Ninja and Shroud Make MILLIONS, Mixer CLOSED DOWN... Shane Dawson, James Charles, KSI, RiceGum


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    1. Shanu Pandey


    2. Uptoyou 99


    3. DKsaNn Kat

      Oh god not the metoo movement smh horrible movement that ruins peoples lives with false accusations 😡

    4. just relax

      lol even people at microsoft uses google.

    5. Eddy BurbackJr

      I thought the mixer closing down was old news until I saw that this was posted a week ago and I checked and yeah mixers definitely down. This is such a weird feeling

    6. aryaa 1917

      The employee on the first one was a bit dumb. Reporting to HR is what you wanna do LAST. Plus this isnt a racsm issue IMO. Its just a case of a-hole higher ups ive been through plenty harsher situations. Corporate culture.

    7. TheFirstNobody

      I hope twitch also punishes for false accusations. Because false accusations can ruin someone's life and career, and the person doing the accusing doesn't deserve to get away without a scratch. Hopefully nobody tries that, but this is the internet... they're going to try it.

    8. Bradley Wright

      What about gothalion

    9. Eric Burton

      now i know why when i go to xbox that mixer is gone from the mixer tab huh

    10. jack tucker


    11. palmms

      10:00 No offense but why does KSI's hair look like hot Cheetos

    12. LoLi

      Jesus the amount of sexual harassment allegations are crazy

    13. theisgood0

      Scarce manages to talk about all the drama on HUfast while not getting involved himself. Well on second thought I guess he made some comments here and there, but those were for the greater good and they were not directly aimed at attacking a specific person. So yeah the guy is a saint :)

    14. Shauka Hodan

      Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

    15. Alan walkerv

      Not thank ksi laughing is hard but people laugh you write It is nagative and hash

    16. john fasano II


      1. Shauka Hodan

        Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

    17. chding zuure

      Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

    18. soniyu ziuy

      This James Charles issue just keeps working out in his favor man it’s crazy 😂

    19. Shade

      11:40 if some one says hi to a female BOOM get banned! (i didnt no there whuz drama in the youtube and twitch community untill scarse)

      1. soniyu ziuy

        over basically breaking law, thats shady shit! not allowed :GUN: . be honestp lz

    20. Shade

      what did james do? oh and at the moment this vid has 699 likes, nice. HOLY POOP HE LOST 3 MILL SUBS!!!!!!!!! THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! 8:00 artn like, all youtubers seeking for atenntion? isint that there job? Im so confused.

      1. Shade


    21. foopyu nooui

      Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

      1. SwordSlice311

        you're a bot I bet

      2. yaliso gioouy

        So shane is getting hate because he doesn't like someone?

    22. Bryan Smith

      Dang that’s kinda crazy how one woman affected all those lives I hope the people at mixer weren’t f’d over that

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Be like Jack Denmo. Have videos of girls giving consent of every kill he has done

    23. Kacper Maj

      Ok i watched this vid four days ago and i got notified now... Wow

      1. SwordSlice311

        @foopyu nooui bot

      2. foopyu nooui


    24. sannio komi

      Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

      1. SwordSlice311


    25. theisgood0

      I miss 2012

    26. ron baer

      a reason for getting rid of affirmative action then it has nothing to do with color

      1. sannio komi

        This is what happens when you do business with children. They throw tantrums to get what they want.

    27. B W

      Always surprises me when people come out and announce that they no longer support some asshole months after they do some really bad shit. Like Jeffrey star accuses any random youtuber of being a Pedophile every 6 seconds with no evidence, you shouldn’t support people like that. Also if you buy their product you are support them in the only way that actually matters

    28. The Council

      Is that really a dude......?

    29. Hyperr_Chaotic

      What is it with all these people coming out with sexual allegations and telling it in personal messages and online forums. The most importantly what is it with people believe in what they say especially when there's no evidence or police report made. let's look at this theoretically. Let's you ready please say that there are people out there who did have something serious happen to them and they decided to come out online instead of going through the police. I'm not saying what's happened to them they deserved. If anybody ever actually had something serious to them they deserve to actually get help and treatments. An actual justice. But you're a fucking idiot if you think you're going to get it by admitting it online without evidence instead of going straight to fucking police. It doesn't matter how much emotional destroy you have, I know plenty of emotionally distraught people with Hatchet happen to them and they weren't stupid enough to say or think, maybe if I go online and post about it instead of going straight to the fucking cops I might get something done. You know why they don't stink like that? Because you're not fucking idiots. At this rate unless a police report is made first, unless that person was hit up by enforcement first, but I want people should automatically not believe anybody who comes out with a sexual allegation at all online first. Is the first thing you do is go to Facebook, go to Twitter, go to read it, go to any place online to make such allegation at all whatsoever without going to the police first, you should not be believed, don't you even dare to listen to your sorry ass because it's pretty freaking clear that you're full of shit. I don't care what anybody says, if you make a alligator sound like a jet do not go to the police at fucking off and you're clearly full of fucking shit. Especially if you don't have any evidence. And even if it did Via like virtual text messages or some shit and nothing physical, guess what you stupid Fucks, Photoshop exist you idiots, and you can do some crazy shit with. Including altering the truth!

