Ninja Speaks Out, Pokimane Talks About Fedmyster, DrDisRespect, Deji, OfflineTV


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    1. John Tenzow

      Jesus poki layed out the girl's message flat. I agree with poki on that reply

    2. Fred Porta

      What is #metoo, im really curious :/

    3. Nigilan

      Btw unge is a German youtuber who is known for milch ist gift (milk is poison )

    4. YeeItsAlex

      What was the announcement?

    5. Mohammad Benkirane

      Poki was touching fed and hugging hem and all over hem it’s actually the opposite if you see the videos of otv you will see that poli is touchy with fed

    6. Blue Hooded Man

      NO NOT MY RUSSIAN BOY Agadmator!!! Hes been helping me learn chess and fall asleep for years!

    7. JohnTheWeirdo

      Pokimane just destroyed fed's future..

    8. Frost Luck


    9. IAmDone2Day

      In regards to Gabbie, I think she is in an abusive relationship and is trying to communicate for help via her "strange" posts. I don't know just saying people have difficulty asking for help and she may be doing what she is doing because of that. Especially that last part about her fearing for her life.

    10. DKsaNn Kat

      I agree with ninja, sort of. Yes "no means no" but the thing is the girl literally had to say "NO". Most of these stories I hear the girl doesn't say or do anything! It's ridiculous, its like they are frozen with fear. Fear of what?! Some dude gently touching you?! Smh so dumb 🤦‍♂️👎

      1. DKsaNn Kat

        @madhatten00 the whole metoo movement how they wait 10 years to come out with their "stories", is what i meant. The way this is unfolding, its similar. Instead of saying no and resisting, let's just lay here and say I was "traumatized" so I can bring this up later in life and make it a big deal smh

      2. madhatten00

        @DKsaNn Kat what's the story? Fed had a lot more influence in otv house than Yvonne did. He was going to get her removed even just so she couldn't tell the other members he groped her. For Yvonne that would mean losing her job. There's no 10 yrs later here. It's more like 2 weeks later. Also Yvonne was scared cause if she went to everyone they could accuse her of lying. Except Fed admitted to it in the end, so there's no lying there. Just Fed abusing his influence.

      3. DKsaNn Kat

        @madhatten00 if I can say a simple "no" as a kid, a freaking adult should have the decency to say it. Smh I don't buy it. I don't understand why some girls do that and 10 years later come out with a story, its so dumb

      4. madhatten00

        @DKsaNn Kat Yvonne clearly is. Also have you seen her? She look and talk like she barely move much. And yeah I seen people get bullied who didn't say no, stop it. They kept on letting their bullies bully them. Not everyone is amazing as you who can properly change things for themselves. It's why you end up with bullied kids coming to school and shooting it up afterwards.

      5. DKsaNn Kat

        @madhatten00 you're telling me people are out there so weak, they can't even say "no"? Smh either they're lying or that is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard of. I have got bullied myself, even I at least tried to do something about it. Its natural instincts.

    11. Comander Wolf 373

      Im guesing that whatever is gonna happen tommorow might have an effect on every twitch streamer. Im also guesing that what ever was happenimg for the past few months was just the begining of what ever is gonna happen next.

    12. RamR

      I think I know why disrespect got banned

    13. lilcaam1

      the only reason why i would be livigin with Pokimane its if i have a pretty shitty mixtape dropping and i needed all the drama i could get, sorry for her fans, but there is always something new, sketchy and dramatic about her going on, she is really pretty and i like her voice but too much drama though.

    14. Josef Hoerner

      Great video

    15. Ashley Valenzuela


    16. Decently Average

      Ninja with the "no means no"... Like, okay? People who do that sorta stuff clearly don't give a fuck.

    17. Sean L.

      2020 is the worst year yet.

    18. Von D

      "I move Black Queen to E-5" HUfast: I SMELL SLAVERY

    19. Dolphin Platinum

      HUfast is evolving, just backwards.

    20. Astro surfer

      its hard on otv fed and poki is the heart of otv and it will be life changing if they remove a core (im not siding fed hes done a fucked up thing and i will not forgive him for that if im a otv member)

    21. Minecraft Boy

      Random guy in the internet: plays chess HUfast: HaRmFuL aNd DaNgErOuS

    22. Boiled Pepsi

      Fuck yeah id stream on brime

    23. Webster Carlson

      When did youtubers become soulless corporations? Just kick fed the fuck out without all the formal garbage, be modest.

    24. PuzzlesIRL - Dark Wacky Comedy

      Ninja = Dummy, YEAH!

    25. Domplayz

      possible solution for youtube to make the platform more kid friendly (although yt kids exists, but anyway..) if no kid under a specific age is allowed to watch specific content, wouldn't it be better to let the parents decide what they are allowed to watch? I'm thinking of a system like this: Every channel has a trailer, make that available for everyone. The kids have an account, obviously, to subscribe to channels, comment,... If the kid subs to a channel which is rated higher than the kid's account is, the parents get an e-mail containing some info about the channel and can then go on it, see the content because they are of age, and decide if the subscription is ok or not. since it's google they can easily add this feature to new gmail account verifications. In this way kids can watch their channels, teens can watch content rated, idk, 16+ (if you rate it like pegi) and adults have no limits.

