Leafy Comes Back Over iDubbbz... Hype House Exposed!


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    1. TrSolaretorX َ

      Sadly he's gone

    2. Michael

      7:04 When doing the same dance for 15 seconds a day is called "working my ass of"

      1. TrSolaretorX َ

        lol yea

    3. Scoot Studios

      is no one going to talk about how he made an april fools joke but the video was uploaded a day before

    4. Exentity

      Onision is just a psycho. Even watch leafys rant on him lol

    5. Bill Nye the russian spy

      If leafy had simply never responded, he could've been the bigger man, and just never came back, he could've just destroyed Ian But he couldn't do that, instead he acts like the most predictable human on the planet All leafy's new video showed, was that "yes, I am very insecure about my chin, and yes, I am still salty that you made fun of it"

    6. Xenox

      The malformed Ricky is an alpha

    7. MrWatto1988

      love you bro

    8. Madudebro Uchiha

      Jokes on that guy cuz 2016 youtube is backkkkkk. Im getting scarce video suggestions as i type this

    9. PokekidKanto YT

      Leafy is actually here

    10. Big boss stewie

      Leafy is trending on foods because hes a snack

    11. PineappleSandwich

      Me: turns on HUfast auto generated subtitles when Scarce says Onision Subtitles: *ONII-SAN*

    12. FatmanJonesTV

      Damn Chris Hanson comin in with fire heat. He mic dropped that fool

    13. Mr Tetnus

      Why is everyone in the hype house white? I'm just pointing it out

    14. giacoco 27

      So useless..

    15. dawsyn

      Bro it’s insane to know that Chris Hansen is a HUfastr now 😂😂 shits crazy when he’s just talking about onision he sounds like he’s narrating on “how to catch a predator”

    16. Dave Ambrose

      Fuckin M A D L A D

    17. Miz or Liberion

      5.02 why is the guy in the middle putting his hand in someone nipple.

    18. P CZ

      What can i say about Leafy, mans a fucking Legend. Karma is a bitch idubbbz, SIMP.

    19. [VK] Wpsp2010

      4:40 this got me lmao

    20. cameron flanary

      also he didn't interview Onision because like a toolbag Onision won't actually answer anything seriously without it becoming a cringe joke or him exploding from being too emotional.

    21. cameron flanary

      hold up can Ricky even talk? lol if he even gets pussy he for sure pays for it.

    22. Ender Nexus

      iDubbbz really told Ricky to kill himself? Damn.

    23. R1SE NATION

      I'm I the only one that thing the whole hype house is cringy asf because it is

    24. Flo

      *youtube* Videos in 2017 It being 2020 Being uploaded 3 years ago *HUfast*: upload 2 years ago

    25. THE RISER

      Ngl what Chris Hansen did is kinda weird.

    26. Migixkem Jord

      Bruh all iddubz need to do is get the fuck away from that girl The king of content Cop has a backstabber that will ruin him #DitchTheBitch

    27. Bean

      So idubbz got bodied by Ricky Burwick and Onision got bodied by Chris Hansen. Lmao

    28. Greyxknight

      it was on the 1April she must be joking

    29. Lividbutton

      I feel bad for those people that are apart of the hype house, It's elementary school playground all over for them.

    30. The Muzic Man

      Am I considered old now, cuz I had to Google what a simp was.

    31. Darius Meza

      Leafy didn’t make millions that’s why he left he didn’t make anymore money his last year on HUfast because that’s when they started to censor everyone and then they still let them post but wouldn’t pay them tb for the real fans

    32. Todoroki 01

      That Ricky video made me fucking die. Also the hype house is tiktoks cancerous outgrowth.

    33. Michael's Gaming Channel

      4:14 scarce you forgot to sensor that out

    34. RV3_THAMANN

      The only Daisy i know, is Daisy mae

    35. Tj Anderson

      I want the background gameplay back

    36. HappySaladd

      4:58 HANS !!! TURN ON ZE OVENS !!!

    37. HappySaladd

      not that tik tok cancer again

    38. Enzo I guess

      Idubbz when he's making fun of someone: 😈 Idubbz when hes being made fun of: 😡

    39. bruh big penis man

      ''with money that i worked my ass off for'' BTICH WHAT!? YOU MAKE FUCKING TIK TOKS, SHUT THE FUCK UP

    40. Dr.Gonzo

      The hype house is just a watered down team 10 with Thomas as Jake Paul .

    41. Holy Jebronies

      i now realise how useless channels like yours really are

    42. Holy Jebronies

      youre still alive?

    43. mason berns

      To cheat death is a power only one has achieved

    44. It’s a joke Lol

      Yeah you’re a fucking COOK

    45. антон шарамаев

      Leafy is LITERALLY came back))0)

    46. Cooper

      Await scarce i thought u died in like 2016

    47. Finalph_KUN

      love your stuff scarce have a virtual cookie 🍪

    48. R6 stat Me

      Why is everyone one riled up about idubz when Logan Paul’s friend is dating a pornstar??? like chill

      1. CloudStrife 10

        Because he is idubbbz

    49. S B

      when the dude whos job it is to catch predators tells you, your a predator, you might be a predator.

    50. Hypster

      Hansen is objectively correct. He knows what Greg will do. It would just feed his ego, which is all he cares about. Hansen was approached by the victims asking him to not do the interview. Hansen has been in this line of work long enough to know how it's going to go. Plus there are literal tons of evidence on Greg + an investigation active. An interview serves no purpose but to puff onion boy up and serve as a distraction.

    51. THE 1NTR0VERT

      Bruh am I the only one who doesn’t know what onlyfans is

      1. Caitie Fernandez

        THE 1NTR0VERT it’s basically a website where you can make a porn account with your own content that people can view by paying you a certain amount of money per month.

