Ninja BANNED Him... YouTuber Under FIRE, Morgz Exposed? FaZe Rain, TSM Zexrow


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    1. Scarce

      The world is crazy right now, stay safe please!!!

      1. Chips Ahoy

        Don’t go outside

      2. GreamYt

        Indeed scarce

      3. Jamie Stewart

        Ffs nerd

      4. Adam Ait


      5. camilo rodriguez

        qwertyeGC i

    2. Fred Fred

      Hearing jake Paul talk make my brain hurt

    3. SyNixx

      Bro I can't believe the fortnite community right now

    4. SyNixx

      I'm glad I stopped playing fortnite before things started getting really bad.

    5. Jake Games

      Damm :/

    6. ethan herron

      Jake Paul: "KSI don't want this" KSI: *won last time*

    7. Not Himiko

      The one about Huxley, they were dealing in their own way it’s not like any mother would just give away there child, remember everyone has their own Coping mechanism, like vacationing or not wanting to see the topic you’re upset about. I’m not defending them in anyway, I’m just saying too the haters and assumer’s please go kindly fuck your self.

    8. Legitti

      Not real csgo Rain

    9. Quixs _

      That ZexRow thing is weird. Like ninja shit talked so many people and zex does it ONCE on live and gets banned and suspended from tsm, and counseling like bruh

    10. Carlo Dela cruz

      No ads, No bs, No cringy things, Straight to the point Don't stop doing vids man


      Feel bad for zex tbh

    12. Squake

      Bruh the ad at the of the vid says sub to pewds

    13. elijah sterling

      6:21 if you are fan of morgz and seen my comment on his video click on the timestamp

    14. ssilver.mp4

      Imagine being apart of the fortnite community 😷

    15. Shadow Mills

      Bruh when you mentioned trip red that reminded me juice wrld lokey sad now

    16. Chill Man

      Out of everybody he got jake Paul lol

    17. elijah sterling

      7:21 what a douchebag. Piece of human garbage. Who would say something like that to another human being. PS I knew morgz was fake but Jesus Christ.

    18. Honey G

      Trash talking is a part of gaming if people can’t take trash talking stop gaming

    19. Unspiteful

      people are getting pissed over video game toxicity? wtf?

    20. EvoTemperr

      Someone needs to tell Jake Paul to cut his goofy a$$ beard 😂

    21. Yannik-exr

      Trash talk in a video game after you win & you need professional counseling huh... Lovely what the internet has come to

    22. Kevin the dude

      The internet is full of drama and suicides, i wish i can go back to 2019

    23. Devin Garza


    24. iiBioniC

      bad mother

    25. Three X

      This really proves how society gotten so soft

    26. Robert Twang

      Bruh they took it too far it was just smack talk if someone released the audio clips of me and my friends on cod lobbies we’d be publicly executed

    27. Skull

      2:38 100T is saying the truth, Gears And COD pros are more toxic than that (Gears = Gears of war, later changed to Gears in their latest release)

    28. Ethan Hoover

      Finally a fucking reliable news source

    29. TGA CLAN

      morgz got roasted

    30. Unknown

      Tam took it too far. This is why I hate tsm

    31. Unknown

      Sees tittle. Well I’m not surprised morgze gets exposed

    32. Raouf Issa

      snowflakes ninja XD.

    33. ROBLOXBRUH876 Sub pls

      The trippie red one he should have some sort of fighting experience in fighting from xxxtentacion RIP #LLJ

    34. Josh Hartigan

      wait so the blogger couple gave back an adopted kid cause he was special needs? wow. Could you imagine having a kid and then being like wait I dont want this one its more trouble then its worth ill trade this one out and try to get a different one. So cringy

    35. UnusualPlague

      Damn sad to see trippie fell off from celebrity status to popular youtube status

    36. Connor Mccleary

      This is the best comedy channel I know.

    37. spam

      watch trip pull out his glock and the fight.

    38. Team Surge

      Dude ths is better than keemstar

    39. BINGEBOY

      that kid is an idiot. good ban!


      9:30 This isn’t where the story starts but this has me fucking fuming right now. I live in Asia and I know what these kids have to go through and for those pieces of shit to use him as a prop for their channel then discard him and use the money raised to vacation? That’s fucking disgusting. People who buy dogs then put them on the street when they’re older and have lost that, “cute puppy” appeal are what these pieces of shit remind me of. I’m in no way comparing this kid to a dog. I’m comparing these fuckers to the dog owners. It was all to get sponsors, money and to bring in ad revenue, donations then dump him into foster care. that’s some pretty fucked up shit. I hope for that guy’s sake he doesn’t show his face where I live...

    41. kyle zindel

      Dubs said the n word and people didn’t care as much as this

    42. Prestige Doggy

      Zexrow is such a troll lololol

    43. Unknown Butknown

      soft asf i want to show them what the real world like

    44. Brandon Sanchez

      I'm sorry but ksi would knock trippi red shit

    45. moosee Ψ

      Don’t have Jake Paul train you. His brother is double is size and still got beat. If KSI fights lil jakey boy, he won’t be able to train Trippie. Oof

    46. Dr.Bright

      damn i do not like the fortnite community

    47. FA DarkSoul YT

      Lmao what if scarce made it in one of his own vids

    48. Sakata Gintoki

      Thanks to this im now a fan of xQc because of his tweet

    49. BlackBearGhostly

      #SPILLTHETEA 🔥🔥🔥🔥☕

    50. Dead channel

      Hey guys scarce here

    51. dany pepin

      buch of soft ladies playing this game, also Ninja used to be so toxic on other games what a joke.

