Logan Paul EXPOSED Again... Twitch Streamer DEFENDS SIMPS? Neeko, ProjektMelody, Brawadis


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    1. KingOmar 1231

      5:50 top right u messed up

    2. Rbby

      4:18 nice cut

    3. Benjamin Walls

      I literally cannot care less about anything related to logan Paul

    4. johnny_B_good

      Umm that knock out didn’t look fake. Look how his body goes limp as he’s hitting the floor. Unless I’m missing something here lol 😂

    5. Peter G A

      Melody is dope.... 😝😝😝

    6. Certified White boy

      Scarce didn’t realize tik tok names come up in two different corners

    7. Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]

      no one can beat ProjektMelody because she in VR

    8. Savinito

      The future is now old man

    9. Pewds 1

      Ummm watch where?

    10. Mr Sandman

      Scarce please don’t say simp

    11. Adrian Hernandez

      Scare just act like a girl on twitch

    12. DoMIconic

      this is sad, logans content has been getting better why does he still have to fake content

    13. David Spurlin


    14. Harshit Lohani

      Animated girl with super tiny clothes and bouncy breasticles makes $12,000in 3 hours . People who study to get good degrees go into best colleges : WTF are we doing with our lives

    15. Evan R

      Washing your hands is dangerous because it kills the bacteria that fights off bad things, no joke ;)

    16. Mark Jorgensen

      I'll leave a thumbs up but not a like👍

    17. Sitting Bull

      4:19 why cut? Don’t we have freedom of press scarce?

    18. Ryan Hallberg

      Awe.... other females are jealous of the new girl getting all the attention. That's totally new and unbelievable!

    19. nick purnell

      Let's let Logan Paul have this one even if it was staged he still took the fall by being knocked out

    20. Intell


    21. vekyume

      Nice video Scarce but you fucked up a couple of things: You didn't blurred most of the faze rug car guy's tiktok and you didn't play neeko's clip

    22. Fawad Fawadi

      4:15 - 4:20 😅🤨 thats cold edit

    23. Cali.TV

      what happened at 4:20 u didnt show the commentary

    24. Kihro

      Why is no one talking about the skip on ok boomer girl's "interesting comments" 😂

      1. THE SHAW

        fr thats y im in comments wtf

    25. Michael Lance

      I don’t see the problem with ‘staging’ HUfast videos, this is a platform for entertainment: People initially started on this platform making skits etc.

    26. Tyrone Bigman

      rip neeko segment smh

    27. Pleth

      "She made an interesting video on twitter... just watch this" *shows a millisecond of the video*

      1. Four Ni

        Literally thought my phone was broken

      2. gentlemen

        No interesting comments

      3. Vinre

        pretty sure he had to use the youtube studio to remove that for copyright reasons because I remember seeing the original unless this is a Mandela effect

    28. Jay T

      What’s up with the cut at 4:18

      1. lispyKimmy

        She copyright strikes him and he fixed it

    29. Pedro Luis Lozada Estrada

      Dillon Danis Finally Cares About The Integrity Of The Sport? Fuck Off Dillon

    30. Spartanshothq

      Wwe is gonna sign Logan after this

    31. A Whitney

      Now just watch this - Okay our next story today! - cut that out, did you?

    32. Commie Bugs


    33. AutoMatic

      4:17 you messed up...

    34. Rasenpapi On ig

      I hate when ppl say project melody isn’t a “real human” Do people not realize she just a person with a vr showing their model, it’s a model being tracked on their real body, while the real person talks and interacts with chat

    35. G1FB0X

      Wth why did u do a jump cut to the next bit of news, at 2:33

    36. _ NugMugs_

      4:18 what happened there 🤔

    37. thefaceofFuzz

      Wait, what happened to the Neeko clip? Why was it skipped over?

    38. Chad Flash1.0

      Just live your life. Why complain about another man thats being themselves

    39. jouvah


    40. Zerphy

      Girls should be worshipped? No thanks

    41. Dony j

      Wait fakku is a hentai site hold on I'll be right back lol

    42. Ismail Öztürk

      ProjektMelody makes the twitch thots rage :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

    43. ASAP. Vic

      girls do not deserve to be worshipped. they are just like anyone else is that not what equality is about

    44. RUSLAD

      Scarce “we don’t want to promote this guy” *just saw a user name at the end with no sounds*

    45. only1june bug

      Bro everyone knows it was made to look fake your really think logan would be down for only a few seconds

    46. TundraPlays

      That neeko girl got massed unfollowed when she said she had a boyfriends 😂😂 she lost like 170k followers

    47. A V

      Twitch streamer defends her viewers

    48. scztt編

      Wait, ssssss eeee xxx??????? b-b-before.... m-m-m-marriag-g-ge? B E G O N E U N H O L Y S P A W N O F S A T A N

    49. lightning buttplug

      Simps: *exist* Thot streamer: *S T O N K S*

    50. Obladi Oblada

      It pisses me off that some greaseball can sit behind an anime girl and get payed more than I can ever get

      1. Angelo Gene

        Jealousy is a really bad thing to have. 😅

    51. Days By Emma!

      Well girls are interesting creatures

    52. Kostas Tsiplakis

      Imagine taking he time to "expose" someone that's better than you🤦‍♂️

    53. Erik Ritfeld

      6:32 haha

    54. Macxey

      I think Logan thought ppl would think it’s fake but at the same time I think this is what HUfast is all about I watch a lot of videos that I think are fake but I love watching videos like that it’s all about making good content we should all remember the old days content was a must have thing I love scarce been watching him since COD but he did a lot of things for content to. “but much love”

    55. Eddy Rajan

      its sad if you simpin on that Melody chick. Crap idk if that is a real chick or not

    56. khaled awesat

      Ya'll stretching this, it's obviously fake, though they did spar for real.

