Leafy vs Pokimane, FaZe Jev, Shroud, Slasher, FouseyTube


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    1. Dawnston Sundar

      Pokimane 0/10

    2. Sauccy

      Destiny seems like the biggest simp

    3. Rone Wale

      "If his fanbase wasn't with him, he wouldn't be posting that." AH, you don't know Leafy. LOL

    4. Moribund Murdoch

      Internet is scary.

    5. im not gonna leave the cat

      everyone hating on pokimane 2/10(im not a fucking simp this is retarded so is everyone devending a women is a simp? its 2020

    6. Tony

      AngelsKimi's networth is $16million, she is rich and she is a millionaire, but still nice to see her give to charity even if its indirectly

    7. lonely pyscho

      Mmm ok

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      All the simps coming out for pokimane is pathetic smh slasher and destiny. Boooo pokimane 👎

    9. Cranky James

      Ok but are her donations being used as a tax write off? Because of so it's easy less sincere

    10. cal_ren

      Fousey fans: man this guy hasn't posted in 5 months smh The Samurai: sucka TRY 9

    11. ML_Anonymous X

      7:27 it won’t change the fact that this guy is a simp for defending.

    12. Tegridy Satan

      XQC should learn English before he talks shit.

    13. yahboi zain


    14. Mr !!?

      Virginity is Cool, *REPEAT THAT*

    15. True Frenzy

      I had the top comment and now its GONE.... wtf?

      1. ꀯꍩꌅꂦ B꙰l꙰a꙰i꙰r꙰e꙰

        I remember you 😍 You were spot on with the facts Yes I've noticed your comment has disappeared and I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything badd

    16. Zanarkke

      Why you guys so dramatic? These guys play games and you watch them, just chill, they're not shining examples of exemplary citizens. They play videogames whilst you watch and most of them were lucky enough to start doing this early enough to overcome the competition. Have fun watching these guys and don't get so emotional. They're not your friends. They don't care about you unless you give them views or subs or whatever.

    17. Th01n3d

      To the people who think all streamers have downtime. Twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal

    18. Th01n3d

      Death note bgm while pokimane is talking. wow bruh

    19. Th01n3d

      Kimi's voice sounds so wholesome.

    20. UltimateGamingFTW

      jev ftw 🔥🔥🔥

    21. 100Twist The third

      Rip leafyishere, he was a youtube legend

    22. That1RareSoup

      I don't know how to feel about michael reeves now with lily pichu. (Pokimane Offline TV)

    23. Shorra

      I'm so sorry it's difficult to take other people content ! "she says as she spends 70% of her streams watching videos and eating overly huge cakes ... Hate the Bi**

    24. George Emberson

      Destiny calling people simps, that's rich

    25. Quite possibly A weeb

      Enjoy your day hufast.info/plan/vide/a6iXmqybxpSwmJ8

    26. Eminent Cadaver

      I'm happy for Jev

    27. that 1 unfunny guy

      'The twitch and youtube civil war'

    28. Kit Mini

      What a bunch of pointless drama.

    29. P_Cuda

      Bruh the pokimane drama is dumb.

    30. Abspielen

      Rod r/ nice guys

    31. Abspielen

      Some people don’t like criticism and poki one of them and it’s fine

    32. Anthony Rodrigues

      didnt destiny get called out for being a BETA?

    33. Bendzz Gaming


    34. Juandi 3101

      But that leafys video was a straight up fax 📠 machine

    35. Clever Anonym

      This is f*cking simple. 12 year old kids sitting there, watching her all day every day and fapping on her, living the dream she's a virgin and has never had a boyfriend. Now that idyllic picture has broken and fans became mad as hell. She says she doesn't wanna use her fans to make money, but that doesn't seem very true, otherwise why would she hide the fact that she has a boyfriend? To keep her followers and make more money. Then some guy (I never heard of), called "Leafy", "bombed" her channel and now the number of followers, subscribers and viewers drop super fast. What do you think she's taking this break for? To recover mentally? B*llshit, the only thing she does anyway is watching random videos, eating food and sometimes playing fortnite. She's going away because this is the perfect way for her to dodge the present drama. Which is a smart move, but not really brave. Once she comes back she'll have to talk about all this bs, so.... Conclusions: don't be a golddiger and don't be a simp. ;)