    52. Ryan Gonzalez

      I watched like 7 videos back to back and no ads did you get deminitize as well?

    53. Lofibounds

      Not before they were famous man. People need to grow up

    54. Xander O'Neill

      Damn the world today would not survive in mw2 lobbies like shit that was nothing

    55. CloroxChugger

      Bruh they got rid of him because he wasnt making them money anymore

    56. Yt donkey

      Then why do I get cursed out by every 9 year old in fortnite I'm confused

    57. eyevel wier

      Didn't banks go all crazy on Adderall and got to stay in Faze?

    58. eyevel wier

      Ninja is the PC Lord. And all of his disciples are Karens

    59. Tylerific

      Actually crazy sad how sensitive people are nowadays I wish some people can go into an mw2 or 3 lobby you know maybe if bo2 I miss the old generation of consoles where you could trash talk each other making your wins over people better just completely owning them or if you lose just take the L respectively but nowadays you get banned for calling someone an idiot

    60. Alessandro Marroquin

      I thought you were going to talk about TSM Leffen for some reason. Have you heard about Nairo, Keitaro, and other smash bros competitors being banned from tournaments for the confession of rape. Now the smash bros community is now bad and toxic. Plz help me fix the smash bros community with me. Let’s also help the developers of smash bros because they worked hard just for this to happen.

    61. lord Grim

      I saw morgz exposed so I clicked

    62. PTANGO

      Great ending video - I SWEAR - these news now and days starting to scare me as I'm hearing about it.

    63. Danny Phantom

      This guy really got jake Paul rather then a professional boxer . I mean yeah he won 2 matches but he was fighting other content creators 😂 not a boxer 😂

    64. Andreas R

      Yu mek funni vedos

    65. Zogloid -_-

      I came here solely for morgz

    66. Vasilije Boric

      Zexrow: swears Ninja: ATTENTION, THREAT LEVEL GOD Edit: Only real One-Punch Man fans get this joke

      1. vibe check

        *god level threat*

      2. Gaston Whitt

        Ahh I get it

    67. The Simple Lemon

      Bullshit everybody has said what zexcrow to someone 😭😭

    68. Johnsongab

      Havent seen ninja since 2017 he looks like he needs to stop drinking red bull for one week

    69. Polly

      Wasn't mccruden doing the same thing but with xxxtentacion instead like last year?

    70. Finnesa

      Fortnite kids I swear they wouldnt survive 5 seconds on mw lobby

      1. So Saltyy

        or 3 secs in the super super toxic gta tryhard community

    71. Chunkymilk

      420 videos ahahahaha

    72. Waugh

      Why is that moron wearing his hat over his eyebrows... Honestly, even looking at Jake is disappointing.

    73. Shrek Wes

      People today wouldn’t survive 2 minutes in a MW2 lobby.

    74. Mr. Aries

      Ninja fuming

    75. Aaron Wrecks

      Im not watching the rest of this video just because you included keemstars comments lol. Literally no one cares what he thinks, the most irrelevant person in gaming and especially news.

    76. O.T Genasis [AMV]

      5:18 worst pick of a trainer

    77. Zack Long

      Ppl are way to soft bruh

    78. hydra ruinsz

      NOT MORGZ :()

    79. JayBird G

      Free Hucksly!!!!!♥️

    80. Chrome

      People are so sensitive it’s sad, if u don’t like an insult then either reply or don’t snitch like a virgin. But I guess try not to insult girls because they actually have the power and community to destroy anyone

      1. The Perfect Paradox

        If one female says something bad about someone their career is over thats way too much power that they have if a male says something they a piece of shit

      2. Real Golden

        Very true

    81. PhantomARP

      Bra its shit talking the only problem was he cursed in front of kids who curse more then most adults

    82. Crudey

      Like if a ninja has a big forehead

    83. Mexican Vines

      This is y I hate the Fortnite community their so soft they can’t take jokes

      1. Mexican Vines

        Moses Devadass yeah lol

      2. FishyDangerous1

        I went back for one day, swore a few times, not even that much. And I got a lecture from some 9 year olds mom 🙄

      3. Moses Devadass

        Lol I can just imagine a Fortnite player trying to go to game chat in COD or 2K, they would probably cry 🤣😭😭

    84. Tristan.

      Trippiered droped out of the fight because he had already knew he was going to lose when jake Paul had trained him

    85. Jagason

      Rip trippie redd, jake Paul training and he lost lmao

    86. Zac Carlsen

      this video just proves how the internet is slowly taking over and destroying the universe as we know it.

    87. Totally Average Gamer

      Imagine calling gamers pussys yeah thats why theyre gaming

    88. Vault_Tec_404 _

      These people wouldn’t survive MW2 lobbies

    89. Extra Ordinary

      Why do you talk fast

    90. Alex Mcclinchey

      Also how did zexrow make the fortnite community a poor place to be in. It's always been like that

    91. Punepun

      Bro when did people get so soft. Obviously ninjas never played league of legends.

    92. nineteen96

      It's ninja's thing. He gets to decide what's allowed to go down. It does suck tho that he got banned

    93. Ya boi

      Tsm are SNOWFLAKES

    94. Chorgz


    95. john fasano II

      trippie called them out for being fake staging the fight

    96. Jacob Cass

      Zexrow The Tarzaned of Fartnite

    97. Just Fluid

      Wtf is this title

    98. Yaboybreadcrumb

      Yo Fortnite kids are petty af

    99. Flopify

      What a joke cussing like three times anyone play rust