    57. professional Loser

      Someone should be titled a simp if they're to the point of obsession for a woman. That way, many can feel justified and safe to compliment somebody, and not be harassed by anyone.

    58. life t

      Really was that Logan news really news. Fr. Come on scarce you're starting to become more bs by the month

    59. Rogue Prince

      He hit Logan with a phantom punch

    60. Lopo2211

      what do these people donating to the anime character think is going to happen she is going to come to life and fuck all of them? lmao

    61. Doom Guy


    62. NateJGames

      Wtf is this world coming to?

    63. The Truth

      Paulo is a beast just look up his ufc highlights

    64. Kevin Peterson

      “Professional ufc fighter”

    65. Star Platnium17

      Lol I love mma

    66. Lopo2211

      I bet the chick that does ProjektMelody's voice is incredibly overweight

    67. Terri Atkinson

      You literally love to have any petty ass reason to come at Logan Paul. It's really old bro. I like your content but quit being a hater ffs! Its entertainment and I literally could write a book on how many people fake shit and get praised and how some are villianized no matter what they do or say. I understand shit like dude faking his girls death just for views, that's retarded af but this is the same dumbass typical content we've seen on HUfast since it started. It will always be a thing. Dig deeper next time for a story.

    68. Basit Jr

      Logang for live

    69. IWillBeHokage Gorge

      my wife made me a better person.

    70. SlickZ

      brawadis sues keem??

    71. dominic digiovanni

      Did anyone notice projekt melody got removed from twitch, anyone know why

    72. Rodolfo Casas

      The twitch streamer defended my boy scarce to, who remember when scarce was simping for Zoie Burgher

    73. Joe but With glasses

      Simping isn’t good it’s terrible

    74. krazyman159

      melody comes in and makes more money in 3 hours than a whole month of streaming on her first day. just like in spiderman 3, " gonna cry? "

    75. Clorox Bleach

      PLEASE REPORT ABOUT LAEL HANSEN!!! she has not posted in 3 months and her instagram is all black and NO ONE has heard of her PLEASE

    76. Brenin Watson

      I knew it was fake immediately but for some reason I still found it funny. 😐😂

    77. rihasanat rofolo

      Can you talk about Idubbbz new simping life? He has become the definition of a simp

      1. solitary one

        Wow his girlfriend have totally become a simp to earn more money ha. Seem like the entire youtube comedy catalogy have becomes stans haha.

    78. Dumb Anime Nerd

      4:00 on the neeko part she also stole senzawa's audio with no credit seemingly

      1. RedrumZombies

        A Sin beyond forgivness!

    79. D E X T E R

      I only worship and kneel to god

    80. Pigeon Princess

      is it just me or does Melodys voice sound really weird? Maybe bc it's so forced to sound anime-ish,idk

    81. Dion •

      “Girls deserve to be worshipped” ok buddy

      1. H. Shakur

        She thinks she god or something

    82. Dion •

      Of course the other female streamers would be jealous of a virtual streamer

    83. nutte®

      paulo costa be like _bonk_

    84. bananaisgood

      People are really donating so much money to a hentai animated person. What has this world come to.

    85. Ri2nonerok

      Its funny they did the spar prank. But Costa will literally destroy Logan. That dude specifically will DESTROY tons of UFC fighters too.

    86. I Z

      No shit it’s fake for the vlog niggas dumb

    87. Mr Deathro

      Love how butt hurt the Titty streamers are. xd. like they got what they asked for. some AI did a better job than them at giving out FREE content, instead of paying for onlyfan and Prem Snapchat. Im kinda glad the melody thing is happening xd. and Simping is a real issue, of course the people being simped at wouldnt mind. man shit, simp me all day ill be raking in 1000s.

    88. Evan Clark

      ProjektMelody is banned now from what I understand

    89. Rubedog Bash

      I smell SIMP

    90. Nigerian Prince

      Women do nit deserve to be worshipped equal rights bro wheres my challice

    91. Justin Blackie

      How do you know Logan didn’t actually get knocked out. Were you there?

      1. solitary one

        Scram hypebeast. You ain't welcomed here.

    92. TwentySeven Gamer

      Every youtuber: fakes to get views. Logan faking one little thing: ah logan paul fakes blabla

      1. solitary one

        Scram hypebeast. You to rest of us are like furries. 😖

    93. It's Proxy

      she just wants donos from simps

    94. Inspectah deck

      You be dumb as fuck to think logan would survive a overhand right from Costa.. It like wanting a punch from yoel

      1. solitary one

        Look at logan getting up happily. He wont upload if he actually got knocked out since it will please ksi and all his other enemies. Now get out of here hypebeast.

    95. GenerationDead6

      That anime thing makes me uncomfortable for what the future holds

      1. solitary one

        After all with hypebeast back in big numbers on HUfast I'm giving up trying to grind them down.

      2. solitary one

        For HUfast as well too.

    96. Luisggs

      i love how you get straight to the point ❤️

    97. Alex Maldonado

      Them boys really sad 💯

    98. Nathan Noble


    99. A Boring Ninja

      Holy shit hes skinny now

    100. Jay

      4:31 ok boomer