    36. AngelKayla 2021

      Bro but to be honest leafy is right pokimane takes down almost any video that is being "mean or rude" to her her. Like that one video where he was just talking about her simps and not her and then got his sponsor to drop him because he was only talking back about her simps and making jocks about them. Also with other people do the same or just saying what they think about her. She even private her twitter all because people where saying what they want to say about a few tweets she posted which both don't really makes since at all. So obviously she can't handle criticism very well at all. I use to like her until I seen they reason why some people don't like her anymore. Also people need to chill obviously (I believe at less) kemstar was just joking around about that tweet or what not. Also just because somebody puts somebodys say and say 2/10 he could be rating anything and if people can't take a joke then they just need to leave or what not. Edit: also another things is HUfast really needs to be more careful on how the banned system works. Because I have also seen other videos get flag for false shit then then put on age restricted when all they are doing is criticizing somebody (pokimane)

    37. Night Elf

      holy shit i kinda wanna vomit kinda disgusting

    38. Big Butt Lover

      stop talking about slasher, literally no one cares about his opinion not even sure why he has a platform, none of his statements or opinions have any kind of validity

      1. Edward Nicolas Arrienda Torralba

        His "valid sources" seem WAAAAYYYYY too sketchy, especially since it's in detailed, might as well get him off the platform

    39. Kaiser 417

      pokimane banning leafy just proves leafy's point..

    40. fixxer

      5:32 the death background works just perfectly

    41. daniel german

      the deathnote music that started at 5:33 when they talk about censoring people with other views or negative stuff :))))) bahahahah

    42. Osvaldo Claudio Boianover

      Destiny is an idiot, and says stupid shit so fast that i dont even want to bother

    43. Vstatisticsz

      Gross gore really went mate just tell uswdefuqgoihgnom

    44. Evan Hynes

      Saw Jev, clicked on the video

    45. 300 subscribers without any video challenge

      My man slasher just wanted a date. How dare they do that to him

    46. dareal xmaster

      I don't know much about pokemaine but isn't it a little weird to tell someone to delete a tweet because they don't like their opinion?

    47. ItZmrMaN35

      The only ting pokimane has, is here simps


      destiny is a tryhard simp

    49. Dhang Magalan


    50. Jesus

      Did people just forget that Leafy mocked and bullied mentally disabled people. Did people forget that his whole early career was based off of bullying for pretty much no reason?

    51. Ze Bunker

      Jev. Get out now. She's gonna leave you in 2-3 years. Don't have a kid till you pass the 5 year mark. We don't need more broken kids. Statistics are not in your favor. Don't get married. Women have all the power now thanks to weak men passing terrible laws.

    52. Amaal Bolton

      Lol since when has leafy been bullied off?

    53. Nadia Walker

      And destiny is her side man

    54. Nadia Walker

      Myth is pokimane boyfriend. And yes I am a boy

    55. copperpunch

      is pokemane a guy since they said no more mr nice pploimane

    56. Hardik Vishal

      Im happy to see my man diesel patches

    57. Skiddy Barrel

      Why are so many people attracted to Pokimane. She isnt anything too crazy.

    58. SliceIceNDice

      This proves there is no such things as friends and trust, this is why i keep to myself and tell people to fuck off

    59. Big Pp

      Leafy came back swinging

    60. Rachel Amber

      ItsAGundam was the first one to say she had a boyfriend

    61. Herp McDerp

      Leafy lol, how anyone can watch that dude is beyond me.

