Leafy Gets BANNED... Pokimane, H3H3, Jake Paul, FaZe Rug


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    1. KaizenKitty

      Petition to ban Shane Dawson from all social media. [ like if you agree ]

    2. DKsaNn Kat

      Twitch streamers are dumb trying to go after bk

    3. DKsaNn Kat

      Leafy 😔

    4. lmao

      bruh for the burger king ad you can just say no then ban them fuck me

    5. The Irish Abled Gamer

      All Leafy needs to do is make a new email. Done. He's back.

    6. MrWEWE5

      LeafyIsHere, the Rush Limbaugh of HUfast.

    7. Teresa Johnson

      spider man far from home

    8. Sonny Shahadat

      He's got a new channel

    9. OG Zgar

      leafy said he wont stop til he is banned youtube: OK. **presses the ban button** leafys fans: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    10. OG Zgar

      lol leafy gone. seriously Idubbbz brought him back just to kill him

    11. OG Zgar

      he said hell milk the cow til he gets banned.

    12. Aqua

      All these pu**ys bro talking just because he got banned

    13. A Nonny’s Moose

      If Burger King donated to a stream that I was doing, I would call them out so fucking hard. I've gotten tons of food from there that actually tasted spoiled and I threw out. A lot of other fast food chains don't have the best food, but I can't name too many times I've gotten stuff that actually tastes spoiled.

    14. John

      I genuinely do not understand this obsession with Pokimane. She cakes on massive amounts of makeup just to look like a 6. Fine I will be generous, she is MIGHT be a 7 but that is pushing it considering the stock that is out there.

    15. Skywarp22

      I feel so bad for laughing at the whip guy

    16. Levi K

      Damm bro I remember I had to keep up with your videos and suddenly I forgot you existed...

    17. Brotato Amv's

      Rip scarce

    18. Henrik Arnold


    19. Luis Nevarez

      i like to think when scarce isnt uploading, he on a private island wasting away

    20. Gabriel Go

      welp gotta wait for someone to spill the tea

      1. Imback _bigmac

        LOL same

    21. not koda

      Maaaaaan. Are you dead or som I keep looking up this channel incase the videos were just not showing up in my notifs, nopppppppppe

    22. Onion

      Looks like I’m watching fucking #dramaalert

    23. Adrian Escobedo

      Come back scarce

    24. Gh0stBear Ace

      Hear you go twitch just suspended leafy

    25. S s

      scarce got killed by grossgore

    26. Leonardo Silva

      Gone...again..at least let us know,everyone cares for you and your content and its so unfair that he just comes and goes as he pleases

      1. Malkarion

        Either he has a private family issue or nothing he wants to talk about, you just have to be patient

    27. FIM _1

      mpmake a video plsss ;c

    28. Tris C

      Please upload :(

    29. noobmaster69

      Scarce hasn’t uploaded in a while 😬😬 please come back I don’t want to watch keemstar

      1. yash buddha

        He just sent to get some milk

    30. Fettuccine


      1. I LIKE MEMES

        I agree xD

    31. d0wn_cast

      scarce has is dead

    32. Semo

      Please come back :(

    33. BUP

      Guys he's probably alright he once disappeared for like half a year a while ago

    34. Diego Alvarado

      What a magic trick

    35. Diego Alvarado

      And disappeared

    36. Sphe Ncube

      is scarce okay been over 2 weeks no post????

    37. jordan lopez

      Wheres scarce

    38. Johnathan McDinger

      Lowkey making me worried asf I’ve been checking his channel for the past two weeks, nothing

      1. yash buddha

        He's just getting milk

    39. UrMuM Gay

      Nobody: Scarce: disappears from the internet and returns 6 months later

    40. Ducky Boi

      I wonder if scarce got affected by the hurricane or fire

    41. khalil HVAC and weather

      Dad hasn’t came home with the milk in 2 weeks

    42. BrankBruz

      Shit hes gonna do it to us again

      1. Lol Killem

        Annoying 🤦‍♂️ and then returns like nothing happens

      2. solitary one



      Scarce pulling a Ceeday rn.

