Ninja Calls Him Out... xQc, Alinity, Shane Dawson, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star


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    1. Roblox Man 69

      Shane Dawson is a joke at this point and always will be lmaoooo

    2. Levellev 0804


    3. Arnav Reddy

      Tati looks like she is reading a script

    4. Jay Bonn

      Tatiana is manipulative that much is clear after the James scandal. James was and may still be an idiot, hes 20 something now and last I checked hes much calmer. Jeffrey is nice but also a businessman. It's unsurprising that he could have that kind of information but we collectively forget about that. All of this is the blame game. Instead of saying they're all awful it's more accurate to say, they're all varying degrees of stupid and petty. James shane jeffrey and Tati.

    5. Jay Bonn

      Ninja married the woman. This isnt a case of Ninja being the victim of an awful wife. They were both awful before and nothing has changed. XQC has a mind that is normal but the shit he spews is dumb.

    6. Jay Bonn

      Are you shitting me if the beauty community knew what was good for them they'd stay out of foreign territory.

    7. DKsaNn Kat

      Dang xqc vs ninja and Shane/Jeffrey vs James/tati 🍿🍿🍿🍿 Now this is drama !

    8. N3RV

      6:08 yea i believe that is a lie look how her eyes look it looks like she is reading something she route (NO BEEF)

    9. Antonio Florio

      Tati says, don't cancel people because of what jefree says. then trys to cancel jefree

    10. Frosch 2

      I’ve never heard Shane Dawson’s voice before but he sounds like he should be casted to play Alvin in Alvin and the chipmunks

    11. Froot Loops

      Why are they arguing about raising tons of money that will help people....? It doesn't matter if someone gets money for doing it,, they still end up raising a lot of money for PEOPLE THAT NEED ITTTTTTT

    12. Pepe THE frog

      When ever a female makes a apology video it's always them being manipulated by someone else take responsibility you fake phoneys gawd danm

      1. Pepe THE frog


    13. 17Mystic

      Wait Trump had a twitch

    14. Arkayn Trys

      My respect for twitch 📈📈📈📈📈📈

    15. BlueCrush

      Tati,Shane,And jeffree star are three terrible people

    16. Grimace_75

      Jessica only famous because her husband who raged

    17. mythologicalXD

      0:06 ngl xQc be looking like Justin Bieber in that picture lol

    18. Okaythen

      This whole drama is dumb.

    19. Dead Player

      tati reallly just blames others dont she

    20. Kennethgames


    21. regular troller

      why would they suspend Donald Trump. he"s a great president who cares about Mexican people

      1. Ok I believe you.

        Your name is true

    22. Brain Casiano

      Scarce: Donald trump made comments on Mexican people Me: of course what he always does Am Mexican and Dt is bs

    23. Abner Rojas

      Why is tati looking to the right a lot

    24. Webster Carlson

      why is ninjas wife here no one cares about her also xqc would beat ninjas ass

    25. Andrija Vlaho

      Looking at shanes over reaction he got chought

    26. Texasborn

      I like gaming but the gaming community is the most pussy community of all time . Dam nobody can say what they really want to say because of fear of losing subs and sponsors . That's dam near going against freedom of speech . Pussys I tell you . I miss the 90's

    27. Hive

      the thing with xQc is ive never had someone i disliked so much say things i 100% with

    28. Nunya Buisness

      i love scarese so much you dont know how much i do like he gets into the video so quickly and its great

    29. agnostos

      The argument between X and Jess was pretty shit ngl. Both were just sewing out random shit just to get the last word lmao

    30. Mr. AwesomePants

      Lol i feel like people got mad at xqc a bit too much. Obviously there was some truth to what he said and it looks like lots of people were surprised. But if you know xqc you knows he talks so fast he doesn’t even know what he says lol

    31. Hido BTW

      "I think the Vodka in your cats mouth is more toxic" ... ouch

    32. Dawg Bull

      Man trump can buy out twitch if he wants 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    34. banan_a

      11:47 she looks like a man trying to act like a a woman

    35. Maximalus

      Shane calls her fake, well like you then Shane because that´s all you are. A fake and disgusting person!