    26. gravediggershenpai

      Oooh UNGE Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Kommentarbereich

    27. cRoyalgamer

      Jaystreazy: something large is happening. Chat: well it's not about you p*nis then :/

      1. cRoyalgamer


    28. MotherPhat Burger

      I just did a quick google search and it said "Dr.Disrespect is banned for Sexual abuse and Harassment"

    29. Spectrum Streets

      Im telling you guys, world is dead.....

    30. Bree Kat


    31. Andrew Peterson

      HUfastrs: Get demonitized Michael Reeves: First time?

    32. Jordzyi1

      Blame the CEO of youtube.

    33. Going Away

      0:43 Die Kommentare werden jetzt vom Deutschen Reich übernohmen.

    34. hi

      reddit purged doomer reddit

    35. hi

      the leftists are doing the purging again

    36. Caleb Cagle

      Actually agree with ninja for once

    37. Pancake with peanut butter

      Ninja was taking about fed

    38. Red &Only

      big news ❓❔❓"Large announcement tomorrow"❓❔❓What was it... I looked at the newer video too, WHAT WAS IT❓❔❓❓❔❓

    39. Henry Le

      no one love fed that is sad i can see it he need frinds and stuf ok he love is frinds to one day he will not have a home that will be sadam a big fan of fed

    40. Ryft Ic3z holdupden

      SCARCE I NEED YOU TO SEE THIS there’s hackers that hacked HUfast once or twice there coming back they said they would last Christmas

    41. George

      to the ninja video, what about men who are sexually assaulted?

    42. AlyxWasHere

      2020 sucks

    43. Chibu Sama

      I'm a small HUfastr, and lemme just say, HUfast is very nice to you as a content creator when you get a copright claim to your video......that is...until you get monetized.

    44. Jay Andrews

      HUfast running low on funds

    45. biggus riggus

      Deji handled that response with eloquence. Mans got a dumb high 189 iq

    46. Troy Jennings

      Yo ninj my guy women can assault men too

      1. Fluff Nation

        Fax but 90% rape cases are against women buy men

    47. Adrian Holness

      Yoo Scarce knows about everyone damn

    48. Mr. Ninetails

      can we all say that HUfast in general should be taken down and start from scratch again so that there isnt anymore bullshit like this, either that or some major improvements should be taken care of like staff or the bots. now that being said i can understand the law's here in the U.S are overly dramatic like coppa, all a parent has to do is be a better parent and then that problem is solved. Now i may get alot of hate for this comment and i just want to say i grew up in the glory days of youtube where none of this sensitivity bs existed, i listened to people swearing and all that and let me tell you it was fun i just laughed my ass off because i thought cursing was funny. Now that im grown up i look back at it and just smirk. the Glory days of youtube are over and now i have to tread on non-exsistant ice because someone is like a womens G spot sensitive about their skin color or a joke that really isnt about what they thought. Heres what happend to me i got punched in the nuts because i gave one dude a noogie and pissed blood after that because of a playful gesture that did no harm to him physically or verbally. I paid in blood for something so innocent and someone acts like their foot has been cut off because of a comment. this is the bullshit world we live in today people

      1. Red &Only

        😱😱but You are 💯

    49. Kamareon Davis

      Why ninja talking about men as a whole dont go through things like sexual assault or abuse from women, but what I'm saying is it's not only women who go through shit

    50. Weisdog

      Why does ninja look so weird now

    51. Heyesy Dude


    52. Micquan Dawson

      Why do majority of theses streamers have Asian girl friends

    53. Coolest Burrito

      *Reason for the ban:* Dr. Disrespect allegedly stole a pack of yu-gi-oh cards from his local Walmart

    54. MachoWings

      give it to the timbergling foundation for mental health awareness

    55. Manuel Rodriguez

      New clout source *me* I found our new publicity and clout stunt remember how ninja said he never curses he cursed around 4 times

    56. TheHighBreadGuy

      why youtube is becombing trash

    57. Glamdering Gaming

      My favorite moment was Ninja saying sh*t was bleeped to protect my baby innocent ears, but him saying fukc was all good. MEGALUL

    58. nieooj gotoy

      She’s scared of the Illuminati cause she’s not following there rules

    59. XII_WAR _G0D_IIX

      I think it's weird that gabbie is all of a sudden afraid for her life and her families saying it wouldn't be accidental if they die and then you see all of these famous youtubers commiting suicide? God bless their souls

    60. ShadowSlayer27

      Sky William's commenting on situations always feels like a yikes now

    61. Cam W

      HUfast is imploding

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Chess is dangerous and potentially FATAL 9:59


      5:33 This made me stroke my own knee... “I have a story to tell...”

