KSI Says RiceGum LIED... PewDiePie, SomeOrdinaryGamer, Ninja


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    1. Jose Aguilar

      Pray to god to do a big punish on yhe cat killer

    2. Spencer Thompson


    3. steven motley

      well im to late to this lmao

    4. mr Zimmy zimmy

      can you make some videos with only wholesome stories?

    5. Kobe One

      4:41 Curiosity killed the cat.

    6. sean wesley alberto

      4:35 eyyyyy i dont want to say it

    7. Comrade Spots

      4:35 I guess we can say that curiosity killed the cat. Bad joke, but fuck that woman. She deserves every bad thing coming to her. I’m a cat owner myself and that is fucked

    8. Justice Graceful

      Lindsay Lohan is no different than anyone else when it comes to drifting randomly through the internet

    9. Vel Bee

      Peta is gonna be SUPER MAD!!

    10. U kid a

      ricegum. shit

    11. Erby 27

      That crazy cat lady just decapitated her cat and ate it

    12. Exotic Sargent


    13. Kevin

      stop watching ksi and ricegum. theyll stop everything

    14. KingPotato

      Fuuuuuuck not another cat killer fucking hell you guys remember the vacuum cat killer damn

    15. T-Rex Lol

      I like how the title is everything in the video which i think is great

    16. Brady Skates

      ninja's nice

    17. williss11

      Why was he friends with Rice in the first place?

    18. Casey0706

      RiceGums ghost writers diss track he means

    19. AdrianTheHomie

      ksi is so petty

    20. Henry Poirier

      That ninja story is just amazing

    21. Verity Lester

      shrtlink.ca/andladylol1i466 two heavy micro rifles clattered to the absorber mat just outside the airlock

    22. EMP Jordino

      Thank god the cat lady was arrested

    23. Patrick Malloy

      Ksi music is garbage though lol

    24. HanieSeob

      Rice gum trying to become relevant.

    25. harish satheeskumar

      I’m sorry but Kai is going to wipe the floor with rice gum 😂😂😂

    26. Rooster D

      NO way im gonan watch dat cat video hell nawwwwwwwwwwwwww

    27. Damn A rock

      The cat story is just like Luca magnotta scary

    28. magnus opium

      Funny how Ricegum claims he disappeared for a year when actually, he became completely irrelevant

    29. MagicSwift

      youtube is one big highschool but filled with adults that act like complete children idc who it is any drama that has has the word youtube before it you know its some shit that dont matter

    30. CSGO NOVA

      4:48 he missed the opportunity to say curiosity killed the cat . . . . I’m just sayin

    31. CSGO NOVA

      4:48 he missed the opportunity to say curiosity killed the cat . . . . I’m just sayin

    32. Harrison Priest

      Faze rain low key a giant pussy

    33. Yuuusuke

      Pewds liked KSI music

    34. Coqui Frogs

      5:18 No, we are not professionals. *We are the ones to be afraid of.*

    35. Water Person

      4:00 my broke ass has never been so happy in my entire life

    36. PhantQm Panda

      this cat killer stuff feels like the whole luka magnotta shit all over again

    37. Daniel Hurtado

      back in 2016 pewdiepie did the same thing with skate 3 they had a masive boost in sales and active players the gaem came out in 2010

    38. BlackStarry

      “Rice Scum”

    39. Pokey686

      They found magnotta like that she gonna get fucked ( crazy cat killer)

    40. NxHAN

      Ricegum acts likes a 12 yr old

    41. Honduran Yokel

      It’s fucking hilarious how some of these HUfastrs scream #ReleaseTheContract or something similar to that As if they think their audience of 12 year olds care about some random 2000 word contract or whatever drama they’re in

    42. Cezary Sobczak

      Why is naughty dog getting so much shit for this when the cod warzone devs did the same thing and got no trouble for it.

    43. ItsMe NoName

      I normally dont hurt people.....but when is comes to animals and in special cats....I instantly turn into The Terminator and will kill all you animal abusers

    44. MeaZoid

      So what Infinity Ward and Activison copyright some vids that talk about CoD MW leaks but aren't under fire. So y is Naughty Dog?

    45. SneakyOne 0

      sorry but plz dont judge me but seeing cat s be tortured is no where near as bad as things ive seen

    46. Jakeborchet

      The name of the cat killer is Krystal Cherokee Scott.

    47. Baku

      This cat killer is trying to be the new Luka Magnotta. Hope this crazy bish gets jail time

    48. rockitout night

      I like ksi

    49. Jack Boyd

      Perfect. Lets all just not purchase the new game they keep striking! Problem solved.