    52. HypeLatios

      leafy is gonna be the one to destroy idubbz

    53. Ben Chighine

      Chris Hansen isn't a police officer. His investigation of Onision has caused him to accidentally taint and therefore invalidate evidence against Onision (such as the laptop). I think he has realised this and has decided to stop conducting his own little operation (and therefore decline an interview), in order to not disrupt the case any further. Check out this video: hufast.info/plan/vide/lG6tidpq2py1pZc

    54. StryderXGaming

      Leafy a millionaire? You really think his content was monetized?

    55. Mack D’Angelo

      That was basically a nelk ad at the end

    56. Chalyrb

      2020 is Florida man of all Years yet to come

    57. ChalupaBatman

      Scarce is fucking killing it recently

    58. :O

      Ricky Berwick laughing at Ian is the definition of revenge

    59. GoldenEyes25

      Is scarce still fucking zoie burgher

    60. Kirb

      Day whatever of Quarantine: Leafy has returned to the coast of HUfast due to lack of morals

    61. justcallmety

      Wait scarce is back

    62. Skeledank

      I went to High School with Thomas (Hype House guy), and man, I can't say I'm surprised about all this shit he's doing, the guy was an absolute tool throughout the entirety of high school, even got his hand stuck in a vacuum fan because he has 0 active brain cells.

    63. andreww07

      when he said quitting i got happy for a second. jk.

    64. Noble Six

      Why does it matter what his girlfriend wants to do and why does it reflect on him? Lol

    65. Wolfmire Bacta

      What is everyone’s problem with leafy? He made jokes and fun of people? Oh no... almost like it’s the internet. I’ve noticed majority of the haters just are mad because they need to be mad about something. Of course there he did do one vid that made a lot people angry but it seemed he understood. It’s been forever

    66. Federico Fernandez

      I’m dead

    67. Emilis Emilis

      These fucking "stars" "career" life spans are shorter then Richard Hammond and he is a giant compare to them(great dude btw).

    68. Ellias Garica

      Bruh HUfast is ran by a bunch of soyboys

    69. Rusty Rat

      You look like a free to play character from an early 2000's MMO. You should get the DLC and get that face shaped into something human.

    70. gojiragirl69

      I don't CARE I fuckn love leafy❤️😝

    71. gojiragirl69

      I don't CARE I fuckn love leafy❤️😝

    72. lyl_ es

      anissa is an art theft. go to creepshow art.

    73. DuoBV Channel

      4:56 then, in Portugal, we have a bunch of underage teens with a HUfast channel, who post content about tik tok, and it's called the Vibe House. Eww

    74. just Dontae

      Well, well, well....How the turntables.

    75. RM

      Onision would try to twist it/ is trying to twist it. The victims DONT want him to do it anyway. So you're telling me this guy has how many allegations against him but NONE of it is true? LET ME ASK YOU, how many people claim to be victims of you? How many "bad" people do we see yet have no sexual assault allegations against them? Anyone agreeing with Onision is just as SICK as he is and are probably abusers themselves. He clearly has a load of made up bullshit that he's desperate to get out.

      1. RM

        fucking psychopath, now he's trying to discredit someone who has literally and public saved young people from predators like Oniosion is this not fucking obvious?!? It's crazy

    76. frenk

      ricky is god

    77. iam_McLovin _916

      He finally crawled out his little hidden hole!

    78. Fieldy

      it's clearly satire that he's using the trail

    79. Lucas D

      That Daisy girl deserves better tbh

    80. Trevor Alley

      iDubbbz and Leafy in HUfast News, Scarce reporting it, and it being on my home page... did I somehow travel back in time to 2016 or something?

    81. I’m lonely As fuck

      Your on a new level if you get told from a cripple to kill yourself 😳 no hate to the boii but fuck iDubbz , I can see why he said “I’m gay”

    82. BloodDiamond 07

      The fact he insulted a cripple I have zero respect for

    83. Marius939

      Ricky Berwick called iDubbbz a simp!!! Dude imagine being so low even a handicapped person can call you a simp!!! 💀

    84. Dusekk76

      anisa was simping so hard on leafy back in '16

    85. Arty Plays

      wtf why is everyone coming back

    86. Panzer

      Why tf hype house be looking like sims characters

    87. Lord Rona


    88. Lemons Are Lemonade

      Classic Ricky

    89. twayne wade

      Bro 2016 youtube is coming back

    90. Logan Harm

      In the thumbnail he looks like he's going to kill someone

    91. Joan Martinez


    92. RedrumZombies

      Wtf is with Chris Hanson?

    93. RedrumZombies

      4:00 says the simpy cuckoid. Haha love ricky even tho he's cringy!

    94. RedrumZombies

      Hahaha the Leafy Anisa connection

    95. WoopWoop

      Your videos are pointless.... HUfast drama is not news.... It's lame as fuck especially when you all sit in gamer chairs.

    96. Sir granddwarf

      youtube giving these kids too much money

    97. Club de amigos Barca


    98. Dismoe

      I wanna jump on the leafy train, what cool shit has he done apart from this low hanging fruit called "comeback".

    99. TheActiveNoLife

      I dont get it, who gives a shit if someone is s cuck. Its his life, his love life and his choice. As he said people jacking it to his girl doesn't change anything for him. I wouldn't say this is drama more of people being petty and childish.

      1. TheActiveNoLife

        Also Steven Crowder has been completely demonitized dispite following all fcc regulations and is being blacklistes on HUfast. His channnel has 4mil subs and when you look him up hes usually not even the top search for his own name.