    36. Jeene Weene

      Y E E T

    37. G4ZEN

      6:05 "i'm smart" as far as i know smart is used to describe another person, not yourself what she meant was probably intelligent but just made her look stupid

    38. Red &Only

      big news ❓❔❓"Large announcement tomorrow"❓❔❓What was it... I looked at the newer video too, WHAT WAS IT❓❔❓❓❔❓

    39. Ryan Dunn

      bruh the first 3 minutes was insane

    40. everySadboy

      Im i the only who hates tati

    41. OffsetPaladin89

      I think Ninja's wife, Jessica, should not have spoken at all after xQc spoke, but it was alright for Ninja to speak the first time after a strike was directed at his wife. Posts after this were not necessary as well as Alinity's presence.

    42. Allison C.

      can we just drop the whole beauty community?

    43. The Loop

      Tati lowkey looks like okay boomer girl.

    44. moral

      Trump has a twitch acc?

    45. BeLikeTom_

      She sounds like she's crying but there no tears how? Hmmmmmm

    46. GoKllyoslf x

      Of course they get paid no shit

    47. Fantastic Baseball

      The roasts are insane

    48. High Waltage

      sorry to say. manipulation is the game of the skewed crowd.

    49. Exo Hamster

      i have no hate towards ninja or xqc nor am i on any of their sides but xqc litteraly looks like the biggest low life ever and sounds like one too

    50. Robert Twang

      xQc has the iq of a Shetland sheep PepeLaugh But god dam if you get him heated he’ll shut you up real quick

    51. Tristan

      Im with xQc when he said stuff against Ninja and his wife.

    52. Darren Foronda

      damn... i think i’ve lost all interest in most of today’s youtube channels and content. i miss the witty and comedic skits and actual people trying to create content and write material. i hate how people prefer drama and seeing people’s careers being destroyed than getting a good laugh out of a video. that’s what i loved about youtube...

    53. cent


    54. The Dragon

      Personally I think xQc speaks a lot about stuff he doesn't know much about and fires back really harshly when people call him out. It's the same now as it was back when Minecraft Monday was still a thing and he was cursing people like Technoblade and Ph1lza out for being 'toxic' because they were winning a lot. DrLupo started them off with a good rebuttal to xQc's statement, but then the other people just blew the situation completely out of porportion.

    55. Gaming Unlimited

      Tati Westbrook is lying I'm sure of it

    56. Duarte Candeias

      This man is so smooth making videos I love this content keep up the good and straight to the point content

    57. Chknugget 678

      I didnt know her name was tati i throught it was twati

    58. C0nstant1n

      You know what grinds my gears ? Ninja tweeting a video and teaching men that "it's not that hard brruh, no means no" when he was buddies with Twitch CEO Hassan Bokhari , dude credibly accused of offering Twitch services in exchange for sexual favors. All while Hassan was giggly and friendly with his wife and was calling her lill sis and she was calling him a real friend etc. B*tch dont lecture me, call your friend out if you're so stunning and brave . I didnt do shit, he did and you were pals so stop being a hypocrite and fk off .

    59. Ben Gundee

      Alinity just died from ninja

    60. Kleon TheOne

      I love xQc

    61. Carlos_A_M

      Tati: sorry that I was weaponized and manipulated against you. Also tati: started the whole thing and then the others joined in for the views.

    62. 94FADE

      I don’t watch xqc cuz I never understand what he’s saying. So I’m on ninjas side lol

    63. YetiBumps

      tati was CLEARLY reading from a script

      1. Wowwa Lalola

        Well she is. Supposedly she's reading her statements that has been approved by her lawyers. I think she said about in case of being sued or something?