    62. Colio

      Jev is dad

    63. KhoraTV

      Awww, the Jev thing was pretty cute. Made my day better :)

    64. Giorgos Anastasiadis

      Destiny is one of the biggest simps i've seen

    65. Whack bag

      Matt's pullin a Juicey Smoulyay...dudes full a shit.

    66. victor S

      Destiny says yours subs will take your side his own subs disliked his video XD

    67. DankEngine

      Seeing leafy’s name pop up everywhere is the greatest feeling ever.

    68. ᠢ

      why did i get a notification again that this was uploaded a week after i've already watched it?

      1. Free Video11

        Same it happens to some vids and I get excited then realise that it's a old video.

    69. Gun_Slinger

      *Defends* Nah you're a simp.

    70. Anime AMVS

      Lol she mad

    71. ReD Sh0ttE

      3:47 I am with kimi on this one I

    72. That piece of cotton candy behind your dryer

      Seeing xQc react to leafy react to pokimane react to a video hurts my brain.

    73. Cash money

      pfff scarce didnt even see the full gif hes actually aiming at a child orphanage and announces his new stream location aka california super max prison

    74. Aiden Walker

      slasher pisses me off so much omg

    75. XTC S8N NXS

      It's 'their' not 'thier' Keemstar..

    76. tjkage

      or thew gun means he's gonna kill himself? ooo scary conspiracy.

    77. Gonn Layr

      She said that she is only giving 100% she not giving away all the donations It's a joke if you didn't know

    78. Fanro Cm

      She's cute

    79. Fanro Cm


    80. Soothing_De4th

      The fact that this is "news" just shows how much of a downgrade society has become.

    81. Plazma333YT

      2 simps for pokimane damn

    82. Fraxure

      Honestly, leave pokimane alone people just hate for no fucking reason

      1. 60 fps trashcan

        She is the biggest hypocritical person on twitch ,she doesn't do anything on her stream except eat copyright strikes people for no reason and goes after people's sponsors P.S your a gigantic SIMP

    83. DebtZe

      To fix the twitch thing just put a check mark next to the name

    84. Sark Aztik


    85. General Cheema

      Leafy is kinggg

    86. lucas denley

      i think people should leave poki alone

    87. Glen Galvin

      7:18 of course hes the one saying this. Hes someone with a big audience🤦‍♂️. Hes not saying it to just poke fun at her, hes saying it so people realise that shes basically china and censors everyone who talks bad about her. If he didnt have as big of an audience, he would probably still say it anyway (because he doesnt care) but not get as much traction like other smaller channels who have called her out like gundam or diesel.

    88. TooWolffie

      Who else came here for jev

    89. Nikola Dimitrievski

      Why is xQc making fun of Leafy's voice. Listen to your fking voice mate, people can't even understand you. This is a fking joke LOL

    90. Malkncookies

      It’s actually just leafy against the world but he’s actually right

    91. Mirela Disco

      But isnt slasher trans? How is she trying to date straight girls? Lol

      1. frderem

        How verified with 100 subs?

    92. HEy BoSS

      Destiny Pisses me Off Ngl

    93. memes

      Wtf I got this Notification like 6 days later

    94. Pappetsu

      I think this guy, the owner of this channel, is Russian origin :D It's just a curiosity.

    95. l vHexxi l


    96. RTHRO _

      We’ve been with Jev and loved how he destroyed his desks and yelled into his mic, we’ve been with him even when he played Roblox, and messed in the kitchen, and supported him when we raged while getting Damascus (and even obsidian, still). Pretty sure all of us are just proud of Jev getting engaged; he’s always been one of the bros, so glad for Jev

    97. Shitass

      destiny is a massive loser simp


      Who tf is slasher?

    99. Zim Zamble

      That sweet summer child at the end thinking that truck actually has anything still in it. Sad

    100. _Clues

      lol the difference between pokimane and leafy is that leafy adds something to the video. She just sits there.

      1. PogDog

        huge difference between a scripted video and a livestream