    50. Jack Boyd

      KSI is bitchmade in every way. Little kids keep his career going. He’s just such a tool lmfao

    51. Aoroxon

      Rice gum: no one says play that new ski song Me an my frend from the other side of the wrld:yo ksi got a new song it’s fire lol (Literally we did say that lol)

    52. Angel Mercado

      Just got bo1 and started playing the multiplayer and was wondering why there was so many people on

    53. Zack Lanois

      "I don't need to listen to ricegum's music to tell he's trash, the conflicts he's been getting into are just stupid, What im saying is Ricegum's a lil BITCH"

    54. Daksh Gagnani

      The tea channel

    55. Justin Belling

      I won't lie but If i wish death on anyone it's fucking ricegum actual braindead Trash...

    56. Brian Mendoza

      the lady that kills the cat is like the same as that netflix

      1. Brian Mendoza


    57. RoachDogg JR

      Yo fuckin props to ninja for that that was wholesome as shit

    58. Hinger Dinger

      Rice gum is irrelevant

    59. Mrbushy Man


    60. CallMeVarez

      Pewdiepie can resurrect any game.

    61. Vinny K.

      Wow people are really taking advantage of HUfast being mostly automated to flag and strike videos like crazy

    62. micahel schmidt

      Cops don't care about people killing cats they only care if people make it a big deal

    63. 7 Counts Of Arson

      4:42 so... so you mean to say... that... curiosity killed the cat?

    64. Justsomedood Withlegos

      My guy I get it a lot of you guys like some of these people but when it really comes to it, who cares about online drama unless someone is getting hurt

    65. Turbo Last Name

      I don’t understand why more channels don’t fight back on the false copyright strikes and site the H3H3 fair use lawsuit.

    66. Feetzy_kun

      So ninja is not a bitch in real life and not of course bread murderer (if u watch bon appetit or pyro u know)

    67. KiroHito

      dont chat bs , ksi even said he doesnt want beef and wont be dropping tracks

    68. Silver Guardian

      OrdinaryGamers clearly doesnt know what he was talking about, nor does he probably know how Luka Magnotta´s case went......

    69. Just another Jojo Weeb

      Bruh when Finn walks to school everyone is probably gonna bully him since he had a ducking FORTNITE party

    70. SouthPawT

      RiceGum is such a disgrace I think we should collectively reject him as one of the asians.

    71. allseeingowl 1220

      HUfastrs can be extremely cringe sometimes -_- (BrO IMaD ReDdY DeEsS TrAk!)

    72. yaboynye

      KSI is cold for that

    73. AMV's Society

      diss track is going too far their shit can barely pass as a 10 year old rage

    74. AMV's Society

      1990 beef people getting shot left and right 2020 beef aight I'mma unfollow him....

    75. 寂しい Jose

      they’re gonna beef, get more clout together and then become friends again lol

    76. J G

      cat killer mentioned me: BURN THAT WITCH!

    77. VEX ArcTic

      I’ve been playing black ops since it came out and off and on since cod advanced warfare, it has always had a fan base still at least on ps3

    78. wholeplatter

      Naaah..they just dont care about naughty dog. That is just your opinion.... Unless you can read people's mind...you dont really know why they dont talk about it. Their responsibility to talk about it? Ppssshhh....lol.

    79. rice krispies

      hey what up guys its scarce

    80. Mcflaper The Flyer

      Asian Jake Paul is hella arrogant

    81. kareincolor

      : Did KSI actually delete the video though? The one he deleted only had 0 views..

    82. E E

      RiceGum still makes videos? Huh

    83. Matko Milić


    84. mzias zakster

      I hate scarces fucking disgusting

    85. Dat1Guy

      i thought ricegum died because of idubbz and h3h3

    86. cyndystro 64

      God these titles make me sick, try harder fuck

    87. 【Eidoran】

      The whole cats thing was to “scar” people, but what has been happening lately barely makes a dent

    88. Chubbles99

      Completely surprised that Ninja didnt yell at the kid for not wanting to play fornite to do nothing but win

    89. That's pretty epic

      Poor cats, they are just animals they did not do anything. She should get help before she starts killing humans and so she can not keep hurting the kitties.

    90. Bastet

      Oh man deleting videos and unfollowing! Who gives a shit?

    91. kaptin nolife

      3:25 is when the vid starts thank me later

    92. Egg.

      I guess you could say, curiosity killed the cat xD

    93. SHKKVN


    94. Evan Strachan

      Ricegum just wants the money he had to pay her to be with him back

    95. Micktres

      I really hope Ricegum gets in the ring and gets his ass kicked I don’t even care who is the person

    96. bootyobtainer

      Ayyy helloyassine

    97. Jp

      Danggggggg he lost weighttttt

    98. Reddit Gaming

      Dudee, Scarce is the only reporter that doesn’t even have a lot of reactions like on 4:39 and keemstar just be screaming and fake laughing and other stupid ass reactions from him

    99. 1995 Toyota Supra

      3:33 no shit Sherlock