely mutes him, why isnt this talked about and when i tried to ask them on Instagram why they removed it instead of answering me they just removed my messages

    67. Everyday Interviews 615

      Damn dude youve lost alot of weight homie!

    68. Jay Elem

      First day back after a long while and holy hell you look great

    69. RRockStar15

      Onision:S_xually assaults young girls His supporters:Young girls (as seen in most recordings of his discord calls) COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

    70. Austin The OKC Fan

      Chris Hansen has a satisfying voice

    71. Chilly Plays

      Y’all remember when Scarce disappeared behind that tree

    72. Cipher

      I mean as stupid as it was climbing the pyramids gotdamn that was a great view.

    73. Cipher

      Paladin vs hairy tomato.

    74. Chawklet Studios

      When did Chris Hansen get out for not paying for all that merch?

    75. Matthew McLean

      People using go fund me are scummy. Sucks what's happening to repzion and Hansen but asking for money online is.... well scumy

    76. BarryBeans

      Yo Scarce im still waiting for that scheduled stream on 'Scarce News' that was meant to occur on August 7th 2017 at 03:00 GMT

    77. Grognak Thog

      He didn’t have a MXR phase 90 😪

    78. Maria Mistfire

      Uhmmmmmmm That's an order of protection.

    79. Indoor grass

      He looks like a gay person who sniffs poop scarce does

    80. Positive Thoughts

      Why are you being so biased?

    81. Mykill Mielia

      everyone acting as if everyone knows Chris Hansen

    82. Reanimation

      repzion and "couple" vids on onision? btch he has job thanks to onision

    83. Alicia Velasco

      You need to do something about danplan

    84. Yaba Daba Doo

      Chris Hansen has the literal voice of a god

    85. Franco G

      Can we send the phantom thieves after onision

    86. Froufrou Deluxe

      Vitaly is a fucking dumbass

    87. OVOM4DARA

      Onision isjust not gonna win lol

    88. OVOM4DARA

      Havent watched you since 2014. Where the hell those 200 pounds go?!?!?

    89. Igors t

      I forgot you even excited wtf

    90. ImNotScottySnow

      who the fuck are you? last time i watched a scarce video was when he had a face reveal

    91. Frosty_kaka man

      I'm sorry but if I bought a bunch of towels for a youtube video I wouldn't delete it either

    92. Pedraza gang

      Scarce is slowly growing that Edgar haircut

    93. skyhawk311

      Chris Hansen himself is in legal trouble, why the hell he bothering other ppl?

      1. Morgann McManus

        skyhawk311 he’s having legal troubles due to finances, which kind of is shitty, but that shouldn’t stop him from catching and exposing predators.

    94. cap

      please dont talk about onision, dont give that psycho any extra attention he just needs to fade away

    95. Philip Williams

      Why is anyone caring about the swimming pool... I don't.

    96. ChunkySoup _

      just came back after like 2 years why is he so slim

    97. Poli T. Heliu

      Chris is the worst person to go up against; dude has so much evidence it’s just digging a deeper hole for Oni.

    98. RavenHeaven24

      This lawsuit is probably gonna be ended up getting thrown out because of Onion face messed up on the alledged date. Basically be defaulted. Especially when he signed that everything he said was "correct". What a toik.

    99. Jazmin M

      Foreigners really need to stop climbing the pyramids. There have even been tourists that have desecrated ancient ruins in South America. Please just stop. It's obvious that you should not do that.

    100. Ohchahtzee

      I came to see if he was still alive, and I’m glad he is