    30. Cynical Judgement

      "Attention-seeking, game playing, Egocentric, narcissistic,vengeful, two-face ticking time bombs ready to explode."

    31. yaliso gioouy

      Scarce is amazing, he just gets to the point and he isn't biased.

      1. SwordSlice311


    32. Joshtapods 4u

      To the James Charles shit maybe he didn't say anything cause he not involved. And now he want clout

    33. Yasuicide

      Covid-19 + These dramas = Bye bye world

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Please include Lol mobile gaming channel in your next vid he gains like 100k subs a day maybe from subbots im not sure but it's insane

    34. 13cpl

      Ahhh 2020 is just getting better and better

    35. Mandrake

      what kind of analogy is okay that has slavery as context im sorry- WHAT!??!?! . first of all you basically just insulted every streamer ever, second of all, thats worse for black people, ESPECIALLY black people, as they have history over it, they even have their own fuckin slur for it . thats fine if you say after 'okay i didnt see it as bad' but defending urself over basically breaking law, thats shady shit! not allowed :GUN: . be honestp lz

    36. Just Another Animator

      iddubbz 4 years ago: ricegum is dumb and has ghost writers and doesnt write his songs, also heres my ghost writer ksi: yo thats cool im gonna take this and look up a random rapping website

    37. Andre Avila

      Be like Jack Denmo. Have videos of girls giving consent of every kill he has done

    38. ImJagar

      So shane is getting hate because he doesn't like someone?

    39. sketgy


    40. RZN_FrZdy


    41. T4NK DOM

      You know shit is bad when James Charles is spittin facts.

    42. Brian Kim

      This is what happens when you do business with children. They throw tantrums to get what they want.

    43. Weird champ

      ninja and shroud came to mixer to find copper but found gold

    44. david martinez

      I forgot that mixer was closimg

    45. catch me flatlining

      Diversity quota thing is racist but the slavery analogy wasn't the best analogy but didn't seem inherently racist or targeted at the black guy there. Like putting it into the context, to our knowledge it was only used 1 time by the manager. I don't think you can call someone a racist off one analogy that worked but wasn't the best option.

    46. Ian Oliver


    47. Justin K

      Who’s Cam Lester? Any relation to Moe Lester?

    48. Capt. Joltson


    49. yeet boi

      Please include Lol mobile gaming channel in your next vid he gains like 100k subs a day maybe from subbots im not sure but it's insane

    50. ryu ryu

      Scarce mixer is getting shut down because its earning no money not because of racism didnt you fully watch the moistcrit vid?

    51. Pyro

      Scarce: KSI tried to expose Ricegum Me: Sir I think you mean “did” not “tried to”.

    52. Precision

      Why is someordinarygamer in every video?

    53. Justin LR

      So this month its Me too v2

    54. Noel Zapata

      Anybody got the leafy video that got taken down??

    55. BrownBoy

      Better than keemstar, tells us news and doesn’t give a bias opinion. And doesn’t start up anything and keep discarding people. We’ll never forget Etika keem.

    56. Internet Nation Daily

      They are stupid Facebook next king of streaming they don't know the potential

    57. Qioz

      I honestly feel like James is a good guy, it’s just everyone is just memeing on him lol.

    58. ss_godking

      For that shit I'm never getting another xboxone..... ps5 I'm back

      1. k9kh

        bro as soon as microsoft found out they SHUT DOWN a whole organisation. normally you can’t close something that fast. if anything you should give microsoft support for standing anti-racist.

    59. Kelly

      What sucks me up is that Shane clearly stated that there are things we don't know things that he believes make it possible for that slice of pie to be validated as far as James Charles ghost. Now knowing Shane all these years online and having grown to love him the way many of us have I find it hard to erase that wipe it away and say f*** Shane. I cannot let that go we need to understand what's going on he claims he'll never tell us but until we know we can't judge we don't understand something something is missing.

    60. Kelly

      The way he said, " and apparently they're saying some of the people that were working at mixer were RACIST! " OH HUNNY... as sad as it is it's not as surprising as it used to be and it sucks.... Wake tf up world.... stop this shit amd get along for our children's sakes. We HAVE NOT learned ANYTHING?!