    64. pepe

      i love xqc

    65. Hona

      xQc is diet ninja

    66. Anime Lover


    67. Blàzè Gàmèr Jàson

      Am sorry but I hate make up

    68. The Guppigang

      I have a brilliant idea when arguing against feminists. If they pull the sexist card, just say that implying that women have the upper hand would be sexist, because that would go against gender equality

    69. Nickelbran

      𝚂𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚓𝚎𝚏𝚏𝚛𝚎𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚛𝚞𝚒𝚗 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚛

    70. Mr_SP00PER

      No offense but Jeffrey Star looks like a female Voldemort with blonde hair, human skin, and a nose

    71. V07ume

      lmao Jess pulled the "ur sexist" card

    72. thefireball 81

      I saw jacksepticeye at the end and I was like Not you too but it was just about the break

    73. Doggy Pogy

      Tati: makes new gay friend Also Tati: they raped me.

    74. Doggy Pogy

      Guy: says something about women with rich men. Women: you have been diagnosed with sexism

    75. RFNO67

      YOURE FAKE CRYING! **Says While Fake Crying**

    76. خالد المطيري

      i like when women and gay fight Each other Because you can see the Hatred, envy, lying, acting, and the most beautiful of all are spreading Each other secrets😂😂

    77. mental vision_

      If tati was going to drag shane an jeffery why wouldn't she name all the people? She says ("i was manipulated by shane and jeffery among others") why not name them all.....clout*

    78. uranium54321

      Alinity goes out of her way to shit on Ninja and then calls him “the most toxic person in gaming” for calling her out on it lmao

    79. Deekay

      Jessica is so freaking stupid man. It just happened to be her. It could be ANYONE. It could be a man, it just HAPPENED to be her, a woman, so she says that he doesn't respect woman... Shame... I am not saying that xQc was right he said really dumb and offensive stuff which he shouldn't.

    80. Emile GESLIN

      xQc vocab on Twitter: 💪💪💪 xQc vocab on Stream: 💩

    81. Nati

      i just keep hearing blelbelelbelelelebelebebebeblelellelelelel when she cried

    82. M Nuttah

      Jessica is an awful person. Ninja edited his comment. Ninja also said( in relation to the dude calling Jes "sweetie") She is not your sweetie( something like that ) Very telling about his state of mind

    83. Republican Thinker

      "Made comments about Mexican people" aka talking about the illegals crossing the border where he also compliments them saying some of them crossing illegally are good people

    84. Nerfy

      People have just shown Tati that she can spew WHATEVER bullshit she can come up with and gain followers = fame = money = more spewing bullshit, she likes PLAYING the victim and enjoys watching as other content creators are completely shredded by her fan base. She tried once, and now goes at it a second time. SHE IS THE ONE BEING MANIPULATIVE. SHES LIKE A PEST, A TICK THAT REFUSES TO LET GO. And when things go south, she ”justifies” her actions by blaming others and makes up shit thats bs mixed with things that are true and twists the truth to make her look better and them worse. Shes fucking insane, a real fucking psycho. *Probably gonna get triggered, I know. So be grown up and dislike then move on. Do not fucking argue, okay? Youre BETTER than the complete pathetic shits who makes themselves look like They just hate on every comment they find* Do not play the fucking sexist card

    85. Conor

      Jess was doing so well until she used the sexist card. Tut tut.

    86. moosee Ψ


    87. RMZ 21

      Tati is just trying to get beef in her blood again so that she can get views again

    88. Nathaniel Capitano

      tl;dr Hoes mad. Alinity gets actually grilled

    89. Jacob Haselhoff

      Tati literally looks like she is reading from something and she really just bullshitted and blamed others instead of taking the blame herself

    90. gaming montage

      OMG i like xqc😂

    91. ArnoldinhoMP4

      XQC thinks he's so tough on twitter but when he attempts to speak a single phrase he's so inept lmfao courage the cowardly dog sounding headass

    92. Lil'ducko

      xqc is such a legend

    93. sizitsu

      xQc to funny

    94. Boffa Deez

      Lookin good scarce, looks like you lost a lot of weights

    95. Santa's Ghost

      Lets reverse sweep women and pull out the sexist card on them

    96. Matt D

      thats my boi pvc

    97. Lena

      Can Ninjas wife stfu, thats all she is, his wife. "BuT Im HiS ManAgEr", ok girl

    98. Matei milu

      She is reading off a script

    99. MarcSpitsMuis


    100. GriZzly gOAT

      Can't we just cancel the whole beauty community