    44. swifty snail

      Bro I thought I accidentally unsubscribed or something

    45. Ermiya 420

      scarce comeback if you're not dead g

    46. Javier Diaz

      Scarce @secureteam10 really needs help and I think you should cover that story so more people can know.

    47. Epic Gamer

      Bruh moment

    48. Chibi

      Scarce dont leave us again!

    49. T Tt

      “and when the world needed him the most he disappeared”

    50. Monokuma

      Scarce come back to us pls

    51. Jonathan Aguirre

      Where has my dad been for almost three weeks?

    52. aquarist

      scarce just pullin' a scarce and disappearing again and when he comes back we won't ask where he's been and he won't tell us but I don't care cuz I love scarce

    53. ComradeMilk

      if chinese didnt make corona th

    54. Slagg CS

      Please come back, Daddy. I will buy that pack of smokes for you!

    55. Acaz71

      You gone again?

    56. Rouge But Here

      CONTENT??? PLS?? 2 WEEKS??

    57. Wuzi Productions

      Imagine freedom of speech

    58. BolCol

      Pov: looking for new scarce video

    59. Tallon Jones

      Where has this man gone?

    60. Fettuccine

      Where have you gone king

    61. Cheese shit 999

      U ok man I’m concerned

    62. Monlamin Flan

      What happened

    63. Veljko Živković

      Scarce what happened why aren't you posting?

    64. Broken Kitchen Timer

      Make a new video?

    65. DraconicReconcile

      Time for another year long hiatus let's gooooo

    66. Hunter Fish

      Scarce please come back the babysitter is weird

    67. ven

      Been two weeks, anyone know what happened?

    68. Mamba Melts


    69. My name is Jeff

      Where is this man!

    70. TwistedMissile

      Welcome to the wasteland, where scarce videos are scarce

    71. Ryan Hall

      i wondering if its some life issues or HUfast >:(

    72. Liam Dowling



      Your right to not post has been revoked.

    74. Teemu H1Z1

      RIP Scarce :(

    75. BGaff

      Welp scarce grew his channel and was killing it and once again has quit lol

    76. xJAKINGx

      Scarce you good?

    77. jvresol

      i miss john scarce, where has he gone this time ?

    78. Littlebodybigb00ty

      uuuuuuuuuhhhh i thought i accidentally turned my notifications off but he just hasn't posted and im worried

    79. Bad Future

      Sum is gonna happen sum big

    80. Gaven Miller

      Where are you

    81. Lax Do

      You good bro

    82. el_jefe ne

      Ah shit here we go again another 10 month break

    83. Jessie Rodriguez

      Haven't seen a new scarce video in a while..

    84. Drayton Wolfe

      Awe man I miss you scarce only want to watch you

    85. Chillingen

      its been two weeks so I guess we wont be seeing him for a while again. Damn

    86. JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !


    87. MicheallikeMJ

      I needs my Scarce news!!!

    88. missallyjones

      Where is Scarce

    89. Fastfox9

      Where has he gone? He better be having fun, I enjoy his content.

      1. Fastfox9

        Chad Kensington thanks!

      2. Chad Kensington

        He’s Streaming on twitch

    90. pinkqu

      Guys make drama pls so he will come back

      1. mumble

        there is already enough drama for him to make a 30 minutes video

    91. Mr_Bot

      Notice people started talking trash when he got banned

      1. Liam Dowling

        If scarce gets banned I’m killing myself

    92. eviry shegy

      you’re making me watch keemstar

      1. eviry shegy

        Liam Dowling 😣

      2. Liam Dowling


    93. Fettuccine

      Where are the videos bro? Something happen?

    94. Prod banK

      scarce is quitting again :(

    95. M1ntys r6

      Where u at big boi?

    96. Cabbage Sprinkles

      Daddy Scarce don’t leave us now we need you

    97. Kira47

      He is probably fighting another boxing match

    98. AionVibe


    99. Zabdiel

      Scarce made some $$ and left

    100. 3than

      It sucks being a HUfastr like scarce because we expect to see his uploads every few days, though as a viewer we have these expectations and sometimes it raises awareness when they don’t upload with their normal schedule. I hope you’re doing fine scarce and I hope you’re just taking a break