    61. Ryiu

      Who tf cares if they was racist people act like it’s the end of the world or sum it’s always been there

    62. Get my hedgehog to 69k

      Why don’t they donate some of it to charity

    63. SilentMemer

      Honestly Scarce is 100% better at presenting news than Keem that just talks randomly and screams every second after presenting 2 news stretched in 10 minutes

      1. Arya 9c

        Its FACTS

    64. Alan Gonzalez

      I thought everyone knew he doesn’t write most of his music

    65. James Wise

      One of the only black people at mixer. Stfu.

    66. Wolves Blaze

      All of the beauty community members are weird asf, corrupted, and supported by youtubes algorithm. All of them are Super sketch, feels like they have a political role and agenda and they support censorship

    67. Stephen Myers

      7:53 10 million?

    68. Writtenflea

      I just started streaming on mixer now I have to switch to Twitch.I wanted to make my HUfast channel grow on mixer ow I could never get that chance.#Blacklivesmatter

    69. NKBuilder

      ew -_-

    70. I SEE YOU

      Drama everywhere it’s funny how back in the day we had tabloid magazines now we have you tube channels

    71. Niall Glynn

      RiceGum tomorrow: These are all just allegations, there is no proof!

    72. Flora Petal

      The James drama, Still better then the h3 and keemstar drama

    73. TheGameFreak326

      “Id rather believe a possible liar” How fucking stupid is that?

    74. Bruno Muñoz

      So everyone Is gonna hate on mixer with out evidence, this thing about people hating on anytihing with out evidence is destroying the internet

    75. Jordan Obaya

      Hey scare! Just found some info on Twitter there’s a 16 of allegations coming out about the TIK tok/HUfastr Star Donniven nguyen through Twitter! You should do some research on this guy. Just came out last night. Just want to make sure the community is notified of this creep!

    76. no

      Didn't ast mate

    77. LILPinakeit

      I think he copys drama alert drama alert is the one who is doing ksi and ricegum this guy isn't

    78. Seth G Hahn

      Let’s go back to HUfast

    79. Dildor of Destiny

      never been a fan of shroud or ninja, this just solidifies that. sure, they made millions, but everyone else got fucked

    80. That_British_Person

      this #metoo rape allegations stuff reminding me off what happened to Tobuscious and his carrer being killed by false ones, really hoping these ones aren't fake and its not people trying to get clout off it

    81. SidewaysTM

      Rice gum doesn’t write his music? Uh ok but wasn’t there mention of a ghost writer for him? Years ago? How is this anything new?

    82. silentjoy78

      Remember when this guy was ma meme

    83. Jason G345tg

      bs swear these ppl just want attention

    84. ɪʍραα

      next video .. mia khalifia

    85. Lee

      I like scarce, mans straight to the point.

    86. Jack Nurenberg

      Idk, slavery as a concept isn’t inherently racist, however the actions of the mixer manager were pretty bad towards all of the partners and employees

      1. Benji

        It wasn't even a slavery reference. LMAO

    87. michael james

      i dont understand the beauty drama whos bad whos good there weird (not being hobophobic ) but all they do is just drama that my 13 year old self cant understand i dont even know what im saying well typing i dont even know the point of this comment AHHHHHHHH

    88. Rawl of the south

      Dude, I don´t know, is true that his boss was out of touch with that analogy, but we all had bosses that say things out of touch and there are people with bosses so much worse than that one. The thing is that it ended up with tons of people losing their job just because this guy called his boss racist.

    89. Rosin Smoke

      Hows the word slave racist, are we pretending that everyone's ancestors wasn't a slave.

    90. TheBurntPenguin

      No hate to anyone but you can’t magically get rid of racism.There will always be a racist.I would know because I’m Indian and get made fun of all the time even if we don’t have our own n-word.

      1. TheBurntPenguin

        Anyone can be racist no matter ur color even to ur own people...

    91. Sir Admin

      Honestly tho what company doesn't have racist people

    92. EJ Yoo

      It’s amazing how scarce doesn’t need an intro to make an amazing video! Keep up the good work!

    93. Kylo Bren

      God why is Drama alert so shit to this

      1. Canto lanian

        Aang will Bang Because keemstar has opinions

    94. Crazy Energy

      I like how scarce doesn’t react to any drama he just says that’s going on in the world and that’s it keemstar just says OMG after what the drama is Who do u think is better. Scarce or. Keemstar

    95. Direct

      My god all these black people crying around about racism. They don't know what racism actually feels like. Let's go back 100 years. Then they would know what racsim actually is.

    96. Eurecun

      U r a betech keemstar

    97. Eurecun

      Scares is a fanny

    98. The Sarcastic Human

      So is martial law coming or no ?

    99. Justin Bakker

      Shane is so quick to judge but hides under his “insecurities” every time someone cancels him

    100. Epic

      Looks like people didn't learn from the slazo incident