    63. Yonder aye

      scarce come back i miss you

    64. dcoog anml

      She’s scared of the Illuminati cause she’s not following there rules

      1. Faiz M Derico

        dcoog anml wut

    65. secuhdayh

      Guys I think I know why they are called twinkies. Because it is a cute little cake filled with white cream filling.

    66. BalzTV

      This guy Jay should get in troubble for wearing fake Supreme not for his anauncement XD

      1. dcoog anml


    67. soiung toiue

      She’s scared of the Illuminati cause she’s not following there rules

      1. dcoog anml


    68. nothing1707

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ninja got rolled and smoked on Twitter PepeLaugh

      1. dcoog anml

        What was the announcement about?

    69. Fullcounter27 Sevensowrds

      Poki mane is really fucking toxic these days

      1. soiung toiue

        didnt dr. disrespect get sexual harrassment booted?? lol

    70. Godcipherz

      inb4 this video gets demonitized by HUfast's SkyNet


      HUfast is just turning into a bad platform.

    72. シルバーグレイDemon

      Hey guys if 2020 ends. Come shout with me Jumanji!!!!!!!!

    73. Golden TrashBag


    74. Daniel Duenas

      I'm waiting if anyone should comment about the year grew up being fast and the worst

    75. eioshen boboi

      Chess Player: I've taken out your Queen HUfast: HE IS KILLING WOMEN!!!!!!

    76. Ryan Butler

      Chess is dangerous and potentially FATAL 9:59

    77. Cøre

      Wth is happening in 2020??

      1. eioshen boboi

        You know whats funny? People say “You all should have handled it privately” Uhm, this has been going on since 2018-2019 wdym. Also even if they did handle it privately and

    78. Nigga u Gay

      A lot of questioniable shit goes on in the big headlines wonder why police don’t go looking there where it’s clear evidence instead they go planting drugs on backyards for a catch.

    79. Lucid

      how does scarce get younger everytime i check in on him

    80. Void

      if she has a hairy knee im sorry but u are dating a sasquatch

    81. Bruh

      What was the announcement about?

    82. CakeForCaleb

      I yearn for true gender equality, I have no patience for who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone “not being a man” when it’s convenient

      1. Kevin Suwito

        I didn't know you can access HUfast from other world, Kazuma

    83. Jay Sherriff

      Why what did deji do?? What happened to him n ksi?

    84. seeni gzty

      She’s scared of the Illuminati cause she’s not following there rules

    85. Andrew Kim

      didnt dr. disrespect get sexual harrassment booted?? lol

    86. xxSemiSeriousxx

      Ninja is a moron, that is all.

      1. Fluff Nation


      2. seeni gzty

        our class moto in our yearbook: Booze is great, sex is free, we're the class of 83.

    87. Chapzer

      i feel like this is a sting operation on fed no cap... i mean i dont trust any of the other people from the offlinetv house their all money grubs like poki

      1. Fluff Nation


    88. Chapzer

      ninja once again shows his simp nature*

    89. A dogs YouTube channel

      In the ninja thing omfg men aren’t rapists; rapists are rapists if this hurt or offends you the leave a dislike and leave you precious little snowflake.

      1. Fluff Nation

        I get what you're saying but 90% of rape cases are men against others

    90. I SELL NUDES

      How hard is it for youtubers to just lease music lmao?

    91. Novandy Amcals

      Someone please make a platform like youtube that isnt run by bots has an actually good,functional,and actually has human flesh team.

    92. Vibezz

      Why am I getting notifications 6 days later when I already watched the video? Yt is broken

    93. BrokEnZ

      I think cuz Shane Dawson and #meto stuff maby yt is loseing ads from everything

    94. Tuan Anh Dang

      You know whats funny? People say “You all should have handled it privately” Uhm, this has been going on since 2018-2019 wdym. Also even if they did handle it privately and the kicked fed. OTV would have gained A LOT of hate cause Fed in front of camera is a super nice guy and him being kicked out will be legit a roller coaster for his fans. I think the way OTV handled rn is way better. Without hate. The only hate is from viewers

    95. Ailsa Ni

      She’s scared of the Illuminati cause she’s not following there rules

    96. Kallum Muldoon

      holy shit seeing your latest videos from your old ones, like dude you've lost TONS of weight

    97. Don’t Do

      5:20 Ninja : “no means no” Women getting arrested for murder: “STOP NOO” Cop: “understandable, have a good day”

      1. Red &Only

        😕😕😕😕❓ @Ailsa Ni

      2. Ailsa Ni

        (Ee-Vohn) not (yeh-vohn-e)

    98. Shash

      Every youtuber should just go on strike and not upload

    99. Shaun-kun Gaming

      So this is what we get in July. Let’s see what we get in August.

    100. bssni touir

      Chess Player: I've taken out your Queen HUfast: HE IS KILLING WOMEN!!!!!!